10th Anniversary Giveaway #1: Chocolate Sampler from Chocolate Naive

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of C&Z, I am hosting 10 giveaways throughout the month of October. Keep checking back for chances to win wonderful prizes I’ve discovered and loved over the past decade!

Our first giveaway prize is an eight-bar chocolate sampler from Chocolate Naive, a bean-to-bar chocolate company run by Domantas Užpalis in the Lithuanian countryside.

I have had the opportunity to taste Domantas’ incredible hand-signed chocolates* and to discuss his unique philosophy, and I am certain that you will be as enthused as I am by his work.

I am therefore delighted to be able to offer you a boxed set of eight chocolate bars from his “Back to the Origins” collection. This assortment includes one bar each of:

– Milk chocolate with salted caramel
– Milk chocolate with hazelnut cream
– Milk chocolate (Java/Papua New Guinea)
– Dark chocolate (Trinidad and Tobago)
– Dark chocolate with creamy coffee
– Dark chocolate with forest honey
– Dark chocolate with sugar crystals (my favorite!)
– Dark chocolate (Peru pure nacional, limited edition)

To participate, leave a comment below (in English or in French) telling me about your absolute favorite chocolate bar. And if you’re on Facebook, please consider liking the Chocolate Naive page (and of course, the C&Z page, too!).

You have until Wednesday, October 9, midnight Paris time to enter; I will then draw one entry randomly and announce it here. Domantas has generously agreed to ship internationally, so you’re welcome to play regardless of your location; please make sure you enter your email address correctly so I can contact you if you win.

Good luck, and check back this Friday for a new giveaway!


I have drawn an entry at random using random.org (see screen capture below), and I am pleased to announce the winner is Christina Oldenburg, who nominated Trader Joe’s Pound Plus Dark Chocolate as her favorite. Congratulations Christina, and thank you all for entering with such tempting choices! I’ve added many to my to-try list.

Giveaway winner

* Disclosure

Domantas has sent me samples of his chocolates for tasting, with no obligation to write about them. All opinions expressed are my own.

  • Elina

    Moonstruck chocolate, yum!

    • chocolate: milk, dark, with nuts, without nuts, with fruit, without fruit. i love it all!

  • new favorite: limoncello chocolate from perugia

  • Danielle

    My favorite chocolate bar is the Lindt white chocolate coconut. Yum!

  • Anna Chris

    I have no loyalty to one brand but chocolate with sea salt is my favorite!

  • Terrill

    I love a good chocolate yet the good chocolate stores are few in GA! I grew up in Holland and had handmade chocolate as a treat when wed pass by the neighborhood chocolatier.

  • Mary

    I’m a sucker for anything s’mores related (graham crackers AND marshmallows? It’s too much!) so I’ve had a few s’mores inspired chocolate bars that were so so good. I also love anything with nougat.

  • Emily

    My favorite bar is a simple chocolate almond bar from a local candy confectioner in Ann Arbor, MI!

  • FHeimburger

    My favourite chocolate up to now (though I have high hopes for Chocolate Naive) is Green and Balck’s Maya Gold

  • Carla

    I love the Amano Dos Rios dark chocolate bar.

  • Ania

    My perfect chocolate bar is dark, with a hint of caramel and salt! yum

  • Pilar

    My absolute favorite chocolate bar is Lindt Excellence with a touch of salt. So good! But I would like to try yours.

  • I’ll always remember the first time I tried Green and Black’s Maya Gold. Mmmmm!!Smooth 70% dark chocolate with a hint of spice that lingered in the mouth. Would it be too indulgent to make a chocolate spiced orange cake, I thought? Then I realised that indulgence is beautiful in moderation and went for broke! Total yumminess and mainly due to the high quality of the chocolate!

  • lisa

    I love marzipan bars my grandma used to buy me on her trips to Germany.

  • Allison

    I’m a huge fan of Taza chocolates, which are made local (to me). They make a lot of great flavors, but my favorite is their salted almond.

  • Katherine

    I recently had the Pili Pili Chili bar from Theo Chocolate, and it was one of the better chocolate bars I’ve ever had! I love the combination of chocolate and spice! Now I can’t find it in any stores near me, sadly.

  • I’ve been living in Belgium for a bit more than two years and discovering Belgian chocolates, which are a dream… My favourite is unfortunately not being produced any more – it was a square shaped dark chocolate bar with naturally dried cranberries, from the chocolatier Neuhaus.

  • Maxwell

    My favorite chocolate bar: the almond dark chocolate one from Jean-Charles Rochoux.

  • Jami

    There are so many good chocolates, but the one I crave the most is one from a grocery store in Italy–gianduja, with whole hazelnuts. Delicious!

  • Yay, prizes :)

    Favorite chocolate bar ever is also from Theo, but around Christmastime they make a dark chocolate bar with little broken up bits of candy canes in it. So tasty.

  • Noel

    I don’t have a one particular favorite chocolate bar. I just like any chocolate bar that is super dark. The darker the better!

  • Hanna

    Well, I love milk chocolates most, and my fav now is super-sweet giant Milka (I’m cheap…) with caramel and hazelnuts. The chocolate is creamy, the filling is semi-liquid and goes well with roasted hazelnuts… I can eat whole 300g bar in a day.

  • Amanda Beth

    Chocolate with caramel or just dark chocolate plain! :-)

  • Kirsten Funes

    Yummy!!! Those chocolates sound délicieux!!!!! Can’t wait to try them!!!

  • Nat

    Ghirardelli 90%

  • Chicago’s Vosage chocolate is the best!

  • Gabi

    My absolute favorite is belgian dark chocolate.

  • I love a good bar of super dark chocolate. I’m with Noel on “the darker the better!”

  • Andrea

    I absolutely love anything from Haighs, Adelaide, Australia, but especially partial to the chewy nougat covered in rich dark chocolate. Mmmmm!

  • smeds

    Maybe not my absolute favorite, but for bang for the buck, I like Wegman’s dark chocolate with almonds.

  • a.

    I’m a sucker for any Dark Chocolate bars with hazelnut :)

  • Mischelle

    There is a wonderful little chocolatier in Raleigh, NC we’re fond of. We discovered it last year while on our way to The Depot in the Warehouse District to purchase artisan beer. Videri creates a lovely array of 5 organic chocolate bars varying from dark-milk to dark-dark. My favorite bar is the pink peppercorn 60% dark chocolate!

  • Steph

    Ma barre de chocolat préférée est de la marque Galler : chocolat blanc fourré à la pistache, miam ! Mais je vis dans le pays du chocolat (la Belgique!) et je préfère les “pralines” des chocolatiers comme Wittamer.

  • Alicia K

    I’m a sucker for any chocolate bar with some caramel inside!

  • Kathryn

    Ten years. Amazing. Felictations!

    I am not sure if this is a chocolate bar, but I eat them as if they are. It is the English Toffee Bar from Purdys, a hard toffee centre, covered in dark chocolate (my fave), then dipped in crushed walnuts. Oh Yum.

    As well, I have recently discovered the combination of chocolate and chilli or cayene. Oh yes.


  • Karen

    I’m really really boring when it comes to chocolate. Milk chocolate all the way – and then the horrible Milka stuff. Though I will make exceptions for Milk chocolate with cornflakes in. that is a very fine combo as well. Dark chocolate is not my thing…

  • Dagger

    I don’t have a single favorite brand, but I love dark chocolate bars with a hint of spicy heat!

  • Debbie Moss

    I love Taza Mexican Chocolate. Any of them with chili but the salt and pepper is good too. I love the texture. It’s such change from traditionally smooth chocolates.

  • Sarah B

    My favorite chocolate is the kind that goes well with morning coffee and wine after dinner

  • Natalie

    After tasting Lithuanian chocolate, why not try some by Laima, which is in Latvia. My favourite bar is Serenade, whose romantic story you can read here.

  • Rosalind

    My favorite is Theo Chocolate (a Seattle-based company) Hazelnut Crunch Bar. Delicious and from my hometown!

  • My favourite is dark chocolate by Lindt or any dark chocolate with fleur de sel.

  • Nora

    I don’t have a favorite chocolate bar, but my favorite chocolate truffle is the deepest, darkest truffle from Jacques Torres. My boyfriend took my there for my birthday and the bitter, pure taste is just as vivid today as it was that evening.

  • I will happily take any chocolate but dark chocolate with toffee is my favorite!

  • Marc

    Le carré d’espelette de Genevieve Grandbois (á Montréal)

  • Ariana G

    Eating a whole box of Russell Stover Chocolates with my grandma : )

  • Michelle

    Green & Black’s Ginger. Yum!

  • maisoon

    Daim is my favourite

  • Michelle

    I love Ghirardelli chocolate with caramel oozing from inside.. Just delicious.

  • Michele

    favorite chocolate bar is TOUGH. World Market has a sea salt and pepper one that I’m currently obsessed with, but past favorites include dark chocolate + ginger, and a milk with curry powder.

  • o-stephanephanie

    My favorite is one made right where I live (Minneapolis) by B.T. McElrath – the Prairie Dog – butter toffee pieces, toasted almonds and sea salt in 40% milk chocolate. I buy one bar and try to make it last the entire week. :-)

  • sophie

    Michel Cluizel’s Mangaro lait. the only milk chocolate that I really love!

  • Ann

    Chauo firecracker chocolate bar – dark chocolate, smoky chipotle, salt and popping candy! YUM

  • My favorite is the stone ground Taza cinnamon chocolate.

  • Not classy: Wunderbar… Classy: Soma’s starry night.

  • Karen

    For fancy chocolate, the Mast brothers. But there will always be a special place in my heart for Hershey’s Special Dark.

  • Any > 90% cacao bar. Full flavour baby! For instance Lindt 99%

  • Lila Chambers

    Ghiradelli dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel!

  • Marina

    Uhhh, I love all chocolate from Zotter! He’s an Austria based chocolate manufacturer with all types of interesting chocolate bars. Love them!

  • Gail

    The Cherry Almond bar from chocolatier Gail Ambrosius. Mmmmmmm chocolate.

  • laurel

    Lindt’s Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt is my favorite!!

  • Normally I’m with the others who said, “the darker, the better!” Though I confess to also being crazy about Cadbury fruit & nut :)

  • Laura

    I forget who makes it, but a dark chocolate bar with dried cherries is sooo good. Or dark chocolate with honey and salt. Congratulations on 10 years!

  • Rachel

    Equal Exchange’s espresso bar is a solid choice!

  • All time fave: lindt with sea salt. I would love to see if these could be contenders.

  • Andrea

    I’ve just discovered Taza’s Mexican style chocolates. They’re delicious, especially the cinnamon and coffee flavoured ones.

  • Eileen

    The darker the better! I do like the Icelandic chocolate.

  • Claire

    I love a good, dark chocolate bar with nuts in it, like almonds or hazelnuts, or chili and cinnamon, or one that I had recently with bits of bacon. Yum.

  • Vern

    Québec chocolate producer Maison Chalouin ‘s sea salt caramel bar.

  • Amy

    I love dark chocolate with hazelnuts. A local company (Gail Ambrosius) makes my favorite!

  • sillygirl

    I had two wonderful little chocolate bars that I bought at a chocolate shop in town – don’t remember the name but I would recognize the wrapping. I ate each one thoughtfully because they were so different and subtle from other chocolate I had had. Love dark chocolate!

  • Jackie

    I love the 99% dark chocolate bar from Lindt. So decadent!!

  • Deanna

    My favorite chocolate is Endangered Species Chocolate – Extreme Dark Chocolate 88% cocoa, it’s deliciously fabulous and it benefits wild animals.

  • So many good chocolates… hummm, but may be my favorite one was in Oaxaca (mexico) with so many spices… flavourful and so different!

  • michelle

    My favorite of all time came from a specialty chocolate shop in Budapest that had fine chocolate from all over the world. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name. But my favorite here in Germany where I live now is Vivani dark chocolate with hazelnuts

  • Ingrid

    Currently, my favorite chocolate is Trader Joe’s Swiss Dark Chocolate with (so many!) Whole Hazelnuts. It is a bit addictive although I wish it were less sweet and had an even higher cocoa percentile.

  • Jenn

    I’m not much of a chocolate connoisseur. Good chocolate has been too expensive for this student to buy for the last couple years, and before that I was in Argentina, where Aguilar was my brand of choice.

    However, I recently graduated, and would love to learn more, this set sees like a delicious place to start!

  • Ian

    I’ve loved pretty much anything I’ve had from Tcho!

  • Jessica Volz

    I adore dark chocolate filled with crème de marrons!

  • Oh goodness, I can’t pick a favorite! I’m a sucker for chocolate with sea salt, and chocolate with a hint of chiles, and almonds with chocolate –- oh, and I LOVE Ritter Sport bars!

  • Jen

    I have recently discovered the Fig, Fennel & Almond bar (dark chocolate) from my local chocolate maker (Theo). It is AMAZING. Plus, I figure since there are fruits and vegetables, it is healthy? Right?

  • Yum! My favorite chocolate bar is the Vosges Naga bar with curry and coconut.

  • Laurie

    Olive and Sinclair (local here in Nashville, TN). Right now I have a bar of the Mexican style with cinnamon and chili. But I also love the straight-up 75% Cocoa dark chocolate.

  • nick mercury

    My favorite is John and Kira’s chocolates from Philadelphia. Handmade using locally flavoring ingredients including some grown by a local elementary school in the area.

  • christine

    No allegiance to any one brand, but definitely prefer dark chocolate. But I enjoy even bad chocolate — it’s better than no chocolate!

  • Tina

    My daily chocolate is Scharffen Berger Extra Dark- I am able to be satisfied with just a bit instead of eating the whole bar. Recently we used Tcho Chocolately on s’mores camping- the best we’ve ever made!

  • Susanna

    Vosges Barcelona bar

  • Heather-Jean Tsang

    Taza Chocolate Coconut Crunch bar. Delicious with a freshly brewed Cappuccino!

  • I’m an equal opportunity chocolate lover, for the most part, but I tried a red coconut curry bar from Patric Chocolates this past weekend that was out of this world.

  • Heather in Oregon

    Right now my favorites are Green and Black’s Maya Gold and Equal Exchange’s Panama Extra Dark (80% cacao content).

  • Hillary

    Yum. I’m a big fan of B.T. McElrath’s Salty Dog bar, especially since it’s made locally.

  • Christine

    Félicitations pour ton blog!
    Ma barre de chocolat favorite est constituée de chocolat noir pas trop amer avec des (je veux dire beaucoup!) morceaux d’écorce d’orange confite.

  • Betsy Kelly

    My favorite chocolate bar is the Cadbury Crunchie. I love the way the honeycomb melts in your mouth. It fulfills my chocolate craving, but it contains less fat than most chocolate bars. It is also a great crushed topping for cakes, ice cream, and scones. It’s also fantastic crumbled on greek yogurt in the morning with coffee!

  • Maggie Laigaie

    My favorite chocolate bar is a Toblerone, preferably the giant ones. There is simply nothing better than that honey nougat.

  • Lisa

    anything with mint and chocolate

  • Stephanie Urtin-Petit

    Il est difficile d’élire un chocolat préféré,mais j’adore les “pavés de la rue de l’Université” de Michel Chaudun à Paris : un coeur de truffe très réussi.
    Merci pour le tirage au sort!

  • Monique

    Chocolate… Mmm… I love only real chocolate from small manufacture, were I always buy. No preservatives, no white sugar, just dried fruit & nuts. Delicious…

  • Disha

    My absolute favorites are dark chocolate bars with orange in them. The darker the chocolate the better.

  • Melanie

    I love dark chocolate with a bit of salt. A childhood favorite is Cadbury snack bar with biscuits and raisins!

  • Penny

    We have a local gourmet chocolate store by my house called 2Chicks and they have a dark chocolate coconut fluff bar that’s outta this world! Having them near by has made me a chocoholic!

  • Wendy

    I like to play around, but for pure chocolate satisfaction and delivery, I’ve been loyal to Valrhona’s Noir Amer for almost 25 years.

  • Emily S.

    Lindt’s wonderful dark chocolate bar, packed with hazelnuts!

  • Erin

    Noi dark chocolate from Iceland is a good one! And is usually a good price, too. Thanks for all you do Clotilde!

  • Last weekend I was in Northampton, MA and had the opportunity to stop by a tiny chocolate kiosk inside Thorne’s marketplace. There they had an Earl Grey infused dark chocolate that was literally life-changing. The flavor of the tea was definitely present, but the chocolate was perfectly bittersweet. I’ve no idea who made it, but it was sublime.

  • Tracey C.

    Too hard to choose! But I’ll never turn down the Dolfin Ginger.

  • John

    My favorite chocolate bar was Dagoba’s Conacado, but I haven’t been able to find it in stores for a few years now.

  • Monika Jankowiak

    Nothing beats dark chocolate with caramelized ginger!

  • Christianne Madona

    I love anything Dagoba, especially the Eclipse Bar. When I was young and visited my french cousins in the Bearn, environs of Pau to be exact, we would always get a nice piece of Poulain Extra with a chunk of country bread for gouter! So Poulain extra dark if it still exists, would be my all time favorite, bringing back great memories as well as taste sensations!

  • Shannon Yeaton

    I love Trader Joe’s dark chocolate caramel bar with black sea salt. Divine!

  • Aubrey

    I live Chocolove’s ginger dark chocolate bar! So good and made in Boulder, CO.

  • Neeltje

    My holy grail of chocolates: dark 70% chocolate with hazelnuts. It has appeared in the Dutch supermarkets in the form of a Swiss Noir bar

  • Meg

    I’d like to pretend I’m all sophisticated and would choose Mayan Gold as my favourite. But when times are tough and I need a chocolate fix to cheer me up, it’s Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut every time (and I kid myself that the fruit and nuts make it healthy).

  • Milk chocolate with salted caramel is my favorite!

    Cool give away :)

  • Jessica P.

    Whole Foods dark chocolate, pear, and almond bar!!!

  • Sarah Gustafson

    I love Dagoba Blueberry Lavender Dark Chocolate! And these special little rose chocolates I get from a chocolate shop around the corner from my apartment. Amazing :-)

  • Leslie MP

    Anything dark chocolate is my friend. I really love dark chocolate with cocoa nibs.

  • Bethany

    Well here in Trieste Italy, there is a great chocolate bar where they sell hot thick chocolate with your spice of choice. I usually go for ginger or hot pepper. In a bar, I love it with large crystals of special salts like pink salt…umm, now I’m craving chocolate!!

  • Natasha

    Oh this looks so good! My favorite chocolate is dark… the darker the better! :)

  • My favorite chocolate bar is the blood orange caramel one made by Vosges chocolate. It is sweet and a little tart and has a hint of hibiscus in it too. That is what I get for myself when I want a special treat. My everyday go-to chocolate is Cadbury’s fruit n nut (only the ones manufactured in Europe though).

  • Michele

    …a caramel filled milk chocolate bar, sold by a little boy as a fundraiser for his church….he came running towards me, bar in his hand, yelling “Do you want to eat this??”. After his mother apologized, and I stopped laughing, of course I bought the bar!

  • Tiffany O.

    Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers from Peterbrook Chocolatier.

  • Laura Bean

    I love the Hazelnut Cadbury bars from Australia the best so far, but I love trying new delicious chocolate!

  • Mmmmm, what an amazing giveaway! I think my current favorite chocolates are from a chocolatier in North Carolina, Azurelise Chocolates. My parents sent me a small box recently and they were seriously decadent!

  • souliere

    It was maybe 1978, I was a kid visiting the Grand Place in Brugge Belgium. Little chocolate shop on the corner. Silver tray outside with Dark Chocolate samples. There was a giant christmas tree with presents on in (60 feet tall maybe, I was shorter then). I can still remember that taste to this day.

  • pao

    Oh my! I love anything-chocolate, but if I must pick one, I would go with milk chocolate with salted caramel: I love the smoothness of the milk chocolate, the sweetness of the caramel, and how the salt just cuts into all the flavors. Yum!

  • One of my favorite chocolate bars are made by Dogoba. It’s dark chocolate, lavender and blueberries. Yum!

  • Mario

    My favorite is Chocolat Bonnat milk chocolate with caramelized walnuts. They don’t make it anymore though :(

  • Misty

    I don’t have one favorite, but I’m a sucker for anything with almonds in it!

  • Toni

    I really, really love Guylian’s chocolates!

  • Eve-Marie

    j’adore le chocolat à la fleur de sel!

  • Valerie

    My favorite is dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds. So good!

  • Rosa

    I recently tried Tcho Chocolate from San Francisco, I loved it.
    Locally I go to Chi Chocolates for their Chocolate Chaud and The Elegant Truffle for espresso kisses.
    Happy anniversary!

  • Suzan

    Amadei produces some very nice chocolate. Also, ever since you posted about it a few years back, I’ve been dying to try the “old-school chocolate” from Soma in Toronto.

  • Claire

    Ma tablette de chocolat préférée est Jivara de Valrhona. Après avoir cherché partout où m’en procurer à Paris, j’ai enfin trouvé G.Detou qui est une mine d’or pour l’amateure de cuisine que je suis. J’aime Jivara pour sa légère amertume et sa longueur en bouche ainsi que pour son excellente tenue en pâtisserie. Vive le chocolat Noir!

  • Renu

    My favorite chocolate is Scharffen Berger’s Milk Chocolate with Sea Salted Almonds bar. I normally prefer the slight bitterness of dark chocolate, but Scharffen Berger’s milk chocolate manages to be intensely chocolate, not too sweet, and is perfectly contrasted with the crunch of salty almonds. So good!

  • A friend of mine introduced me to Vosges Chocolates in Chicago. It opened a whole world besides milk, white and dark. My favorites are hard to narrow down. Who can choose between dark chocolate with salted caramel filing, medium dark chocolate with sea salt or milf chocolate with curry powder!
    I love chocolate and eat a bit everyday.
    A very close runner up is taking a group of students to a chocolate factory. Very fun!

  • I love nuts!

  • Emmanuelle

    My “everyday” fav chocolate bar is the Lindt dark chocolate with a touch of salt… but if I could afford it every day, it’d probably be Patrick Roger’s praliné bars!!!

  • Tamara

    What a great giveaway! My absolute favourite: dark chocolate with salted caramel

  • Kristen

    Escazu brand chocolate with chipotle and vanilla

  • Rachel

    Awesome giveaway! I love lots of brands, but recently I have been enjoying very dark milk chocolate (askinosie makes an excellent one)

  • Mihaela

    I love chocolate from”back home”(Romania)- a rum chocolate bar and raisin chocolate. yummm

  • Sara Marsala

    I love a rich, dark chocolate that coats the mouth in a silky smooth feel and has a long, luxurious finish. You devour it slowly and savour every bit of it until the next mouthful. Great chocolate is a little bit expensive, but worth every penny!

  • Jess

    Taza’s dark chocolate with candied ginger. Or any bar with sea salt or salted caramel!

  • Patricia

    My favorite chocolate bar is dark chocolate orange.

  • C.Michol

    Tcho Chocolate’s Dark Chocolate “Chocolately” bar.

  • Malin

    The dark Lindt bar with a touch of fleur de sel is lush. Although I also have a soft spot for Swedish Marabou chocolate.

  • rebecca

    I like everything from Woodblock Chocolate! They are local to my hometown, Portland, and bean-to-bar. Perhaps salt & nibs is the current favorite.

  • Jenn

    Recently, my favorite is Dolphin dark chocolate with ginger.

  • Michelle

    Likely considered very common, but I really love Ritter Sport’s Cocos. They’d discontinued it for awhile, but brought it back this summer. Smooth coconut filling covered with milk chocolate. Yum!

  • Amy

    Green and Black’s dark chocolate Hazelnut and Currant bar is one of my favourites

  • Jen

    Vosge salted caramel chocolates.

  • Lynne

    Chocolate is my favorite food group! I love a dark chocolate bar with dried raspberries. Ghiradelli used to make one, now I eat Choco Love.

  • Justina

    Milk chocolate with salted caramel yummy ;))

  • All-time favourite is a dark chocolate (for me, chocolate has to be dark; can’t be doing with milk chocolate, and as for white – let’s not go there!) with pistachio nuts that you can buy in Turkish shops and supermarkets. I forget it’s name, but it’s quite simply the Best. Chocolate. Ever! (Except for Lindt dark chocolate truffles, of course).

  • SZ

    I love Milka bars in all flavors!

  • I love dark chocolate. My favourite bar is Cailler Crémant 64%, swissmade and delicious!

  • Clara

    Lake Champlaine Dark Chocolate

  • kyenne

    Given that discovering this site is actually a great gift, and my birthday is Oct 8, I would love to win the chance to taste a new chocolate (or 8). In the meantime, Moonstruck is our local best.

  • Paula

    The best chocolate bar I ever had was one I bought in San Diego … it had chilis and “pop rocks” in it. Amazing what that popping sensation does to your taste buds! I wish I could remember the brand …

  • Abby

    Dark chocolate with sea salt!

  • Rebecca Hoog

    My favorite is Ritter’s biscuit bar (though I also love their marzipan bar!)

  • Brittany

    dark chocolate with lavender and blueberry…can’t be beat! :)

  • Jodi

    I love small producers – Mast Brothers and Olive & Sinclair are favorites.

  • Margaret Cachia

    I work in shop with chocolate of all kind around me.. You can say I tried a verity of brands, dark is a favorite and since I tried Consions organic hand made chocolate I never changed to another brand. So far I can’t find anything that match up.

  • jc

    I’m not sure it’s my favorite, but the first time I had Green & Black’s milk chocolate was also the first time I had milk chocolate that I liked. It was a revelation!

    (Otherwise, for after-dinner snacking I like I like Valrhona 70%. Yum)

  • Emily

    Dark chocolate. Really, any kind will do.

  • I love a dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel. Yummy! Any chocolate with coffee beans rocks too!

  • yummi, j’aimerais bien tester tous ces chocolats…. mon chocolat préféré est tout simplement le chocolat au lait.

  • Ivy

    Côte d’Or dark chocolate bar with hazelnuts. These chocolate bars are thick.

  • Kelly

    My absolute best has to be rolled, flaked white chocolate made in a little shop in Bariloche, Argentina – can’t remember the name but my first taste of it was nirvana.

  • Shawnna

    My all time favourite is the Melissa from Pralus. I tasted it for the first time 5 years ago on a trip to Europe and was hooked!

  • Andie

    Dick Taylor chocolate from Humboldt County, California is made with vintage machines in small batches. Fleur de Sell is my favorite. It’s so good!

  • Abigail M.

    I’m a sucker for the Milka with Daim bar. so good. They don’t have it here in that states so it’s been ages since I’ve had one.

  • Ansley

    My favorite chocolate is the 72% Dark Chocolate Squares from Ghiradelli. They are individually wrapped which I know is environmentally wasteful, but it makes having just one a little ritual (opening the package, breaking the square into smaller squares) and a real treat… and I don’t mindlessly eat a huge bar!

  • Meryl

    I love Sucre’s Signature Dark chocolate bar 65%.

  • Lou

    My favorite is Dove milk chocolate.

  • je dirais la tablette chocolat au lait/figue/amande de côte d’Or que je n’ai trouvé qu’une fois dans mon existence. pas eu assez de succès. ><

  • I adore the Lindt white coconut coconut bar!

  • Lauren S.

    I’ve always loved Lake Champlain five star hazelnut bar.

  • Emily

    My mother sent me a collection of chocolate bars for my birthday this year, and my favorite (by far) was Alter Eco’s Dark Velvet organic chocolate. Not as dark as I usually go, but so smooth.

  • Celestine

    Le chocolat noir citron d’Artisans du Monde, un délice pour les sens!

  • Emily

    I love very rich, dark chocolate bars (70+%)

  • Miss B

    Almost anything salted is what I generally look for, but my actual favorite-of-all-time chocolate bar is the Ragusa one, in the orange box, with the whole hazelnuts in it. I love it so, and it’s impossible to get in the States, so I have to stock up every time I’m in Switzerland and ration them carefully until the next trip.

  • Sally

    Chocolate! Who doesn’t adore chocolate.

  • Matt

    Lately I’ve been going crazy for the dark chocolate covered almonds with sea salt and turbinado sugar from Trader Joe’s…I just can’t stop!

  • AJ

    At the moment its Lindt Coconut Intense, like a Coconut Rough for grownups!!!

  • Zoe S.

    After living in Boston for three years, Taza Chocolate is now my favorite (along with all the other Boston-ites!). But Frango mints will forever be near and dear to my heart!

  • Jojo

    I don’t have a particular favourite brand – I like to always try new things – but I always adore dark chocolate with sea salt.

  • Tina Rowe

    It is almost like picking your favorite child. SO may loves, I live in Newfoundland and we have a place called the Newfoundland Chocolate factory, the best ones are with berries, nuts and alcohol

  • Gosh…so many favourite chocolate flavours!!
    I am however going through a lindt dark chocolate with a hint of chilli stage.
    Sweet, smooth with a hint of warmth, yum x

  • hadas bar

    proberlay its lindet perlin chocolate. but it change from time to timeol

  • Liz K

    My favorites are Bissinger’s milk and 60%. I have found that one bar of each in lieu of chocolate chips in any recipe take it over the top. I always use that as an excuse to keep it in stock.

  • Oh dear, favorite chocolate bar is tres dificile! Malagasy chocolate is my favorite (esp. Madecasse), generally, but I love E. Guittard’s Quetzalcoatl bar. As a Seattlite, I feel a particular loyalty to Theo Chocolate (and love the DRC Nib bar). Italian cioccolato modicano is also wonderful. Just entering the world of destitute graduate student, though, and so will have to limit this indulgence!

  • Erin S

    My favorite chocolate bar is milk chocolate with almonds!

  • Kristin

    I’ve enjoyed chocolate bars from Theo, Vosges, and Patrick Roget but could never pick a favorite. I will mention a recent chocolate experience that blew my mind: sitting around a bonfire getting ready to make s’mores when I remembered a handful of fresh figs in the kitchen. I stuffed each one with a square of Hershey’s ( yes, I know, Hershey’s…). Plopped them on a hot rock next to the fire and watched them bubble and ooze. Then the moaning commenced. Incredible! Thanks Clothilde!

  • Sharon

    Violets. Either violet creams, or a chocolate bar I once had in Germany with violet essence and embedded pieces of crystallized violets.

  • Oh heavens, I’ve reviewed likely hundreds of chocolate bars on my blog, so picking one is impossible! I love Pralus 100% and Valhrona Dulcey at the moments, though.

  • Chocolate sampler? I could handle that!

  • Katie

    I love Theo chocolates, especially their salted almond.

  • Katerina

    Ion Milk Chocolate with Almonds (mostly associated w/ childhood memories while growing up in Greece)

  • Anything with a chocolate and salt combo is a winner with me!

  • Love samplers, with delightful combinations involving chocolate! Felicitations on the 10 years :-)

  • Samantha

    The dark chocolate bar filled with speculoos spread that Trader Joe’s sells!

  • Linda

    Lillie Belle’s lavender sea salt chocolate caramels . . .

  • Tanya

    Philly’s Love Bar is so delicious. They can be hard to find because they are made bean to bar in small batches, but worth the search!

  • Jen M

    Any really good dark chocolate bar, or the Chai milk chocolate bar from Theo in Seattle.

  • Kelly

    While I always love dark and bittersweet chocolate, I discovered amazing milk chocolate in Switzerland. Cailler, in particular. Toured the factory and ate my weight in chocolate samples at the tour’s end. That leaves an impression, for sure!

  • sydney85

    I really miss a Cadbury Cherry Ripe bar. This is a mixture of milk chocolate and cherries.

  • Tanya

    Any good quality chocolate with salt.

  • Katie

    It’s a stormy night and I have a delicious chardonnay. even if I don’t win I’m having a wonderful time! Best of luck, that chocolate sounds absolutely jawdroppingly good. ^^

  • I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to try the dark chocolate and honey or the dark chocolate and coffee. #NOMZ

  • Filicophyta

    For corner store chocolate I love Reeces Peanut Butter cup, that hasn’t changed since I was a kid.

    For good quality chocolate bars, I don’t have a favourite brand. I live in northwest China so I am glad for anything I can get. I do love bars with ginger, chilli or other non-sweet pairings.

  • bert van den Berg

    Cailler’s Cremant. It has been my favorite since the mid-80’s. Good snap, gentle flavor, limited after burn and that loooovely vanilla note.

    Consistent and good!

  • susy

    I like cadbury’s nuts & raisins.

  • Audrie

    My favourite chocolate is a 65% Madagascar single origin bean bar from Soma

  • When I studied abroad in Scotland, I loved Cadbury Double Cream chocolate, but I’m pretty sure it’s discontinued now. It was so creamy and delicious!

  • Babs

    Ginger Crystallized in Dark Chocolate – my favorite bar (I think Chocolove makes it). Fantastic combination.
    Congrats on 10 years!

  • My absolute fave is an SF-local chocolate made on Pier 17. Amazing company, and even better chocolate: TCHO Dark “Nutty”

  • Phew.. that’s a toughie. But, honestly, I’ve always been a huge fan of Lindt. The 75% is my favorite.

  • Allison

    There are so many good chocolate bars (and it’s so much easier to find!) but I think I have to select Dagoba Chocolate’s Xocolatl bar!

  • suzy

    too many favorites to mention!

  • Johanna

    I’ve had a soft spot for Marabou’s milk chocolate hazelnut bars since having them for the first time while studying abroad in Denmark 10 years ago.

  • Isabel

    Godiva’s tiramisu chocolate bar is my absolute favorite, though I’ll settle for a pb Twix in a pinch!

  • cmheyn

    Amano Chocolate’s Ocumare bar!

  • Right now my favorite is Chocolove’s dark chocolate orange peel bar. Sooooo good.

  • Stacia

    Vosages dark bacon chocolate bar.

  • Amanda

    My favorite chocolate bars are the ones with gooey caramel in the middle!

  • Nancy

    I bought a box of cinnamon dark chocolate squares 14 years ago in Brussels. I made them last as long as I could after my trip. They were an exquisite melt-in-your-mouth combination that I did not see here until the last three years.

  • Rammy Meyerowitz

    oooh, so many wonderful chocolates…
    depends on what my mood is.
    Green and Black, milk chocolate is one of my favorites
    Aldi also has some good milk chocolate with almond.
    Max Brenner (but I haven’t had any of that in quite a while).
    Well, I’ll stop now.

  • robin

    bacon chocolate bar! i love your site!

  • Christina Oldenburg

    I vote for Trader Joe’s Pound Plus Dark Chocolate.
    It is pretty good, affordable and available wherever in the US there is a Trader Joe’s. My husband and I are addicted to it!

  • Christine Teo

    My favorite chocolate bar would be anything that is dark chocolate with almonds, coconut or raspberry !

    I can’t resist anything raspberry

    Thank you for the giveaway

  • Susan

    Theo Chocolate’s hazelnut crunch bar. Yum.

  • Juan Yu

    My current favourite is Ritter Sport’s Extra Fine Dark Chocolate 71% Cocoa. I love all dark chocolates…yum~~
    Dark chocolate is good for the heart, brain, helps control blood sugar, full of anti-oxidants, theobromine and high in vitamins & minerals..
    Bon appetit!

  • lynn hunnicutt

    Neuhaus, in brussels from the store just off the grand place. Any flavor will do, but it must be in brussels.

  • Laura

    Lindt Mint Dark Chocolate

  • Vin

    At the moment, I’m fond of the Neuhaus milk chocolate praline, but a Fran’s Coconut Gold Bar will also get my money anytime.

  • Fanny

    The one I always end up going back to is Lindt Sea Salt, my old standby and pick-me-up.

  • ah, coucou Clotilde, my favorite chocolate is whichever one I am currently curled up with … nibbling off one corner at a time, letting the sweet cocoa liquor patiently find purchase along avenues of my palate, enjoying how the silken texture of melting chocolate plays sweetly with friends like sea salt crystals or orange peel. Edith Piaf once said that singing is a way of escaping to another world, no longer being on earth. For me, chocolate serves that purpose very well indeed.

  • Jo

    Any good old fashion dark chocolate bar.

  • annette

    I love the Moserroth 70% Kakao.

  • goran

    Dark with orange peel

  • My favourite bar, bar none (tee hee), is Amano Dos Rios. Beautiful flavours in the cocoa, I found it hard to believe, the first time I tried it, that no floral essences had been added. Wonderful chocolate!

  • Harriet Smeding

    The best ones are the 100% slave free Tony’s chocolonely chocolate bars. It’s delicious belgian chocolate sold in the Netherlands. The bar is divided in unequal pieces to point out that sharing is not an easy thing to do.

  • Kelsey

    Dark chocolate with coconut and caramel from Trader Joe’s

  • Iris

    A numbered Amedei Porcelana bar I bought myself as a birthday present. The flavour was so intense that the 50-gram bar lasted half a year!

  • Eleni

    Green & Blacks Organic Ginger Dark chocolate is my favourite!

  • Evonne

    I’m still in love with anything made by Scharffenberger. I really like their milk chocolate bar with salted roasted almonds.

  • What a lovely contest! But I am ashamed to admit that I adore Hershey kisses — those substantial lumps of chocolate are fun and delicious to eat.

  • Madeline

    I have a very Favorite toffee and sea salt bar in a dark dark chocolate. YUM!!!

  • Jennifer

    My favorite right now is Alain Ducasse’s pistachio praline bar.

  • dma

    Perugina’s Cappuccino

  • Alice

    Hand-made chocolate bars from Wilmar’s Chocolate in Appleton, WI. You can choose milk, dark, or a combination of milk and semi-sweet chocolate, and then select up to four items to add in. They offer nuts, candied and dried fruits, spices, and herbs. My favorite is the Door County sour cherry with almonds and sea salt in a mixed chocolate. I just bought eight bars while I was there to last me until next spring!

  • hanh

    I have been lucky enough to attend the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, and was able to sample many chocolate bars from all over the world. I also tried the chocolates from the MOF chocolatier of Paris, and I have decided that my Favorite is the pure chocolate bar from MOF Chocolatier Joel Patouillard. Hope everyone who loves chocolates get to visit the Salon du Chocolat at least once, it is AMAZING!

  • Emma

    I love all chocolate bars, but especially the bars with hazelnuts included.

  • Sarah

    my favorite chocolate bar is lindt excellence 85% with a pinch of sea salt !

  • Meiji Black Chocolate from Japan will always be my favourite chocolate.

  • Lisa

    Dark chocolate with fruit

  • marsel

    Kallari from Ecuador!

  • Alix

    Ma préférence va vers les chocolats crus, définitivement !(Rrraw par exemple): pour moi qui suis capable de manger des fèves de cacao cru au naturel, c’est un pur bonheur…
    Mais je n’ai rien contre un bon praliné (Belledone, en bio).

  • Hard to choose. I love dark chocolate, anything 70% and higher:) my everyday is Valarohna 71% or higher. As a treat I love Richart spicy chocolates!!

  • Sarah

    My favorite chocolate bar is Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans. The beans add a nice crunch and I like the bitter with the semi-sweet chocolate.

  • Lo

    I love milk chocolate with whole hazenults, simply divine!

  • oxalis

    I love hazelnut paste, so I love very good quality gianduja bar.

  • Dzejna

    Congratulations on the 10 year anniversary and what a lovely giveraway :)
    I must admit that I have no idea what my favorite chocolate is, because there are so many. But if I had to chose it would chocolate with hazelnuts or caramel.

  • SandraK

    The non-conche bars from Atelier Ducasse in the 11ieme. (Which I happily discovered thanks to Clothilde’s blog!)

  • Cherie

    Rapunzel dark bar if smooth is desired, or a disk from Taza if craving more texture.

  • Globus1

    The boxes of Wiener Nougat bars from Fazer of Finland.

  • Stephanie

    Absolutely, without a doubt, Claudio Corallo’s 80% Sable chocolate bar – it’s a dark chocolate with crystallized of sugar, and it is amazing.

  • adrienne

    I will eat anything dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt. Mmmmmm.

  • Venchi Cubotto Fondente, cour di cacao 85%.

  • Stephanie

    I’m not particular about any particular brand, but I love dark chocolate with chili. The spicier the better! Just like a good chicken mole dinner, but better because it’s dessert!

  • E.

    Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts and Dried Currants. I always keep a bar in my desk drawer for work emergencies!

  • A favorite memory, in any event, of buying the long yellow triangle of a Toblerone on my way home after school from the import store at the bottom of the hill, with things I’d never seen before from countries I’d never thought about visiting. I’m not sure those chocolate bars are the reason I’m currently living in France, but they must have played a role somehow.

  • Walmy Sveen

    I still like Cadbury milk chocolate bars, after 46 years of trying all kinds of chocolate bars.

  • Andy

    I’m with Meg who said, “when…I need a chocolate fix…, it’s Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut…(and I kid myself that the fruit and nuts make it healthy).” But I also love Vosges Wollomooloo and something I can’t get here, Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs!!!

  • Tracey Peach

    My Absolute Favourite Chocolate Bar is not made any more. I am so sad. It was a Strawberry flavoured bar of chocolate Called Pink Panther which was around when I was a child.

  • David Walker

    Dark chocolate (Trinidad and Tobago)

  • Lorraine Tinsley

    Nice and simply any dark chocolate :)

  • Diane

    My favourite chocolate is a really creamy milk chocolate. I dont have a brand preference so long as it dont have any filling!

  • Wendy

    Chocolate and cranberries

  • claire blaney

    I absolutely love nutty chocolate and may be some caramel in there oooh I could just eat some now

  • Alison Wright

    Milk chocolate with big plump hazelnut chunks!

  • christine mcintyre

    My favourite is Milk Chocolate with Salted Carame love the salty taste mixed with the sweet

  • Sean Brady

    Dark chocolate, preferable Bournville

  • Catherine Reynolds

    I am simple and like MILKY BAR!. Yum

  • Tracy Nixon

    I love Galaxy – the original smooth!

  • Helen Simpson


  • Rachel Smith

    hmmm white chocolate orange with tutti fruity bits in to add a twist or the cadburys jelly bean one

  • glenn hutton

    My favourite flavour of chocolate has to be milk, with hazelnut praline or nut. My favourite brand as a child was Caramac, although I do not know if this is considered a type of chocolate. I still crave the odd bar now and again.

  • Sharon Kitson

    any type of milka brand is divine!!!!

  • Nicola lock

    Have to confess Cadburys chocolate is still my all time fav but I also like Green and Blacks 70% choccy bars when I’m feeling a little more sophisticated.

  • dana

    Israeli Elite chocolate is so delicious–they have one filled with poprocks that is so smooth and creamy, then punctuated with popping candies.

  • Bob Clark

    Cadbury’s Dairy Milk – have done for over 60 years !!

  • Sarah Wyatt

    My tastes change over time but my all time favourite chocolate bar is Cadbury’s fruit and nut!

  • Paul Kendall

    My favorite chocolate is Lindt, 95% Dark Chocolate… just a small amount has amazing taste to it… you can have luxury chocolate in small amounts and still enjoy…

  • Angela P

    Ritter Sport dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts.

  • Congratulations on your 10th blogiversary, Clotilde! My favorite chocolate bar is a Ghiradelli Intense Dark Chocolate bar with Sea Salt.

  • Val swift

    I love lindt milk chocolate

  • Paul Wilson

    Green & Black’s Ginger

  • Yvonne

    Ritter Sport dark chocolate with marzepan is a treat!

  • tracey briggs

    I just love chocolate but especially filled with caramel or fudge- yummy!!

  • Darren Measor

    Love chocolate and honey – takes me away somewhere special!

  • Francesca Tuck

    Lindt Hazlenut

  • Alex

    My favorite chocolate bar is the classic combination of roasted nuts, preferably hazelnuts, with a dark chocolate.

  • Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate–I was first introduced to them on a study abroad trip to Potsdam in college. I’m so happy that you can easily find them in the U.S. now!

  • Bailey S.

    I think this would call for a special night in!

    I grew up with Hershey’s, so it’ll always bring back good memories, especially that one when my sister melted them down to make homemade peanut butter cups with fresh peanut butter, but my favorite lately was a Trader Joe’s Toffee with walnuts and pecans bar. It was like a super dark, super rich Toblerone with just the right amount of crunch.

  • Filipa Alexandre

    Artisan du chocolat dark chocolate

  • Madeline

    I’m a dark chocolate bar kinda girl, and if it has a dark truffle center – even better :)

  • Cellabella

    I love dark chocolate toffee bars!

  • Mary Chez

    My favourite chocolate is Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

  • liz denial

    I love Hotel Chocolat’s chilli chocolate

  • Helena

    I love really good 70% chocolate.

  • Rebeca

    Dolfin 52% dark chocolate with pink peppercorns is one of my favourites!

  • Daisy

    I love Cadburys Milk.

  • Carrie Ashton

    Milk Chocolate with salted caramel in is my favourite.

  • Jazz

    Green & Black’s 70% dark chocolate – mmm!

  • Ruby

    The Compartes Old Hollywood chocolate bar is divine! Actually pretty much any chocolate bar by Compartes is my favourite. (:

  • catherine corr

    bourneville dark chocolate, rich + deep!

  • Any chocolate bar with caramel makes me a very happy girl!

  • JB

    I love our local Theo chocolate when they have peppermint for the holiday season – in addition to plain old eating, it makes the best hot chocolate!

  • Alyssa

    Rococo’s Earl Grey bar is my all-time favorite

  • Nigel Hollingsworth

    My absolute fav choccy is Cadburys’ Dairy Milk :)

  • Liz

    My recent favorite is the Theo Bread and Chocolate bar. Crispy bits of buttery bread in dark chocolate. Yum.

  • Can’t go past Haigh’s – the only Australian chocolatier to process from the raw bean

  • eh bien je vois que je ne suis pas la seule à aimer le chocolat! J’adore le chocolat au lait et aux noisettes – n’importe quelle marque!! merci pour le cadeau! and the possibility to enter in French as well! Emma

  • Rebecca

    I’m a philistine:I love the Wunderbar…

  • Tina

    I love your blog and chocolate:). It is lovely that the chocolate would be shipped internationally since I live in Montreal. Thanks for all of the great posts.

  • aubrey

    I also don’t have a favourite brand, but I love a good dark chocolate with toffee chunks in it.

  • Anastasia

    My favorite chocolate bar is Kit-Kat :) I just love the flavor, the crunch, and the fact that I could eat them all day long :)

  • Jill

    My favorite is salted caramel.

  • Stephanie S

    It really depends on the situation, but my go-to all purpose chocolate for baking (and occasional snacking) is local: Dilettante chocolate in Seattle. But I love Curly Wurly bars and am so glad my local grocer carries them.

  • jessica glauberman

    My favorite is made in Springfield, Missouri, USA.

  • vt

    Milk chocolate with nuts!

  • Rick

    Chocolate & chilli! Yum

  • rob

    Lindt ‘touch of sea salt’

  • Jacqueline Fawcett

    My favourite has to be the Nestlé Milky Bar, perhaps a pretty simple choice but the taste is devine! :D xx

  • Jill, San Francisco

    Congratulations on 10 scrumptious years. A bar of dark chocolate, perhaps a few almonds scattered about to celebrate: Priceless!

  • Mandy Rawlinson

    Cadbury’s Whole Nut

  • My favorite is Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate Bar with 70% Cocoa.

  • Liz Simpson

    I love dark chocolate, preferably just plain and 70% – but have tried and enjoyed bars with salted caramel, and with chili. I’d love to try Domantas’ selection to broaden my experience!

  • Scott Holloway

    CARAMEL any choc with caramel yum

  • M Warner

    Congratulations on your anniversary, and merci bien for this giveaway.

    I really like the Very Dark Chocolate with Lavender, made by Seed and Bean.

  • Je suis assez sûre que mon chocolat préféré pourrait devenir le Dark chocolate with sugar crystals de Chocolate Naive… Mais sinon, j’avoue être ravie des chocolats de Ducasse, récente et excellente ouverture.

  • Margaret

    Thank you Clotilde! It’s hard to choose my favourite chocolate at the moment – either dark Ritter Sport with almonds or Green & Black chocolate with crystallised ginger.

  • Lisa Collins

    My favourite is white chocolate

  • Mari Hansen

    Anything from Paul A. Young, but his salted caramel ones are famous for a reason!

  • Alana Walker

    Thank you so much for this lovely prize. My favourite chocolate is Lindt 70% Cocoa.x

  • Megan

    Seattle’s Theo chocolates make some of my favorites, especially their Pili pili chili chocolate bar and salted almond milk chocolate. But the best I’ve ever had was a chili chocolate bar from Kallari chocolate cooperative in Quito, in 2005!

  • foz

    Godiva is my absolute favourite chocolate…failing that any chocolate!

  • Emily

    My favourite is the milk chocolate and peanut butter bar by kingdom. I love the combination of saltiness and chocolate.

  • hannah welsh

    I love chocolate orange bars! They compliment eachother so well and I consider them one of my 5 a day!

  • Rifki Ali

    70% dark chocolate with cherry in rum(you know, the kind usually used in blackforest cake)

    I prefer the satisfying, fullfilling bitter taste of fine dark chocolate more than much of it’s sweeter variety. Sure, chocolate with salty peanut butter is good, pumpkin with chocolate is nice, but nothing can hold a candle, in my opinion, to the simple, yet honed, royal taste of good dark chocolate.

    The cherry and rum is there not because the slightly sweet and sour taste they bring (although it is always a nice surprise, felt like something clean beside the melting chocolate fat that cover my taste buds). I chose them because the aroma they contain, somehow highlight the chocolate itself, and bring something like a satin sensation atop the silky feeling from the chocolate. Not an overwhelming scent like citrus, or numbing like mint, just barely there yet distinct enough like jasmine in a tea.

  • Mélanie

    My favourite: dark chocolate with almonds and candied orange.

  • Andrew Petrie

    OK it’s boring but I eat more Mars bars than anything else so that’s my favourite

  • aly

    I love Turkish Delight…letting it melt in your mouth until all you are left with is the jelly…yum!

  • sigrid

    I love Gepa Bio Fleur de Sel (a bio and fair trade brand in Germany).

  • Emily Jayne Phipps

    I love praline. Anything praline!

  • Vida

    My favorite is definitely Zotters hand scooped pear cardamon flavor. Heaven must taste just like that :)

  • Jo

    J’aime le carré d’érable de Geneviève Grandbois (à Montréal)

  • Tracy

    My favorite chocolate is Lake Champlain Chocolate’s 5-star Peanut Bar… But I would love to try the chocolate naive — it sounds awesome!

  • yasmin

    any of the bars from dandelion chocolate in san francisco!

  • carol

    Lindt white chocolate bar.

  • Stacey

    I absolutely love, love, love See’s Candies Awesome Nut and Chew Bar. It’s a candy bar sized version of one of their chocolates, which was always one of my favorites. When I found out they’d created a whole candy bar out of it I immediately ordered a whole box. It’s got a really chewy nougat with almonds and honey covered in dark chocolate. It’s so amazing I think I have to have one right now! (Close second – See’s Awesome Peanut Brittle Bars)

  • Michelle Holder

    Rococo Cardamom Organic White Chocolate Bee Bar.

  • Gloria

    Well, for me the darker the better! and anything with sea salt, almonds, or GINGER.

  • Esther Maier

    I love dark chocolate, favourites include Valrhone Alpaco, Guanaja and Abinao, and the single origin bars from Amadei and Michel Cluizel. Lindt 70% is my alternative when I have no time to order online or do not want/can spent so much money.

  • Ma barre de chocolat preferee c’est simplement du chocolat noir 70 % :)

  • Christina Massue

    Green + Black’s Ginger Chocolate has to be my fave the ginger just gives the chocolate a lovely mild heat mmmmmm.

  • Trish G

    I love all sorts of dark chocolate, but any chocolat noir by Pierre Herme is my favorite!

  • Kelley

    I don’t have a specific favorite but I love, love dark chocolate. The darker the better.


    I do love the Green + Black Milk. its somehow in between a milk and a dark which is a great compromise. I do love the Ritter rum and raisin. my fav rum and raisin chocolate. The fancier chocolates are great but a lot of times these are all you need.

  • Charlotte Ingham

    I love Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations at the moment – the jelly popping candy is amazing!

  • Erica

    Central Market Pomegranate Raspberry Dark Chocolate.

  • Susan

    What a fantastic gift- thank you Clotilde! There are so many wonderful chocolate bars, and I find myself trying as many as I can at regular intervals. Burdicks is a wonderful treat- to die for if you haven’t tried them.

    But my go-to favorite bar has to be Green & Blacks organic 85% dark chocolate. Smooth, mellow, not too fruity, but very flavorful!

  • Kim J

    Definitely the Love Chock bars, especially the one with Cocoa Nibs, which are raw chocolate bars

  • conrad edwards

    My favourite bar is the one im eating…then its gone

  • Maya

    Michel Cluizel’s Mangaro is my favourite chocolate bar. Best wishes and bisous!

  • Linda R

    Chocolate…need you say more;D

  • Alison Joyce


  • Hayley

    any really!

  • Dax22

    Lake Champlain Rum Caramel Dark Chocolate!

  • Marie

    Anything with toffee bits…

  • terri

    If it’s dark chocolate, I’ll eat it! :)

  • Ruth Belll

    Hi Clotilde, Very Happy 10th & a big thank you for all the hours of great reading & all on the most marvelous topic “Food, Recipes, Food related interesting articles & Eating, etc, etc..
    My favorite chocolate for almost guity free pleasure is Lindt 70 percent with a handful of raw or home roasted almonds.
    Congratulations again. Look forward to the next 10 great years!!

  • Kat Lucas

    My favorite chocolate bars are Hershey Bars or Hershey Kisses

  • Ben

    I don’t remember the brand, but it was 99% pure dark chocolate–tasted like delicious mud.

  • Delly

    Olive and Sinclair – Buttermilk white chocolate

  • Mary

    Alter Eco mint chocolate- you can buy it at Monoprix- so good!

  • Sam

    Green and Black’s Ginger chocolate. So good.

  • hettar7

    my favorite chocolate bar was by vosques. Yes, was. Past tense. It was a white chocolate kalamata olive bar. sounds weird, but was soooo gooood. Unfortunately, they stopped making it. :(

  • Marta P

    I love a dark choc bar with chilli

  • kate C.

    Dark chocolate with almonds

  • Caro Walker

    Favourite chocolate is dark with chilli or salted caramel

  • Sindy

    Milk choc with almonds!

  • Sharon

    I love chocolate with almonds

  • Karen Barrett

    Milky bar

  • Fiona

    I’d have a chocolate tasting party with some foodie friends.

  • Hazel Wright

    My favourite chocolate bar is Green & Blacks Maya Gold. But if it were a box of chocolates I’d go for a Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate selection as its such a lovely ceremony to pick out a few to share with my parter, read the descriptions and then savor!

  • Ann

    Cadbury Old Gold Dark Chocolate with Roasted Almonds

  • White chocolate with apricots – sadly can’t find it in the UK any more.

  • Vicky

    Green and Blacks cherry chocolate is the bees knees!

  • Lindt dark chocolate and any white chocolate. Don’t like nutty stuff much, though!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Toblerone!

  • Hannah ONeill

    Anything thats dark!

  • Beverley

    Happy Birthday! My favourite chocolate is Hummingbird. A local chocolate maker who makes delish dark chocolate bars. YUM.

  • Susie M

    Marzipan covered in a really good dark chocolate.

  • kiki

    Favorite chocolate bar? Hmmm . . . whatever is in my desk at work! Kidding, I’m a sucker for the dark chocolate Toblerone bars – reminds of skiing as a kid.

  • Dana

    It may not be the most sophisticated, but I always keep a bag of Dove dark chocolate in my room! I’ll have a few pieces every day, but more than a few if I feel like I need an extra boost of happy!

  • Anne

    I’m searching for a chocolate to call my own! Very limited here in Virginia, USA.

  • cassie

    Chocolate and hazelnut!

  • Kelly Henderson

    Oh this would be so lovely to receive. Heavenly chocolate and such stylish packaging.

  • Zoe

    I’m a New Zealander, living overseas for some time – so the chocolate bar I crave is a basic Whittaker’s Peanut Slab. Makes me nostalgic for NZ childhood!

  • Love chocolate bars with hazelnuts.

  • Kristi

    Ritter Sports dark chocolate with hazelnuts, and Toblerone dark chocolate! Thank you, Clotilde, for the fun giveaways, and congratulations on 10 years!

  • Judy

    We just had a visit from some relatives from Switzerland. They brought us the most wonderful enormous chocolate bars!

  • I love dark, dark chocolate with raisins and nuts

  • Melissa Miller

    Creamy coconut and dark chocolate from Lake Champlain chocolates in Vermont!

  • Evelyn

    Not a bar, but turtles with wonderful salty pecans from Coblenz Chocolate in Walnut Creek, Ohio, USA

  • Elaine

    Love, love, love chocolate, so hard to pick just one! Amongst my favorites are any traditional Italian chocolate bar with hazelnuts, Scharffen Berger bar with sea salt, Sizzling bacon bar by Christopher Michael.

  • Joni

    I really love the Vosges bars with unusual combinations. I think my favorite of the ones I’ve tried so far is the Barcelona bar, with hickory smoked almonds, sea salt, and deep milk chocolate. Too bad they’re so expensive.

  • Futema Jafri

    The best chocolate bar I’ve had is Extraordinary Desserts Tiramisu bar. It’s extraordinary!!

  • Adrienne

    Such a hard decision! Dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel…

  • Marie

    Anything dark and soft (not hard, crunchy) – things like caramel or sea salt are a definite bonus. I also like creative uses of spices like cardamom or cayenne.

  • lee burton

    all choclate but turkish delight my favourit mmmmmmmmmmm

  • Deborah Wheeler

    Any dark chocolate with mint in it

  • Helma v K

    A good organic and fairtrade chocolate,
    with orange or nuts.I have a weak spot for
    “homemade” in small companies.

  • Florence

    Hmm… my absolutely fave chocolate was a lemon truffle with white chocolate from a thornton’s box… not a bar but I hope this doesn’t disqualify me!

  • Mary-Ann Pollard

    milk chocolate any brand, but I particularly love caramel and sea salt or strawberry chocolate

  • alison c

    So far the best i have found is the Godiva ganache bar – it is amazing ! I buy my dad a “posh” box of chocolates for christmas each year and he agrees this is the best to date.

  • Kiri

    I have always loved the Ghirardelli Dark 60% Cacao Squares since a visit to San Francisco. For me, it is just the perfect degree of richness, darkness and my favourite moment is opening the individual square portion and smelling the deep aroma of vanilla which never fails to go to my head… :)

  • Helma v K

    A good organic and fairtrade chocolate
    with orange or nuts.
    I’ve a soft spot for “homemade”products
    of small companies.Congratulations with
    10 th anniversary blogging.

  • I can’t resist the combination of chocolate and salt… Rococo makes my favourite but I quite like Green and Black’s as well (which is easier to find and more affordable anyway).

    My other favourite is a sad story… five years ago my boyfriend had a business trip to Munich and brought me back a bar of elderflower chocolate from Dallmayr. To say it was divine was an understatement. When I finally made it to Munich myself last summer, I went straight to Dallmayr, only to find they’d stopped making it! Ah well, at least I have the memory…

  • Laura

    Scharffen Berger’s milk chocolate bar because of the counterintuitive surprise that the best chocolate can be American and milk :-)

  • I love the dark chocolate champagne truffels by Belgian Neuhaus or the dark chocolate orange envelopes by Dutch Ducharette. For a snack bar, the US made Endangered Species bars are all good especially the dark chocolate with cranberries and almonds. And as a whole, chocolate from the Dominican republic is absolutely phenomenal.

  • Allison

    There’s a local Nashville company called Olive and Sinclair. Love their seas salt chocolate bar.

  • Adele

    I used to get a dark belgian chocolate by the name of Neuhaus, but can no longer find it, but It is still my favorite.

  • Teresa Lee

    Valrhona Jivara Pecán – tried one of these bars recently and loved it, so at this moment in time this is my new favourite.

  • Mickie Bull

    Galaxy Cookie Crumble all the way

  • Stella Bromley

    Sounds yummy!

  • SARAH rees


  • phillippa lee

    My everyday chocolate of choice is Divine Dark choc and raspberry. I went to Calgary in Canada for a work trip in February – I was teaching about food and mindfulness. I went to the local farmers market and had the best, mind blowing chocolate from a micro bean maker. Mindlessly though I threw away the wrapper and cannot find the name!!!!!

  • Emma H

    Green and blacks butterscotch bars

  • Kris

    Although I generally prefer dark chocolate desserts, I love Fazer’s Geisha chocolate bar with milk chocolate and hazelnut!

  • Jessy

    I love chocolate and toffee. So anytime you put the two together it will be a winner in my book.

  • Meghan

    For two years, I lived about a block away from the Scharffen Berger factory in Berkeley, CA. Whenever anyone came to visit, I’d take them on the tour, which always meant plenty of samples. On one of those trips, they gave us some of their “Dark Chocolate Nibby” bars, which has remained a favorite.

  • alex

    I love dark chocolate with almonds – especially from Mast Brothers!

  • Elle

    Almonds and sea salt in dark chocolate

  • Katie Pace

    I love most everything chocolate.It is so hard to choose just one,but I would be willing to spend my life trying !

  • mary

    Years ago I was in Switzerland and bought a chocolate bar at a train station – I think it was made by Lindt. The top was meltingly creamy milk chocolate and the bottom was dark chocolate with candied (crystalized) orange peel embedded within it. It was ambrosia! I’ve never found that bar again but I still yearn for it.

  • tomate farcie

    anything by Valrhona, but does a Reeses’s Peanut Butter Cup count?

  • ashley perez

    my favorite chocolate bar would be hersheys cookies and cream

  • Jan

    I like single-origin (bean-to-bar) chocolate from different regions (Madagascar, central/south America, Caribbean). It’d be difficult to name a single, absolute favorite bar, and my liking has also been changing/evolving… At the moment, the favorites includes single-origin bars from some of the US Artisan Chocolate Makers, including Raaka, Potmac, Rogue, as well as Marou from Vietnam. Thanks for sharing the Chocolate Native story! Look forward to trying their chocolate soon.

  • Rachel

    I like any chocolate with raisins/dried fruit and a touch of nuts.

  • My favourites are any kind of praline or nut chocolate bars, yum x

  • MarieB.


    Merci pour ce concours !
    Mon chocolat préféré (pour le moment) est une tablette bio au chocolat noir fourré aux cranberries ! C’est vraiment très bon…

  • Stephanie Whitehouse

    I love any milk chocolate so long as it’s been kept somewhere warm and is on the point of melting and going gloopy

  • jbs

    The very best is Chuao, true Chuao!
    For everyday, Guanaja.
    Congratulations. Meeting C&Z since the beginning of 2004.

  • Lorna Leach

    It should melt in the mouth be packed with flavour and not leave a nasty after taste. I like something with a smooth feel and a warm flavour like ginger or chilli

  • Alison Smith

    Oh wow milk chocolate with salted caramel, my favourite!

  • Dessallara

    I love any milk chocolate! :}

  • Dani

    My favorite chocolate bar ever was one that came from Poland…my ex’s ex-boss (that’s a lot of exes!) was from Poland and brought some chocolate back after a visit. I remember thinking “Who knew Polish chocolate was so amazing!” But I guess I’ll never get it again (because of the ex factor, haha)!

  • Ashli

    I have always been a sucker for a good old cadbury’s flake, but I agree Lindt is lovely too! xx

  • Kim A

    I love ALL chocolate, but especially Ghiradelli dark or milk with caramel.

  • Vikki

    My favorite chocolate bar is dark chocolate and I love sea salt and caramel, but I had a white chocolate candy bar with violets recently that I can’t stop thinking about.

  • Julie Iarocci

    Dark chocolate with sea salt, dark chocolate with cinnamon or dark chocolate with chili pepper. All decadent and worth savoring.

  • Anna

    AMMA – Brazilian organic chocolate, my new favorite

  • sammy

    Ritter Sport dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts!

  • Lynn Doe

    I love reeces peanut butter cups. I love any salty chocolate, the two flavours are perfect together :)

  • Susan Moorhead

    My favorite is William Dean dark chocolate with orange peel!

  • Lelia Valois

    Flavour wise I love orange and coffee. Don’t actually like drinking coffee but stick it in a chocolate bar and I’m in heaven.

  • Sarah

    yum! That milk chocolate with salted caramel sounds scrumptious.

  • nancy

    Please enter me in this give-away. I adore chocolate and these sound absolutely fabulous. I promise I’ll tell which one turns out to be my favorite. (And if I feel like sharing, I’ll report back on my husband’s favorite too.)

  • Shelly

    Dark chocolate with orange peels… yum !

  • Jim Garrmone

    My wife would love this and I would love to surprise her with it. You know what they say, “happy wife, happy life”. Take care!

  • Isabelle Smith

    – Milk chocolate with hazelnut cream

  • Trish

    I love anything by John & Kira, but their Mighty Mint Urban Garden bar is fantastic!

  • donna clinton

    I can not get enough of Cadburys fudge i love it!

  • Absolute favorite is the Askinosie dark milk bar. Delicious!

  • Gathe

    Du chocolat à la fleur de sel…!

  • angela sandhu

    I love anything with hazelnuts

  • Louise Allen

    hotel chocolat’s caramel milk chocolate mmmm

  • Stacy

    Milk chocolate with salted caramel would probably be my favorite.

  • chrissy

    my absolute favorite chocolate bar is a White Chocolate Cookies and Cream Bar from godiva.

  • Lisa Ellison

    I love a ice cold cadburys dairy milk, although as I get older my taste buds are changing I’m coming round to dark, it’s smooth and rich.

  • Susanna

    Madre Chocolate in Kailua, Hawaii has a fabulous Triple Cacao Bar with the pulp and nibs of cacao. Yum!

  • Christie

    Milka with hazelnuts is my favourite.

  • Alix Wall

    Lately it’s been Alter Eco’s Dark Coconut Toffee bar. Amazing flavors.

  • Charley Suggs

    My favorite chocolate bar is the three kilo Vahlrone I pick up to bring home from G. Detou every trip to Paris. ( Is that fair?)

  • Chloe

    chocolat is my last name

  • Jena

    There’s a chocolate company, I think out of Vancouver, BC, that has their bars in the BC Ferries onboard gift shops. I don’t know if it’s the best I’ve ever had, but it was the first one that came to mind. I don’t even remember what kind I had–maybe just plain dark chocolate.

  • Chloe

    nestle caramel point de sel….delicious combo of caramel and salt, but neither too salty or too caramel-y and you can still appreciate the dark chocolate

  • Dark chocolate with salted caramel. All the time, every day.

  • It was an artisan chocolate bar that I bought in South Africa while doing the Midlands Meander, it was salted caramel, I have never found any other slab to be so decadent. Absolute treat!

  • christina


  • Kelly Hooper

    Fry’s chocolate cream

  • Lil

    Chocolate with salted butter caramel. Terribly difficult to find as a bar though!

  • still in time for the giveaway?

    here I am :
    my preferred is jacques genin http://jacquesgenin.fr/ if you don’t know it, trust me… you absolutely have to go there!


  • Annemette

    uh, how can one choose between all the amazing chocolates out there? It depends on my mood, but I have one I “always” can eat – Hispagnola, the 70 % dark chocolate (single origin) from the Danish chocolatier Peter Beier, yum.

  • Felix

    tony chocolonely’s noga!!

  • ClairejB

    I love Rose chocolate – heaven! :)

  • James Donovan

    My favourite chocolate is Cabdurys Hazelnut Bar,i could eat a big bar of that in one sitting

  • Ruth

    Green & Black or Ghirardelli’s 70% dark chocolate bars.

  • Gwen

    I love all dark chocolate, but my absolute favorite is the Xocolatl bar from Dagoba – chiles and cacao nibs, mmm.

  • Natalie Henderson

    I love Green and Blacks Butterscotch milk chocolate! :)

  • Nadia

    Congratulations for the 10 years! My favorite chocolate is dark… or sometimes milk chocolate with hazelnuts. Depends of the the day.

  • Eva

    I love dark chocolate plain but also with spice like salt, chili etcetera and with cherries.

  • At this moment of this day, it’s the Himalayan Pink Salt bar from Millcreek Cacao Roasters.

  • Heather

    Escazu Chocolate (Raleigh, NC)
    74% Dark Chocolate with a spicy kick of chipotle chili in the finish. love!

  • Ty Hayes

    Pierre Marcolini’s house blend

  • gabrielle

    oh woooooow my favourite is definitely milk chocolate with hazelnut cream! with love, xxxxx

  • Alison Turner

    My favourite is Galaxy Caramel :)

  • Katarina micallef

    I love the aldi one it’s a dark chocolate cocoa rich bar filled with a chocolate mouse and a cherry and chilli compote. yum yum!

  • claire slater

    anything thats at least 70% dark

  • Jillian

    Congrats on 10 years, Clotilde!!! I love ChocoSol -Sinfully Raw Vanilla -“pedal powered” “socially just” -made in Toronto, sold at local farmer’s markets… gritty and delicious! -I also love Coffee Crisp -if only because it was my mom’s favourite… she would buy them to give out for Halloween, but somehow we would run out before the kids even knocked on the door!

  • Tamsin

    Montezumas make a dark chocolate bar with orange and geranium oil which is delicious. It’s quite unusual but very more-ish.

  • Jamie

    Wispa are great :)

  • michelle thompson

    just dark choclate plain and simple!

  • Esme McCrubb

    not an easy question

    I think it would have to be galaxy caramel

  • Becky John

    Hazelnut Praline is my favourite

  • Wendy Tolhurst

    I love whole nut chocolate

  • Rebecca Shelton

    my fave choccolate bar would have to be a double decker love them :)

  • Lori Kr

    Green & Black’s 70% dark chocolate! YUM!

  • Sarah Mills

    galaxy caramel

  • Mel Briscoe

    I like Aero mint chocolate.

  • Hannah Smith

    coffee chocolate.. so very glad to see it in this!!!

  • Paul Witney

    Chilli chocolate

  • Julia Wulff

    Chilli flavoured chocolate from Vestri in Florence is exquisite and my favourite.

  • Louise M

    Old Jamaica. The combination of dark chocolate, rum and raisins, is simply gorgeous x

  • Marie

    OhHELPme! Green & Blacks 70% Dark Chocolate

  • Ali Thorpe

    No specific bar but I would like one that is very dark with blended orange or raspberry pieces.

  • BreadHead

    Lithuanian Chocolate! My family is Lithuanian and we visited relatives there a few years ago! This gift would be cherished and savored at a very large Family Gathering, Thanksgiving, where we will be thankful to you all! CONGRATULATIONS on your tenth!

  • Jane

    Green and Black’s Organic chocolates are my favorite :)

  • Summer

    Anything BUT white chocolate!

  • Miss UK

    mmmm….it’s so hard to choose! I love dark chocolate and my favourite bar would contain some sort of nuts.
    Happy Anniversary!

  • Faye Lester

    Double Decker!

  • Audrey

    Yum! I love chocolate. My new favorite is by a company called Endangered Species; they have wonderful photos of animals on the wrappers and donate some of their proceedings to environmental causes. I love their dark chocolate with cacao nibs.

  • cathyj

    i love galaxy

  • Louise Hart

    Lindt chocolates. I could eat them by the ton. yummy

  • Claire Butler

    Tolberone like any except dark one

  • Natalie French

    Any chocolate is good

  • Helen Thurston

    Dark Chocolate with Chilli (or Ginger, Coconut, Coffee, Nuts, etc). Got to be dark chocolate though – hate white chocolate.

  • Zsuzsanna

    My absolute favorite chocolate bar was Zotter’s Rose and Basil.
    Sadly, it isn’t available any more. :(

  • Jayne B

    Tough choice but do love mint liqueur

  • my absolute favorite chocolate bar ? just one ?! ;) that would have to be franck kestener’s atlantique. sablé + caramel + salt + dark chocolate. what’s not to love ? i do have many runners up though…

    i remember reading your q&a with domantas, and i’ve been curious to try his chocolate ever since. hope to have the chance soon. fingers crossed here ! (his dark chocolate with sugar crystals would probably be my fave too !)

    bravo on 10 years of c&z, clotilde !!

  • billie

    i can’t tell you which one is my fave because i haven’t tried any of those … i’d love to try them all tho.

  • sheila

    I love any good quality coffee-flavoured chocolate. Hard to find though.Also like Montezuma’s chocolate with chilli.
    Conratulations on reaching your tenth anniversary!

  • Katherine

    Any bar by Bernachon would be a favorite!

  • Connie Phelps

    I enjoy Barry Callebaut chocolate in any form and percentage of cocoa. My favorite form is the champagne truffle.

  • tracey gibbons

    my favourite chocolate bar is a dime bar, love the toffee piece coated in chocolate one of my simple little pleasure

  • Theresa M

    Crikey, this is more difficult than it seems, to choose just one chocolate. Well I’m an old fashioned type of Gal so I am going to say Rum and Raisin. But I love dark chocolate and almond, honey and ginger is smooth, fresh and tangy so it is also on my list

  • Laura

    Yum – anything dark – the darker the better! Currently Green and Black Organic

  • Susan Hall

    Lindt Passion, Caramel & Sea Salt chocolate bar

  • Abby

    I love sampling exotic chocolate flavors at Cocoa Dolce in Wichita!

  • Amanda Milton

    I love White Chocolate,that is my absolute favourite

  • greg

    theo’s 85%

  • Jessica

    My favorite chocolate bar I’ve had so far is the Dark Chocolate (70% cocoa) bar at Jean Phillipe in Las Vegas. It’s pure bliss!

  • Céline

    Je n’arrive pas à me décider entre 2 tablettes de chocolat au lait Valhrona : Tanariva ou Jivara… Je dirais quand même Jivara pour le côté crémeux!

  • Ross

    As far as I’m concerned, nothing beats Valrhona Le Noir Amer. I’ll happily taste these for comparison, though I can tell you right now, no milk chocolate is ever going to turn my head.

  • Kathleen

    My favorite is the Bernachon Kalouga bar (chocolate with caramel inside). It’s the BEST!!! And, in my opinion, Bernachon chocolates are the best!

  • My favourite type of chocolate is bitter and of the highest quality origin; I love it when dark chocolate with cocoa solids of 80% brings a dry, savoury tang to the mouth, punctuated all of a sudden by other infusions: floral lavender, chilli and sea salt are some of my favourite combinations. Mmmmmmm!

  • Meghan Lingard

    Dark chocolate with lemon and sea salt. Yum! Wish I could remember who made it… A very small company in the UK.

  • Franko

    ooh, so hard to choose! i think Green & Black’s Almond or Ginger for me.

  • Sara

    Taza chocolate is so good, it’s hard to pick a favorite but I think it would have to be the Chipotle Chili one.

  • I know it’s not French but I absolutely adore the chocolate bars from Belgian brand Dolfin and I can’t get enough of their Dark chocolate/Cinnamon and Milk chocolate/Italian hazelnut blends. I’m very open to trying others so I’d love to win this set!

  • Brian & Gayle D

    I love all chocolate, as long as it’s dark! Though I’m eager to try the milk chocolates in this set also.. you know.. for science.

  • Garrick

    I’m a spiced orange nut. Fresh ground Mexican chocolate with, Chilies, orange and olive oil on a warm crunchy bread roll.

  • Tanya

    Yum! I love the Chocolove raspberry bars! DELIGHTFUL!

  • Shavonne

    Ukraine’s Lviv makes amazing chocolate and has a great chocolate cafe in Kiev. The unexpected greatness of Vosges dark chocolate with bacon bar though gets my vote!

  • Val

    Any flavor with dark chocolate!

  • Claire

    At the moment, peanut butter Lindy balls. :)

  • Most of the time, any good, dark, not-too-sweet, chocolate will do, depending on my level of desperation!

  • Suzanne F.

    My favorite dark chocolate right now is Green & Black Mayan Gold, but I’m always ready to try new chocolates…spicy, fruit & nut, touch of salt, bring them on!!

  • Julia Carrington

    Green and Blacks milk chocolate with sea salt or the taster box from Hotel du Chocolat

  • My absolute favourite was Cadbury Australia’s Swiss Chalet chocolate bar. Sadly, it was discontinued sometimes in the nineties.

  • Efrén Flores

    ¡Chocolate! mi palabra favorita.

  • Alexandra Cobus

    Any of Alaine Ducasse’s bean-to-bars, and 2nd would be Jaques Genin!

  • The best chocolate I’ve tasted so far were from the Askinosi brand but I must admit the one that got my heart is a very specific one from the range of another brand: the Rozsavolgyi Csokolade with bread and olives 77% cocoa! It got the bronze medal of the AoC award this year, no wonder why.

    It might sound like a weird combination but it’s actually a perfect match. I’m considering using it for one recipe on my blog soon. You can check the reference of the chocolate here:

    Thanks for the contest Clotilde and good luck to the winner!

  • Wendy

    i am totally into anything that is fresh, well made belgian but i don’t get access to it here in the U.S. Anything hazelnut also has me.

    green & black’s dark chocolate filled with mint creme is dang good and what is filling my brain right now.

  • Daniela Donati

    The Best chocolate I have ever tasted are my mum’s chocolate rum truffles she used to make at Christmas!

  • gmermoud@orange.fr

    my favorite is Mo’s Bacon Bar. yummm!

  • sara

    Salted dark chocolate bar from Glarus Chocolate Baltimore. They do not sweeten their dark chocolate to compensate for the salt, so it is an intense balance between the two.

  • Gabrielle

    Dark, dark, darkdarkdark, chocolate! My kids love the rainforest chocolate bars, and the “black panther” is the best (darkest!) one.
    Also, we shoot for fair trade– it’s hard to enjoy desserts made possible by child labor.

  • Ronda

    I love Theo chocolate from Seattle, Washington. They make a 70% chocolate bar with sea salt that is my absolute favorite!

  • zhna

    The best chocolate I discovered here in Paris: côte d’or with caramalized almonds and salt!! Parfait :)

  • Bob Simon

    Dark chocolate bar from Patrick Roget in Paris. I lived there for a month and a half, and spent my daughter’s tuition on a solid diet of his chocolates. Little bags of assorted chocolate during the day….blue wrapped dark chocolate bars during the night. Periodically interrupted by some (nearly) local BASE jumping and occasionally more traditional food….like falafel and fresh squeezed lemonade at l’ace du Falafel. This for weeks…then, like the true addict…I loaded up on the bars before returning to the US.

    Homeland security and customs were more interested in explosives, and less addictive fare…like heroin…but our definitions and priorities were obviously different. His dark chocolate bar is definitely addictive and habit forming.

    His chocolate bars are so good that when I die I want to be buried in them. If I’m not really dead, I will eat my way out.

    Am trying to be subtle, but the truth is inevitable.

  • Lillian Kang

    Green & Black’s Dark Hazelnuts & Currants. Love the dark rich chocolate and nuts!

  • A sublime experience: Claudio Corallo’s chocolate bar with raisins and liquor. I had it from Alégio Chocolaté in Berkeley.

  • Kara

    I love the dark chocolate Lindt bars – “Fleur de sel” – they are deliciously addictive!

  • Sarah

    Theo’s dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds from Seattle. So. Good.

  • Helen Worth

    My favourite is the Grenada Chocolate Company’s nib-a-licious. Mmmmm… now I need to go out and try all the other favourites listed here!!

  • P Christmas

    the vosges black salt caramel candy bar …but of course I have not had a chance to taste yours .. and would love to ;)

  • Holly

    So many favorites but right now my top has to be Dagoba’s Conacado (from Dominican Republic).

  • Current favorite: Taza’s Coffee Dark Chocolate. The mouthfeel is like nothing I have experienced before – grainy, almost like a mouthful of sand that then dissolves into dark, deep chocolate bliss, due to the very minimal processing that the chocolate undergoes.

  • Lia

    Mon bar préfèré c’est le Theo dark chocolate with salted almond…miam!!

  • My absolute favourite chocolate bar is the Dolfin Dark Chocolate with Pink Peppercorn! So delicious!

  • francoise

    Hi well for me it’s Niko B‘s hand made chocolate in Stoke Newington in London. I still remember the demo of ganache making. there are beautiful flavours, all natural, beautiful artisan chocolate, home made. Not a large company. Unusual flavours. You can find him on FB or come to the Steke Newington’s farmers market when you are in London!

  • Alisa Moore

    Green & Black’s milk chocolate bar with sea salt

  • Becca

    The mo’s chocolate bacon candy bar. Heaven.

  • Anything with coffee gets my vote, merci! ;-)

  • stacy

    Current favorite is dark chocolate with ginger. Also love Vosges dark with pink salt and caramel. Mmmmm

  • Michelle

    I have a soft spot for Ritter Sport’s Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts,but, being half Swiss, I truly have a soft spot for all chocolate!

  • Jocelyn Mercer

    Dark chocolate with sea salt is heaven.

  • My favorite is the Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Bar. It’s 85% cocoa but tastes incredibly smooth. Because it is so rich in cocoa, just a few small squares do a great job of satisfying my chocolate cravings.

  • The giveaway is now closed, and comments beyond this one can’t be considered. Thank you so much for entering and sharing your chocolate favorites — I was deliciously familiar with some of your choices, and will be looking into many others! The results will be announced later today in the post above.

  • CGavin

    Milk Choc with Salted Caramel…where has this been all of our lives?!

  • Oh girl, I love me some chocolate! (Does that count as English?) Trader Joe’s dark chocolate with sea salt caramel rocks my world!

  • Tazo Coffee Chocolate Mexicano! I love everything about it – the unusual grainy texture (from the beans being stone ground) and coffee flavor. The chocolate has only a three ingredients all of which are organic: cacao beans, cane sugar, and coffee.

  • Cris

    The lemon-ginger-black pepper-dark chocolate bar from Equal Exchange is as good as a chocolate bar gets. (No chocolate bar is as delectable as a good truffle.) The combination of lemon and dark chocolate can rescue me from the deepest, darkest funk. And the quality of fair trade chocolate has improved markedly over the past few years.

  • Ellen

    Frannys salted caramel bar made in Seattle,Washington

  • Kort

    My favorite is the Vosges Pink Himalayan Salt Caramel bar.

  • Megan Jirschele

    I love good old milk chocolate!

  • Elise

    I’m too late to enter (too many time zones away!), but my all time favorites are from another bean-to-bar chocolate company in Fremont, Washington: Theo Chocolate. They have a wonderful “Thai Curry Coconut” bar (milk chocolate, toasted coconut, curry powder–surprising and amazing) and a “Bread and Chocolate” (dark chocolate with buttered toast crunchies–also sounds odd, but simple and delicious).

    Je suis trop en retard pour le concours, mais je partage quand même mes deux tablettes de chocolat favorites. Ils sont de Seattle (en fait, de Fremont, juste à côté) dans l’état de Washington. Theo Chocolate est une chocolaterie qui fait tout de la fève à la tablette. Mes deux chocolats favoris de chez Theo sont “Curry thai noix de coco” (chocolat lait avec du noix de coco rapé et du curry–surprenant mais excellent) et “Pain et chocolat” (chocolat noir avec des miettes de pain grillé beurré à l’intérieur–un mélange qui a aussi l’air un peu bizzarre, mais c’est simple et délicieux). La maison Theo a aussi plein d’autres chocolats plutôt “normaux”, mais j’aime bien ces deux-ci parce qu’ils sont uniques et délicieux. On ne les trouve qu’ici!

  • MJ Wright

    Lake Champlain Chocolates Five Star Hazelnut Bar!

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