10th Anniversary Giveaway #2: Black Cherry Super Peel

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of C&Z, I am hosting 10 giveaways throughout the month of October. Keep checking back for chances to win wonderful products I’ve discovered and loved over the past decade!

Our second giveaway prize is a Super Peel baking peel, as recently featured on America’s Test Kitchen as one of four must-have tools for serious pizza lovers.

The Super Peel is a beautifully crafted wooden peel with a cloth conveyor belt that wraps around it, making it very easy to transfer your pizzas and breads onto a hot baking stone or baking sheet.

I bought my own four years ago, and have been using it happily — with a little thrill every time, so well it works — for many of the breads and pizzas I’ve since featured on Chocolate & Zucchini.

The Super Peel is made in the US at a woodworking facility in upstate New York that employs people with disabilities. Over fifteen steps are required to make each peel from raw lumber, and most are done by hand or with hand-operated power tools.

For this giveaway, Gary Casper, the passionate inventor of the Super Peel, is offering the deluxe peel made with local black cherry hardwood, sanded smooth and hand-sealed with a food-safe cutting board oil. It will be fitted with one of the brand new flax linen transfer cloths he has just special-ordered.

To participate, leave a comment below (in English or in French) telling me about your most successful bread or pizza experiment. And if you’re on Facebook, please consider liking the Super Peel page (and the C&Z page, too!).

You have until Friday, October 11, midnight Paris time to enter; I will then draw one entry randomly and announce it here. Gary has generously agreed to ship internationally, so you’re welcome to play regardless of your location; please make sure you enter your email address correctly so I can contact you if you win.

Good luck! And check back on Monday for a new giveaway.


I have drawn an entry at random using random.org (see screen capture below), and I am pleased to announce the winner is PlumGaga, who says she’s loved teaching her grandchildren to turn out loaves of good bread. Congratulations PlumGaga, and thank you all for entering with such cool baking experiments!

Super Peel Draw

  • Steph

    Hi ! Great giveaway =)
    The best pizza I made was a pizza with a home made tomato sauce and roasted vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, aubergines, pepper, onions), mozzarella di buffala and fresh roquette added just before eating.

  • Tracy

    My bread pizza experiments are limited to pre-made flats. That is why I would love to win this peel!!!!

  • PlumGaga

    I’ve loved teaching my grandchildren to turn out loaves of good bread.

  • edenz

    Most successful bread or pizza experiment – probably potato focaccia – with paper thin sliced potatoes on top, drizzled in olive oil.

  • ladywild

    Pizza is a staple at our house. My personal favorite is a goat cheese and lemon pizza topped with piles of argula. My husband is more a meat pizza fan, so he doesn’t love it as much.

  • Rachel

    My husband is the pizza chef at our house. We have a peel but it’s not as nice as this one! Also we live in upstate NY so I’m curious to check this place out.
    Anyway, one of my favorite homemade pizzas is a recipe we came up with ourselves. We call it Mediterranean pizza. Top a homemade crust with olive oil, then fresh spinach, then cloves of roasted garlic, chopped sun-dried tomatoes, Kalamata olives and crumbled goat cheese. Yum.

  • Megan W

    Margarita pizza with thick slices of heirloom tomatoes instead of sauce. Great creation!!

  • Christiana

    Awesome pizza with sweet potato, kale, goat cheese… Tasted even better than it sounds! I need this peel!

  • I merged a few recipes to come up with a thin, buttery, crisp crust with cornmeal and paired it with slowly caramelized onions and bleu cheese. My family and friends ate it in record time and still talk about that pizza, 5 years later!

  • Andrea

    I make thin-crust pizza using the C&Z sourdough recipe for Cep and Walnut Pizza all the time! My husband and I will put almost anything on a thin-crust just use up stuff from our refrigerator. It’s pretty much always delicious, especially when we use our sun-dried tomato/olive pesto as the base.

  • carol

    When my daughter was little, a friend and I perfected recipes for both pizza dough and sauce over a period of several months. I still use our recipes.

  • Andrea

    I’m not very good at making bread, but the best (and fastest-eaten) bread I made was challah! So easy and delicious.

  • Alicia

    Oooh what a lovely giveaway!

  • Stacey

    Well, my most successful pizza experiment is also my one and only! I wanted pizza for dinner one night but since I haven’t found a takeout option I love in my new(ish) neighborhood, I decided to make my own. I found a recipe for a quick pizza dough online and it turned out great – not too thick and a little airy. I was completely surprised because I’m never very good with bread dough and yet pizza dough seemed easy! The problem is I can’t seem to recreate it – I don’t remember what recipe I used and the ones I’ve found don’t produce the same results. Maybe my bad bread dough mojo has reared its ugly head? I’m going to keep trying though!

  • Jim Garramone

    Pizza Experiment. New Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven. 48 hr.fermented (60ºF-70ºF dough (Caputo 00 flour, Ischia sourdough starter). Fresh Mediterranean lamb sausage, goat cheese, olives, rosemary, carmelized onions, Alleppo pepper flakes. 105 seconds at 925ºF. Awesome. Take care!

  • greg somers

    Persian flatbreads – almost foolproof and quick to make. Great paired with a savory spread, soft cheese.

  • wendie

    Rosemary sandwich bread is now something I make over and over again because it always turns out!

  • Michelle

    my most nostalgic has to be cooking damper over a campfire when I was a kid, toasted on a stick and then filled up with sticky golden syrup – every time a winner! merci

  • Noel

    We make pizza on our grill in the summer so that we don’t heat up the house. We put the pizza stone on and it holds the temperature well. It’s delicious.

  • That peel looks amazing – just like the food you make. Happy 10th, Clotilde!

  • shirley

    I recently made M.A.G.’s Uruguayan Pizza Dough and feel reinvigorated to make pizza for the whole family (encompassing a variety of diets)! Fantastic recipe for those with GFCF needs.


    Thank you for this lovely giveaway and congratulations!

  • Lisa

    A no yeast herb bread

  • My most successful pizza experiment was when I stopped loading up my pizzas with too much cheese and toppings (typical to homemade pizzas in my area). I select one or two toppings like thinly sliced zucchini and olives, add a scant handful of cheese or fresh mozza, and bake on a stone in a super hot oven. You get the most amazing balanced pizza with a crisp chewy crust and you can appreciate the flavour of the zucchini. Less is more!

  • Ingrid

    My most successful bread recipe was a gluten free challah style bread (“kalacs”) that I made by improvising a regular wheat recipe. I was very pleased with it because I could braid it despite it being gluten free – and it still rose! This peel seems to be very useful for working with gluten free breads, too, because they tend to fall apart and it is always difficult to do transfers with them.

  • James B

    Been reading a while, this is my first comment though.

    My best pizza experiment has also been one oft he simplest. Naan bread, some tika masala sauce from the store, mozzarella cheese, and fresh tomatoes, all grilled on my wood pellet grill.

  • Suzannah

    This wood be awesome, I bake a fair amount of bread and pizza without a proper peel. I’ve had lots of mishaps on the transfer, so much so that I’ve been using parchment paper for easy sliding to the stone:) most successful bread by far is the ‘artisan bread in five minutes a day’ method, so good!

  • I love making a simple margarita pizza on my pizza steel with a batch of Jim Laheys dough, crushed tomatoes, basil and burrata. I make pizza almost weekly but still have not bought a peel- I need one!

  • oxalis

    Congratulations on your 10th !I love your writing sooooo much, THANK YOU;
    This super peel would be perfect for my cocas (a kind of spanish pizza….)

  • Margaret

    Right now, because I live at 1200m altitude and only really use sourdough to make my bread/pizza dough, I feel like every time I bake is an experiment and there are way more “failure” stories (though a friend says: “there is no bad bread, only bread you didn’t plan on eating”). Pizza experiment success was using babaganoush with olives, artichokes and gouda as toppings. Best bread was your sourdough baguette recipe that somehow turned out perfectly with the lovely air bubbles (but I didn’t write down the flour modification and none since have compared). Ooooh, or pain perdu with cocoa-walnut bread (I must admit, also based on your recipe).

  • What a lovely product! So helpful for our weekly pizza nights! My most successful bread recipe is probably no-knead buttermilk bread…it makes nice sandwich loaves and wonderful toast.

  • Gloria

    Most successful…would be using thing sliced potatoes as a pizza topping (with lemon, olive oil, herbs). Carbs on carbs!!

  • I made a loaf of crusty white bread from the Game of Thrones cookbook, and it was AMAZING (and really simple). Super crusty outside, using the pan-of-water trick.

  • Carol

    I made grilled pizza with my nieces. It was at a family party. Pizza needs practice, but they both had a great time and the picky eaters enjoyed making their own dinner with the perfect amount of sauce and cheese.

  • Tout d’abord merci pour le concours. Je fais pas mal de pains et de pizzas maison mais avec le super peel, je suis sure que j’en ferais plus c’est une super invention. Ma meilleure experience est quand j’ai fait ma premiere pizza, une bonne Reine, quelle delice !! Toute la famille adore :)

  • Natalia

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway and such an inspirational blog! My best achievement so far is making Italian approved focaccia. At the same time it was the biggest failure as I lost the recipie and have been trying to recreate it since few months. I’m every close though! Thanks again.

  • meg

    When we started making no-knead, slow-rise pizza dough and using a very, very hot oven, we discovered the secret to making truly great pizza at home. If you have a grill and a cast-iron pizza pan, it gets even better.

  • Mary

    I’ve wanted one of those peels! My most successful bread was making the No Knead Bread recipe from Jim Lahey. It’s still my favourite go-to recipe. It looks and tastes so professional, yet I made it with my own hands. The taste is my favourite part as it just doesn’t compare to other breads I’ve made.

  • It’s so difficult to think of just one successful pizza/bread experience. I have tried so many variations. I certainly know that using a pizza stone has always been helpful, and the one time I had access to a peel, it was phenomenal!

  • Val

    I keep a sourdough starter in the fridge. Love making a variation on Jim Lahey’s no-knead recipe!

  • Nicole

    My most successful pizza experiment involved a strawberry balsamic pizza!

  • Claire

    Moi j’ai jamais trop réussi les pizzas… sauf quand j’ai utilisé une bonne pâte bio, la sauce tomate de ma maman, du chèvre et de la roquette. Ca avait vraiment le goût du fait-maison.

  • Lisa

    my best pizza is with goat cheese, pineapple and roasted red peppers

  • suzanne panda meat

    Anchovies & garlic

  • Ed

    My pizza with sourdough crust is always a hit in our household. I created the levain 2yrs ago from http://williamalexander.com/bread/levain.cfm a highly recommended book, BTW.

  • Ann Gonzalez

    Best pizza I have made is just plain Jane with plenty of cheese and pepperoni grilled. It was delicious!


    My most innovative (according to me) was to make a whole wheat dough with tofu instead of water for kneading. The rest was the same as a normal pizza dough… it did rise beautifully and it works. My older son suddenly loves pizza and wants it every other day. So in an attempt to make it healthy in a way. Now I dont feel bad about giving him pizza almost as often as he wants :)

  • Jay Bennett

    The first time I made the America’s Test Kitchen deep dish pizza with the potato crust. It has become a family favorite.

  • Steph N

    My attempts with no-knead bread were pretty impressive to me, though still not as good as what I get from the bakery.

  • For me, the secret of great pizza is a great husband who cuts it up for serving far better than I do!

    I usually use a cheese and tomato bread mix, if I am making it from scratch, topped with a home-made tomato sauce and then lots of vegetables, occasionally some salami of some kind, and a little grated cheese.

  • Katherine

    The last time I made chocolate babka, the dough just rose so well and far more than I expected. Go yeast! Plus the babka was delicious.

  • Matt

    I started off using focaccia from one of Jeff Smith (Frugal Gourmet)’s recipes but lately I’ve migrated to using the easy no-knead dough from http://www.motherearthnews.com/real-food/artisan-bread-in-five-minutes-a-day.aspx

    The pizza I keep going back to is pesto with thinly sliced zucchini, artichoke hearts and usually tomatoes (pressed to lower their moisture content, or sundried) with a bit of ricotta or fresh mozzarella. Yum!

  • Chele

    We recently got a grill with a pizza stone on it, so I’ve been experimenting A LOT! My favorite so far has been a flatbread, brushed with garlic butter, and topped with onions and roma tomatoes from our garden. SO GOOD.

  • Jo

    My most successful bread was a walnut bread.

  • Carole

    My most successful pizza experiment was when I used caramelized onions as a topping. Yum!

  • Katie

    we do make a lot of home-made pizza in this house–I would be amazed if we won this! It’s gorgeous :D

    Thank you thank you for the givaways! I’ve been reading since college in 2006!

  • Noreen

    The best pizza I make is a white one with caramelized onions, baby kale, Italian sausage and shaved Yukon Gold potatoes. I probably need a really nice peel to make an improved version!

  • Kylie

    My favourite pizza to make at home uses confit d’oignon on the base with only a very little tomato sauce. Topped with sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella and cooked in our pizza oven (using an old baking tray as a peel), it tastes amazing. I’m so glad you have reviewed these peels, I keep looking at them but wondering if they’re worth the cost, now I know they are.

  • Meg

    I love our family pizza nights – where we each choose our own toppings but enjoy it together!

  • Tammy

    most successful? never! I can’t ever seem to get pizza right (to my standards anyway). I’ve decided it’s because I’m using a cold stone because I can’t move it without completely ruining it. Obviously, it’s time for me to try a peel!

  • Gail

    My most successful bread experiment came out of one of the most awesome classes I had in college; I had a professor who would let you bake artisan as part of a project as a substitution for a term paper (bless the man). In order to meet the project requirements I had to make 5 kinds of bread, one of which resulted in me cultivating the wild yeast in my kitchen into sour dough starter. But the rock star of the bread experiments turned out to be a Greek celebration bread called Christopsomos, not too sweet, extremely pretty, and worth every bit of effort that goes into working yeast breads into my schedule. It became one of the staple holiday breads in my house.

  • My most successful baking experiment was a whole wheat six stranded braided loaf. It was delicious and looked like something from an artisan bakery.

  • I was surprised by how well a dessert chocolate peanut butter pizza I made came out a few months ago (:

  • Mel

    We have family pizza night every friday, and usually end up with a half-cheese, half-cheese/fresh herbs pizza. This peel looks amazing!

  • Mary

    What a beautiful peel! I love making pizza with seasonal ingredients (tomato, eggplant, zucchini, basil right now), homemade mozzarella or ricotta, and a dash of good olive oil!

  • The best pizza I ever made was when I tried to replicate real neopolitan pizzas I was eating in Europe. I slurged and bought a $9 tin of San Marzano tomatoes, real italian flour and fresh buffalo mozzarella and basil. I cranked the heat up on the broiler and cooked it fast and hot. Not as good as a wood oven, but as close as I can get at home!

  • Neil

    I was on a Lahey no-knead bread kick for a while when it first came out during my time in grad school, but my results were hit-and-miss. One weekend, my house was having a huge party, with lots of hungry grad students attending. As the recipe called for, I’d started the bread the day before and had hoped to pull out the bread before the party started. But life intervened and I wasn’t able to get the bread in the oven until well after the party started. So at around 11pm, I crossed my fingers and pulled the loaf out… perfect. Golden. Round. Beautiful. The partygoers were in awe. I have never seen a loaf of bread eaten so fast or a crowd so grateful for fresh bread.

  • The best “cinnamon” rolls I’ve made were whole wheat orange rolls, left to do their last rise overnight in the fridge. Absolutely delicious. I want to try more breads with the overnight rise. It seems to do wonderful things to yeast breads.

  • Susan

    Thank you- this sounds like a wonderful give away!

    My most successful bread experiment happened about 6 months ago when I started making slow-rise, no-knead bread. It’s like magic!

  • Anna

    High heat, pizza stone, thin crust, then topped with a salad of spicy arugula.

  • Jessica Tribble

    My favorite pizza experiment involved the first time I ever made pizza, period. For father’s day, we decided to make pizzas using the pizza stone we had purchased my father. I thought about buying dough, but decided to make a whole wheat dough. Then it was tons of fresh ingredients. The tragedy was we didn’t have a peel. So moving the pizzas resulted in the occasional pizza on the floor, but we had a blast.

  • I’m actually making pizza tonight. I’ve used this type of peel at a friend’s house before and I fell in LOVE. I would love to win this and use it one my roasted tomato sauce pizzas and local artisan dough!

  • Andy

    Nothing beats a pizza on the grill. Especially when there’s fresh mozz to be had that keeps the dough nice and moist and chewy even under high heat.

  • Nicci

    I learned this summer to make pizza on my grill, it takes just a few minutes and tastes amazing. I easily eat it once a week now!

  • Linda R

    Actually I have 2 wonderful go to pizza recipes: Tarte Flambe the Alsatian version of thin crispy pizza and America’s Test Kitchen Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. The crust is layered with butter and the sauce is fabulous!

  • Kristen

    Lately I’ve been making a ton of pita bread, and it has come out pretty great :)

  • Abigail M.

    I love to make pizza! my favorites are a roasted veggie with goat cheese and olive oil, white pizza with loads of garlic or a sausage and pepper pizza. so good.

  • Dirk

    This July 4th I cooked 15 pizzas on a campfire at a cabin for my extended family. Many of these people I had not seen for years. I didn’t tell any of them that I was going to do it. I just showed up with the supplies and fed everyone. It was great experience.

  • Clau

    I love the no- kneal method. Best pizzas I have ever made.

  • Dax22

    My favorite pizza has shaved asparagus, parmesan and mozzarella.

  • The most *reliably* successful bread I’ve made is King Arthur’s Honey Oatmeal. When I make pizza, though, I like fresh mozzarella, banana peppers, sausage, and sundried tomatoes.

  • Michael Ruhlman recently posted pizza recipes on his blog, using a cast iron skillet. I tried them last week, one four cheeses (which my wife loved) and one with lots of stuff and his red sauce. Both came out great.
    Now I’m going to get a pizza stone to try out.

  • H

    Favourite? My ‘roscon’ des rois for one 6th January in Madrid, studded with bejewelling candied fruits, chubby from knead/ rest pampering, beguiling under the promise of a hidden penny and a whole year’s good luck…ah 2009!

    I’d vote for [29] – triumph in the face of adversity, bravo.

  • terri

    for me, pizza is all about the crust. i think my favorite experiment was a sourdough crust.

  • Erin S

    My favorite pizza is in the cast iron skillet! SO SO good and quick to make!

  • Julie Rosene

    When I was nursing my infant son, I soon discovered that he had many food intolerances. These included any cow’s milk protein, soy, onions, chocolate etc. I desperately missed ordering pizza (was so convenient when my husband and I were dead tired after fussy days/nights). So I started experimenting with making my own healthy pizza doughs, and used toppings I had never thought to use before. My favourites became goat’s cheese, anchovies(!), roasted squash, eggplant and countless other less traditional pizza toppings. Now I much prefer making my own!

  • Susan

    although I didn’t make it, the “best” bread experience in our house was when our son (age abt. 5) decided he was making bread on his own. Mixed it all up entirely and it turned out pretty good! We were amazed!!

  • Emily

    I wish I could say I’ve had more successes with breads, but the best method I’ve found is a no-knead dough in the food processor!

  • Mihaela

    Best breads I made: no knead and a Portuguese bread with a nice crust. LOVE bread and pizza:-)

  • Beth K

    I know this isn’t what you asked, but the worst pizza I ever made was full of cheese, artichoke hearts, etc.. It ended up with all the toppings falling off of it and slopping into the fire, which is why I really, really hope I win this peel.!

  • Ben

    Cooking in a wood-fired oven at a farmhouse in Maine. Delicious chewy char!

  • Delly

    Sourdough bread with a starter a friend gave me.

  • Elizabeth

    I just recently started making breads and my favorite so far has been challah and pretzels. I’ve always been nervous about working with yeast, but am pushing my way past it.

  • The New York Times no knead bread is my most successfully bread! I do make bread in my Montessori class with my children, but nothing compares to the no knead bread.

  • hettar7

    I made a white pizza with broccoli rabe, ricotta cheese. it was the first white pizza I ever made and it was a revelation.

    this giveaway is wonderful. I would so love to win as pizza is one of my favorite things to make.

  • Ian

    I’d say it was originally trying Jim Lahey’s no-knead bread recipe back in 2006 or 2007; probably not the best taste-wise, but it got me started on the bread- and pizza-making kick that’s lasted until today

  • vt

    No knead bread. Made lots of variations and always turns out fantastic.

  • Kee

    Most successful bread experience: soy pulp dinner roll, with leftover soy pulp from homemade soy milk. Nothing wasted.

  • kate C.

    I’m most proud of getting my old wild yeast starter going and keeping it alive for over 3 years now… which reminds me, time to feed it!

  • CM Heyn

    When I discovered non American style pizza. Heaven.

  • megan

    my most successful pizzas are the ones i make with my kids. i know they’re eating healthy, love-infused food with good ingredients and we get to make it together. win-win!

  • ann s.

    One of our fav pizzas to make is made with cream cheese, pesto sauce, thinly sliced salmon, a bit of red onion, and a sprinkle of mozzarella. So good. Great giveaway! :-)

  • Bethany

    Ooooh, this is lovely. We recently made a 4 cheese pizza that turned out quite nice, as well as a white pizza with fresh tomatoes, artichoke, black olives and strachinno cheese. My husband’s go-to when we order in or eat out as well

  • Deborah

    Our best pizza experiment in the last few months was on the grill – delicious char on the thin, olive oil brushed crust, topped with homemade ricotta, caramalized onions and beet greens, or a fresh tomato-garlic sauce with buffalo mozzarella.

  • Sharon

    My most successful baking project was a rolled, filled sponge cake.

  • Can I cheat a bit and mention not my own best bread/pizza, but my husband’s? He has recently been making fougasses and they are superb. We have a huge oven and equally huge pizza stone which was given to us by friends who couldn’t fit it in their oven. A pelle like this would make us feel almost professional!

  • my first sourdough bread was my biggest success^! Still baking it every week for my family!

  • Jo

    My biggest bread making successes are not really worth mentioning. I make an OK loaf of bread, pizza dough and other bake goods. But my bread making failures are more interesting. Like trying to make homemade filo pastry and bagels. Oh my.

  • Betsy Hu

    My best “make it work” moment was when my friend wanted to make pizza for her family, but didn’t have yeast, tomatoes, or cheese. We ended up using baking soda in the dough, and lamb on top.

  • Alexandra

    One of my favorite pizzas is goat cheese and carmelized onions with arugula on a sourdough crust, but when I was pregnant I craved curry banana pizza! Expecting or not, I love ALL the recipes on C&Z!!! Congratulations on 10 years!

  • Evonne

    Pizza with jalapeno chicken sausage, sweet onions, yellow bell peppers, and lots of basil. Yum.

  • Hadas B

    this week i baked a wonderful semolina and beer bread.

  • I can’t eat wheat, but I’m OK with rye, so most of my dough these days is rye-based. Sourdough rye, made with a starter only containing rye, is my favourite. Garlic, onion and cheese additions are always good.

    I would love to win the peel as I don’t have one currently.

    Happy 10th blogday, and thanks for all the inspiration over the years!

  • Resa

    This would be a step up for me. I currently slide pizza and bread on parchment paper from the flat side of a large baking sheet. Thanks for the give away.

  • My fondest time making pizza is with my Grandchildren. We have a Grandma Slumber Night Party which consist of crafts and each one making their own pizza from rolling out their crust to placing the toppings on the pizza. Some are simple and some are elaborate toppings. The time together making memories is what it is all about and the pizza is what tops it all off! (giggles)

  • The best pizza I ever made used a focaccia dough and I topped it with a number of roasted vegetables and caramelized onions. No cheese, just a sprinkling of olives for yumminess.

  • Oh, that looks amazing! I’ve been in pizza making mode this week and that looks far better than the current system of (burning) parchment!

  • Helena

    My best bread making success was actually something pretty simple – CI’s Rustic Italian Bread. The first time I made it my brother and I exchanged looks across the table, silently agreeing that it was one of the best breads we’d ever eaten.

  • lora

    best bread: day-long attempt at making the classic loaf from the Tartine cookbook. Not sure it was worth the extra effort, but it was very rewarding after a day-long ritual of tending to loaves of bread. :)

  • Hilary McDaniel

    My husband just built me an outdoor pizza oven. I have been playing with flavors and different sauces. The ones most love all start with roasted garlic base. The smoky taste on the pizzas is unmatched. Needless to say, I make large batches of dough, proof them once, then wrap the balls in cling wrap, then foil. I freeze at least 20 at a time so when friends stop in, we fire up the oven, thaw the dough and have great meals. I try to always keep dough proofing in the fridge so I take advantage of the oven being hot.

  • VanessaMeryl

    I’m very new to pizza making but I did recently make a whole wheat dough that I really liked. Excited to branch out and explore the wonderful world of pizza!

  • Kara

    I love baking Chad Robertson’s sourdough, but have switched to yeast breads now with a new born. My favourite yet has been a Struan with quinoa, cornmeal, chia seeds… Yum. This lovely peel would up my bread game.

  • Matthew

    My best pizza experiment was the harvest pizza- sweet potato, caramelized onion, cinnamon, and chili powder. A close second would be an accidental experiment of leaving foccacia dough in the fridge for 3 days. Made it very sour and delicious.

  • Madeline

    My favorite successful pizza recipe was a homemade dough topped with pesto, ricotta, and fresh red grapes. The grapes cooked down and tasted like sweet roasted tomatoes!

  • Cellabella

    The pizza dough I’ve found most successful is Smitten Kitchen’s pizza dough gussied up with white wine and honey. I’m in the process of searching for a good pizza dough made with beer :)

  • Hmm, on peut raconter la pire expérience? Du genre tardive, avec trop peu de levure, envie de manger du fromage dégoulinant… et ce pain ‘ultra rapide’ ressorti tout dur comme une planche de bois!

    Non, les meilleures expériences, elles viennent surtout de ma boulangerie, je l’avoue…

  • jodee

    Reading what youall are doing giving me courage to branch out! My bestt pizza is whole wheat crust from our artisan bakery, le quartier, topped w schmear of tomato paste, olive oil, trader joe’s pepperoni, mozzerella & torn fresh basil. Crust is ptetty thick. I could make my own!

  • Molly Flasche

    I believe I captured my husband’s heart by my homemade pizza dough. That has been a regular menu item at our home for almost 5 years. I don’t have a peel, though. I’d love to add that to my kitchen.

  • Jena

    I’m only just getting into experimenting with breads–and I’ve broken two stones in the effort :( –but I was just checking out peels at a local kitchen place because I also have no rimless baking sheets to make transferring the breads to the oven easier. This would be amazing.

    My most successful bread was a focaccia I made last winter on a whim. Nothing particularly fancy about it, but it turned out better than the one I made a few nights ago (or maybe it just seems that way because I’m pregnant… You know how everything tastes a bit different when you’re pregnant?).

  • Ten years ago a good friend had a handmade wedding. As part of my food contribution I spent 24 hours making artistic vegetarian pizzas entirely from scratch. I used Julia Child’s corn meal pizza dough which held up nicely. I arranged a variety of toppings including roasted asparagus and pine nuts. The guests, many of whom were not familiar with vegetarian fare were really impressed that the food was so beautiful and delicious!

  • Robin M.

    My best homemade pizza experiment included a gorgeous combo of asparagus, prosciutto, red onions and basil. However, despite owning a great pizza stone, we always hold our breath when attempting to transfer it without a peel. I’ve been dreaming of owning one for ages!

  • Jenn

    I make pizza almost weekly and love to switch things up, so I’ve had lots of successes (and more than a handful of failures).

    Fine tuning Peter Reinhart’s Napoletana Pizza Dough recipe to fit my husband’s appetite (scaled it way up!), our tastes (half whole wheat flour) and lifestyle (make it in advance, leave it in the fridge/freezer until ready to use) has been my most valuable win!

  • Bailey S

    My most successful experiment was actually also burned. I was making a Greek sourdough bread for a class where we had to design a restaurant and have examples of the food we would serve at the final presentation. It went with other mezedes (and imaginary ouzo since it WAS a class). When I made it, I was so upset because while the top was a gorgeous dark golden color, I completely blackened the bottom of the bread. Since I had to cut it into small pieces for sampling anyway, I just sliced off the burnt part and inside turned out to be the smoothest, creamiest crumb I have ever created, and no one knew that I had both made something amazing and blackened when it was served.

  • Franko

    i would say that my most successful pizza dough experiment was my most recent one. i’ve always erred on the side of making the dough a bit thicker, but lately i’ve been trying to be bold and rolling it out as thin as i can manage, and this last time i got a VERY satisfying, crispy crust. i was thrilled!

  • Do sufganiyot count as bread? If so, my most successful experiment was making vegan wheat-free sufganiyot for a friend whose Hanukkahs hadn’t been complete since she developed multiple food allergies. They weren’t the most delicious baked good I’ve ever made, but they resulted in the most happiness.

  • Alyne

    Well, I suppose one’s “best” pizza depends on how long the guests have hiked, or skied, or swam, or studied, or gone without a proper meal even!
    My favourite, however, is coming back in season. I figured it out by chance, one evening I had run out of fresh tomatoes. My daughters were already on their way back from their swimming lesson, There was no time to rush down to the corner shop and I could nearly hear their ritual greeting: “Maman, qu’est-ce-qu’on mange?” Half a pumpkin from my parents’ garden outside Paris was waiting to be chopped into soup at some point… Instead, part of it got sliced to ‘tomato slice’ thickness and was arranged on the tomato sauce with the usual ingredients for that pizza. Pumkin is as soft as tomatoes but give out less water, it is slightly sweeter and it tastes lovely with a variety of pizza toppings, specially smoked ham, mozarella di buffala or oregano.
    Why don’t you give it a try!

  • Cherie

    Fav topping is apple and vegetarian pepperoni substitute

  • Sue

    I love your blog and the chance to celebrate your anniversary and win something…too fun!

    I’d use this for pizza, YES! But I bet there are other things it would be useful for.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Judy

    My son just built a pizza oven in his backyard – we’ve succesfully made wonderful pizza in it several times!

  • Mittnay

    My happy discovery was tossing kale and/or spinach (or any harty green) lightly with olive oil and then adding it to the pizza. It gets crunchy! Ummy.

  • Evelyn

    Pizza on the grill with each family member making their own special combination of toppings. C’est bon!

  • Kelly

    We currently use a pizza dough recipe from “Franny’s Simple Seasonal Italian Cookbook”. Easier than easy. We make it every two weeks so there’s always dough ready to go (4 balls in the freezer) and we’re never tripped up by the sl-o-o-w rise. Delicious.
    We have learned less is definitely better for toppings and there’s always something in the fridge that will work. Kind of like frittatas at the end of the week; perfect way to use up little left-over tastes. We’ve made combos we would never have thought of without the constraint of use-left-overs-only. Olive oil, simple tomato sauce, mozzarella (di buffala for a treat) and mushrooms always make us happy. Perhaps boring, definitely tasty.
    A baking stone changed everything. We didn’t fully appreciate the benefit until we got a big glazed stone a couple of years ago and cranked the oven up to 500°. Crisp crust & beautiful color. That was never going to happen on a baking sheet. The back of the baking sheet is now our peel. If we work quickly and don’t let the dough get too soft, add a little cornmeal for insurance, we can pretty consistently slide the pizza on to the stone with no drama. Sometimes a little pizza-origami that doesn’t quite get sorted out, but so far, no dumping on the oven door or kitchen floor. I’ve had a Super Peel on my wish list for a while. I tell myself it’s an extravagance but that’s to make me feel better about saying no. Stupid budget. I would love to celebrate C&Z’s 10th anniversary by winning this great peel. And if I don’t win, the peel stays on my wish list (you never know) and Félicitations à vous Clotilde!

  • Rebecca M.

    I once made an awesome, crusty loaf of rye bread. I ate it in one sitting. I’ve never been able to recreate it again.

  • Patricia

    The best pizza I made recently was from a recipe on the yeast package. Both the crust and the tomato sauce were delicious and so simple.

  • christina

    my best pizza involved a great roasted tomato sauce — everyone loved the deep tomato flavor.

  • Liz Thomas

    I make a focaccia with an olive and artichoke filling topped with chopped rosemary and sea salt. It’s a bit like bread with a pizza topping filling!

    I would just love to win this peel — moving to France next week, it would make a wonderful house-warming gift!

  • Helma v K

    A try out this week tuscan grape bread
    schiacciata con l’Uva / recipe divina cucina,
    (Judy Witts) .Because there are plenty wine
    grapes and rosemary around.

  • Florence

    Ooh I’ve love to win this cherry peel! The loaves of bread I’ve been churning out, incorporating wheatgerm, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds and sometimes cranberries, after discovering the wonder of preferment have been great! Am looking forward to more bread baking adventures to come… hopefully with the cherry peel :)

  • Anita

    Pizza is such a social dish as almost anything tastes good on it. Fresh & hot from the oven. With dressed rocket on top after it comes out of the oven. Love roasted sweet potato or red peppers & crumbed goats cheese. My boys love Pizza Magherita, simply sauce, mozzarella & basil. MMMM

  • Hamish

    My most successful bread experiment came just last week, when I added freeze-dried herbs (oregano, thyme, rosemary) to a basic white dough recipe, which I used to make rolls filled with meatballs in a tomato-based sauce and mozzarella. Served warm, they look like regular long rolls, but then you cut them in half and gooey mozzarella oozes out! Very fun!

    Need to work on the ratio of meatball-sauce-dough, but I will definitely try it again. Great if you have a sandwich press at work to heat them up on for lunch.

  • nora

    Most successful? when I figured there must be a way to use my wood burning stove to cook pizza! I have been perfecting this technique over the years.. but it gets rave reviews.. This year I will try a steel griddle vs. the cast iron I have been using.
    Thanks for your website..I LOVE the absorption pasta technique.

  • susie

    I made some focaccia and could not believe how easy home bread making can be, tasty too. I used rosemary from my hedge.
    That David Cameron doesn’t know what he is missing with his £100 bread maker, knead it by hand!

  • Amy

    I’ve had really good luck with rosemary foccacia bread – one of my faves!

  • My most successful pizza’s have started since buying a Ferrari home pizza oven – a compact mini-oven that produces more than 400Celcius. Favorite pizza’s are tomato-based, with little cheese and then adding some crunch after baking; tomato, zucchini and fennel salami with raddiccio added afterwards, for example.

  • Oh my God, this is such a wonderful product! I love baking bread and pizza, especially sourdough, so this would be incredibly helpful to me! This is my most successful pizza experiment. Thank you for organising this giveaway!

  • lionel

    Tres joli cadeau, ca donne envie.
    Un bon souvenir de cuisine pour nous est quand ma famme prepare la pate alors que je m’occupe de faire mijoter la sauce tomate. Une fois chacun pret, je prepare chaque boule de pate, elle etale la sauce, je place les premiers ingredients et elle finit avec le fromage. La pizza se partage aussi bien en preparation qu’en degustation…

  • Julia

    No knead bread with a hefty percentage of whole what and semolina, especially if I make a starter, never fails me.

  • My husband is definitely the baker in our family, he makes all kinds of lovely breads, though Levi our levain has passed into a coma recently, perhaps we will be able to revive him. For me, I tend to be less confident with bread, but I do make a great soda bread, if I say so myself! :-)

  • joy

    I love making pizza and this would help me make even more for my family!

  • mirabelle

    Best pizza experiment was with thin sliced potatoes, a little pesto and meyer lemon squeezed on the top right before eating.

  • Katie

    Hmmmm, don’t know if this counts as a successful experiment. But, whenever I do cook up bread or pizza, it’s always worth the effort – even though it’s usually without a recipe and by the seat of my pants – usually comes out just how we wanted and a nice part of our meal. I guess the experiment is continuing to treat baking as a normal part of life, which it is :)

  • I am currently addicted to artisan bread in 5 minutes a day. Having the dough ready to go is great and it cooks while I am doing chores for the day.

  • This is so exciting. Congrats on the 10th anniversary! x

  • ALicia K

    My most successful pizza making was when I followed Peter Reinhardt’s crust recipe.

  • Allison

    My most successful bread recipe was a braided sweet bread that had a homemade blueberry compote filling. Was so delicious and so pretty to look at.

  • Lydia

    Love your blog – have been reading for a while now!
    Our favorite pizzas to make – I’d have to say we’re split. #1 is feta, artichoke hearts, red onion and kalamata olives; #2 is super simple: mashed roasted squash over a good cheddar. It’s surprisingly delicious! I found a crust I like in Chesman’s Garden Fresh Vegetable cookbook. Simple but tasty. :)

  • Adele

    Being Italian and having had pizza my entire life, I like to experiment with different toppings and cooking methods. I find the most successful method right on the grill and second is a stone in the oven. And toppings, I find fresh ricotta and artichokes hearts are a favorite around here. But pretty much anything goes when doing it on the grill.
    This peel is a gem and I would love to hang this in my kitchen.
    Congragulations Clotilde on a great blog and 10 years and thanks for this opportunity.

  • Jen M

    It’s not a yeasted bread, but I make excellent Irish soda bread. Of course, that’s after my first attempt was so bad that my younger brother still brings it up at every family holiday meal!

  • Nicole

    My best pizza experiment was sourdough pizza dough. It quickly developed into an obsession. This peel looks beautiful.

  • Carla

    Rosemary focaccia! Must have gained 10 lbs the year after college on that stuff.

  • Un outil indispensable pour compléter une pierre à pain!
    Le pain le plus réussi, sans doute celui aux farines complètes et à la bière brune, aromatique et très parfumé!
    Merci de partager ce bel anniversaire avec nous!

  • Aubrey

    I recently made pizza dough including leftover barley grains from home brewed beer. It was a really tasty delight, with a bit more texture than normal! And, this dough also made for quick crackers: just add some mustard, cheese, herbs and cracked pepper and bake!

  • my last pizza esperiment was a bit of time ago, but thanks to the wood oven of my family it has been quite succesful :D

    hope i can win this peel… would be wonderful for me

  • Linda

    I add wheat germ and rosemary to my bread dough and mix goat cheese with mozzarella on my margherita pizza. Happy anniversary!

  • Cory Von

    I make pizza all the time in my oven .. I always use parchment paper though, so this new peel looks wonderful. I like to keep the pizza simple — but can never resist Italian sausage on them.

  • S. A

    My most successful pizza was with thinly sliced potatoes topped with cooked swiss chard with onions. everybody enjoyed it.

  • Jessy

    I have not yet had a very successful attempt at either bread or pizza making at home. Though my husband is wonderful enough to eat them anyway. And I do keep trying.

  • Meghan

    I’ve made just about every pizza in “the Cheeseboard Collective Works” and loved every one!

  • Mike

    The best pizza I did was a sourdough crust, onions, corn, a little feta and mozzarella, some homegrown heirloom tomatoes and garlic. yum.

  • Elle

    Most successful pizza made in my oven was using prosciutto, figs, and lots of arugula as toppings!

  • Kristin

    I’m somewhat of a pizza ‘purist’ (meaning I don’t stray too much from ‘classic’ Italian ingredients for the toppings) and a tomato fanatic, but I have to say one of the most delicious pizzas I’ve ever made was topped with roasted eggplant, mozzarella and fresh marjoram. I never missed the tomatoes at all, which was a huge surprise. That is a gorgeous peel and would certainly help me cut down on my parchment paper habit!

  • MelanieO

    My kids and I do make-your-own pizzas every Friday night, and my best outcomes involve whatever is in my weekly CSA fruit/veggie share. One of my faves uses pears, arugula, gruyere cheese & almonds. Another hit involved swiss chard, cheddar, apples & walnuts. The peel would make transferring our masterpieces to the oven way easier!!

  • omg 10TH ANNIVERSARY!? CONGRATS! My favorite pizza is a grilled crust then topped with prosciutto and arugula.

  • Rachel

    I have been making all our sandwich bread lately and everyone has been liking it. Would love to venture out into pizza dough next.

  • Sindy

    Tried a few banana bread recipes, and recently found one that’s light and delicious!

  • MarieB.

    Merci pour ce concours et bravo pour le blog !
    Je n’ai jamais fabriqué de vraie pizza jusqu’à maintenant (si une fois, avec une pâte spéciale trouvée dans un livre pour enfants: autrement dit, ce n’était pas la vraie pâte à pain), mais j’aimerais me lancer dans la confection de la focaccia, ce pain plat italien fourré ou non. Ceux que je dévorais à Florence sont mémorables…

  • Lisa Swartz

    I am learning to bake pizza on the grill, with great results!

  • Katie

    My most successful pizza dough comes from Marcella Hazan’s Essentials cookbook. I love to make her Margherita pizza — tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and parmesan cheese — fabulous! Did anyone notice that she passed away last weekend? Many people referred to her as the Julia Child of Italian cooking. Of all the cookbooks I own, her’s are still my favorites. And I’ve noticed over the years that many Italian recipes seem to be versions from her original two cookbooks, Classic Italian Cooking 1 and 2. She taught me how to make and cook pasta and all about Italian food before ingredients like quality olive oil and parmigiano-reggiano were easily available in grocery stores. Just when I thought I’d made everything fabulous from her Essentials cookbook, I made a zucchini gratin this week that knocked my socks off. Zucchini gratin with tomato and marjoram is a wonderful dish that seems to caramelize all the ingredients together effortlessly. I could eat it every day. Marcella, you will be missed but will live in our hearts forever.

  • Amy H

    I’ve made some pretty decent artisan bread and my pizza crust isn’t half bad. I’ve always been intrigued by peels. This one looks great.

  • Anna

    Using sourdough starter as the yeast for the NYTime (Bittman) no knead bread.

  • Emily

    The best pizza I have ever made was a purple srouting brocolli, walnut and gorgonzola pizza. Absolutely delicious.

    My favourite bread to make, and always the most successful, is my fougasse. It looks so impressive and always gets devoured in record time.

  • Caroline Turnbull-Hall

    Homemade pizza with my sourdough – my boys love seeing and making great food from scratch

  • Kathryn

    I wish this comment was going to be about my great success, but it is a partial success. I have managed to learn how to make and roll out pizza dough but my pizzas tend to be irregular in shape. What I struggle with is making and moving the pizza … everytime I try to move it to the pizza stone, it ends wrinkled and squished. Maybe this lovely pizza peel would help me achieve success.


  • Sirena

    Love the giveaway!! I would love the baking peel -beautiful. One of my own fave baking experiences is making focaccia – dimpled with rosemary, garlic and sea salt.

  • Chiara

    Hi! This tool sounds awesome! My husband and I have lived in NY for four years and our most successful pizza experiment while there has been “focaccia al formaggio” which is a delicious kind of pizza typical from Recco (in northern Italy). You make it with high gluten flour and olive oil and a lot of stracchino cheese inside. We cooked it one of the first weekends after moving in our new apt in Brooklyn as a kind of house warming dinner for our friend who loved it!

  • Kim A

    Love having bread dough just waiting in the fridge for me to make into fresh bread/pizza/breadsticks whenever the mood hits by using Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois’ master recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

  • FHeimburger

    Favourite pizza experience so far was definitely my first attempt at the combined method : drop pizza into hot griddle on stove top and then finish in oven under grill. Fiddly, but delicious result!

  • Vikki

    I’ll never forget when I had my family over to my house and we all made individual pizzas with whatever toppings we wanted — meats, vegetables, cheeses. I made dough before hand and gave them a little ball of dough to spread out and put sauce and toppings on. Then we baked outside on the grill. Everyone seemed to have fun that night.

  • Margaret

    My most successful pizza making experience was the one with which my three year old helped, as after she had scattered all the “rainbow colours” of vegetables over the pizza, she was willing to eat lots and lots of it after it came out of the oven, with none of her usual objections.

  • Mychie

    My better half is in charge of the dough when we make pizza together. He adds a bunch of fresh herbs to the recipe from 101 Cookbooks. We like thin sliced sweet potato, goat cheese, pine nuts, and olive oil.

  • Christine Teo

    My most successful and fun pizza experience was making pizza in an open fire whilst camping.. Simple tomato sauce with whatever topping we liked. It was fun eating.

    Thank you for the giveaway

  • Morgan

    We just made a pizza with chanterelle mushrooms that we picked on a hike, a little bit of sausage, oil, and garlic. It was delicious!

  • nick mercury

    Oh how this would help when I try to remove my goat cheese and fresh fig pizza with a balsamic vinegar drizzle from the oven

  • Susan Moorhead

    I have had great success with the basic recipe from Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day.

  • Sarah

    My bread baking has changed drastically since my toddler was diagnosed with celiac disease, so my greatest bread success has been finding a good gluten-free pizza crust for our weekly pizza dinners.

  • Shelly

    no knead bread…

  • Trish

    My favorite pizza to make is with roasted eggplant, fresh tomatoes and ricotta–yum!

  • Bregman Elisabeth

    My most succesful bread experiment is my challot, typical bread for shabbat. The recipe runs in my family for many générations but eventhough we all have the same recipe, we all have a personal signature on our bread. It’ always a pleasure and a surprise to see the challot raising, smell this special flavor, taste the crispy crust and eat the soft bread, thinking of all the women before us that prepared the bread the exact same way as us.

  • Gathe

    Ma pizza la plus réussie… sans hésiter, une de mes dernières vraies soirées en famille, tous autour de la table.
    Une pizza crème fraiche – oignon rouge – coeurs d’artichauts à l’huile – pancetta – mozzarella di buffala parfumée à la truffe avec quelques noisettes torréfiées… mmh, le bonheur!

  • Stacy

    My husband made a really delicious thin crust pizza–very simple, but so delicious!

  • Susanna

    I made a great focaccia with a crispy, salty crust. My brother and sister-in-law still talk about it.

  • Michael

    The best bread I ever made was in an old wood-fired cookstove at our cabin in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. The oven got very hot and had a small leak in the firebox which allowed a healthy ammount of smoke into the oven. You just couldn’t make a bad loaf (or pie) in that oven… We sold the place a few years ago and I haven’t yet been able to replicate those crusts!

  • Christie

    The best pizza’s I’ve made is a toss up between my go-to marguerita and one topped with asparagus and spinach “sauce” (in the food processor with salt and I’ve oil) and feta. Surprisingly yummy.

  • Megan Jirschele

    I made pumpkin pizza dough that was excellent!

  • Chloe

    My best bread experiment was making my own sourdough started from scratch from the air. Delicious bread!

  • We’ve done some experimentation with grilled pizza: grill one side, flip it over, and add the toppings. Pretty simple – red sauce, cheese, basil, and a little bit of sausage. I like the smokiness.

  • Olive bread crust, prosciutto and chevre topping pizza. mmmmmmm.

  • Kim J

    I know that in certain environments having pizza with an abundancy of toppings is considered sacrelige, but I love the idea that my pizza is “healthy” by having several grilled vegetables and rucola as toppings.

    However, this is quite hard to pull off with thin homemade pizza dough on my baking stone.

    Therefore, after several fails (usually with us ending up eating only the toppings) and burn accidents, I have now turned to “blind baking” the dough for a couple of minutes, only with some tomato sauce until it holds its shape, then removing it from the oven and, after adding the toppings, returning it to the oven for a final bake. Added bonus : the crust gets really crispy!

  • Pippa

    I’m not sure if it quite counts as pizza but I made a really great pissaladière after enjoying eating it in Provence. And now I’ve thought about it I’m going to have to make it again this weekend!

  • suzy

    I love making pizza and could really use that peel!

  • Felix

    one of my personal favourites is a simple rosemary focaccia, particularly when it’s still warm and topped with lots of butter and cheese.

  • ww

    i’ve made many pizzas but my favourite is still the simplest – margherita – with good tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil and basil. It’s all about the pizza base for me :) I read about this peel a long long time ago, but always resisted the temptation!!!

  • i love baking home-made margarita pizza with slices of heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella,fresh basil and also home-made alsatian flatbread-Flammkuchen.thank you for the chance for your generous giveaway!

  • Nadia

    The best bread experiment? A simple loaf of white bread.

  • Eva

    I am really into making pizza dough with a variety of flour right now- spelt as a base and then I add some chick pea flour, buckwheat, amaranth whatever I have on hand. Likewise with toppings- for my kids I have to do some basic sauce and cheese but I love adding figs, all sorts of veggies, ham etc. I will be making in tonight;-)

  • I enjoyed making a Chinese pizza with my mother when I was little. It had cilantro instead of basil, no cheese, bits of chicken, and other assorted vegetables.

  • Erin

    I made a pizza this summer using farmer’s market vegetables (red peppers, zucchini, and baby eggplants,) topped with goat cheese, and sprinkled with fresh basil from my backyard, and I think I’ll be dreaming about that one all winter long!

  • Allison

    I am well known among my friends for homemade pizza. Friends spoke so well, that a fellow student requested a pizza night. This man doesn’t eat refined carbs (I think he’s on the paleo diet?) and still wanted to ‘mess up’ just to have the pizza.

    It was a hot and tiring night for me (one residential oven, 12 pizzas, one baking stone, one pizza peel, and one exploding glass dish). Each guest brought some toppings and made pizza’s to share.

    This peel is a great step up from the basic one I have at home.

  • Tamsin

    I started making sourdough several years ago following the advice you posted and over that time I’ve made so many yummy loaves all thanks to c&z!

  • we just moved into a house with an outdoor stone oven. The pizza party we had this summer was probably the most successful pizza experiment I’ve ever had.

    Second is maybe the sandwich bread from Cook’s Illustrated.
    or maybe tartine. or jim lahey’s no knead.

  • aubrey

    The “5-minute a day” bread has become a standard for me. I love that the dough can just sit in the fridge, ignored, and just keeps getting better.

  • Lori K.

    I want to give a shout out to the Clear Flour Bakery in Brookline MA for their outstanding breads, pastries AND pizza dough! It was while waiting in line to purchase bread that the I learned about their incredible pizza dough. “We no longer order pizza out since we discovered Clear Flour’s pizza dough!” said the man behind me. And so started a new approach to pizza in my household…would love to win this peel!!! Love that it’s US made and the company offers opportunity for people with disabilities. Thanks for sharing this, Clothilde!

  • I made Jamie Oliver’s dough and smattered caramelized onions, olive oil, and chicken on top. A little Parmesan and a whole lot of heat (500 Fahrenheit) and it was as blistered and beautiful as any I’d yet had.

  • Marie

    I am baking from Ken Forkish’s book Flour Water Salt Yeast. I am saving up to purchase a steam convection oven so I can really get that crust I’m looking for. My Husband took a class on building a wood-fire pizza oven and am looking forward to baking some amazing pizza and bread in it next summer!

  • Joelle DuBois

    My most successful pizza experiment was to fry my pizza; I shape my dough, fry it in a large non-stick skillet, then flip it and top it. This makes the bottom nice and crispy. But if I had the peel, I might finally be able to convince my husband to build me that outdoor pizza oven he promised me!

  • Jane

    My most successful pizza didn’t even use a peel…because it was grilled! It was topped with brie, bacon, fresh figs, arugula and honey! So yum! And it was all my husbands idea :)

  • Miss UK

    I’ve been making pizza for a while and I make most of my bread and brioche. My favourite one is a calzone with peppers, olives, minced beef… and cheese (of course!)

  • Sarah

    Finally recreating the pizza of my memories after moving away from home! Took a few years but I eventually nailed it!

  • Nivedita

    Oh dear me! The best pizzas I ever made were a simple margherita with homemade dough and sauce, and another topped with caramelized onions and gruyere. They were accompanied by smoke alarms going off on all three floors of our house, a baby cranky from being woken up prematurely (due to said alarms), an almost deaf father in law who couldn’t grasp the gravity of the situation, and a missing husband who’d taken the preschooler out for a bike ride to distract him from why dinner was still not ready. Best darned piazza ever. Blistered crust and all, in a home gas range, no baking stone. Definitely worth it.

  • tk

    homemade pizza dough with a pear and ham topping

  • Katherine

    Peter Reinhart’s baguettes.

  • Connie Phelps

    I learned to make wheat bread on my birthday as a special gift to myself that my entire family enjoyed.

  • Abby

    I baked bread during my college days for Easter brunch that was delicious!

  • Carole

    Ciao bellezza ! Have you tried the italian way “pizza alle patate”, with fine sliced potatoes, rosmarine, black pepper… mmmm yummy. One of the family’s best ! Happy birthday !

  • Claire

    Za’atar with lamb and pumpkin. Mmm.

  • sara

    Crossing the Pacific Ocean on a small sailboat, I made the best loaf of bread ever. Could it have been that it was the only bread available, I will never know, but I will never forget it.

  • pao

    The best pizza I’ve ever made was my first one: I used to buy the premade pizza dough at the store and it was fine, that was all I knew. However, one day I thought why no? and I made the dough myself. It was so delicious and tasted so different from the store-bought that I never went back. My family loves home-made everything, and pizza is one more thing we make and bake together.
    That first homemade pizza was my best because it opened a whole new world for us. Since then, we have had tons of fun experimenting with different dough recipes and toppings. We love pizza!!

  • Carol

    It is simple, but long ago I was happy to realize I could make pizza dough and freeze it in small portions and it would work just as well as freshly made for pizza when I had the craving.

  • My best pizza experiment so far was the first time I made it on the BBQ (no other way to replicate the heat!) Unfortunately I haven’t been able to recreate it!

  • Becca

    Using a homemade wheat dough, I somehow successfully made a stuffed-crust (stuffed with mozzarella and herbed goat cheese) pizza with a pesto base, mixed cheeses, and capocollo. Topped with arugula. Was delicious!

  • Charley Suggs

    Made a basic, cornmeal crust, 2 1/4 cups of semolina and 1 cup of cornmeal (polenta,) plus yeast olive oil and salt. Pre-baked it deep dish style a bit and then covered it in fire roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, Parmesan, crumbled Italian sausage, lots of fresh basil, a little olive oil and a bunch of garlic.

    The juice from the tomatoes ran down our faces and we didn’t care.

    We wrote on our recipe: “Best one ever!”

  • Ellen

    This probably goes back 30 years ago when I made the goat cheese calzone from the Chez Panisse cookbook

  • Lindsay-Jean

    Ahh! I’ve been coveting a pizza peel for ages – fingers crossed. My favorite recent pizza experiment was thanks to the company rather than the food, my younger brother and I held our first pizza cook-off.

  • My favorite bread is the baguette made according to Anis Bouabsa’s recipe. And my favorite “pizza” at the moment is flammkuchen like we had in Germany! :-)

  • christine

    Most fun bread to make was fougasse made following Richard Bertinet’s recipe and method – great fun slapping the dough onto the work surface!

  • Alexandria

    The greatest pizza I ever made took inspiration from my great nonno, who would insist that a dish of freshly-minced garlic be kept at the table so that he could add it to, well, everything, by the spoonful. I minced an unreasonable amount of garlic, mixed it with a bit of olive oil, and covered a pizza with it, with basil, and with garden tomatoes. Perfect.

  • Amy

    my most successful pizza experiment is the first time i successfully slid a pizza from a peel onto a raging hot baking stone without spilling dough and cheese all over the oven’s floor. And by “peel” please know i mean a flat cookie sheet covered in cornmeal that still functions as my peel, since I’ve yet to upgrade (although considering the number of pizzas i’ve made through the years, that seems rather silly.)

  • Nate Vack

    My favorite pizza experiment has been to pan-fry the pizza — heat some olive oil in a cast iron skillet, add flattened dough and cook for a couple minutes. Next, flip the dough, add sauce and toppings and fry for several minutes more. Cover if you want the cheese to get meltier.

    An easy, decadent pizza experience.

  • Psuke Bariah

    My most successful pizza has been spinach calzones, with lots and lots of ricotta and mozzerella. I still do make-ahead mini’s and freeze them for lunch now and again.

  • rachel

    I made homemade pizza dough using a friend’s recipe. It turned out far better than I expected — we don’t even order takeout pizza anymore!

  • Craig

    My decision to try grilling pizza turned out great. Now that is the only way we make pizzas in the summer so we don’t heat the house up too much.

  • Celia

    My family insists on the “classic” pizza we’ve always made, which resembles a gourmet all-dressed concoction with tomato sauce, sliced sausage, artichokes, bell pepper, caramelized onions, mushrooms, garlic, and whatever else we have on hand. And always cheese; parmigiano-regianno and fresh mozzarella, usually. And we put kalonji seeds in our dough.

    But I love to make a pizza where a few drops of good balsamic vinegar are mixed into caramelized onions and heaped direction on the dough. Top with the cheese of your choice, and proscuitto. Yum.

  • Vivian

    I love making bread!! My most successful is also the easiest. It’s a round loaf that you let sit over night then transfer to a stainless steel pot and let it cook. No kneading. It’s delish!!

  • Leigh

    I make a lot of pizza, and this recipe was the best one so far. I wasn’t expecting much, I mean, come on – zucchini can’t compete with pepperoni, can it? But it was great. http://food52.com/recipes/22777-zucchini-pizza-with-olive-vinaigrette

  • Wow, great give away! My comment regards a pizza I invented a while back and continue to repeat, though not often enough.

    Using a nice olive oil dough, covering it with 1/4 inch sliced boiled new red potatoes, gorgonzola, and a sprinkle of tiny thinly sliced onions (not many), and tiny, thread-like slices of hot pepper. The first time I used a very small habanero, and you can get a way with it! Just make the slices like threads.

    Topping has to be a little thin to cook properly. Hot, hot, hot oven.

  • thisisthekat

    Preparing a pizza for vegetarian friends: pear, walnut, gorgonzola and caramelized onions. It was a great hit, far more interesting than the cheese pizza they figured would be on the menu for them.

  • Wendy

    Olive sourdough from Maggie Glezer’s Artisan Bread Baking Across America. Hardly an experiment since her directions are so clear, but the bread is always successful and so delicious. How wonderful it would be to slide the loaves into the oven on this peel!

  • Maria

    My most successful was with my good friend’s mom, we had 3 generations of us/family in the kitchen as she taught us how she makes her daily bread.

  • BreadHead

    My most successful bread experiment involved preparing a large amount of subtly sweet holiday dough, which I flavored with honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, zest of lemons, limes, tangerine, orange, and hints of both orange-flowered and rose-flowered waters. When the dough was ready to be shaped, I turned it over to my son-in-law, a talented sculptor and asked him to surprise us. He rendered two marvelous surprises: a bread portrait of my daughter’s head, and one of her grandfather! Needless to say, every member of the family was delighted, and those breads still draw raves! I had him work on parchment paper as I have never had luck transferring bread or pizza to the stone. For that reason, and many others, I would love to dream up great breads for use with this spectacular peel.

    Many congratulations on your tenth! Your blog is an inspiration. Thank you!

  • mira

    My biggest bread accomplishment was successfully executing the six-strand braid for a loaf of challah.

  • Laura

    The best pizza I’ve had is when I make the dough ahead of time from Peter Reinhart’s recipe. It’s worth the wait!

  • Most successful pizza was mini pizzas with veggie faces that were loved by kids

  • jen

    I make the no-knead bread with a mix of bread, whole wheat, and rye flour, and add an extra 12 hour refrigerator fermentation. Supurb.

  • Mei

    I haven’t made pizza yet, but I recently made some tasty pao de queijo.

  • Jan Wagenaar

    I homebake bread daily, my own “fault”, my children love it so I have to keep it up! Sometimes I make double batch of bread, so I can make pizza, I just use the exact same dough for the pizza. Trick is to roll it very thin, which I hope would be easier with the Peel thing you mention!

  • Joy

    My most successful bread would be 36hrs+ sourdough baguette. I use the recipe from awesome lady at thefreshloaf http://www.thefreshloaf.com/blog/txfarmer

  • My most successful attempt at bread has been this recipe of savoury hot cross buns :)

  • Mila

    My most successful bread project would be foccacia.

  • Andrea

    Made a fantastic crust from The Bread Bible.

  • Lucy Sommo

    My most memorable bread baking moment was when I first managed to make my mom’s bread recipe without her- she was a legendary bread baker and it took a long time to get close to achieving her magic.

  • Britt

    It’s so hard to pick my favorite, but the best pizza making is inviting friends and neighbors over to ‘make their own’ . I make the dough and sauce, and have some toppings ready, everyone brings additions. The kids shape their own, the adults make and share so we get to try different creations.

  • Katerina

    My most recent bread attempt owes its success to my mom’s pan that she brought w/ her all the way from the Peloponnese to the American Midwest.

  • daphne

    My first attempt in making burger buns. They turned out a bit too small!

  • Ashley

    Ever since I discovered no-knead bread making (thanks to Mark Bittman), I’ve been beaking crusty & light loaves of bread with all different kinds of flour and impressing friends! Thanks for posting this giveaway, my fingers are crossed!

  • Meg

    I gave away my pizza stone because I couldn’t work out a way to get the pizza onto it. If I win one of these, I’ll buy another! ;)

  • Sara

    My most ambitious bread experiment was a pain au vigneron – red wine bread with pistachios and currants. I have tried it twice now, once using a stand mixer and once by hand. Although by hand was a bit more work, it was so much more satisfying and I felt I was able to get the nuts and fruit blended in more evenly.

    I love this bread lightly toasted with some good butter for breakfast with coffee!

  • cc

    My kids were home with a group, the pizza dough is rising and the stone heating.
    The guys decide on tossing there own…
    Yikes, inadvertent food fling.
    Dough everywhere. they did eventually get pizzas in the oven and a delicious feast was had but my what a sticky mess

  • Jen

    Most success I have had thus far is an olive-oil based mushroom and rocket pizza with a whole-wheat crust and a bit of goat cheese. Mmmm. Maybe I should give it a go this evening.

  • Maria S.

    Here in L.A., I grill pizza outside year round. Using a stone on the grill has really improved the texture of my crust. My tip: my cheapo pizza stone from Target is just fine – you don’t need to buy one that is specifically made to go on the grill.

  • Malcolm

    My last pizza was a huge success because I had made a sugar free tomato sauce and wanted to try it out, so I quickly made a yeasted base and as that was rising I took a quick tour of the fridge to see what I could use as toppings. If memory serves me correctly it was a combination of chicken, capsicum, onion, bacon, sweet potato and two cheeses…Parmesan and a vintage cheddar. Not only was the sauce and pizza a great success but I managed to clean out the fridge at the same time. Brilliant.

  • Suzanne

    Most successful pizza experiences are when I have left over raclette cheese and some spicy cold cuts… It smells like no other pizza!

  • chris

    When the buzz began about the Lahey no-knead bread, I became a convert, baked in regularly and spread the word to all my firends. I always referred them to Clothilde’s post on the topic because it uses weights (a more accurate measure) and because of all the helpful comments. My personal and very successful take on the recipe is to use 2/3 whole wheat flour, 1/3 hard white flour, a tablespoon or two of nigella seeds – aka black onion seed – and 75% hydration.

  • Ris Wright

    It’s all about the rise for me. It doesn’t always work but I love it when the dough rises well to make a soft deep pan pizza.

  • Karyn

    My dad’s breakfast pizza is fun to make- regular pizza dough, scrambled egg, cheese, bacon, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, whatever! It’s like an omelet on pizza crust and it’s way too yummy!
    J’adore le pizza à la petit déjeuner de mon père- des oeufs battues (?), le fromage, des lardons, du brocoli, des onions, des champignons, n’importequoi! Trop bon!

  • Geni

    I adapted a bread recipe for my bread maker using Kamut flour so that the bread is almost gluten-free. It turned out pretty well and I made it a couple of times.

  • I took some leftover naan and topped it with sauteed shallots, shitaki mushrooms and thyme along with some fresh mozarella

  • Georgia

    Does banana bread count? ;)

    Although I love baking, I have never experimented with homemade bread or pizza. I do have a stone, so I would love to to get my hands on one of these babies.
    Happy 10th anniversary Clotilde, I’ve been enjoying your blog for many years.

  • Alison C

    Fabulous giveaway – please pick meeee. My best pizza experiment came about because my husband isn’t keen on a tomato sauce layer. So I slowly cooked onions and fennel until they caramelised and melted, and used that as the base for a topping of blue cheese, walnuts and Etruscan salami. It’s been his favourite pizza ever since.

  • Oliver

    My one is a selfmade grape & goat cheese Pizza with zucchini and cherry tomatoes!

  • kayenne

    I especially recall the carrot loaf I made a couple of years ago. The grated carrots had so much liquid that I had not needed to add more water to the dough to form the bread. Baking it on my pizza stone gave a wonderful crust contrasting very well with the tender and sweet (and pretty orange-hued) crumb.

  • Jeanette

    Pizza made on the grill is amazing. Bonus is you don’t have crank up your oven in the summer months

  • Charlotte

    I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a grain CSA this year (http://www.localgrain.org/about/), enabling me to make my first truly farm to table pizza (except the olive oil)!

    The dough featured heirloom wheat, and toppings included my arugula pesto, homemade mozzarella from local raw milk, roasted homegrown red peppers from the garden, and a dash of our chili pepper (dehydrated last season). Delicious!

  • Susan Coe

    I bake bread regularly (and trade it with the neighbors for fresh eggs, which makes both of us happy). This would be wonderful to have both for bread and pizza

  • Cecile Kelly

    I used to bake bread with the malted grain waste my husband used for brewing beer – we lived at high altitude in those days and had to slow the bread down by using snow in the mix. We were very careful where we got the snow from! The bread was malty, chewy and deeply flavourful

  • Samantha

    I am from France, and I live in the US. I can’t find a decent “couronne des rois” for the Epiphany. So, I decided to make my own. I woke up at 6 am to start it. It rose for hours and hours, turned out beautiful. I even included a little “feve”. I shared it with some other French friends later that day, and it was a real success… A little taste of home.

  • georgia

    Guinness bread. Malty!

  • Rebecca

    This is exciting- I started my foray into bread baking a few years ago and find that every where I turn there is something written about home bread baking! I have no problem making pizza doughs and simple loafs by hand using packaged yeast…but…my dream a a gret sourdough boule with my own natural yeast. I have yet to master that process! Although I do not have a problem creating the starter and keeping it alive and happy – I can’t seem to get a great loaf of bread out of it yet!!! I am not giving up on this challenge and look forward to the day I can not only get a loaf of bread that tastes deliciously sour from my own starter but for when it comes easy for me to do so!

    Thaks for these give aways they are amazing!

  • Anneverywhere

    Have seen a variety of peels for pizzas and various breads. But never in cherrywood with linen cover. Beautiful!

  • Jim Sanders

    My most memorable bread making experience was the success I had creating a sourdough starter “out of thin air” and keeping it going for several months. It looked disgusting, but it made my bread rise – and that is all that really matters.

  • The giveaway is now closed, and comments beyond this one can’t be considered. Thank you so much for entering, and sharing your bread and pizza experiments — so many cool ideas! The results will be announced later today in the post above.

  • Betsy

    My favorite thing to bakes is doughnuts. They are the fancy version of muffins, and seem to be so much more impressive~

  • Adrienne Harrington

    Your recipe for No Knead Bread, though it did take a few efforts to get it just right! But it was so worth it.

  • avril rustage-johnston

    I prefer thin-crust pizza and haven’t found a successful recipe for it, so I have been reduced to using naan (a litle too thick, actually) or tortillas (not the right taste for pizza). If I win this delightful peel, though, I promise to search out and make a super-duper, formidable thin-crust pizza complete with anchovies, peppers, fresh tomatoes, and a little pepperoni to keep my dh happy, all topped off with an unhealthy sprinkle of freshly-grated buffalo mozzarella.

  • Cheri Fox

    Love your recipes!!

  • Kai

    Homemade pizza is the best and every pizza for us is an experiment.. We add garlic and herbs into the dough and then sometimes it’s chilli flakes etc.. But me most experimental (for me) bread was a fruit loaf… It turned out well and finally the fruit didn’t sink to the bottom! :)

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