10th Anniversary Giveaway #4: Fresh Cinnamon Sticks and Wooden Grater from Cinnamon Hill

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of C&Z, I am hosting 10 giveaways throughout the month of October. Keep checking back for chances to win wonderful products I’ve discovered and loved over the past decade!

Our fourth giveaway prize is an Original Cinnamon Lovers Pack from Cinnamon Hill, which includes:
– one box of Ceylon cinnamon (contains five 5-inch sticks),
– one box of Saigon cinnamon (contains five 5-inch sticks),
– a beautiful honey oak cinnamon grater,
– a hand-made ceramic cup to keep the grater and a couple of sticks of cinnamon on your counter or table.

Cinnamon Hill is a British company based in Lancashire that specializes in sourcing and selling the highest-quality, freshest cinnamon from Sri Lanka and Vietnam — ordinary cinnamon usually comes from China or Indonesia. Each pack is marked with the harvest date of the cinnamon, and the cinnamon sticks are individually wrapped (in biodegradable cellophane) to preserve their vibrant flavor.

Original Cinnamon Lovers Pack

For this giveaway, Rupert Beeley of Cinnamon Hill is offering this beautiful gift pack that allows you to sample and compare both kinds of cinnamon, grated fresh on the special cinnamon grater that they designed — the grater is a unique tool, entirely made in England from sustainably cultivated wood and laser-etched stainless steel.

To participate, leave a comment below (in English or in French) telling me about your favorite use for cinnamon. And if you’re on Facebook, please consider liking the Cinnamon Hill page (and the C&Z page, too!).

You have until Thursday, October 17, midnight Paris time to enter; I will then draw one entry randomly and announce it here. Rupert has generously agreed to ship internationally, so you’re welcome to play regardless of your location; please make sure you enter your email address correctly so I can contact you if you win.

Good luck! And check back on Monday for a new giveaway.

WE GOT A WINNER! I have drawn an entry at random using random.org (see screen capture below), and I am pleased to announce the winner is Michelle of Boulderneigh, who said her favorite carrier for cinnamon is a really good cinnamon roll.

Congratulations Michelle, and thank you all for entering with such imaginative cinnamon uses! I’m so inspired I will compile them into a list to share with you very soon.

Cinnamon Hill draw

* Disclosure: Rupert has sent me samples of both kinds of cinnamon for tasting, with no obligation to write about them. All opinions expressed are my own.

  • Claire

    Je ne suis pas une grande fan de cannelle sauf lorsque celle-ci est bien dosée dans un bon pain d’épice bien moelleux comme celui de ma maman.
    Bon sinon, il y a aussi le vin chaud mais ça n’est pas encore la saison ;-)

    • Ann Clare

      It’s very good in mulled wine …………

  • James

    There is Cinnamon on my oatmeal. And on my chicken sometimes.

  • Amy

    I love to add freshly ground cinnamon to top off homemade cocktails or a hot cup of chai.

  • Katherine

    I put cinnamon in my oatmeal every morning, and I Snickerdoodles (packed with cinnamon!) are one of my favorite cookies.

  • I have cinnamon in my oatmeal almost every morning…the perfect start to the day!

  • favorite use for cinnamon: flourless chocolate cake!

  • I love love love cinnamon. Although the traditional combination with apples is one of my favorites, I also adore a very unusual one: eggplants, sauteed, with a little soy sauce and some cinnamon. It tastes great!
    Beautiful gift pack, thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  • FHeimburger

    Hands-down favourite and regular use for cinnamon is in my morning porridge

  • Zach

    I enjoy it on cottage cheese

  • I like to sub nutmeg with cinnamon when I do bechamels. And then there are all the various pastries…

  • I love sprinkling cinnamon on my oatmeal.

  • I think my favourite use for cinnamon is in my oatmeal in the morning! But I use it whenever I can, even in smoothies, especially now that I’ve heard it can lower blood sugar :) Thank you for this giveaway!

  • Tracy

    I love cinnamon on my hot chocolate!

  • Rachel

    Clotilde, these are wonderful giveaways!
    Favorite use for cinnamon: it’s a close tie between cinnamon ice cream (David Lebovitz’s, of course) and Moriccan stew. Lately I’ve been enjoying cinnamon in savory dishes–so delicious!

  • rhona

    I love cinnamon …. saw it in Saint Lucia once on a tree…had never thought about where it came from before! Cinnamon is the best part of autumn for me!

  • Crystal Conway

    Apple pie

  • Alors là, je ne savais même pas que ça existait, j’ai même du mal à imaginer le parfum enivrant de la cannelle à peine grattée….
    Pas forcément original mais une compote de pomme caramélisée maison sans sa petite touche de cannelle ne serait pas aussi addictive!
    Bon jeudi!

  • Jennifer

    Oh my god. This looks amazing. My favorite use for cinnamon is actually in my coffee! My favorite brunch place makes cinnamon coffee and it’s so amazing that I’ve started doing it at home for special occasions too. I just grind the cinnamon right in with the coffee beans, but the cinnamon grinder looks like such a better way of doing this!
    What a great giveaway!

  • karen park

    i love cinnamon in the making homemade granola from hollyhock cookbook out Victoria Canada way.

  • Christine

    My favorite use for cinnamon is for everything fall and winter baking. No favorite recipe; I just can’t bake without it!

  • Orit

    Horchata with cinnamon :)

  • Tina

    My son loves cinnamon, so my favorite use is the simplest: mulling cider with him throughout autumn and into spring. In addition to flavoring sweet things, we like to add cinnamon and fresh ginger when cooking chicken broth. This giveway has inspried me to try making mole as well!

  • I love cooking cream of wheat in whole milk and then flavoring it with a tad bit of sugar and a ton of cinnamon! Perfect and comforting on a cool night.

  • Aurélie

    Bonjour :)

    Le meilleur moyen d’utiliser la cannelle à mon goût est de l’ajouter à la cuisson du riz. Il suffit de mettre des graines de cumin / coriandre dans une poele les toaster, ajouter un peu d’huile d’olive, le riz + un peu de sucre / sel / poivre et de la cannelle fraiche rapée. Il faut ajouter de l’eau, faire bouillir puis couvrir et faire cuire à petit feu.
    Délicieux avec des lentilles, oignons frits et sauce tomate épicée (ail / cumin).

    sinon restent les cinnamon rolls mais pour le moment j’arrive pas trop à les faire bien.

  • oxalis

    Which wonderful giveaway prize!
    Cinnamon means for me Christmas, gingerbread,stollen,Christmas sablés cookies……… I love them

  • Michelle Hoffman

    I have a weakness for rice pudding; a little cinnamon on top seals the deal.

  • Ritika

    I love cinnamon in my morning bowl of oatmeal.

  • Amanda Beth

    I love cinnamon in Amish bread. Makes my house smell heavenly! Mmm!

  • I love putting cinnamon in my morning cuppa coffee!

  • Franko

    i add a little to the soymilk i’ve been making, along with a dash of mace and cardamom. it adds such a delicious bit of flavor.

  • Michele H.

    …the few pinches of cinnamon added when making pastitsio, amazing taste!

  • I love using whole cinnamon sticks in curries. I also add cinnamon to my homemade granola.

  • greg

    Roasted tomato sauce with cinnamon

  • ladywild

    On toast…with butter.

  • AnnaElle

    My favorite use for cinnamon is in brownies, with toasted sliced almonds and a bit of olive oil!

  • Felix

    my favourite uses for cinnamon are two classics: rice- and tapioca pudding.

  • Kim

    Cinnamon is among my favorite spices and one of my favorite uses for it is with a mixture of lime juice (6 limes), honey (3 Tbsp) , sesame oil (1/2 tsp) and sea salt (pinch) … drizzle it on fresh fruit such as mango or pineapple and you have a wonderfully fresh dessert.

  • I give. This is too cool not to enter. Besides oatmeal, the latest thing I’ve used cinnamon in is red velvet cake (the original–brown sugar, no food coloring).

  • Laura

    What a gorgeous looking gift pack! I love cinnamon in all apple-based desserts and in some savory dishes like curry and couscous.

  • Karen

    I love to use cinnamon when I am cooking basmati rice.

  • Bill

    have to use great cinnamon for baklava

  • Linda

    On roasted winter squash!

  • Helen

    I love using cinnamon in my granola!

  • Kathy

    I put cinnamon in my Greek yogurt, along with some fruit, honey and a dash of vanilla extract.

  • Cléo

    Mulled apple cider, chili, lamb and prune tagine… How could I choose? I’ll go with the chili I think, at least for right this instant…!

  • Hot apple cider. Whenever I have cider that lacks cinnamon, it’s just a letdown.

  • Dax22

    My favorite ways to use cinnamon are in curries, rice, spice rubs, chutneys, and Moroccan dishes.

  • Kirsten

    Love the smell and taste on a cold or rainy day!

  • Melissa Greco

    I love to make cinnamon tea with cinnamon sticks and put it in about everything for fall baking! :)

  • Susan

    What a beautiful gift!

    I use cinnamon for lots of things including snacks, cooking, and baking. My latest favorite is that I add it to my yogurt, along with pumpkin puree, vanilla, and other pumpkin pie spices. Throw in a few nuts and it’s like having pie!

  • i love putting a pinch of cinnamon in my coffee or hot chocolate. YUM

  • Mari

    How can you chose a favourite use for cinnamon? It is amazing!!! Goes with just about everything.

    Favourite quick fix on avocado with a bit of honey, super fast breakfast.

  • Cindy

    Cinnamon begins my mornings with a dusting over the top of my cereal. Yum! Love the grater.

  • Nickisha

    Cinnamon is a must in my kitchen. I love it in my banana-oats porridge, tea, cakes, I even put a tip in some sauces;)
    Hopefully I will be the lucky winner

  • ven

    To add some warmth when cooking with meat, say, in a stew.

  • Alexandre Reis

    I love using it for ice-cream. Its my favorite ice-cream of all!

  • Celia

    I love to sprinkle grated cinnamon on a latte. I also place a stick in mugs of hot apple cider and in apple sauce as it cooks.

  • Julieta

    A pinch of cinnamon is absolutely essential for Mexico’s national dish, Chiles en nogada (poblano peppers stuffed with a mixture of sautéed ground meat and dried fruits, all covered in fresh walnut sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds). The spice takes the “picadillo” (ground beef) to another dimension.

  • Tahlia

    It may sound a bit strange, but cinnamon is my secret ingredient in any pasta sauce I make. Hell, even putting a tiny pinch in a store bought jar really makes a difference!

  • Vivian

    I love putting a little cinnamon in my hot chocolate, but I also love it in apple pie, Yumm, and pumpkin roll, pumpkin cookies…I can go on and on. Thanks

  • caroline

    De la canelle dans presque tous mes gâteaux, et ce soir de la canelle dans la soupe de butternut/carottes/pommes, hmmm :)

  • Solducky

    I love cinnamon on baked apples or peaches.

  • There’s an unexpected and superb Persian menu at The Empire House in tiny, rural Gilbertsville, NY. Their baba ganoush had an unmistakable hint of cinnamon.

    That experience was only ten days ago, so I haven’t tried it yet, but my next homemade batch will incorporate cinnamon.

  • Allison

    Adding a whole stick to a pot of rice- it makes it smell amazing. Also, mulled apple cider!

  • My favorite spice in my favorite desert. What else Baklava.

  • Stephanie

    I like to add cinnamon to hot drinks, especially in the autumn when it’s starting to get cold. I add it to a ginger yerba mate blend and freshly ground coffee. But my favorite use is in homemade Mexican hot chocolate!

  • Neeltje

    Cinnamon rolls, using a recipe by Molly from Orangette!

  • Lila

    One of the best fall ways to enjoy it is heated up with apple cider!

  • Sarah

    My favourite use of cinnamon is in apple crumble. It’s the smell of autumn.

  • Ian

    Mulled cider!

  • I eat cinnamon on my oatmeal every morning! Would loooove to try freshly grated!

  • Emmanuelle

    Dans une bonne compote de pommes maison :))

  • Michelle

    The best use for cinnamon is definitely for le vin chaud!

  • I love cinnamon in my coffee! Adds a nice spice to plain black.

  • Leigh

    Well, cinnamon rolls, of course. They’re not just for breakfast at my house.

  • Renuka

    My favorite use for cinnamon is to combine it with sugar and sprinkle the mixture on buttered, lightly toasted bread. My brother and I ate this for years for breakfast!

  • Anna Rice

    In butterscotch sauce, along with a smidge of cardamom. Also in peperkakor cookies!

  • Judy

    I put cinnamon in pumpkin pie along with ginger and ground cloves. I think that’s better than pumpkin pie spice mix.

  • Kristina

    I like drizzling cinnamon on coffee, rice porridge or putting one stick in an oriental tomato sauce, smells incredible!

  • My lamb & sweet potato tagine wouldn’t be the same without a hint of the most fragrant cinnamon! ;-)

    PS- Félicitations for Chocolate & Zucchini 10th anniversary, Clotilde. Always an inspiration!

  • I love cinnamon in lots of dishes, mulled wine, moussaka, imam bayaldi and ice cream. But my favourite is a Moroccan roast chicken stuffed with couscous mixed with whole almonds, garlic, sultanas, butter and cinnamon, and smeared with paprika and olive oil. Once cooked, a sauce is made with the pan juices, lemon juice, tomato puree and honey. It’s delicious and we all love it, I made a variation of it with quails for 100 guests at my son’s wedding supper.

    • Hello Gill,
      That sounds really delicious. Please can I use the recipe on our Cinnamon Hill blog? Of course I will credit you.
      Best wishes, Rupert

  • Robynn

    I have a recipe for chicken chili (tomato based) that uses cinnamon and cacao that our family loves!

  • Ariel

    I like to put cinnamon in with the ground coffee beans before brewing — makes an extra special cup of coffee!

  • Nora

    I love the scent of cinnamon so I sometimes throw some sticks along with other smelly goodies in water and leave it on a low simmer to make the house smell lovely. That and sprinkling it on whipped cream on top of hot chocolate. Mmm!

  • Alexandra Cobus

    I use cinnamon a lot. And I use Vietnamese and Ceylon sourced cinnamon for different things. But my favorite use is probably when I add it, along with a little cayenne and chipotle, to a soy milk hot cocao (I know, I know, but I have to have more soy according my doctor & nutritionist). I use the Vientamese one for this as it’s spicier!

  • Jocelyn Mercer

    Toast :)

  • Yulie

    I love cinnamon in my apple cider and apple pie, but probably my favorite use for it is in speculaas (along with some spice friends, of course).

  • Kim

    We use cinnamon every single day. My very favorite cinnamon treat is a sprinkle on top of good vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of honey.

  • Amy

    Oh cinnamon, how do I love thee. Let me count the ways. Baking, sprinkled in coffee, on roasted veggies, in soups, yum yum yum!

  • Jane

    Love it! Snickerdoodles and pumpkin pie!

  • Thea

    When I think about cinnamon I think of cinnamon sugar on top of the traditional, Danish christmas rice pudding. But I also really like cinnamon sticks in stews, it gives it a nice excotic flavour.

  • I love using cinnamon in my fall and winter baking, specially with pumpkin and apple. Also, I like it with my coffee and lately I’m using it very often cooking savoury dishes. Spinach goes very well with a pinch of cinnamon!

  • Erin

    You can’t have snickerdoodles without the cinnamon!

  • Marcus

    It is the “secret” ingredient in my chili!

  • Francesca

    On my morning oatmeal – with apples and almonds.

  • Marie

    My favorite use of cinnamon has to be in curries – particularly in a lamb vindaloo

  • I love to use cinnamon in Chinese red-cooked dishes to add a bit of heat and intrigue.

  • I love cinnamon in my coffee!

  • Tina

    Cinnamon toast! Super simple, just butter and cinnamon and sugar, but brings me back to my childhood instantly. I can’t imagine how super it would taste with these special cinnamons.

  • Lillian Kang

    Cinnamon in my morning bowl of oatmeal, plain yogurt, hot chocolate, or fresh fruit!

  • Rebecca

    I use cinnamon in a number of ways – it is the perfect Fall spice! However, my favorite and most frequent use of cinnamon is on my coffee grounds before pouring the hot water into my french press for my morning coffee. Completely changes the taste and I no longer use sweetner. Delicious!

  • S. A. Schmidt

    … use cinnamon in baked goods — cookies, cakes, pumpkin pie etc… on baked squashes and sweet potatoes … and used to love having cinnamon on toast when I was a child … it’s one of my very favorite spices along with cloves …

  • T.

    I love cinnamon is most everything but my favorite is in apple crisp.

  • I love to make chicken bastillas! cinnamon + dark meat + phyllo dough = delicious!!!

  • grazia

    As for (many!) other people, my favorite use for cinnamom is with hot chocolate, but I also love it in the apple strudel…yum!!

  • Kylie

    Hot chocolate with cinnamon, alongisde a cinnamon roll. My idea of heaven!

  • Ris Wright

    I put cinnamon in my chocolate chilli brownies for a truly multi-layered flavour

  • Anneverywhere

    Given the original Mexican combination of chocolate with cinnamon, I often put them together – in either sweet or savoury dishes. Examples include braised hare with chocolate sauce and pieces of cinnamon, and chocolate cakes with (fresh-ground) cinnamon added to the flour mix (a touch of ground chill goes well here too). No sense in quarantining the lovely chocolate-cinnamon-chili combination to Mexican food! Of course cinnamon is also a prized ingredient in Middle-Eastern and Indian dishes.

    By the way – I’ve had a lot of trouble finding genuine cinnamon sticks in the last couple of years – the market seems to have been invaded by cassia bark!

  • Stephany Breed

    Cinnamon goes on top of my Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts. Dr. Oz recommends cinnamon daily for good health. I am a believer!

  • Annemette

    My top three “spices-you-can-use-for-both-the-sweet-and-savory” are cinnamon, ginger and chili
    The traditional Danish cinnamon rolls (they make very nice ones in most of Scandinavia, but I think ours are the best ; ) are one of the best things in the world, but I also love adding a little to hot chocolate – it makes it even more heart-warming, excactly what we need in the cold time to come. And then of course, anything with apples!
    (PS congrats on your amazing blog!!)

  • Judi

    A recent revelation is a shot of cinnamon dusted across freshly juiced apples and carrots. Delicious and healthy!

  • My favourite use is in my beloved apple cake :)

  • I love cinnamon in my fresh apple pie with a Dutch crumb topping. (It’s what my family always asks me to bring to get-togethers.)

  • daphne

    for my curries!

  • natalie

    brilliant clothilde!! (and congrats on 10 years:)

    my husband uses cinnamon in the turmeric & honey tea you shared a post about a little while back… and i like to use it in fruit purees & yoghurt dishes for my baby girl (although i have cut back since learning the qualities of different cinnamon… we haven’t found the good stuff yet!)

    oh, and in all sorts of desserts too!! thanks for the chance to win :) xox

  • Cinammon is a must on rice pudding and in a Moroccan Style Tagine and a delight in cookies.

  • Quyen

    Cinnamon is awesome. I love it especially in this season coming up in the cold weather. I nice mug of spiced apple cider. I like using the cinnamon sticks like stirrers in the mug too. Nothing like that cinnamon smell to make you think of the holidays.

  • Nubia

    I use cinnamon sticks when making fig jam. The tree produces so much, impossible to eat all, some end up as jam and candied fig.
    Also, cinnamon sticks in “arroz con leche, or arroz de leche” – rice pudding. Of course, in oatmeal is a must.

  • I’m not a great cinnamon fan, but when I do like it is in mulled apple juice – a couple of cloves, a length of cinnamon stick and a pinch or so of allspice boiled up with good-quality cloudy apple juice….. mmmmm….. (strain it before you drink it!).

  • Martina

    I love putting a bit of delicate cinnamon in my chocolate cake and brownie batters to help ramp up the chocolate.

  • PR

    my favorite is still the cinnamon toast my mom used to make

  • Cinnamon buns are my favorites ! But I use cinnamon almost every day in cooking.

  • Richelle

    Most love cinnamon as an afternote in a sauce I make that I call Moroccan Complex… very spicy at first, then you notice cumin and finally cinnamon!

  • Cinnamon means autumn/winter to me. I love in nearly everything, my current favourite is speculaas (courtesy of a dutch friend who introduced me this spice mix). This set looks amazing, would love to win one!!!

  • msue

    I love cinnamon in so many preparations that it is difficult to choose just one favorite, but this homey breakfast is among my top 2 or 3: Dust a buttery piece of toasted multi-grain bread with a cinnamon-sugar mixture. That simple goodness, served with coffee, reminds me of my grandmother’s kitchen, so many moons ago.

  • Tiffany

    A few dashes of cinnamon adds sweetness to my greek yogurt, which I pile up on my frequently on home-made waffles.

  • Tasneem

    I use cinnamon in many different recipes. But, the way I use it the most is in fresh fruit smoothies. I like the extra little something it always seems to add.

  • Je crois que “cannelle” pour moi évoque d’abord le riz au lait. La seule recette que j’ai jamais vu ma soeur préparer. Mais qu’est ce que je m’en suis régalé…

  • Jojo

    Cinnamon makes so many things extra delicious, but I think I love it best on rice pudding.

  • Becca

    I love using cinnamon in chili to add another layer of flavor.

  • I love cinnamon, and use it in almost everything. My favorite use is in coffee – put some in with the grounds before brewing for a nice background flavor.

  • Alice

    Spiced apple cider or sprinkled over warm rice pudding…yum!

  • Miss UK

    I use cinnamon quite a lot, in particular with stewed apples or sprinkled on a warm apple pie.

  • Celestine

    cannelle + aubergines… j’adore!

  • María Sol Azcona

    Love some cinnamon in my arroz con leche (rice pudding)!

  • jason

    I love making a cinnamon simple syrup and using it for fall cocktails.

  • hadas bar

    every day in the winter, I use cinnamon in my morning porridge.

  • Hi, Clotilde,

    This is the first time I’ve posted but have frequented your web site often and always enjoy it. Now I’m thrilled with the new cook book, French Market Cookbook. Much of my cooking finds a kindred spirit here.

    Cinnamon is lately being used in the sumptuous end of season fruit, recently: preserved gushy ripe pears (William) with a cinnamon stick or two, a spoon of whole allspice and sprinkle of cloves. The light syrup and spice is boiled, pear quarters added and then canned. Spices are pulled out before canning. It’s light and delicate, though I should have stuck to less melting pears.

    Also, cinnamon in many Damson plum dishes; cordial, jam (outstanding) and in a spicy sauce with many of the above sweet spices also.


  • Kimberly

    We use it most in our morning oatmeal. My little girls love to sprinkle it on all by themselves.

  • Elisabeth

    My favorite use of cinnamon is in a salad: carrots, orange supremes, a little bit of oil, some orange juice from the oranges’ leftover, and then coriander, some salt and of course the cinammon. It’s delicious, full of flavours, a sweet salad with an oriental taste.

  • I adore cinnamon and use it a lot in cooking. At the moment though I use it daily on my 9 month old sons morning brekkie of porridge, stewed pear, yogurt and chia seeds. He loves it!!

  • thisisthekat

    Cinnamon is so versatile! I use it in baking, especially Dutch babies and anything with apple, and in savory dishes like lamb tagine or beef picadillo. What a beautiful set!

  • Monika Jankowiak

    Cinnamon Sugar sprinkled on top of rugelach!

  • Jackie

    I love putting fresh cinnamon on top of hot chocolate!

  • Adela

    I love adding cinnamon to my Chili con carne!

  • Kelsey

    I love to put a pinch or two into my homemade enchilada sauce. The cinnamon works great with the cayenne and chili powder with a really warm, savory taste in the sauce. It sounds odd, but it is great!!!!

  • Pam Christmas

    I love to use it in my Mexican Hot Chocolate. And it’s my birthday month ;)

  • Wendy

    Cinnamon? On steel cut oatmeal with walnuts, apples and maple syrup. Freshly grated would take it beyond.

  • carme

    There’s a typical drink in Catalonia which is called ‘Llet merengada’. It is milk boiled with lemon peel, cinnamon and sugar and then chilled and powered with more cinnamon. Delicious!

    • Hello Carme,
      That is very original and sounds delicious. Please can I use the recipe on our Cinnamon Hill blog? Of course I will credit you.
      Best wishes, Rupert

  • Sarah

    Currently with apples. Fried up with butter, sugar and cinnamon and made into toffee apple cheesecake. Or just eaten right out of the pan.

  • Anna

    Hard to choose! Love it in tajines, homemade chai, but it stands out most on warm toast with butter, a bit of sugar and of course a generous dusting with cinnamon!

  • I love to use cinnamon in savory dishes. Most-recently, I’ve been mixing it in equal parts with smoked paprika and sprinkling a fine dusting of the blend on chicken before roasting. The blend seems quite compatible with whatever the herb-of-choice is for the remainder of the seasoning. Bon appetit, Clotilde and all the best for the success of your great new book!

  • I love a little cinnamon in my spaghetti sauce!

  • Christos

    Hmm, would have to be in hot chocolate, adds a lovely warming aroma (especially in the winter) and makes it taste great! Come to think of it, i try to put cinnamon in as many hot drinks as I can, sometimes in my coffee to add a bit of a kick!

  • Lisa

    There is nothing like cinnamon paired with apples. It just takes a simple apple pie to the next level.

  • Claire

    Sprinkled on a warm Portuguese pastel de nata … Nom!!!

  • Debbie


  • Delly

    I have been making apple crisp with cinnamon sprinkled over the apples and mixed in with the oat topping – delicious!

  • Barbara

    Cinnamon and brown sugar on toasted buttered bread & cinnamon in simple slow and low baked rice pudding – milk, rice, honey, golden raisins, and cinnamon.

  • Kathleen Bloch

    Love cinnamon on my oatmeal and in my hot chocolate. Also love chai tea.

  • Sarah Ramsey

    I love cinnamon in my roasted squash, pumpkin and sweet potatoes!

  • Michelle

    Wow I love cinnamon in many things, but number one would have to be …. thinking, thinking … rolled up with butter in fresh croissants while they are baking. Delicious!

  • Jen70

    I use cinnamon and coffee to make a great rub for steak

  • Jen M

    Cinnamon on my oatmeal!

  • Robyn

    Sprinked on hot chocolate when you have a cold. The ultimate comfort food.

  • Kim Andrews

    I love cinnamon in my chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies. They just don’t taste as good if you leave it out. I speak from experience.

  • Susan Sjodin

    Yum! Cinnamon is great in savory and sweet dishes, I love cinnamon toast with lots of butter!

  • Maria

    Daily on toast, fried apples, jam, ice cream, pie, cake…how can I pick just one?

    Right now I’m loving some spicy peach jam I made with cinnamon!

  • christina


  • Abby

    I love to use cinnamon in hot apple cider.

  • Connie

    I love to sprinkle a little cinnamon powder on fresh slices of apples.

  • Tanya

    We enjoy it in our morning baked pumpkin oatmeal.

  • Deanna

    We love cinnamon and nutmeg on French toast!

  • Kim

    French toast!

  • Mihaela

    Oatmeal, rice pudding, cinnamon buns, apples, pumpkin. Love love love me some cinnamon:-)

  • Jill

    I love it on grilled peaches!

  • Kim Erickson

    I love freshly grated cinnamon in hot chocolate and oatmeal but my favorite is when I make Bistilla. You can never have too much cinnamon!

  • sillygirl

    I put cinnamon in my slushy latte every morning – cinnamon is very good for you. And at the Brazilian coffee shop they put a cinnamon stick in their Expresso Cubano – love it!

  • pat raport

    How do I love thee, let me count the ways…marinade for pork, dry rub for beef (along with coffee and cocoa), peanut butter mixed with marmalade and cinnamon (perfect spread), in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, sweet breads and pastry. Dropped in a bottle of vodka to steep. Mixed with honey over fruit, in oatmeal, in applesauce – add more on top please, you know that dollop of whipped cream on top of whatever?…I like a sprinkle on that…and on…and on…did I say I really like cinnamon?

  • Elise

    Right now I have multiple varieties of apples from my orchard, so the first things that come to mind are apple crisp (or apple crumble, if you prefer) with an oatmeal topping or in warm apple cider. But I also love it in coffee, homemade cinnamon rolls (store-bought will not do), or rubbed on pork.

    In France, a friend introduced me to an interesting salad: grated carrot, juice of an orange, dash of cinnamon, salt, and a drizzle of oil. A wonderful marriage of sweet, salty, citrusy, spicy. Of course, carrots and cinnamon already go together so perfectly in carrot cake!

  • Laura

    I love to put cinnamon in my oatmeal for breakfast!

  • Melissa

    I love Cinnamon!!! I put it my coffee, in many baked goods, on sweet potatoes, and on jerk chicken to name a quick few. The yummy applications are endless.

  • Rammy Meyerowitz

    Cinnamon sugar on buttered toast.
    Childhood memories!
    That’s my favorite, but it has so many other uses in my house.

  • Erin K

    In a mug of rich hot chocolate with a pinch of cayenne pepper.

  • Irish Potato Candy :)

  • Andrea

    Well, in addition to cutting off ant trails with the ground cinnamon, we like to simmer a stick with coffee, cloves, piloncillo and a little orange peel. Café de la olla. Yum!

  • laura

    bonjour C&Z and happy anniversary!

    having grown up using cinnamon sugar on just about everything, i absolutely love it. i am partial to sprinkling it on toast with butter. but my all time favorite is sprinkled in/on my grandmother’s mandel bread (biscotti). I usually make cinnamon raison walnut, as it is my favorite flavor, but the cinnamon also pairs nicely with chocolate almond biscotti as well. throughout all of my travels, i make the cookies as gifts for host families, colleagues, holiday gifts, etc. and they are always a hit. i even made them in paris when i was doing an internship there! my grandmom used to get a kick out of hearing me tell her that her cookies were world famous. she taught me how to bake them, and to me, they are a delicious symbol of love. i have a picture of us baking them when i was a littler girl hanging up in my kitchen. :)

  • Vikki

    I love to eat cinnamon on freshly sliced apples!

  • terry b

    My favorite use for cinnamon is in coffee!

  • Maura

    How do I love thee …. there are simply just too many yummy choices. Added to unsweetened whipped cream that is floated on silken, buttery, savory pumpkin soup is joyous!

  • A really good cinnamon roll is my favorite carrier for cinnamon!

  • Jen

    Bread pudding and muffins!

  • Lydia Jean

    Hot chocolate of course!

  • Cinnamon is good in so many things… if i had to pick only one, i guess i’d say pumpkin custard :)

  • Monica

    cinnamon ice-cream

  • Allison

    Sprinkled on top of vanilla ice cream.

  • Sandie

    I roast whole quills then crush them in a mortar and pestle to use in a slow cooked sweet pumpkin dish, with raw cacao & honey in a hot chocolate, in an eggplant potato & chickpea móle and in a plain buttery cinnamon cake with swirls of the crushed spice throughout the cake ;o)

    • Hello Sandie,
      These are terrific ideas! If you like, please contact me at Cinnamon Hill so that we can develop them further as recipes.
      Best wishes,

  • Filicophyta

    I’ve loved the blog for years, recommended it to many others, and really appreciate these give aways.
    I love cinnamon but here it’s only used for traditional Chinese medicine, not for cooking. You can get big chunky pieces but if you ask the spice merchants to grind it, they look at you like ‘foreigners sure are nuts’. I’d love to be able to grind my own and bake with it again.

    • Filicophyta

      I forgot to say what I use it for. I add it to my homemade granola, and when the fruit is in season I like to use it in an apple-apricot crumble dish.

  • jen

    Cinnamon infused cream in my flan, cinnamon ice cream, Mexican hot chocolate. ..yum!

  • Mei

    Apple cinnamon muffins of course! They’re probably the baked good I make most frequently.

  • Joy

    I put cinnamon in just about everything I’d guess my favorite is warm almond milk will vanilla and cinnamon

  • Louise Fazzalari

    Having moved to France recently I have discovered the joys of making the beautifully perfumed vin chaud with cinnamon stick (almost time to start making it again) but I have wonderful childhood memories of the rice pudding my mother would make sprinkled with cinnamon, and I try to replicate this.

  • TK

    Little bit of cinnamon in sauces and soups!

  • Stephanie S

    Definitely sprinkled on my oatmeal with a hint of sugar. Or steamed into my milk while making hot cocoa. So, memories of comfort and family.

  • Oh, that looks like a lovely gift set. I adore cinnamon and put it in nearly everything I bake. I also love it in homemade applesauce. But probably my favorite use is in my morning cinnamon and raisin oatmeal. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  • Jo

    Cinnamon sauce that goes over my baked apples. Delicious.

  • Melissa Miller

    I love putting cinnamon in my smoothies!

  • ariane

    Mmmmh, difficile de choisir. Je n’aimais pas tellement la cannelle quand j’étais enfant mais maintenant je l’utilise à toutes les sauces.

    En cette saison, j’aime bien en mettre dans ma soupe au potimarron (avec les oignons qui reviennent dans l’huile en début de cuisson).

  • Audrie

    I LOVE cinnamon…
    …on my latte
    …on my fruit salad
    …in spicy Moroccan tajines (especially with tomato)
    …on my hot chocolate

  • Cinnamon is potentially my favorite spice. And to be honest, it’s best when simply sprinkled over some sliced, ripe peaches. Alternatively, in an apple pie :)

  • Marina

    in cold brewed coffee! makes all the difference!

  • Connie

    I adore a dash of cinnamon on the top of my Breve or in a cup of hot chocolate made with coconut milk…and then there is the caramel apple crisp; tapioca and rice pudding; French Toast; Cinnamon Toast; cream of carrot soup…

  • Bethany

    I would say a guilty pleasure is toast with butter and cinnamon / sugar mix sprinkled on top. Brings me back to childhood. Otherwise, I love it in my mom’s apple pie recipe. Also good in thick hot chocolate.

  • CatherineM

    Pour moi, la cannelle, c’est sur la bonne vieille tarte aux pommes!

  • Pauline

    Apple and cinnamon a perfect wedding!

  • Nadia

    uhmmm, I love cinnamon, specially for my “arroz con leche” (rice pudding) – so many childhood memories – and Moroccan dishes.

  • Stuart Glasson

    Cinnamon – A stick in the chili con carne is my favourite.

  • kanadelf

    alors moi c’est simple, j’adore la cannelle et j’en utilise dès que possible! Au petit-déj, dans les compotes, dans les plats un peu épicés… mais ce qui me vient tout de suite à l’esprit c’est ce plat réconfortant du Danemark : riz au lait servi dans une grande assiette à soupe avec des morceaux de beurre et saupoudré de sucre à la cannelle!

  • drea

    Every morning in my muesli!

  • On a typical portuguese custard tart :)

  • Shane Cook

    The first use of cinnamon was my mother giving me cinnamon toast, which I still eat with a shaker of the sugar and cinnamon on my counter. I also use cinnamon on baked apples, chicken, …

  • De la cannelle sur des pommes au four, tout simplement… mais aussi pour aromatiser toutes les courges, au four, en soupe (et vive l’hiver).

  • I love cinnamon in my coffee and everything with apples.

  • Jan Wagenaar

    Call me a noob, but I never knew cinamon graters existed! Sounds very tasty and looks like a stylish set that I would not buy for myself, but would love to give to someone.

  • Beverley

    grated on top of squash soup and in my morning granola. YUM!

  • Vicky

    I love using cinnamon in so many things especially my coffee!

  • Helena

    So hard to choose just one, but my favourite is homemade cinnamon raisin swirl bread.

  • Tina Martin

    Cinnamon is a permanent staple in my kitchen,but for myself, a little in my morning coffee makes me feel warm all day.

  • Hanna

    Apple cinnamon pie cannot be beaten!

    But cinnamon is also a cure in Tradional Chinese Medicine, as an ingredient of TCM medicines, it keeps my hands warm during the winter time <3

  • Oh wow congrats on the 10th anniversary!
    And a chance to practice some french haha –
    J’adore la cannelle! Je l’utilize dans mon lait d’amande, avec stevia, nectar d’agave, et un petit peu de sel. Oh, et d’extrait de vanille.
    Et dans beaucoup plus des plats :P

  • Corri Wiedemann

    So many uses, but my standout is in a slow cooked italian rice pudding thick with cream, brandy, raisins and a fresh grating of cinnamon. To die for!

    • Hello Corri,
      That sounds delicious! If you like, please contact me at Cinnamon Hill so that we can develop it as a recipe.
      Best wishes,

  • Siobhan

    I love cinnamon. I use it in curries and chilli. Also in sweet rice dishes, apple crumbles and cinnamon buns.

  • Cleo

    Ground up as part of homemade ras-el-hanout spice for a delicious vegetable stew!

  • I like it on desserts and in my coffee (:

  • Mischelle

    I like to add cinnamon to savory dishes such as chili, stews, and especially chicken noodle soup. I prefer my rice pudding and oatmeal without, though!

  • morgaine

    Cinnamon is my favorite “sweet” spice. I can’t imagine cooked apples without cinnamon. My simplest dessert is sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon and raisins and cooked briefly in the microwave oven.

  • Ellen

    To dress up pies for the holidays, I like to scent the whipped cream with cinnamon! It’s a nice surprise for the guests and dresses up something that can be quite overdone.

  • Joy

    Soy sauce braised pig knuckles or tongues

  • Emily

    Cinnamon is my favourite spice. I like to make oatmeal cinnamon cookies, and serve them with cinnamon spiced cocoa. Delicious!

  • I love cinnamon in oatmeal but it really shines in smoothies. Many people don’t think of adding cinnamon to green smoothies but it adds a whole new dimension. Try it.

  • Cinnamon I love in baking cookies, cakes, teas, coffees, oatmeal, granola bars, muesli, pancakes, waffles batter, ice creams, and all my Indian cooking – curries , stews, pilaf, vegetables, paneer masala, kebabs, chicken curries – Seriously use it a lot each single day I think

  • Danielle E.

    I totally thought I would be unique in my favorite use of cinnamon, but sadly I am not (or happily?). I love cinnamon in vin chaud and its soon to be the season for that!

  • michelle

    I love to sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top of my hot chocolate.

  • My favorite use for cinnamon is a sprinkle over my oatmeal.

  • Alicia K

    I actually like just a little bit in my morning coffee! And sweet potatoes just aren’t the same without it!

  • Julie

    I just made some cinnamon ice cream! (It was supposed to be apple cider ice cream but I used too little apple cider and enough cinnamon that the cinnamon flavor was much more pronounced.) So that’s my favorite use of it for now.

  • solange

    on flan!

  • Wendy

    cinnamon! we love cinnamon. i wondered where our sticks were disappearing and discovered that my son was eating them as a snack. it’s one of the top 5 spices that we go through quickly in this house.

    a comfort food for me is to mix warm white basmati rice into plain yogurt and mix in cinnamon and whatever other spices come into my head at the time. love making cinnamon iced tea too. on roasted squash with a little brown sugar…

  • Robin Gadient

    Delicious on my morning oatmeal.
    And in my oatmeal cookies.
    And pumpkin pie.
    And spice cake. Mmmm, spice cake.

  • Cinnamon in porridge, cinnamon in coffee, cinnamon in pie, cinnamon in apple juice. Cinnamon is automn, and automn is.. now! Congratulations, Clotilde!

  • Charley Suggs

    I love to use cinnamon in Mexican cooking. Moles, carnitas, chilies all benefit from cinnamon and it makes an exotic combination with cumin, particularly when pan roasted for a minute or two. Mexican cinnamon is called “canela” and shows it stuff in a family favorite, “capirotada” which is a bread pudding made with cheddar cheese and eaten as a dessert, yum.

  • Meg

    Cinnamon rolls (if you are every in Chicago, check out Ann Sathers, a Swedish restaurant with the best in town!) or anything with apples.

  • Coryn

    I love cinnamon in my squash and/or carrot soups. And of course on top of a nice latte is an absolute treat. :)

  • I often use cinnamon in tomato sauces, which gives them a deeper flavor.
    Also, home made apple cinnamon ice cream is one of my favorite ice cream flavors.

  • I just had roasted pumpkin slices with butter, brown sugar, and lots of cinnamon. It’s like a crust-less pumpkin pie. Heavenly.

  • Katie

    I got my parents some nice Vietnamese cinnamon once, and they went absolutely bonkers over it! It’s so fragrant, so strong, and so very good in any kind of dish–I’ve heard of heavenly desserts and amazing meat rubs alike.

    My favorite personal use would be something simple: the best coffee I can lay hands on, good honey, some of that fresh cinnamon grated in. Best thing in the world for a sore throat and cold weather!

  • I like to add a broken cinnamon stick to a pot of apple cider (along with cloves and star anise) and then top it off with some spiced rum.

  • Kathy

    De la cannelle… dans une tarte aux pommes américaine bien sûr, et puis bien d’autres plats! (Ce qui montre bien que je ne suis pas française.) C’est l’épice préférée de mon mari, qui le mettrai sur presque tout s’il le pouvait.
    Cinnamon… in an American apple pie, of course, and in many other dishes! It is my husband’s favorite spice and he would put it just about everything if he could.

  • Shanna

    I love putting cinnamon in my oatmeal, in smoothies, and on baked sweet potatoes!

  • Amy

    Apple strudel!

  • Giorgia

    Mmmm in cinnamon buns (kanelbullar!)

  • Christine Hung

    On rice pudding or in Finnish cinnamon buns!

  • Anna

    Lamb with pod

  • pao

    Oh my… only one favorite use for cinnamon?! That’s hard!
    I love it in hot cocoa and in chocolate cake (Mexican Chocolate Cake anybody?!) I also love cinnamon with my coffee and on cookies. Yum!

  • In hot chocolate!

  • kayenne

    i add a bit of cinnamon to chili and mole… and no one has yet been able to pinpoint that certain something that gives it an extra oomph!

  • Asia

    Apple crumble :-)

  • Anna

    This giveway is super precious!
    I love using cinnamon for my baking, soups or just simply adding it to my tea and coffee. Cinnamon also helps not spike up your blood sugar level.

  • feli

    I am using it to prepare homemade plum chutney, yummy :-)

  • I love using cinnamon sticks when making Indian curries. It adds a flavor that ground cinnamon doesn’t provide and it’s so delicious!

  • Ellen

    In apple baked goods…

  • Jody at Luna Sea

    Currently my most favorite use of cinnamon is in Greek yogurt along with a splash of organic vanilla extract and a tart apple sliced thin; although it is a toss up between the amount of times I use on vegetables that are less than fresh.

    I would eat cinnamon with a spoon if I could.

  • Sue

    I start every day with fragrance and warmth imparted by cinnamon. I use it in all things breakfast, especially in my oatmeal and Turmeric tea or coffee. As my husband is a woodworker, I also appreciate that beautifully crated cinnamon grater. This is truly a wonderful gift set.

  • Cinnamon is grat in both sweet and savoury dishes. I prefer it in hot chocolate or (more often) in vegan chilli. It boosts the taste of tomatoes and gives the food deeper taste. And freshly grated cinnamon? It must be awesome :)

  • Susan

    My son loves cinnamon on his steamed milk in the morning and I love it as do many others on my morning cereal!!

  • Betsy

    My favorite use of cinnamon is on a doughnut. The feeling of cinnamon melting in your mouth is divie

  • Scott

    I love to use it in home baked cinnamon rolls.

  • Barbara Kemp

    Apples and cinnamon are a match made in heaven.

  • terri

    I love cinnamon–if I can only pick one, then it has to be apple pie.

  • Alicia

    I love cinnamon in a chocolate mole sauce, there is usually only a tiny bit of it in the whole recipe. However, when you have spoonful of the sauce and get a hint of the cinnamon amongst all these other flavors and it’s lingers.

  • Kristin

    A cinnamon grater! Why has this never occurred to me, especially since I always grate my nutmeg fresh?! It is a beautiful tool and would be a lovely way to add cinnamon in spontaneous ways in the kitchen. I love cinnamon and lemon zest in my rice pudding…but in so many other ways too!

  • Deb

    In peach pies

  • LH

    With the weather turning, I’m thinking of cinnamon in coffee, ciders, and hot chocolate!

  • Sara

    As flavoring when I make hot apple cider.

  • Susan

    I love cinnamon in and on many things from hot chocolate to applesauce to sprinkled on top of almond butter on toast. Today I put it in a fresh apple strudel–all to die for!

  • Meghan

    Cinnamon toast! On a lighter whole wheat bread, with lots of good butter.

  • Brian

    One of my favorite uses for cinnamon is in the cinnamon raisin bread that I make. When we toast it, it fills the kitchen with its wonderful fragrance. This, together with the aroma of the coffee brewing gets the day off to a good start.

  • Ambrose

    I last used it on French toast.

  • Katherine

    Hot Chocolate!

  • Cider, apple pie, beef stew, simmering spices….

  • Jennifer

    It’s hard to pick just one favorite use of cinnamon! But I guess I’ll go with fruit butter…its sooo good as an addition to just about any homemade fruit butter. Plum, apple, pumpkin, blueberry, strawberry…works with every one I’ve tried so far!

  • Madhavi

    I love cinnamon in meat dishes. We use cinnamon in a lot of dishes in India, especially spicy/hot dishes.

  • Rebecca

    My kids and I love cinnamon toast!

  • Marry

    I am 10 months into my new cooking passion and am just learning that fresh spices are the best! I thought I didn’t like dill or tarragon until I tasted fresh. Now for cinnamon I am truly ignorant. I have used it recently to make Apple Chutney to top your Winter Vegetable Curry and also to make a delicious Sheik Mahshi (Vegetarian Stuffed Eggplant). I will check out Cinnamon Hill since that is their specialty.

  • Tamara

    No, no way is it possible to name my favourite use of cinnamon :) I love cinnamon, oatmeal, on apples, applesauce, cinnamon cake, cinnamon rolls etc etc If I’d have a dog, I would name it Cinnamon :)

  • Cinnamon is a must-have – for sweet food but mostly for Indian and (North) African and Middle Eastern dishes. It’s what makes Raz-al-Hanout and Garam Massala what they are – spicy, warm and delicious…

    Never forget to add just a little to your beef or lamb stew, or your chili con carne.

  • Liz Thomas

    Cinnamon goes beautifully with lamb in middle eastern type dishes, especially those with dried fruits, like apricots.

  • Alicia

    In the topping for an apple crumble!

  • Noel

    I love cinnamon in coffee cake and other baked goods. A good crumble topping with cinnamon is awesome on muffins.

  • Maria

    Cinnamon toast! Oatmeal! And in applesauce…any apple dessert. But now that I live in France, I know I need to dial down on the cinnamon for others…

  • marie

    La cannelle est omniprésente dans mes desserts : compotes, lait chaud, Thé chaï, granola maison….
    Mais là où son parfum est pour moi mis le plus en valeur, c’est dans ces petits roulés briochés à la cannelle, les fameux cinamon roll que je concocte (merci à Marc Grossman pour sa recette par ailleurs).
    Merci pour ces découvertes culinaires!

  • dma

    I love a touch of cinnamon in baked goods; especially goes well in pumpkin bread.

  • Jolande

    I love cinnamon, in vegetable-dishes, with apples, in my coffee…

  • Pam

    Cinnamon is the best when sprinkled over some local honey on top of toast. Best lazy day breakfast ever!

  • Megan

    I love cinnamon in homemade granola, french toast, apple crisp, the list goes on and on!

  • This looks amazing! I love putting cinnamon sticks in my homemade sangria.

  • Tessa Dillon

    Hi! I have enjoyed your blog for some time now but have never commented! But yesterday we celebrated an early Thanksgiving (work and family schedule!) and for dessert I made a pumpkin cheesecake, topped off with cinnamon whipped cream. Now usually I sprinkle cinnamon in my morning coffee (with chocolate too)and in the usual things, like apple crisps etc. but I also really love it in tagines with lamb and other savory dishes. The cinnamon whipped cream though was lovely; even my husband raved about it!
    Thanks for a great blog!

  • Anna

    oatmeal, bread, apples.

  • Natalie

    I like to add it to pancake batter, especially in the fall. My son loves it in oatmeal with fresh fruit!

  • Katie Pace

    I like to sprinkle cinnamon over the top of homemade vanilla ice cream and a drizzle or two of local honey. Yum

  • LauraG

    OOO….probably cinnamon cream cheese coffeecake. But I just made a purple plum cake with cinnamon, cinnamon on oatmeal w/raisins is a regular, and eating Cincinnati style chili- which includes cinnamon and cocoa is wonderful.

  • Erin S

    I love cinnamon on my oatmeal!!

  • Megan Jirschele

    I love it in baked oatmeal

  • SD

    Just found a new excuse to eat more cinnamon: Sweet Potato Jack-o-Lanterns with Cinnamon Sugar

  • Jess

    My latest application for cinnamon was in pumpkin butter. But chocolate cake with cinnamon is nothing to sneeze at!

  • aubrey

    My favourite use for cinnamon is in my breakfast oatmeal, along with raisins and brown sugar.

  • Christie

    I love cinnamon on oatmeal and crepes. I also use it in honey cookies and spice cake.

  • Natalie

    I love cinnamon in everything–I love to sprinkle it on fresh peaches.

  • Bailey S

    Cinnamon rolls, of course. They taste good, they smell good while cooking, and the dough is so silky and smooth it’s just plain pleasant to knead.

  • Anna

    I started adding cinnamon to spinach dishes after I had it in a wonderful spinach lasagna at a café called Arcadi in Brussels. It was a heavenly combination and every time I eat it now I remember the nice vacation I spent in Belgium – not to forget all the chocolate! mmm…

  • Poornima

    With it’s many curative properties cinnamon is used at my place very often,in health drinks,as part of a cold cure drink,in curries,desserts….the list goes on. Love it.

  • Mary

    I love using cinnamon to instantly warm something. Pear cake comes to mind, as well as apple cider and chai.

  • christine b.

    I love the old-fashioned cinnamon toast, where you sprinkle cinnamon sugar on hot buttered toast. Also, a sprinkling on sauteed butternut squash is delicious.

  • I love cinnamon in my oatmeal, in apple pies, and especially in hot chocolate.

  • Elizabeth

    Goodness. Just one? Chai probably. But everything. It’s in my top four most used spices.

  • Jenny

    I love cinnamon! I use it daily ~ sprinkled on greek yogurt or on vanilla ice cream for dessert. I also add it to my egg white and oatmeal omelets (may sound drab but actually delicious!).

  • Jill

    Warming myself with a homemade vanilla and cinnamon tea.

  • Marieta

    Instead of coffee, first thing in the morning I have a cup of hot water with fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper, tumeric, and cinnamon.

  • Marc Sheldon

    Cinnamon and Chilli – a combination made in heaven …

  • florence

    Cinnamon rolls… ahhhh…..

  • anonymous

    I like the combination of cinnamon and chocolate – in mousse, ice cream, hot chocolate, but use it in many dishes savory and sweet.

  • Fa Ruce

    I use cinnamon on my cereal, also to make Moroccan season and of course cinnamon is the smell of Christmas!

  • Christy Spurlock

    I love cinnamon toast and on top of heated beverages.

  • Regina

    I love to make spiced pecans with chili powder, cinnamon and egg whites and use them to top a dark chocolate tart that also has a touch of cinnamon.

  • Melissa

    A grating of cinnamon and a tiny splash of orange flower water on a salad of sliced oranges is transformative! No one can place it and everyone asks why it’s so good!

  • Catherine Wilson

    There are so many amazing uses for cinnamon but my favorite is in chili. It adds a subtle sweetness in a dish that is full of bold spicy flavors. It’s like a viola in an orchestra, you might not be able to pick it out… but everything is richer for it being there.

  • Su Su

    Favourite use for cinnamon – in curry.

  • Oscar

    I use it in chili. It works great together with the sting from the chili peppers.

  • Elisabeth Morrey

    I always put cinnamon in anything I am putting chocolate…..like my Ancho Bison Chili that is award winning.

  • Sara N.

    I love cinnamon in anything chocolate as well as in my morning oatmeal with dried cranberries, sliced almonds, and brown sugar.

  • Claire

    I put cinnamon in almost everything from baked goods to smoothies to chili and spaghetti sauce. I also use it as a practical solution: a line of ground cinnamon stops ants from venturing further!

  • sara

    I’m such a cinnamon fan, but I’ve never tried freshly grated. Sounds like I’m missing out! My favorite trick is to sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on some peanut butter toast, or put a little in pb chocolate chip cookies. It always surprises people, but it’s a great combination! I know peanut butter isn’t as popular in France as in the US, but I swear it’s delicious.

  • Michelle M

    I love it for Snickerdoodles and in my coffee. I also love to just smell it.

  • I’ve been adding it to my bowl of fresh-from-the-tree figs and yoghurt in the mornings these past few weeks.

  • Jessica

    I love cinnamon in everything!Mostly cookies!

  • Katherine

    Apple pie!

  • Kelly

    It adds a pleasant and surprising kick to my beef stew!

  • Anne Wilson

    In or on an apple tart. Absolutely essential!

  • Jess

    I love it in the mornings for breakfast – sprinkled on fruit, yogurt, or oatmeal.

  • Kensey

    I like to add cinnamon to my morning smoothie. It keeps my blood sugar steady to I don’t get famished to early, and it adds a nice kick to my morning.

  • Javacurls

    LOVE Cinnamon! There are many recipes I use cinnamon in but the one I especially enjoy is in my “Agua Fresca de Platano” which brings back sweet memories of Mexico. Simply delicious!

  • Suzanne

    Definitely love the old fashioned cinnamon toast from childhood. Other favorite is homemade cranberry applesauce. And cinnamon oranges and other spices warmed in a pan to make the house smell welcoming.

  • Stephanie Guertin

    I couldn’t make winter pies without cinnamon – apple, pumpkin, more pumpkin….

  • nima

    We use a tiny bit of cinnamon when making bisi bell baath, a South Indian rice and lentil dish that has a lovely combination of warm spices, vegetables, and ghee. This is a recipe similar to my own, though I found it on the web.

  • Lynn

    Cinnamon and salt on apple slices – yum!

  • Leida

    My favorite use for cinnamon is to spice up buckwheat pecan pancakes, along w/cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla & topped w/blueberry syrup. Yummm…

  • Christine

    I like to use cinnamon in my oatmeal and morning latte as I have heard it helps boost cognitive function and memory!

  • Trisha

    In French toast, of course!

  • Vanessa

    I add cinnamon to more things than I should, much to the annoyance of my mother. Some of my favorite uses are to sprinkle it on an apple stew and on my morning chai latte.

  • Janet

    Either in chunky applesauce (I make it to use up apples past their prime) or in banana bread.

  • Marc R

    horchata and blueberry breakfast cake

  • Emma Lee

    I love adding cinnamon to savory foods, for a surprise kick. My favorite is Greek food — particularly Pastitsio. It isn’t quite the same without the hint of cinnamon, and even my cinnamon-disliking friends have to admit that it gives a nice warmth to the dish.

  • Esme

    with roasted cauliflower

  • Lisa

    Definitely oatmeal, rice pudding and of course apple pie.

  • Bonnie Booth

    I love cinnamon. It’s difficult to choose only one favorite use. So, I’ll mention three. Cinnamon toast made with butter and brown sugar, then put under the broiler until it bubbles. Cinnamon and raisins in my oatmeal. Cinnamon in my Granny’s apple crisp recipe. And what a lovely package of cinnamon goodies, Clotilde! Thanks.

  • esther wieringa

    I like to add cinnamon, together with paprika and thyme, to baked feta cheese, for a really “Greek” flavor.

  • felix

    My mum always used to make rice pudding for us and I still love it! For this, boil round rice (e.g. sushi rice) in loads of milk with a little bit of sugar and salt, lemon peel and a cinnamon quill. Take it off the heat and put it under your duvet until the rice is creamy with a little bit of bite. Then eat it with cold apple sauce, browned butter (just heat it up until it turns slightly brown), sugar and of course CINNAMON!

  • Deloras Vind

    I really enjoy cinnamon in coffee – great flavor and aroma.

  • Joel

    Cinnamon is a breakfast staple so we go through a log of it. It ends up in a lot of different dishes, but particularly oat and quinoa porridge.

  • I love cinnamon in all the cakes… but I have to admit I think my favourite is in the classic apple pie.

    It is awesome!

  • Jacqueline

    Cinnamon buns! Or a little bit freshly grated over rice pudding, it’s hard to choose…

  • Ingrid

    I eat rice gruel, oatmeal, or quinoa with cinnamon, fruits and nuts every morning. It is delicious. I found Sri Lanka cinnamon – such a difference!

  • Sandhya

    I love cinnamon in my oatmeal and in homemade chai

  • Genevieve

    Hello Clotilde,
    I like cinnemon in my applepie and dutch toast “wentelteefjes”. The bread is dipt in egg and milk then baked and sprinkeld with cinnemon and sugar, very delicious. Succes with you book.
    Genevieve (from the Netherlands)

  • Dreena

    I always add cinnamon to coffee in my French-press.

  • Karen

    Oh cinnamon? two of many many amazing uses – nearly daily on my oatmeal (proper porridge or refrigerator version) with a banana and a good dusting of that wonderful spice. And for when there’s more time and a little more comfort is needed: cinnamon rolls.

  • Congratulations Clotilde!

    My favourite use of cinnamon is apple pie… with renettes from our garden. Just finished the one we made this weekend.

  • Kimberly M

    I love snickerdoodles!

  • Julie Iarocci

    Cinnamon is a perfect addition to almost anything. Love it on oatmeal, on ice cream, made into a simple syrup poured over ice cream, sprinkled on a baked sweet potato, and best of all – mixed into chocolate! I also have soaps that are made with cinnamon. Can’t get enough of it!

  • Sylvia

    Hard to narrow a fave. Frequent use in fall season is baking the German Apple Cake from Pike Place Market cookbook. Other use for cinnamon is a slight sprinkling of it atop apples then dipping apple into maple syrup drizzled yogurt. Last savory tip is adding a pinch cinnamon to salt/pepper dip. Dabbing moist pieces of poached chicken into it, delish!

  • Ben

    It’s not grand, but I love to keep some cinnamon sugar on hand for late-night toast

  • Ana

    Beautiful cinnamon totally makes a difference. I’d be intrigued try the Saigon one.

  • Laura

    Love it in so many things – especially hot chocolate!

  • Pieter

    I like to put it on chicken to roast. I mince a clove or two of garlic and spread it on the skin, then dust with cinnamon and coarse salt. Makes a delicious, beautiful coating, brown and savory.

  • no matter what I’m making for breakfast, sweet or savory, a dash of cinnamon makes it better.
    steel cut oats, vegetable scrambled eggs, whatever.

  • David

    Late in the evening, thick buttered toast, sprinkled with sugar, doused in cinnamon. And essential in any topping for an apple dessert.

  • Melanie

    Congratulations on the 10 years! I put cinnamon in everything – oatmeal, cereal, coffee, tea….and I add an extra shake or two when baking :-) My latest cinnamon “thing” is some rum, some milk, a dash of brown sugar, and a dash of cinnamon. Not the best cocktail (needs some work) but it warms me up in the winter.

  • Simon

    A strudel or cinnamon buns !

  • Gisela

    I have two favorite uses for cinnamon. First: christmas cookies star-shaped, made out of nuts, almonds, egg whites and lots of cinnamon, iced with cinnamon flavored icing. Second: cinnamon parfait (frozen) with cherry pie (still warm).

  • Gathe

    Bon, je me permets deux réponses, la cannelle vaut au moins ça!
    Pour le salé, les travers de porc grillés servis avec une compotée de coings à la cannelle du dernier 180°C m’ont épatée! Pour le sucré, un crumble pommes-orange-châtaignes avec une belle touche de cannelle!

  • Aimee M.

    Chocolate chip cookies! OK, anything chocolate with cinnamon is delicious.

  • sara

    With Keffir

  • Gloria

    In oatmeal! with raisins and cream

  • Jessica Courtier

    Cinnamon toast! And for my morning steel cut oats.

  • I liked your rosted couliflower :) its sooo good.
    Hope I get one of your books!


  • I love having cinnamon (with a bit of sugar too) on my morning porridge (usually helmipuuro; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helmipuuro).

  • Kerry

    I love to add cinnamon to my breakfast smoothies in the morning.

  • rosie

    I just had cinnamon on my oatmeal yesterday, but this time of the year it goes in a lot of meals. Baked apples with cinnamon are great. You don’t even need the crust or sugar.

  • Marie

    Homemade Chai tea!

  • Luciano Dyzenchauz

    I love cinnamon in my tea!

  • Leonor Arditti

    Cinnamon is great with ice cream.

  • Leonardo Kwiatkowski

    I love cinnamon strudel.

  • It would be so cool to win this prize; thanks for offering it!

  • Jamie

    My 4 year old son loves to make cinnamon raisin bagels with me.

  • I love cinnamon with apples. Yum!

  • Andrea

    cinnamon raisin bred spread with salted butter!

  • Patsy

    I love it on persimmon slices atop hot cereal with soy or almond milk.

  • Jim

    Cinnamon when making ice cream, there is no better kind…

  • Margarita

    Apple cider is my favorite right now!

  • Anna

    How to choose? Cinnamon is good with so many things… I think my favorite is tomato jam with cinnamon. And I often put a stick or two in my sugar jars.

  • Goran

    Best place for cinnamon is in apple strudel. Second best place is in speculaas cookies.

  • Liz

    Homemade applesauce with cinnamon takes me right back to my childhood.

  • Ruth

    Apple cinnamon cake or coffeecake.

  • Shelly

    In the autumn and winter, I just love making spiced warm apple cider.

  • Sarah

    I love cinnamon especially on top of an apple-tart !!

  • Isa

    I love adding cinnamon sticks when cooking pulled pork with coca cola. It adds a really great back bone to the pork and is delicious! And I love cinnamon in hot cinnamon buns with a sticky sauce..

  • We love crepes spread with butter (which melts from the heat), sprinkled with brown sugar and lots of cinnamon, then rolled up and enjoyed!

  • Kathy

    I like cinnamon in many things. A memorable one is just a pinch in chocolate pudding cake. Takes it all to another level.

  • Lynn

    So glad I came to your blog today as I’ve just learned about grating cinnamon sticks! Having learned of recent studies that cinnamon can help lower blood sugar I’m using it a lot more often, in smoothies, oatmeal (of course) and many baked goods. My favorite long time use is in adding it to a Sweet Potato waffle recipe that I make often.

  • Karla Ramos

    I love cinnamon in muffins and I drink my chamomille or calm tea with a hint of cinnamon Just perfect!

  • Lisa

    Cinnamon Spice Ribs! mmmmm

  • Susanna

    Applesauce cake. When I was little, it was my job to measure the ingredients, including teaspoons of spices (always cinnamon first!).

  • Jenna O

    I love cinnamon coffee<3 :)

  • Anon

    Like many others, I put cinnamon in my morning oatmeal. I also love it in hot chocolate with some chili powder as well though.

  • Darien

    Cinnamon, coupled with star anise, cardomom and nutmeg and orange zest, in Christmas biscotti – delicious, makes the house semll like the holidays, and Santa is happy!

  • Alexandra Desir

    My mom makes a very flavorful hot cocoa by starting out with cinnamon sticks and star anise boiling in water. It would be great to grate them fresh for other recipes as well. :)

  • Sévérine

    My preferred use for cinnamon is in this homemade Burek: Spice up minced meat and chopped onions in a frying pan with the usual salt & pepper plus half a tea spoon full of cinnamon. Spread the meat very thinly between filo layers in a well-oiled oven dish, cut into the filo dough layers and soak with a mixture of sour cream and sparkling table water. Bake and enjoy!

  • Andrea

    Damson plums combined with freshly minced cinnamon for tartes, desserts, jams, yum!
    Also I put a hint of cinnamon to Sauce Bolognese and most other dishes with minced meat or venison. My daughter uses cinnamon to refine the taste of her delicious green smoothies.

  • Natalia Kwiatkowski

    I love Cinnamon in my coffee!

  • judy

    on roasted tomatoes–
    or butternut squash soup with cinnamon, a spoonful of brown sugar and a dash of cayenne.

  • What a fabulous thing! Love cinnamon but can’t spell it ever

  • Claudia

    avec mon café au lait.

  • Sara Marsala

    Cinnamon, cinnamon…….there are a thousand dishes can benefit from cinnamon, but probably my favourite is to add it to wild blueberry muffins. I also love to add it to the basket of my coffee maker for a truly aromatic and delicious cup of coffee.

  • Katie H.

    Now cinnamon is a spice that gets a lot of use in our home. I like it’s warm in savory curries, but would have to say it gets used the most baked into quick breads. Mmm.

  • Anne-Laure J

    Bonjour !

    Pour moi c’est saupoudrée dans un bon crumble à la poire ! Délicieux et enivrant

    Merci encore de nous faire gagner ces beaux cadeaux

  • Eva Burck

    My very favorite is chicken or pork chops with a cinnamon chili rub I found. It’s mainly cinnamon with chipotle peppers and other savory spices in it. Sooooo delicious!

  • Simi

    I love cinnamon in sodhi, a srilankan curry spiced with cinnamon sticks and fennel seeds.

  • Evelyn

    I only use fresh ground spices now . . . Cinnamon is a favorite . . . love it in an oatmeal cookie recipe I learned as a child.

  • Lynne Basignani

    Thanks to my mother-in-law’s tutelage, I put cinnamon in the batter for fried artichokes. It’s a secret ingredient that gives just the right spice to the batter.

  • krus

    I love cinnamon on my morning porridge or oatmeal, with everything that contains apples or plums, with rice or semolina pudding… in glogg, cookies, muffins and cakes, in vegetable chilis… To cut a long story short, cinnamon is one of my favourite spices ever. :)

  • Ping

    I love cinnamon in everything with apples in them! Cinnamon’s also amazing in tea (feels like Christmas)! :)

  • Sara

    I out cinnamon in just about everything (especially this time of year), but I love cinnamon in fall baking: pumpkin bread with lots of cinnamon is my favorite!

  • Alicia

    My favourite way to use cinnamon is to add it into a chocolate cake recipe!

  • Barb

    I of course use cinnamon in all of my baking, including dutch apple pies. However, my favorite use is sprinkled on top of homemade hot chocolate. Yum!

  • Sherry Lykins

    I like cinnamon in my coffee. It is also amazing in chili!

  • J’adore la cannelle en patisserie et particulièrement dans les cinnamon rolls !

  • Danijela

    I love cinnamon in an apple pie. Or in cinnamon rolls. In in vin brule of course! :)

  • Seth Matheson

    Love to make cinnamon macaron shells and cinnamon ice cream! But really, where can’t you use cinnamon? I sometimes leave a stick in my car as a car freshener.

  • marion

    congrats pour vos 10 ans !

    depuis peu, ma passion en la matière sont les cinnamon rolls!

  • Lisa

    I love a mix of cinnamon, cardamom and Demerara sugar beaten together and spread as a filling for white sourdough swirls. The smell of the cinnamon sticks is just out of this world when I am grinding them in my Spong grinder – fills the house with the most uplifting aroma (that only cinnamon can produce!)!!

  • I love cinnamon on vanilla ice cream.

  • Laura Léger

    Café Latte

  • Jessica P

    If I could wear cinnamon I think I would make a skirt from the bark and scent every room I walk through. Or I’d ask to be mixed with honey so I could be drizzled on toast, or dripped into a steaming cup of Darjeeling tea to heal a sore throat. I might grate some over the top of a vegan pumpkin cake with dollops of coconut whipped cream–though I think I’d also save a few sticks to put in almond oil. Cinnamon is perfect for giving warming massages.

  • I like cinnamon in just about everything!

  • avril rustage-johnston

    My husband has been ordered by his doctor to eat Fibre One cereal every day.
    He referred to it as “chipmunk food” until I suggested he put half a teaspoon of cinnamon on top. Now he’s much happier when he faces his bowl of ‘sticks’.

  • kcc

    great giveaway, and some really interesting uses listed here. mine is simply cinnamon on sliced apples. no guilt and the apple is even tastier!

  • Ann

    My favorite use for cinnamon is cinnamon and sugar toast. It reminds me of my childhood.

  • Bori

    Semolina cream for breakfast topped with cinnamon and sugar.

  • susan steigman

    My favorite use of cinammon is almost with anything!!! But recently , have added to meatloaf and it is delish…gives a certain greek or mideast appeal. Also, on top of my nana’s koogle….nothing BETTER!

  • Jessica Volz

    The perfect accompaniment for café de olla!

  • Renee B

    I love lots of cinnamon in homemade apple pie, apple strudel, apple galette—anything with apples. It’s also a delicious surprise when added to tomato sauce with meatballs.

  • Nikolina

    I love a mix of cinnamon and sugar spread
    as a filling for palmiers (puff pastry).

  • Sarah

    I have cinnamon in my coffee every morning!

  • Susan

    Cinnamon rolls! I have a recipe so good that a neighbor is willing to plow snow off a long driveway just to get some of them

  • BLM

    Cinnamon is the secret finishing ingredient in my homemade pasta sauce! mmm!

  • In my life, cinnamon adds an incredibly subtle, magical flavor for hot chocolate, coffee, sweet fruits and any of sweet baking. And it warms, if you boil it with ginger and lemon, get an effective against colds drink :)

  • It’s interesting that while I love a cinnamon roll with the best of them (my family requests cinnamon rolls in tree – or other- shaped breads for holiday mornings), I generally find it can be too much in some applications (perhaps that’s when using poorer quality cinnamons!), and like to balance it with nutmeg.

    I particularly love cinnamon in savories, from Cincinnati chili, to bastilla, with other aromatics combos. LOVE.

  • Karyn

    My favorite use for cinnamon?!?! There are too many! In our daily oatmeal, pumpkin pie, apple pie, chili, Mexican hot chocolate, baked apples, pancakes… I could go on!!

  • Stephanie

    I actually love chewing right on a cinnamon stick for a burst of flavor! And I also love it in chili and bbq sauce.

  • Letitia

    I used to make these cinnamon & olive oil sables at work… literally just cinnamon, sugar, flour and olive oil. the end product was awesome on plain vanilla ice cream :)

  • Donna

    Cinnamon and sugar on buttered toast.

    Brings back a flood of wonderful memories of Saturday morning breakfasts and watching cartoons with my 3 sisters and 4 brothers.

  • Magdalena

    I love cinnamon especially for this magical flavor when you use it in the kitchen. The most important thing with cinnamon is, that it reminds me…home, christmas, love and joy. When I moved to Italy it?s not the great aroma of pizza that made me feel at home, but the simple plate of rice with baked apples and cinnamon. This give away is a great idea; it’s a little bit of magic you give us!

  • Karin

    On French toast. On anything apple. On rice porridge at Christmas. Whenever some extra warmth needs to be added to the flavor.

  • Sharon

    Swedish coffee!

  • Zoe

    From apple crumble to lamb pilaf, via christmas cookies…

  • JBS

    The best use is to spread over a ” pastel de Belém”

  • The giveaway is now closed, and comments beyond this one can’t be considered. Thank you so much for entering! The results will be announced later today in the post above.

  • Irene Rapoport

    I love using cinnamon in many of my baking recipes, but the one I enjoy most is in a recipe I got from an aunt where I combine apples,bananas and walnuts in a pie.
    I hope I’m still on time for entering to this sweepstake. In Argentina, where I’m living is still before midnight.

  • Angela

    With butter, a little sugar and fried apples! So good!

  • Maresa

    Porridge, Morrocan tagines and Indian curries.

  • Linda Shannon

    I love cinnamon and use it in my chocolate cake but my favorite is my cinnamon butter cake.

  • Christianne Leite

    Love it!

  • Pollyanna

    I use ground cinnamon with roasting meat – chicken or beef, sprinkle it on poached fruit, whip it through cream, add a pinch to a hot raw cacao drink. There are so many options for this wonderful aromatic spice.

  • Karen

    I love cinnamon in my Starbucks latte ( cheaper than getting a fancy drink too!) and in my crepes batter along with some sugar!

  • Giselle

    i like to put it in my tomato sauce and also inside turkey meatballs!

  • Elle

    Love it in zucchini bread!

  • Melody McCulloch

    I love to use cinnamon sticks to stir my tea. It scents the room and fills my cup with warm spicy notes.

  • Synthavanh Thompson

    I drink an apple cider vinegar drink with a couple sprinkles of cinnamon. It’s great for my complexion and detoxification. Love it!

    • Would you like to share the recipe for that? I imagine it’s not straight vinegar? :)

  • cynthia wohl

    I love to sprinkle cinnamon on my kefir….yum!!!

  • Lisa Cherkasky

    I love freshly grated cinnamon on a glass of bourbon with muddled orange.

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