10th Anniversary Giveaway #10: Edible Montmartre Private Food Tour

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of C&Z, I am hosting 10 giveaways throughout the month of October.

Our tenth and final giveaway prize is an Edible Montmartre Food Tour led by yours truly.

For a little while now I have been leading private food tours for small groups of food enthusiasts visiting Paris for the first or twentieth time, often creating itineraries tailored to their interests. I enjoy it tremendously.

One of my most popular tours is called Edible Montmartre: it’s a tour of my neighborhood through the lens of food, and includes visits to the best pastry shops, chocolate shops, bakeries, charcuteries, and cheese shops of the area. It’s a fun visit through one of Paris’ most typical village-like and food-rich areas. I provide stories, cultural notes, food tips from a local’s point of view — and of course, lots of delicious things to taste along the way.

For this giveaway, it will be my pleasure to invite the winner and up to three of his/her friends on this 2-hour private tour. The prize doesn’t include transportation to Paris (sadly), and it is valid through the end of 2014. If you win, we will work together to find a mutually agreeable date and time.

To participate, leave a comment below (in English or in French) telling me about the one thing you most want to see, taste, or experience in Paris, food or otherwise.

You have until Thursday, November 7, midnight Paris time to enter; I will then draw one entry randomly and announce it here. You are welcome to play regardless of your current location, as long as you intend to be in Paris sometime before the end of 2014. Please make sure you enter your email address correctly so I can contact you if you win.

Good luck!


I have drawn an entry at random using random.org (see screen capture below), and I am pleased to announce the winner is Karona, who wrote, “Since I have not been back to Paris since becoming a parent, I’d like to re-discover the city with my 2.5 year old daughter! Also for the experience of negotiating a huge city with a small child. She’d be most interested in the croissants, I imagine…”

Congratulations Karona, and thank you all for entering!


  • De tous les prix de cet anniversaire ce serait sans aucun doute mon préféré!! Les Batignolles est un coin que je connais à peine et fraîchement arrivée à Paris ce serait un vrai plaisir et un tel honneur que je croise les doigts!
    Très bon week end!!!

  • greg s.

    A baguette at Au Paradis du Gourmand

  • ruth

    i really want to have a picnic using food purchased from the Marche on the Rue Mouffetard! merci beaucoup!

  • Garmin

    I’ve only visit Paris once and missed going to Les Halles. But besides that, I would love to discover the neighborhood shops that real Parisians frequent. Please, please let me win this tour!

  • Fa Ruce

    Oh I know what I would like to do! I would love, love, love to visit some of your favorite markets, listen to all the stories behind, buy ingredients and cook and learn with you! That will be so great! Thanks for making me dream!

  • Erika W

    I’ve been reading for a while and am so happy to see your success! I would love love love to know a good place to taste moules-frites!!

  • Ohlala, what a prize! Apart from as many cheeses and wines as possible, I’d love to try pain au chocolat because I’ve never had it before. :-) Thanks for offering such an amazing series of giveaways.

  • Katherine

    I was in Paris in 2005, and I went into some random patisserie near the Louvre and ate something called ‘droops’. It was delicious and I still crave it some mornings. Internet searches haven’t helped me figure out what it was or how to make it, so the clear solution is to go back to Paris and eat it again.

  • Colleen

    I would love to revisit Paris and eat baguettes from a boulangerie, enjoy a glass of rose and walk that beautiful city all day long!

  • ladywild

    My mother in law is in Paris right now. She sent me the most amazing pictures of eclairs and marshmallows. I’m sure there are lovely things to eat around every corner.

  • I want to see the look on my mom’s face as we tour the city. I’ve been to Paris a few times and I am taking my mom for her 70th birthday next month. I am so excited to have her experiance everything that I love about Paris! This is also my first time in the city as a vegetarian, so I am excited to experiance French cuisine a totally different way!

  • Chris

    Boulette d’Avesnes!

  • This sounds interesting!! I shall be in Paris from the 8th till the 13th matter of fact (if I find a host lol) so this would be a perfect activity to gift to a Parisian friend’s bday :D

  • Sarah

    I’d most like to try the best croissants Paris has to offer!

  • Donna M. Jackson

    I’ll give it a shot —things can get better by then. Sitting and having tea and pastry and talks.

  • My husband and I are hoping to visit in May 2014, and I want him to taste the difference between a Parisian baguette compared to ones from home. There’s really no comparison.

  • Chloe

    I visit Paris regularly for work. I would really like to find a cozy, friendly cafe with good ambiance, and fantastic coffee and pastries (I have a soft spot for coffee eclairs), where I can sit with my laptop while I’m on work trips.

    Thanks so much for this fantastic offer, Clotilde!

  • Kirsten

    I love everything French! It’s funny how many crêperies I saw in Montmartre with piles of crêpes freshly made!

  • Literally anything! Cheese, crusty baguette, coffee eclair…anything!! What a lovely prize this would be :)

  • hana

    actually, and it might sound silly, I would love to discover some great vegetarian restos. I lived in France for three years during my high school years and I found none! so that would be great.

  • Maggie

    My goodness – this would be perfect! I’m actually heading to Paris for the first time EVER, at the end of November. The weather will probably not be good for a “pique-nique” but I am looking forward to tasting all the varieties of delicious cheese at the fromageries, and browsing the greenmarkets!

  • En bonne parisienne, toute blasée que je suis, je n’ai plus de surprises à Paris.. ou alors si, au contraire, tant, tout le temps, que je n’en désire pas qu’une seule.

    Si on parlait d’une ville à découvrir, j’aurais envie, surtout, d’en sentir l’essence. Et pour cela, me poser dans un café, dans un bar, le soir, d’y voir les autochtones fourmiller (et pas les touristes). Du coup, ici, dans cette ville que je connais si bien et que j’aime, j’aimerais découvrir ce lieu qui fait que les immigrés se sentent chez eux à Paris…

  • dana

    i love pan au chocolat and i’d love to find a truly great one.

  • Hayley

    I love Paris, and have been a few times since I was a little girl as I live in London’s, just across the Channel. However, my boyfriend of 7 and a half years has never been. I’d just love to go with him and finally experience some real romance in the most romantic city in the world! I know he’d love it.

  • Rungus would be nice or the best market street in Paris, wherever that may be.

  • Rubyshoes

    I was in Paris this past summer for just a few days, and the best meal I had was cobbled together from various markets – the absolute best wild strawberries I’ve ever tasted, olives, charcuterie, and chocolate mousse. I watched the Parisians stroll by for hours – it was fantastic. I could do that every night forever.

    But…since my time there was limited, I would love to be more adventurous with what the city has to offer. I found the vegetarian options pretty limited – I’d love to see what is available that I didn’t have time to explore!

  • Neeltje

    Would love to learn al about a great pain au levain and all the other riches of French baking.

  • Jacquelene Sullivan

    I’m anxious to show friends who have
    never traveled the Paris I’ve come
    to love.

  • I’m living in France for a while (as long as possible!) and while I’ve been to Paris several times, I still haven’t gone to the opera. So that’s what I’d like to do, the next time I’m there – with a bit of luck, after the food tour!

  • Natalie

    I would love to learn how to cook the perfect Parisian dinner(s) on a budget while i am visiting. Im visiting and have access to a kitchen but am nervous/excited about the memorable meals I can cook. A tour/shopping excursion in Montmartre would be the perfect kickoff to my long awaited vacation in Paris on a budget.

  • Amanda

    After trips to Paris being stuck eating scrambled eggs and nutella crepes (not that I mind those) I’d love to experience good places for vegetarian food.

  • Gabrielle

    Wow! The prizes just keep getting better. Truffles of couse! I would love to learn more about them and have a bite. Oh that would be black or white truffle mushrooms. The chocolate ones go without saying! :)

  • 3 words: pierre herme macaron.

  • Amy Graham

    Now that foie gras is illegal in California, I would put it high on my list to enjoy in Paris, in any form.

  • karona

    Since I have not been back to Paris since becoming a parent, I’d like to re-discover the city with my 2.5 year old daughter! Also for the experience of negotiating a huge city with a small child. She’d be most interested in the croissants, I imagine…

  • Ana

    I would love to shop at a french market, and then cook French dishes with the beautiful produce. I’d also love to learn how to make French bread in a working bakery!

  • Sarah

    Ah, I’ve only been to Paris once, several years ago, but I loved the Patisseries. I would be thrilled to see the city again. The cheese and bread shops are part of my dreams!

  • Jordan

    We moved to paris last year and have tried some terrific food in some great restaurants, and done countless amazing things in this city that we have fallen in love with. But somehow I would love to have a truly French, truly fantastic home-cooked meal in Paris!

  • Kristen

    I would like to visit farmers’ markets, cheese shops, bakeries, and pastry shops! my ideal meal would be mostly vegetables (treated in the French way of course) followed by a precious dessert.

  • C.Michol

    I would love to have some of the traditional, homey French winter stews in Paris — oh, and foie gras of course. Always foie gras!

  • Charley Suggs

    To see: Portrait en pied de Charles Le Coeur – Renoir at the Orsay, I am told he looks like me at a much younger age

    To eat: Oysters, raw, until I am sated and then cheese, as many kinds as possible wit baguette Monge from Eric’s boulangerie.

    To experience: Mozart’s Requiem in a large Gothic hall.

  • I have been dreaming of Paris my whole life. If I had the chance to go, I would love a true, real cafe creme and pain au chocolat. <3

  • Kat

    What I love most about being in Paris is walking through the city on foot, just taking it all in, and can’t wait to be there again.

  • Delly

    A really good cheese shop, I think, but it’s hard to narrow it down.

  • Christy

    The cheese!

  • Betty

    I love your blog. I’ve been on short trips to Paris and the usual tourist sights. I would love to walk around with a local like yourself who love food, and visit where locals shop and eat good food.

  • Caroline

    I would love to eat at one of your favorite restaurants.

  • Sharon Tomlinson

    hi Clotilde,

    I would love to experience a Parisian wine and cheese pairing event. Especially one being hosted by a Paris foodie such as yourself!

  • Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway! I’ve been to touristy Paris and I knew that I wasn’t getting the delicious French meals that I wanted. So I would love to eat and shop for food like a local, and one with great taste like yourself. The pastry, fresh bread, moules, crepes, …

  • Allison

    The first time I was in Paris I had amazing duck at a fancy restaurant, but I would love to have a remarkable meal at a bistro (all the ones I ate at were disappointing).

    Bon appetit!

  • sillygirl

    I have just been reading The Whole Fromage and now I’m anxious to really taste some of the definitive cheeses of France – and we will be there early Spring next year!

  • Katie

    I’d love to just spend some time (and tastebuds) in an everyday way. A tour with you sounds lovely.

  • My husband and I are planning a 2-year wedding anniversary to Paris and London spring 2014 and having this food tour would be absolutely perfect and thrilling for us! I have been to Paris a few times but my husband hasn’t been to Europe before. His mother grew up in France/Belgium so I’m looking forward to introducing him to his rich French heritage through the food, art (he’s an illustrator) and pain au chocolat!

  • Keli

    A sesame baguette! Ever since I read David Leibovitz post about his favorite place, now defunct I believe, I’ve been curious!!!

  • Marissa


  • Pei

    Stroll in a picturesque village, immerse in its culture, and have Pierre Hermes macarons

  • Natalie

    I am visiting Europe for the first time in April!

    I am so excited to try a real French baguette. Possibly not too exciting, but I’m a bread fiend :)

  • This would be fantastic! I would love to see small shops, outdoor markets, and a really nice tea shop. Oh, and patisserie of course.

  • Annaëlle

    Ca, c’est une chouette dotation!
    Parmi les expériences parisiennes qui me tenteraient vraiment, la première est, fort à propos, la rencontre de certains de ces blogueurs dont je suis les posts avec avidité, pour échanger de vive voix…
    Une autre découverte à faire à Pars qui m’intéresse fort ces derniers temps: Paris-pour-les-enfants.

  • Hadas B

    i went to know better this area. it
    s on mt to-do list

  • Michelle

    So difficult to choose. I’d love to go to assemble a whole meal – ending with some fabulous cheese of course.

  • Laura

    This tour – would be my favourite experience to have before leaving Paris :-) Your blog and books have been a great ressource during my years in Paris.

  • Gosh that is such a difficult question! Visiting behind the scenes of any food establishment with you would be a wonderful experience I’m sure. If I had to choose, maybe a choclatier, as I’ve never visited one and know very little about chocolate.

  • Jo

    I would like to visit all the 5 star restaurants in Paris.

  • Jeannie

    I’d love to learn more about fromage! Entering a beautiful Parisian cheese shop and learning about all the types and styles and then tasting them all… well, that would be a great day!

  • Michelle

    that sounds wonderful… I would love to recreated my 30th birthday in Montmatre when we had a 3 course meal at three different restaurants, starting with oysters and lovely white wine.

  • ElizabethCS

    Oh, sigh, I’d like to eat everything! I only ever visited Paris as a poor student, so I’d love to dine in some proper restaurants!

  • I would love to share a little red wine with my parents. Thank you and best of luck for hte next ten years!

  • Yael

    I’d like to taste the *best* eclairs in town, and experience some of the unique French food that’s nowhere else to be found.

  • Hayley

    Oh this would be incredible to win! My husband and I are visiting Paris for our tenth wedding anniversary in April next year, so my fingers are very tightly crossed! The thing I want to experience most is a perfect, fresh baguette with demi-sel butter. I’m a simple girl. (Close second-fifth is chocolat chaud, kouign ammann, eclair, tarte tatin… I’m a sweet tooth. And I know these didn’t *have* to be food, but that’s how I roll.)

  • Yul

    I’d like to try rabbit stew and the things that accompany it.

  • kanadelf

    ah je sais, je voudrais bien trouver du Kale vu que l’on n’en trouve pas encore dans le Sud ;-D
    Sinon boulangeries et fromages… (c’est l’heure du déjeuner, là, je me ferais bien une bonne tartine de brie!)

  • Emily

    I would love to eat really good cheese and find interesting ingredients I could take home and experiment with.

  • Michal

    I truly love watching people cook at home in their very own kitchen! I would love to be a fly on the wall watching you prepare a day-to-day meal, Clotilde, and seeing how your kitchen space is organized and what techniques and little tricks you use when you cook. But the chance to spend two hours touring Montmartre with you would certainly be amazing as well… Thank you for offering this chance! With gratitude from Marseille.

  • Sarah

    Freshly baked crossaints!

  • Carole

    I would like to visit a typical French bistrot

  • Lisa Swartz

    My husband and I would go for cheese, cheese, and more cheese, while our daughter would head for pastries! J’adore Montmarte!

  • I would just love to stroll around the streets of Paris, taking in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. Also, it would be amazing to visit a farmers market and taste a real french baguette. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Kathleen

    I would love to explore the French food markets from a local like yourself! I would think that each market has its own distinct personalities and it’ll be so much fun to be able to explore the food markets in various neighborhoods with you! I can imagine all the sights, sounds and aromas! It will truly be a feast for my eyes!!!!

  • I’d love to go behind the scenes at a really excellent boulangerie (maybe Coquelicot, which used to be my favourite local one when I lived in Montmartre nine (!) years ago).

  • wow, quel prix. Le meilleur pain au chocolat serait mon but préféré.

  • I studied french for 10 years throughout middle school/high school/college, and I’d love to get a chance to use it and experience all of the wonderful wine and cheese there!

  • I once had the best couscous of my life in a random restaurant just off the beaten track in Montmartre, and I’d love to find it again! But I’d really like to taste a “proper” macaron from Ladurée, I think….

  • Although I have been living in France for 11 years, I have only visited Paris once since I arrived. It would be wonderful to be taken around by you to your favourite places and I am sure I’d have a wonderful time.

  • Franko

    One of my life-long dreams is to go to Paris, and so far we’ve only managed to get to Provence, so, I would love anything and everything… but to not take the easy way out, i will offer these: i’ve been very interested in bread-making and cheese-making in recent years, and i’d love to learn more about the French way to make and eat both. : )

  • Ken & Denise

    Bonjour! My wife Denise & I will be coming to Paris in December to celebrate her 60th Birthday, and will be renting an apartment. I would love to be guided through your local markets to gather ingredients to make her a most memorable, home -cooked, Montmartre market sourced Birthday dinner ever!
    Also, any insight into the world of Armagnac’s would be most appreciated.(we are big fans of Bas-Armagnac, Laberdolive, 1972)
    Merci! Ken

  • Debbie

    I would love to discover Monmartre with you. It is one of my favorite areas of Paris, but I haven’t experienced it from a complete food perspective yet. I would love to visit your favorite restaurants and patisseries!

  • Allison

    Pain au chocolat! Cheese! Wine! I want to eat the city!

  • Marc

    If I went to Paris, I would like a perfect croissant and an eclair.

  • Kath Oliger

    OOH! I have been following you for quite some time lovely Clotilde and would invite the opportunity to see one of my favorite places and taste the flavors through your eyes and pallet!!

  • Mirjam

    What a grand final giveaway! I’d love to go to Paris and have a croissant aux amandes!

  • Kate

    Your favourite shops for bread – wine – and chocolate. That would be heaven.

  • helen

    i love me some good bread, and Paris has some of the best! I would love to get Your take on which bakeries are creme de la creme of the baking craft ( did i spell that right? :) brioche tugs at the strings of my heart, all warmed and buttered…

  • Laura

    I imagine they’re not especially numerous, but I would like to explore Paris’ vegetarian and vegan offerings.

  • I would love to tour your favourite food stores and markets with you. After 10 years of reading your blog, I think that would be big fun!

  • Judy

    We spent a week in a flat in Montmartre for our 25th anniversary. For our anniversary dinner in the Tour Eiffel, we spent the entire evening watching the lights come on in Paris. I’d love to repeat that whole experience!

  • A chocolate croissant!!

  • msue

    Should I ever visit your beautiful city, I’d first want to start the day an espresso or cafe au lait. Sometime in the afternoon I’d love to enjoy a visit with a glass of wine in a sidewalk cafe. And I wouldn’t want to return home without a visit to a a real Parisian food market – or a flea market – where a person could wander and discover things not normally seen in the markets at home. You sound like an excellent hostess for such personalized tours – the lucky tourists must feel so fortunate to have your guidance!

  • Since we used your (personally delivered :-)) book as a guide during our last visit we feel we almost had a personal tour already – but just visiting with you ‘IRL’ would be even better. As to the best experience – steak tartare at Le Severo is up there, but anything you would recommend would probably do!

  • Jill Martin

    I love reading your books and your blog. My boyfriend and I are coming to Paris in 2015 for our 50th birthdays. He does not like to be labelled but I would call him a vegetarian – this makes it very hard to find good places to eat that he is ok with. I can’t imagine his reaction when we walk through the markets and see all the birds waiting to be cooked for someone’s dinner. The sites and smells of Paris are so intoxicating. I love following my nose and ending up staring in a window with something delicious on the other side. Do you offer tours on a regular basis. I think this would be great fun for my boyfriend and I to wander around with someone who knows the good places to eat. Merci. Jill

  • Michelle

    I would love to visit the best Paris bakeries and try the best baguettes and croissants.

  • Maria

    I would like to see what Parisians eat for a normal evening meal…that, and tea at Le Meurice :-)

  • Julie L.

    I would love a private baking lesson to learn how to make those incredible pastries! Raspberry tarts with that luscious pastry cream and those incredible apple tarts!

  • I would love to visit the best spice shops in Paris. Dear Clotilde, thank you so much for your blog, I read it since the very beginning. (I’m myself a career changer, I started my blog (the first Hungarian foodbog) while I was a diplomat in Brussels, since then I became a foodwriter, cookbook author and host of a daily tv cooking show. Should you ever make it to Budapest, I would love to be your food guide!) And maybe, I’m lucky and you will be mine:) Congratulations to the 10th anniversary of your fantastic blog! Zsofi

  • Steve

    Everything tastes better in Paris. Even the hummus from Carrefours is better than what we make at home. So I’d like to continue to sample great foods around Paris.

  • Kate

    I would love to walk through a farmers market and taste the sweet little wild strawberries. Maybe pick up some fresh cream to go with it. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  • margie s

    Cheese! With you! Triple creme, maybe.

  • Regena1000

    My husband and I spent three wonderful weeks in France many years ago, but the little shops in Paris were magical. We have particularly come to appreciate the chacuteries and that would definitely be a destination for us!

  • Jean P

    Foie gras and oysters!

  • anne

    A food tour with you…mmm.

    I also love to go to the organic market on the Blvd Raspail on Sunday and buy a beautiful chicken to roast, watercress for salad, radish for crudites, fragrant cheese, a baguette, and whatever fruit is in season. Then stop for oysters on the way back to the apartment. Only in Paris…it’s not the same in New York

  • Peter Murray

    I have regretted that I missed your appearance some time ago in Boston, and I can’t be at your book signing in San Francisco. While I would love to compare the food scene in Paris to other culinary Mecca’s I have visited, the highlight of my trip would be to stroll with you through the market and glean not only your food wisdom but your writing process as well. Of course, I would also like to show my wife something of Paris aside from it’s airport

  • Elizabeth

    The two of us are planning a trip to Paris this winter, and will be in search of comforting, vegetarian, winter cuisine — ideally in as ancient a setting as possible! We’d love to have your help finding it, Clotilde.

  • claudia

    I would love to discover a nice café with delicious small things to eat where I could stay and read for hours.

  • Peggy

    Waking up to the perfume of the boulangerie, have cafe cream and a croissant in a sidewalk cafe….ah, the perfect morning.

  • Every time I visit New York or Paris, I compile a list of new restaurants in new neighborhoods to try…There are never enough days off, at least in the U.S.!!!

  • Kristin

    My partner and I have visited Paris several times together, and you have very helpfully joined us on our edible adventures (our favorite kind) in paperback form. The next time we go, we will be accompanied by our now-14-month-old son, and we can’t wait to share our Francophilia with him! But I am apprehensive about returning to Paris and navigating it successfully with a toddler in tow. What I would most appreciate is a fellow maman as our guide to our favorite city, seen anew. Merci Clotilde pour l’occasion de rever…!

  • Jan Newby

    I would love to experience a beautiful bowl of artichoke and truffle soup at Guy Savoy’s restaurant, or any dish which includes black truffles, cooked by the incredibly talented team Guy Savoy. That is my Paris dream!

  • Liane

    Hi there! I would love a Paris that only you could share with me….different markets and cafes!
    Please pick me!

  • Barbara

    Paris is my favourite city on the planet. I have not been there for many years. After experiencing a serious house fire in March, I have been living in a home not my own, without access to my spice drawer, my batterie de cuisine, my favourite cooking pots and recipe books.

    I find myself thinking about concepts of home. Is it where one was born? Where one lives with partners, lovers, children? A physical space, a country, an abstraction? Can there be only one, or many?

    Paris is definitely one of my homes – a place I have travelled to seldom, but that calls out to me each time I have been there, and experienced its delights.

    I want to go back home to Paris, to see beauty, to feel refreshed and re-energized. I want to visit the markets, to see and touch the produce, to eat food made with love and respect.

    Clotiide, to be able to share a part of this with you as a guide would be amazing. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary – here’s to 10 more years!

  • What a wonderful and thoughtful giveaway! I would love to tour the Montmartre neighborhood markets with you and learn how a true Parisienne foodie shops, which shops she select, what she buys, how much she buys and why.

  • Jan Newby

    I would love to experience a beautiful bowl of artichoke and truffle soup at Guy Savoy’s restaurant, or any dish which includes black truffles, cooked by Guy Savoy. That is my Paris dream!

  • Erin

    I can’t wait to make it to Poilane. Have been to Paris lots of times, but have never made it there to taste the famous “punitions”.

  • Vikki

    What a lovely idea to give us a personal tour of your neighborhood! I would love to bring friends and eat at a Paris bistro, also go to a kitchen shop and buy something uniquely French to bring home and cook with.
    I have your latest cookbook and recently made your pink pasta — fabulous!

  • amypick

    I would like to taste the most outre of food styles and stylists, verging on the edges of outer edges of food savory-ness! The umami of French cooking (preferably without the meat, but, if necessary… It’s France, after all!)

  • Oana

    It’s been two months since I returned from Paris, and it was the most pleasurable vacation EVER. So, having a reason to visit again would be awesome!

  • Elise Erickson

    Quand j’étais étudiante à Paris, j’adorais choisir une station de métro d’un quartier que je connaissais pas encore, y aller avec un(e) ami(e), et trouver un chemin pour rentrer chez moi à pied, découvrant des beaux coins de la ville. Plusieurs fois je passais toute la journée en traversant (et découvrant!) la ville. à l’heure du déjeuner je cherchais une boulangerie ou un petit café pour une quiche ou un sandwich et j’ai toujours des notes des bons endroits sur mon plan de Paris. J’aimerais bien retourner aux petits endroits et j’aimerais aussi refaire l’une de ces journées où le but était de se perdre (enfin, pas trop–on gardait quand même le plan de Paris dans le sac au cas où l’on était vraiment perdu) pour découvrir de nouvelles choses.

  • christy

    Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. In every way, shape and form…I love chocolat! I’ve heard Parisian chocolat is simply divine. Heavenly, even! Having you as a gastronomical guide would be like adding a cherry on top of a chocolate sundae!

  • Ce que j’aimerais goûter, là, tout de suite, c’est l’odeur de l’automne à Paris. La saveur des marronniers, le parfum délicat de la pluie sur les feuilles tombées, le gris plombé et le bleu étincelant des ciels d’automne. L’automne existe ailleurs, mais celui de Paris me manque tant.

  • Deniz

    I’d love to sit at a street coffee shop, watch passerby’s, drink my coffee and eat pastries..

  • Rebecca

    I would like to see Paris through a fellow foodie’s eyes…someone who knows the ins and outs. It would be amazing to hear of the traditional and modern dishes being served up in the prettiest city on the planet.

    Cheers to who ever receives this wonderful prize!

  • Sue

    Meeting your favorite purveyors and creators would be great. Congrats on 10 years!!

  • Nancy

    Chocolate! To see, taste, and experience…it works for all three!

  • Sammy

    I’d love to catch a film at the outdoor cinema at one of the Montmartre parks one summer.

  • Kiri

    It would have to be vanilla macarons from Ladurée paired with a tea from Mariage Frères…

  • Cynthia W

    I would love to be taken through Paris by an insider and be introduced to some of the neighborhood places to eat, shop, and peruse. I can try do it on my own, but lacking the proper language skills is always a huge drawback.

  • Felix

    there are so many options… but my top priority would prabably be a baguette from the current purveyor to the palais de l’élysée.

  • Eva Telesnick

    After visiting Vienna, and tasting all the delicacies of that region,which is the place of my heritage,we would love to learn about the French cuisine and have delicious Chateaubriand…..yum!
    Plus enjoy the wines of the region…

  • Daniella

    Well living on a very small island in Norway it is always nice to dream away in the Larousse Gastronomique, and when it comes to Paris you dream away about Paris-Brest pastry, Parisien sponge cake and the à la Parisienne dishes. It would be great to see, taste and make them in Paris. Well anyway happy anniversery and thanks for your inspiring blog

  • Glynnis

    We’re visiting Paris this winter and can think of nothing better than having you sharing your insight into Montmartre’s wintery, comfort food treasure troves with us!! Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! Here’s to the next 10!

  • Meghan

    One thing? Having lived in Paris for a few months here and there (and now having been gone for 3+years) there’s a lot I miss. But one thing? Good blood sausage. With some effort, you can find decent bread and cheese and pastries, etc. in Massachusetts, but no boudin noir, which was a favorite cheap meal when I was grad student.

  • Judy Rucker

    My favorite taste in Paris is the thick, rich hot chocolate served in the some of the delightful chocolate shops in the city. When we visit in May, 2014, I’ll be searching for a new one to try.

  • Helen

    I travelled in Europe in 1987 when I was in my early 20’s. Unfortunately I was unable to get to Paris. Next year I will be turning 50. I would love to be able get there and to try French pastry and cheese and see the sights of Paris. Thank you.

  • Michael Rucker

    My wife and I love Paris and food is our primary focus in this most wonderful of cities. I’ve always wanted to get a better understanding of French cheeses. I love them but am overwhelmed on entering a fromagerie. The cheese experts always try to be helpful, but I don’t know enough to give them direction. I need help.

  • Susan Hardy

    I would most love to share with my beautiful grown daughter the smells, sights, feel, history, art, fashion, and (of course) food of Paris. In particular, chocolate croissants and pastries in general would be the highest on our list as we are have a sweet tooth and have been on a search for the “best” chocolate croissant ever!!! I am now in Seattle and have found a place called Honore that I believe may be the height of perfection. I believe that will need to be tested!!!!!

  • Maya

    Hello, I would like to have a great excuse like this one to visit Paris with my best friend, as we have never been, and often wonder what it’s like. I would like to try breads, and cheeses, of course, to understand what a real french croissant, etc. is to be! Bissous :)

  • Simone

    What a fun idea and congrats on your 10th anniversary! Given that we live in Bruxelles, we should go to Paris more often. It might sound super cheesy (sorry!!!), but I feel like I know you from your blog and books, so it would be so fun to meet you in person and experience Montmatre as a local.

  • Asbjørn

    Next time I’m in Paris I’ll take my 1yo son to the Marais for eclairs – and his grandpa out for steak frites. Or the other way around….

  • Karen

    I’d love to shop at a real farmers market in Paris with someone who speaks French and can tell me all about it!

  • Kimberly O

    In Paris I’d be on the search for the perfect baguette and eat a ton of macarons!

  • Jen

    Tragically, I never made it to Montmartre on my one trip to Paris, so that’s tops on my list of places to go on my next trip. And although the eclair is my favorite pastry, I don’t think I had one of those either! Paris fail! Hope I can get another chance.

  • I would like to bring my daughter to Paris to sit at a bistro and drink in the air. To eat a real madeleine and admire the beauty of the macarons. To sip from a giant cafe au lait and get dizzy from the smell of the croissants. To toast with Moet. To devour French asparagus. To delight in escargot. To eat a real cassoulet. To see the beauty and possibilities of the markets. And to make a new friend who has inspired us for 10 years!

  • Naomi

    Well I would like to experience just about anything if guided by you, since your Paris will undoubtedly open up all sorts of secret corners and surprises – and I would gladly offer you a place on *my* tour about resister Paris (available in French, English or German).

  • Sandy

    I would love to discover a real farmer’s market in Paris, shop and soak up the atmosphere.

  • John Lawson

    I would love une baguette, une assiete de fromages et un verre de vin rouge (or a white from the Loire for the goat cheese).

  • Allison

    we used your book on our first trip to Paris in 2012 and loved every little gem you led us too, however, we ran out of time for a full montmartre experience. an edible tour of the area would be a dream come true on our next visit!

  • Chloe

    One of the things I am most interested in tasting when in Paris is something from the gluten free boulangerie Helmut Newcake.

  • Eliane

    First of all: Happy Birthday to your excellent Blog!
    I would love to focus on the sweet taste of Paris: patisseries et chocolats.

  • Elizabeth O’Connor

    I would love to try baguette from Poilane, as well as gather goodies from farmer’s market and enjoy picnic spread in park with my husband.

  • Frances Cahn

    I would love to find the following:

    1. Best steak-frites
    2. Best chocolate hazelnut candy

  • Barbara

    To see any part of Paris with someone who truly knows the area is always an amazing treat. To go with someone who truly loves the food as much as we do would be a feast.

  • kristel

    the thing i most look forward to eating in paris is a perfect baguette with wonderful butter with gigantic salt crystals in it. the perfect food!

  • Karen

    Interested in tasting some delicious North African food, Paris-style!

  • Kimberly Arlia

    I love a surprise….so anything would be perfect!!

  • Kerri Ryckman

    What an honour it would be to experience Paris through YOUR eyes!

  • domenica

    i’m studying abroad in france next year so i will be there and it would make MY LIFE if my mom and i could do this. we always cook together and this would be the experience of a lifetime, no matter what we made!

  • Subha


  • Marisa

    I’d love to see the gargoyles of Notre Dame up close again!

  • marie

    Prendre une pâtisserie Pierre Hermé et la déguster sur le pont des Arts, en face de l’Institut de France, en imaginant à quoi le tout devait ressembler au XIXe siècle.

  • Rosário Babayans

    I would love a platter of seafood with a bottle of Don Perignon at the top of the Eiffel Tower!Bisous et bonne anniversaire!

  • Lora

    I’ve actually been living in Paris for awhile – I’ve still been meaning to go wine tasting and finally figure out French wine. Knowing terroir seems to involve knowing a lot about French geography, and regional styles means understanding which types of blends are popular in different regions… and it’s hard to figure out one bottle at a time!

  • Lynn Wilson

    I want to share the joie de vivre and the true ectasy of the French food experience in Paris, with my husband. It will be his first visit there June 2014.

  • Kamelli

    I recently read Julia Child’s “My Life in France” and her description of sole meunière convinced me that this is something that I must try for myself on my first trip to Paris (coincidentally, in 2014)!

  • Adam

    What to see in Paris – well you ( even with my accompanying me) and… … Paris .
    The whole is surely greater than the sum of the parts

  • eloise

    I have never been! Next year is my 40th and my hubby and I are going to plan a trip- we both love trolling for amazing food, and having a guide like you would be Incredible! Relentless exploration of excellent nosh will be worked off with some de rigeur sightseeing and romantic strolls!

  • Deb Blaz

    I’d like to find the best vegetarian spots in Paris! J’aimerais découvrir les meilleurs mets végétariens de Paris.
    J’aimerais aussi visiter un vrai marché parisien.

  • Heather B

    Anything and everything! But, specifically, I’m dreaming about bread, cheese, butter, and oysters…

  • What a wonderful prize, I would love to win! I would love to know two things – the best wine bar in Monmartre and also where to get good vegetarian food!

  • Margit Van Schaickmargit

    I’d especially love to eat some pain Poilane with some delicious cheese.

  • Pam

    Just freshly baked bread and good butter!

  • Cotilde, I would love for you to show me the Paris that you know most intimately. We could stop for a croissant and coffee before beginning our trip to the markets. We could lunch outside (to accommodate our bags!) and then go back to your place to cook dinner for us all. I could tell you what it was like growing up in a steel town as a little girl among some amazing immigrant cooks and bakers. We could swap recipes! The evening would be spent visiting over wine and dessert, cement what would be a valuable personal and professional friendship!

  • Vern

    The perfect croissant. Mmmmmmm.

  • Hi Clotilde, I’d love to bring my husband to Paris to scout around for Space Invaders and other street art… and food with you! I’d also invite our friends who live near Geneva.

  • Maryann Snead

    I would love to have a ispahan croissant at Pierre Herme, bread from Poilane and the cheese tray at Le Comptoir. I still remember all of these things after a magical week in Paris 3 years ago!

  • Cheryl in Lyon

    This is totally stupid- we live in Lyon and can’t seem to find good Mexican. The last time we were in Paris , I was going to make a pilgrimage to Chipotle, but my daughter got really sick and we couldn’t go. Rofl- can’t believe I’m admitting this…

  • I would love to visit Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise, and especially the graves of Abelard and Heloise. I read their letters to each other at university and fell in love with Heloise’s intelligence and wit. Abelard, on the other hand, was not a pleasant fellow!

  • jbs

    Jacques Genin for chocolate!

  • emi love

    I’d love to taste regional cheeses of france and learn about them or try the best baguette or croissant in paris.

  • Soosi

    Moules frites in Montmartre!

  • Julie Schnorenberg

    I would love to have two scoops of ice cream from Berthillion shop on Ile de la Cite, watching the river and Parisians go by!!!

  • Lori K

    I want to experience YOUR favorite little hole in the wall place. What a thrill that would be!

  • shafina

    i have never been to paris and would love to go sometime soon. but my aunt went a couple of months ago and reported that there’s no good pastries and breads to be found, which i thought was pretty shocking. made me wonder where they went. i so want to prove her wrong and find some of the best boulangeries and pastry shops.

    thank you! :)

  • Anna

    Oh, EVERYTHING! Every little bit of Paris is sure to remind me of some piece of literature, history or art.

  • Cathy C

    A café au lait avec un Chausson aux Pommes à Coquelicot dans le dix huitième avec vous! Love your books and blog. Congratulations!

  • Mark Ellis

    I would love to see and hear about your favorite places. I will be in Paris in July 2014 and it would be a treat.

  • I’ve had the good fortune of visiting Paris many times as it’s truly my favorite city on earth. What I would like to experience when in Paris again, is the beauty of the morning light as it slowly begins to illuminate the city, creating an aura that is truly magical to me and a gift for the eyes. One of my other most favorite experiences (aside from the fabulous fresh markets) is walking by a playground and seeing / hearing the adorable French children speaking in their native tongue with such animation and passionate expression always bringing a smile to my face.

    Aimée Eiguren

  • Tanya

    Love reading your blog, your recommendations for where what and how to eat in Paris (and beyond!) Wouldn’t it be fabulous to be shown in person? Yes please!

  • Montmartre has so much history. I know that it’s a long shot, but someday I would like to taste some wine from the Montmartre vineyard.

  • Lydia Regester

    My husband and I will be visiting Paris in April 2014, all the way from Australia. I would love to have an afternoon tea with beautiful French pastries! I may have to eat them vicariously as I am unable to have any food with gluten in! Unless this lovely tea is served with gluten-free pastries. Would that be a possibility?

  • Cindi Ideker

    I would love to visit the markets to see and try all the different veggies and of course cheese, chocolate and wine! I was in Paris many years ago and looking forward to returning!

  • Marina

    .. your food tour of course!

    And maybe having a stop at one of the poilane shops.

    Thank you for your give-aways!!

  • Bethany

    This would be lovely. I’m a big fan of anything ‘cheese’, as well as crepes and quiches which I happily devoured last time I was in France.

  • Steph

    A paris, j’adorerais découvrir des endroits secrets avec par exemple des terrasses cachées. Ce serait aussi l’occasion de découvrir vos habitudes sur les marchés !

  • Nivedita

    I would love to have some Breton dessert. I tried making once Kouigh Amann. It flopped dismally.Wonderful set of giveaways!

  • Kai

    I’ve been to Paris a couple of times and every time has been fantastic. It was great to wake up and go to a French bakery for fresh baked croissants and pan au chocolat.. The lunch Atari fabulous old town bistro and then dinner in a local restaurant.. I miss being in Paris. Things to try.. All of the cuisine!!

  • Tamsin

    I’d love to try Jacques Genin’s caramels and spend a day browsing in G. Detou.

  • Margaret

    The one thing I’d like to experience (again) in Paris? The same feeling of discovery and freedom and adventure as the first time I visited so many years ago. Slowing down and taking the time to taste, try, explore new places instead of rushing through on the way to a meeting or appointment. As for food, cheese please!

  • Evonne

    I have been to Paris a few times, but I’ve never had the chance to wander around and shop at E. Dehillerin. The last time I was in Paris, it was closed for the holidays. A trip to that store is now at the top of my list.

  • Anna

    12 years ago. First visit to Paris after a ‘chantier d’ete’. ‘Grec’s’ and coffees bought with the last of francs left. Friends and a first-time broken heart. Musee Gustave Moreau. Gare du Nord. Paris will always taste bitter-sweet to me. Would love to revisit this feeling with my love now, all these years and adventures later.

  • Alexandra

    I have always wanted to visit the Parc du Buttes Chaumont and have a picnic.

  • Levynite

    I would like to try a croissant, the variety of marshmallows and basically just return home a kilo heavier.
    If I can’t eat anymore, I’ll just be outside, inhaling the wonderful aromas.

  • eah

    This would be awesome.

  • Loren Sklar

    The hardest part of the question is the word, “one.” How can there be just one thing to want to try in Paris!! Almost impossible. Cheese? Desserts? Breads? Seeing the great and the new Parisian restaurants? I have to settle on Vegetarian Cuisine – the vegetarian cuisine and scene in Paris. Still the internal debate rages. Hope I have the opportunity to continue this debate!

  • Lorelei

    Oddly enough, I’m going to Paris this weekend, and stopped by the site in search of suggestions for deliciousness. When I saw the sucettes (spelling?) pictured in this post, I knew it was fate. They are so delicious and I have never found them in New York. I would LOVE and ADORE to be led to the patisserie that houses your favorite ones.

  • Phillip

    My wife and I are celebrating our 40th birthday in Paris this November. We fell in love 20 years ago over duck l’orange and chateaubriand in the Latin quarter.

  • Michiel

    I would like to smell the city in the morning, have a taste of good compagnie while the Seine melts on my tongue and we sing a song of Johnny Hallyday

  • Kristin

    Oh this is thrilling. The one thing I long for more than anything else when I am in Paris, is to, in fact BE a Parisian. I want to feel what it might be like to live and eat in such a beautiful place as a native and not as a wide-eyed, more-than-a-little-intimidated visitor. Of course, the next best most wonderful alternative would be to spend time there with you, visiting your favorite places, whatever and wherever they may be. I am wide open to the possibilities!

  • T Thompson

    The most delicious, perfect croissants and foie gras (not necessarily at the same time).

  • It is really hard to make a choice: so many foodie places I would love to explore in Paris. I would love to visit a good cheese shop or – i am not sure if they are around – a Parisian (craft beer) brewery. Then again a restaurant where they prepare great vegetarian food would be awesome also.

  • Esther

    I love wandering the streets of European capitals looking for new culinary delights. Since my son was born I haven’t been back to Paris. I’d be very interested to learn from a Parisian mother of 2 little ones how to balance gourmet attractions and a 4-year-old’s craving for playgrounds.

  • Carrie

    Whatever the cheese is in that picture above! And also your yogurt cake :)

  • Deborah Atkinson

    What a dream come true to go on a walking tour of Montmartre with you! My husband and I are bringing our 2 adult daughters to Paris for Christmas this year, but as the air fares from south Africa are so expensive there wont be any other presents; but MAYBE I will be lucky and win this tour with you!! I would also love to visit Ladurèe for tea…but there are many wonderful food experiences to savour in Paris!

  • Nic

    I have never been to France but have always dreampt of visiting someday. I’d love to exepriece all that Paris has to offer in terms of cultaure and music and food. What an amazing giveaway!


  • Diana

    I want to have an experience like in Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris’. To be brought back in time when Paris was alive with all of the great artists, painters and underground. I want to (believe I ) have a conversation with Hemingway and follow his footsteps around the city. Simply being in Paris will most likely impart these feelings as I have never been there before but long to get there with my husband and best friend who may have this only opportunity, as her last to drink (and yes to EAT)in all of the sites, smells and sounds of a Parisian adventure. I will pretend I am Julia Child and eat BUTTER!

  • Elle

    Would love to try all the french pastries, especially their eclairs and profiteroles.

  • emily

    I will be visiting Paris for the first time next year. I would love so very much to take a tour with you!

  • dax


  • Laura

    For sweet treats, I love eating macarons, pain au chocolat and chocolates. For savory things, I love sampling cheeses, fish and quiche. I really love the speed that the French eat. I am very happy to spend several hours at the table savoring a meal and enjoying good company.

  • Matthew

    I am traveling to Paris in two weeks and am looking forward to having oysters and champagne. I would love to know your favorite places!!!

  • Jenn

    What I would most like to experience in Paris: A wonderfully lazy and relaxing day exploring, strolling and sampling the best the city has to offer. I’m imagining freshly baked croissants, moules-frites, a warm baguette with jam or cheese, macarons, pain au chocolat… Fresh produce from a local farmers’ market.

  • chloe

    i was born in paris (i’m half french) and live in california and i love your blog! i found your book when i was in paris 6 years ago i think and have been following you ever since. i’ve made so many of your recipes and have had great success. totally my style! i love bakeries and restaurants that have fresh, local, not too sweet and greasy culinary dishes… i’m kind of a health nut… i love french pastries but i find they are usually too sweet. :)

  • Claire McLeod

    I’ll be in Paris this month and I can’t wait to try the pain au levain from Poilane!!

  • Jackie


  • Irene

    I want to go to the Maison de Verre, and eat some very dark utterly singular chocolate (as delicious as M de V is insolite and beautiful) afterwards! Thank you.

  • Robin

    If I can only choose one thing I’d love to do in Paris, excluding the museums and the standard food… I have always wanted to go to one of Jim Haynes’ famed Sunday dinners– to eat and mingle with strangers from anywhere & everywhere, hosted by an artist I truly admire (helped found the Edinburgh Fringe!), in one of my favorite cities in the world… wrong language, but anyway for me it’s the epitome of la dulce vita!

  • Justin Kent

    I’d love to see Montmarte’s best secret spot!

  • André Lamelas

    The Seine!

  • Jessie

    There are so many things I want to taste, but mostly I want to SEE all the wondrous foods Paris offers. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind taking a systematic survey of the city’s caneles.

  • Marielle E

    I found this great article about the best 20 chocolatiers in Paris.
    And I would like to visit them all! But the top three would also


  • Marc M

    I would love to visit La cave à vanille d’Olivier Roellinger à Paris. Looks very special!


  • I would love to learn how to bake bread with a Parisian baker!

  • christine

    I have visited Montmarte a number of times, usually when I have guests in town and they want to do the touristy thing. The problem is that I have never gotten to experience the “real” Montmarte. To visit the places off the beaten path that only a neighborhood native would know about. As for food, well I love everything in your books and blog so I don’t think you can go wrong. I am a cheese, veggie, and meat lover. I am less crazy about chocolate and sweets. Fingers crossed I get picked!

  • Michael

    I’d most like to do an amazing cheese tasting with all sorts of unusual French cheeses and would least like to have to eat an oyster or a snail! My 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter would happily eat both of them for me though…

  • Sandra

    I would simply like to experience how food and the artisans and shopkeepers behind it have shaped the vibrant history and character of Montmartre—with a memorable sampling of sweets and savories along the way.

  • Lauren T

    I would love to experience a French market–the smells, sounds, sights, and of course, tastes!! Whether it is cheese, pastries, charcuterie or chocolate, I would love to see Paris from a locals perspective for an hour or two :)

  • Rosie

    I work as a cheesemonger and would love to try all those cheeses we don’t get in the States!

  • Elizabeth

    I know there’s a famous giant store that sells every possible item imaginable for cooking and baking. I would love to visit it and purchase a dents de loup pan and a fabulous copper saucepan to use forever.

  • I’ve tasted many of the oysters, but it would be lovely to do a comparison of the different types/regions, with the appropriate wines of course!

  • Mary Beaumont

    I will be in Paris June ’14 on a foodie trip following Julia Child’s steps so to speak. Right now, a damp, chilly day where I live, I long for a wonderful cup of Parisian Hot chocolate from little cafe on rue de Rennes or the hotel cafe next to Le Maison du Chocolat on rue Sevres and a properly baked croissant, dark and crispy. Americans never bake things long enough! What a thrill to have a personal tour by you!

  • carme

    Je n’ai pas besoin d’un raison pour aller à Paris, mais ce tour par Montmartre serai une très très bonne excuse ! (J’habite à Barcelone)

  • Adele Miller

    Eggs en Meurette, anywhere, or the Perfect Cooked Egg at Pirouette. Eggs are the most perfect food and I’ve never had better ones than any of the egg dishes I’ve eaten in Paris.

  • Kate bon

    To drink a garnet red Bordeaux paired with unctuous ‘just right’ Brie, in a little bistro just off the Champs Elysees;.. and to quote the song, sit listing to ‘the waiters whistling as the last bar closes’… just as I did all those years ago when I lived in Paris… These Foolish Things…Remind Me Of… Then!

  • Pat Martin

    If I win I will take lots of photos of vegetables, fruit and ktichen fabric, And like my first trip to Paris to visit my sister, I would try every patisserie I see.

    Pat M

  • Yoshiko Y

    I have yet to try steak tartare – I would love to be able to find a place that serves an amazing one!

  • Milt Gersh

    Hi, Since my grand kids live in Paris, I would like to take them and their mother and father to the Hotel Bristol for lunch. Thanks, Milt

  • Candice

    I would most like to visit the Frida Kahlo exhibition and eat pastries :)

  • Ruth Belll

    I long to relive the experience of visiting & eating at Fauchon. We ordered at a cashier & ate the most amazing salmon coulibac. A visit to any cheese shop to savor local artisan cheese on your legendary baguettes, would also be worth the trip.

  • Claire

    Moi j’aimerais essayer de très bons restaurants, me balader dans les rues de certains quartiers encore non visités, chercher des boulangeries exceptionnelles… et découvrir encore mieux la vie nocturne parisienne si variée

  • Christine Burton

    I adore France & especially Paris! I am currently working on souffles. Learning how to make veggie souffles is high on my list of things to do. So, if I were lucky enough to be selected for this personal tour, I would want to taste a perfectly wonderful souffle…..of any kind!

  • Maureen Kenny

    I would love experience the essence of Paris, its culture, the people and expecially the food markets. What an experience it would be to eat baguettes from a boulangerie!

  • Dana

    How fun! I will be in Paris this summer with my two very young boys in tow, so market tours would be ideal!

  • Helma

    Roaming about in Paris, good food, shops,
    some art .More ideas than I can write down.I’ve not been in Paris for a great
    while. Would love to share it and
    like this tour idee.

  • Awesome! I’ll be in Paris next weekend and would love to find the best boulangerie and the best farmers’ market!

  • Emy


  • emily

    I will be visiting Paris for the first time next year. I would love so very much to take a tour with you!

  • Lisa Pinckney Youngblood

    I turn 50 this coming March. My wish to have a glass of Champagne with my best friend. She and I both love the food and wine and we would adore just sitting at a cafe’ after strolling through the streets of Paris. I could visit a small gallery and admire the view of people passing while I sip my drink.

  • Joy

    As I’m vegetarian I would love to experience the best non-flesh products around – and, of course, the odd baguette, croissant, chocolate ….. Sounds so basic, doesn’t it? But there’s nothing better than the real thing!

  • Melissa

    the perfect baguette.

  • Nancy

    I missed you in San Francisco on 11/3/13 so would love to meet you in Paris to stroll and taste food in Montmartre.

  • shirley brown

    Healthier bread. I would love to find sources for multigrain, whole wheat and spelt bakery products in Paris. Thank you.

  • Sophie

    Waouh, quel super prix, ca tente vraiment beaucoup. Une des choses que j’aimerais beaucoup expérimenter à Paris est un repas chez Alain Passard.

  • Annette

    I would love to have a nice french breakfast. While having tasted many great dishes for dinner in Paris, I struggled to find a good breakfast in a nice café. Maybe you could help me?

  • Linda

    I used your book as a guide the last time I was in Paris and it was fantastic! I would love to take your tour to see and hear about all of the new places that you recommend.

  • Carolyn Davies

    My friend and I have rented an apartment in the 1st Arrondisment so that we can enjoy some of the beautiful cheeses, baguettes, tapenade, and fruits we admire in the neighborhood markets. It would be lovely to explore the culinary highlights with you!

  • Marina

    A baguette I will always remember.

  • What a wonderful offer! I would love to take a peek at how Parisians cook at home. What ingredients can’t they live without, what do they keep in their cupboards and what equipment do they use? I am just so curious. We Americans are so crazy for expensive appliances and gadgets. My college aged daughter plans to work in France next summer and we would LOVE to do this together.

  • Claudia

    It’s simple and perhaps silly, but I would love to have a pain au chocolat in the true Parisian style :) I live in Mexico City, and I have a French friend who is on a constant search for the best “chocolatín” (that’s the name here), and I am confident that we have found the best one in the city, but I’m sure it still doesn’t compare to Paris…

  • Stephanie

    Chouquettes and Salami aux noisettes

  • Mara

    The best falafel I’ve ever had was in the Marais in Paris! I’d love to go back and have it again :) Either that or a perfect crêpe au sucre et au citron or any French choux pastry dessert, like an éclair or religieuse!

  • Stephanie

    My husband and I really want to take a 5 year anniversary trip to France next year! On our food list are macarons, good cheese you can’t find in the US, and a good restaurant!

  • Gail

    I am all about dessert! How about an amazing souffle!

  • Stacy

    Eat at Septime for my birthday on November 24. Croissants at Gontran Cherrier! And a visit to Marché d’Aligre.

  • oxalis

    Un diner à l’Arpège…

  • Joey

    I saved Montmartre for the last day of my visit to Paris. Every previous was spent in another neighborhood, where I’d start my day with a croissant and end at my hotel, having eaten and drunk everything of interest to me on my meanders home. It was sprinkling when I got to Montmartre and sat down at Gontran Cherrier’s bakery. The delicate falling mist didn’t bother me — I’m from Seattle — but by the time I’d finished my coffee, the drizzle had become a deluge. I was soaked by the time I got to the Metro. So, instead of Montmartre, I got to explore the neighborhood around my hotel some more. I’m already planning a return trip to Paris for next year. A food tour of your neighborhood would be a great way to begin.

  • The giveaway is now closed, and comments beyond this one can’t be considered. Thank you so much for entering! The results will be announced later today in the post above.

  • tamara

    Would love to sit in the sidewalk cafes, and taste all the bread and pastries from the little corner bakeries. I dream about such things. And bring home some french baking and cookware items. Oh, what fun!

  • Phynique

    I might be visiting Paris for the first time this coming Summer; my friend reads food blogs and saw this one, and since it was related to our trip coming up, told me to give making a post a shot. i would love a taste-tour of Paris!!!

  • Trish Johnson

    My daughter moved to Paris (15 th arrondissement ) almost two years ago with her new husband . He is a Frenchman and her native language is English. She is loving Paris and I would love to invite her on this journey with you.
    I hope this qualifies for second round of winners. I have been sick and am just getting caught up on email

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