10th Anniversary Giveaway #3: French Cooking Class at La Cuisine Paris

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of C&Z, I am hosting 10 giveaways throughout the month of October. Keep checking back for chances to win wonderful products I’ve discovered and loved over the past decade!

Our third giveaway prize is the cooking class of your choice from La Cuisine Paris.

La Cuisine Paris is a wonderful cooking school located in the center of Paris, right by the Seine. It is run by a French-American couple who have created a warm and inviting space for home cooks to learn about French cuisine and French pastries through hands-on cooking classes taught by professional chefs. They also organize market classes, tasting classes, and food tours.

For this giveaway, owner Jane Bercht is offering a gift certificate for the class of your choice (taught in English), whether you want to learn about croissants, macarons, or soufflés, prepare a three-course gourmet dinner, learn to shop at a French market, or go out to Versailles to visit the King’s Vegetable Garden (see class details).

The prize doesn’t include transportation to Paris (I wish!) and the certificate is valid through the end of 2014. If you win, Jane will get in touch with you so you can discuss dates and class choices.

To participate, leave a comment below (in English or in French) telling me about the most memorable cooking class you took, or the one you dream of taking someday. And if you’re on Facebook, please consider liking La Cuisine Paris’ page (and the C&Z page, too!).

You have until Monday, October 14, midnight Paris time to enter; I will then draw one entry randomly and announce it here. You are welcome to play regardless of your current location, as long as you intend to be in Paris sometime before the end of 2014. Please make sure you enter your email address correctly so I can contact you if you win.

Good luck! And check back on Thursday for a new giveaway.


I have drawn an entry at random using random.org (see screen capture below), and I am pleased to announce the winner is Aly, who wrote, “My mother, grandmother, sister in law, and I took a cooking class at Mama Agata in Ravello, Italy. It was wonderful to all be together and my grandma (just shy of 90) came from that area and so enjoyed speaking with Mama Agata. The food was delicious and the landscape absolutely stunning. It’s a lovely family-run business and I treasure the memories.”

Congratulations Aly, and thank you all for entering with such wonderful cooking class memories and ideas!

La Cuisine Paris Draw

  • Kim J

    I would love to take a coking class with Pierre Hermé some day and learn to make exquisite desserts…

  • FHeimburger

    My favourite cooking class was a great introduction to Japanese home cooking at Manekineko de Montmartre – highly recommended

  • Je ne suis pas experte en terme de cours de cuisine, mais j’adorerais en prendre un… avec Alain Passard, sans avoir un plat en particulier en tête,mais juste apprendre quelques gestes de lui!

  • Hadas B

    Congratulations to the blog!
    After a year of living in Paris, I dream to learn about preparing a baguette.

  • Ruth Wilson

    My favorite cooking class was an Indian cooking class I took last year. It was taught by an 85-year old Indian grandmother who taught us her favorite recipes. We learned a lot of her “secrets” which was wonderful!

  • I took a class on Saturday over lunchtime with just the Chef, my husband and I. I was delighted and shocked as Chef Laurent proceeded to break all of the rules I knew about making pastry and gnocchi. Room-temp butter is easier to work with! Gnocchi like mashed potatoes (he literally used an ice cream scoop). Everything was incredibly delicious and we had a lot of fun talking with someone originally from Brittainy.

  • ladywild

    I’ve only taken one cooking class and it was a knife skills class. I definitely enjoyed it and learned some great tips and tricks.

  • neonmoon10

    I took a pie making class once. It was ages ago, but it was fantastic. I finally learned how to make a pie crust that was flaky and delicious.

  • Vikki

    I dream about taking a cooking class in Paris someday — what a dream come true and a joy to think about! I love everything French — especially their food!

  • What an amazing giveaway! I’ve been dreaming of taking a class in knife skills (oops, this sounds a bit ominuous :) – I would love to learn from an expert on how to hold and use a knife properly.

  • My favorite cooking class was one I took in high school with a lovely French ex-pat living in my home in suburban Philadelphia. She taught us how to make a classic French omelet … and then, probably because it was 1972, a cheese ball covered in chopped walnuts. Tres Americain!

  • Susan

    The only thing resembling a cooking class I’ve ever taken is home ec! I’m definitely a self-taught cook, so I would love some tips from a pro!

  • Margaret

    The most memorable cooking class I took was “Cook with Shuk” on our honeymoon in Langkawi, at private home up a bumpy jungle track. We made the most heavenly beef rendang and other curries using ingredients from the chef’s garden, and ate outside listening to the strange noises of lizards and monkeys in the trees. Unforgettable.

  • Nancy edwards

    When I was a graduate student where we learned not only how to cook but how to shop for fish. We would have expeditions to fish markets to learn how to pick the freshest fish, ask questions, etc. It was absolutely fantastic. The class was in French and English depending on who was in class and where we were going. Great experience.

  • hey! ut was in china, and i couldn’t understand a ward because the teacher was drunk and forgot how to speak english…

  • Sedona

    My most memorable cooking class was definitely an Ethiopian cooking class, in Seattle. The class itself was loads of fun, and I can still impress guests a (relatively) authentic Ethiopian meal, as long as I can find the right ingredients!

  • I’ve never taken a class, but would love to get more comfortable with pastry!

  • Meredith

    I’ve never had a cooking class…..learned from my mother and grandfather and then self taught. I would love one of those italian vacations where you stay in a farmhouse type resort and cook italian food all day in a class…..and eat it of course!

  • Dax22

    I haven’t taken a formal cooking class, but have learned a lot from family and friends: Asian, Hungarian, Spanish, SE USA. Would love a cooking class in Paris!

  • Elizabeth

    25 years ago, I found a cooking class advertised on a bulletin board in a laundromat. The teacher was a professional chef who taught us a condensed version of everything he’d learned at the Culinary Institute of America.

  • J’ai eu la chance d’assister à de nombreuses et très belles leçons de cuisine, dans des endroits prestigieux mais définitivement, l’endroit où j’ai appris mes plus belles recettes: dans la cuisine de mes grands parents pendant les vacances d’été, avec confitures et bocaux maison au programme!
    Merci !

  • Mary

    I like to think of cooking with my mother as my best cooking classes. As I child I would ask to help chop and 35ish years later I’m still learning! I live in France now, but will call her in the US before a dinner party or gathering to review my menu or last minute cooking tips!

  • I took an online course The science of gastronomy. While it was informative it could not compare to taking a ‘real’ class, being face to face with a chef. So I would love to attend an actual cooking class.

  • Carole

    My favorite cooking class was sushi-making class taught by a really talented Japanese lady. I learned a lot and her class was really a lot of fun too.

  • Katherine

    I took a great pastry class a few years ago about making Decadent Desserts. We learned a lot about puff pastry, but the best part was probably all the sampling!

  • Aly

    My mother, grandmother, sister in law, and I took a cooking class at Mama Agata in Ravello, Italy. It was wonderful to all be together and my grandma (just shy of 90) came from that area and so enjoyed speaking with Mama Agata. The food was delicious and the landscape absolutely stunning. It’s a lovely family-run business and I treasure the memories.

  • Courtney

    I took a class in santa fe where we made, among other things, a sabayon. I always assumed sabayon was so complicated, but it was great fun to learn how to make. I love cooking classes for taking me outside of my cooking comfort zone.

  • Christine Teo

    I’ve never been in a cooking class and would love to be in one = )

  • Michelle

    My dream is to have someone teach me how to make palmiers perfectly. My current attempts see me ending up with sugar all over the kitchen floor or small and lopsided results.

  • Robyn

    The best cooking class I ever took was a knife skills class given to me as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend (now husband). After a few close shaves in the kitchen, he knew it was in both of our best interests to get me ‘schooled’ before someone got seriously injured :)

  • Gloria

    I’ve taken quite a few cooking classes with The Viking Schools, at Atlantic Cape College in New Jersey, and at many other sites. But perhaps my favorite was a week in Tuscany at CookItaly.com, cooking with Chef Carmelita and three other Americans after we shopped the local markets each day. One evening Carmelita announced we’d cook goat later in the week. We were all a bit surprised next when she phoned the shepherd to arrange the goat’s demise – so that it would be ready for us at the butcher’s in time. We knew then we weren’t back at home heading to the local ShopRite! That’s why we’d all come to Italy – to do it their way. Besides, our sensitivity about the death sentence was forgotten when we braised the tender goat with juniper berries. It was delicious! I am hoping my dream trip to cook in France would be equally rewarding, whatever I cook.

  • Morgan

    My town has a sweet business called Ciao Thyme, and I took a cooking class there once. My dream would be to learn how to make croissants in Paris, though!

  • Feli

    I went to a cooking class (the one and only, so far) when I was seven. It was during the summer holiday, as a kids acticity. I loved it, although everybody was watching me in shock cutting potatoes lefthanded, as I am a leftie. :)

  • Susan Moorhead

    I took a class in Toulouse in July and it was a great experience to learn from a French chef even though my language skills are tres basic.

  • I’d love to take some charcuterie or whole animal butchery classes.

  • I have taken a few cooking courses before and I think it is time to learn how to master the macron! That would be my dream class.

  • I haven’t taken a cookery class since I was in what would now be called Year 9 at school, but I do remember being taught to make bread there. And marmalade – and I still make my own to this day.

  • Ingrid

    I attended a memorable cooking class called “The Science of Cooking” at Harvard. I only went to some of the public talks, but I enjoyed learning about some of the chemical and physical processes behind cooking and especially baking.

  • sophie

    learning to make paella in barcelona!

  • Jane

    I attended cookery school when I was 17 for 3 months it was great, I went on to be a chef, but decided it wasn’t for me after a year. I wanted to be a chef as I love food and cooking for others. I always dreamed of travelling to Paris and visiting amazing bakeries and learning a few French secrets. I moved from Australia to the 2 years ago, I haven’t been to Paris yet, but it is still my dream and I am closer!

  • marsel

    any cooking class in sicily!

  • Michelle

    I have never taken a cooking class, but I’d love to have a Japanese sushi class. I’m secretly learning from everyone who cooks for me anyway, and I’m not shy to ask for recipes for good baking.

  • Andrea Kirkby

    Perhaps my best cooking class wasn’t a class at all, but just being in the kitchen with the lady of my Jain guesthouse in Jodhpur, who showed me every spice in her spicebox, how to make upma for breakfast, curries for the evening meal, and even how to pack a tiffin box properly for taking to work. Cooking is one thing – running a kitchen is another, and she taught me both over the few days I was there.

  • Claire

    Je n’ai jamais vraiment pris de cours de cuisine car je n’ai que 20 ans et ce genre de plaisirs sont chers. En revanche j’ai beaucoup cuisiné avec ma grand-mère qui est un maître pour moi. Je rêverais de prendre un cours avec Ducasse ou Robuchon… ou Jane Bercht bien sûr!

  • My then neighbor teaching me how to make her apple pie. She was deaf, it was really hands on! And the most wonderful pie in the world.

  • Heather

    The best “class” was this summer at an Agriturismo in Sicily. With an out door kitchen view of Mt Etna and lots of the host’s homemade wine, my cousin and I helped chop heaps of vegetables from the garden and octopus from the Med. We made dinner for all the guests. Fortuately, we recovered from all that work with a couple hours under an olive tree and an icy bottle of limoncello.

  • Anne Wilson

    The most memorable cooking class I have taken was at the ‘Ateliers des Chefs’ in Lyon with a close friend. The class was in French, we made a 3 course lunch and then ate it – and it was fantastic. I loved every minute of it, learnt so many ‘astuces’ that I still apply when cooking and I have always intended to go back for more. A class in Paris, like this prize would be an amazing chance – I hope I win it!

  • Neeltje

    I’m dreaming of a Thai cooking class, market visit and dream-location included.

  • Hilary

    I just took a seafood course last year, but would love to have classic French sauces under my belt, although I should probably take knife skills!!

  • Javacurls

    My most memorable cooking class was one I took in Istanbul, Turkey. The class was an eye opening experience! I was able to learn how to cook food I was very unfamiliar with… my favorite dish of the night – Yogurt soup! I thought I wouldn’t like it but I ended up loving it! As a joke, one of the sous chefs also took out a huge sword to cut veggies with! It was a fabulous night filled with laughter and we ate our well earned dinner with some new friends from Canada, Spain, and Argentina. A night I’ll never forget! ;)

  • Gathe

    Je n’ai jamais pris de vrais cours de cuisine, et j’aimerais en prendre avec quelqu’un qui n’hésite pas à partager tout un tas de petites astuces qui servent réellement par la suite… ou alors je rêve d’un atelier/cours de cuisine sur les plantes sauvages…!

  • I never had a cooking class. But i would love to know how to make makarons plus i have never been in paris befor. That would be the perfect reason to go

  • I’ve always loved the scenes of Sabrina making a (failed) souffle at Le Cordon Bleu! “A woman happily in love, she burns the soufflé. A woman unhappily in love, she forgets to turn on the oven”.

  • Naomi

    When I was a kid, my mom came and did a cooking class at my school. She did it maybe once a week for a month. It was great, and she taught us all sorts of useful things, like how to measure those odd lumps of butter that end up in the fridge and how baking soda and powder work.


    My favorite cooking class was when I was living in Japan. I taught a class all about making a Canadian Christmas dinner. I had never taught a cooking class before but I was so prepared and it went so well that they offered me a job teaching Canadian cooking once a week. It was great but I dream of having a cooking class in Paris since my most memorable meal I ever ate was in Paris and winning would be a great excuse for a trip

  • We are taking a trip to Paris this fall and I’m just in the process of looking at the cooking classes that I want to take while we’re there!! My hope is to take a baking class, a bread making class, and a full meal class. I’m so excited! Would be so fun to win this and get to choose one other class. :) Happy 10th!!

  • C.Michol

    I’ve never taken a cooking class and would love to! If not French, then a traditional Japanese cooking class with, say, someone who’s made izakaya menus for years…

  • I have never taken a cooking class! Everything I have learned has been through the internet. If I could take a class on anything, it would probably be french macarons. They are tasty, but I tried them once and it was a FAIL!

  • Mihaela

    I love sushi so my husband booked a sushi making class for my birthday last year. It was lots of fun:-)

  • Wow! My friend sent me to your page because I’m planning a trip to Paris next year, probably in May, with my mom. She’s a gardener and very good cook. Her favorite activity on a recent Cancun trip was a cooking class conducted by a local woman in her kitchen, learning how she spiced coffee, preparations for jicama, how to use cones of dark sugar, etc… So in planning the Paris trip, I’m hoping to get in garden tours, a home cooking class with market trip, a pro class if we can swing it, and I’ll be saving the link for sure.

    My favorite class. I favor baking. I finally realized that’s not the same as cooking and took a basics class at a local school. One recipe was about microwaving fish. Nothing could have sounded more repellent. Turns out you can poach fish in the microwave and it’s super easy and tasty and it’s the information and recipe I use most from the class. (Basically, fish+spice rub, top with 2 watery veggies and T of cream, cover tightly and microwave a couple minutes. Flip fish once. Couldn’t be easier.)

  • Susanna

    We were in Yangshuo, China waiting for the clouds to go away (3days of rain!) so we could see the spectacular scenery of the Li River. We took a great class along a small river. It was great fun!

  • Michael

    I’ve never taken a cooking class, but dream of learning to make croissants in Paris…

  • Gaëlle

    Bonjour Clothilde,
    Bon anniversaire de blog et bravo !

    Ces blogs m’ont tant appris. Je passe de moments merveilleux en les lisant. Grâce à Pascale Weeks, j’ai appris plus que n’importe quel cours de cuisine. Je sais c’est très simple mais surtout authentique.

    Thanks a lot !


  • Lisa

    Oh I dream of taking a cooking class in Tuscany…but this sounds just as perfect!

  • Lori Krasner

    I will never forget that amazing day… I took a class sponsored by Bread & Circus (before it became Whole Foods!) at Eve’s Organic Herb Farm in South Dartmouth, MA. The ride to this absolutely stunning part of Massachusetts was joyful…I was on my own, the radio playing music I loved, the sun was shining and the air was crisp and invigorating. Eve took us on a tour, identifying herbs and providing interesting information along the way. We then moved to her outdoor kitchen where a professional chef took over. We helped with the preparations for a fabulous meal…all so fresh & tasty! I will forever cherish the memory of that wonderful day!!!

  • Christie

    One day, when I win the lotto, I will quit my job and enrol at the Cordon Bleu.

  • Laura

    I took a class where we made simple, inexpensive plates with ingredients that I hadn’t used much before, like farro and kasha. I made a salad with fennel and orange slices which was quite yummy!

  • Juan

    Congratulations on the 10th anniversary and many more to come!!
    Previously I took up a sushi-making class while traveling to Tokyo/Japan, and most of my learning to cook/bake are done via recipe/cookbook. I would love to attend cooking class during traveling, as one can immense and experience the country’s culture & food culture there & then…

  • In the 60s at school in NZ our cooking teacher was an elderly Frenchwoman who introduced us to crudites , and sauce with cream at a time when cream was just for dessert. Did I come to France because of her lessons?

  • christina

    i dream of taking a cooking class at Pierre Herme

  • The only cooking class I’ve ever taken was at my local co-op for Senegalese cooking- it was amazing! Taking Jane’s class would be a dream.

  • ElizabethCS

    I would love to take a bread-making class. Yeast eludes me, and I want to master it!

  • Olympia

    Salut! I have never taken a formal cooking class… being lucky enough to have a father, the ‘head chef’ in my family home. From him I learnt to cook everything from perfect rice (…after many nights with him hovering over my shoulder as I tried to remember the method), middle eastern feasts of falafel, hummus, and all variety of pides, hefty potato rye bread, and delicious fruit crumble desserts. As you can see, I am lucky enough to have a father who instilled the love of healthy, home-made cuisine in me from a young age! I have, yet, however, to learn who to make those beautiful French pastries! I am planning an exchange next year in France, and a cooking class would be truly magnificent! Merci x

  • Jo

    I always wanted to take the bread making course at the Cordon Bleu.

  • Wendy

    It was not a formal cooking class, but my most memorable lesson was the time I spent with a good friend’s mother learning teh secrest behind her magical macaroons. I had only recently discovered the heavenly little bites and was taken by their elegance, high skill and of course divine taste. This lady is Argentinian and an amazing cook in every way but the passion and attention to detail that she put into making her various flavours and combinations of perfect little macaroons, which she saw as a creative art, was very inspiring to me. I spent hours afterwards trying to recreate what she had shown me but needless to say they never turn out nearly as good as hers!

  • Emy

    My favorite cooking “classes” have been the hours and hours of learning and making family heritage recipes with my Norwegian grandmother, but I do dream of learning how to make French sauces and pastries after visiting Paris last summer!

  • Lil

    I once cooked with Darina Allen – this was back when I still lived in Ireland and she’s quite the household name – and not only that, I also snagged a spot for a friend who was visiting from Paris. I’ve since wanted to attend cooking week at Ballymaloe but yet to find some time to do so.

    Would be interesting to do cookery lesson in Paris for a change too.

  • Susan

    I will be able to tell you about my cooking class experience when I win!! :)) and I’ll be in Paris this November so a perfect match up. Congratulations on your wonderful blog. You deserve all the accolades.

  • still haven’t had a culinary class… but i d love to learn. I mean really learn. From the easiest to the most difficult things… and try to do it in an amazing kitchen, the one where there is always anything you could dream.

    well… let’s see if it ll happen!


  • Stephanie

    I still remember fondly the cooking lessons I learned during my “Life Skills” class in 6th grade. Primarily that I, incredibly, had the ability to prepare simple dishes without setting the kitchen on fire!

  • Annemette

    Until now, I have only taken 1 cooking class, which was at in Yangshuo, China. So much fun, very hot, very humid. It’s 5 yrs ago, and I still love to make the dishes we learned there!

  • Great giveaway! I’ve only taken one cooking class–it was at the home of a chef in Paris, organized as a team-building activity by my company. We made a Japanese dinner…but I dream of mastering French food! I’ve lived in France for two years now and still have a long way to go…

  • Leslie Kaiser

    My friend Carol & I are coming to Paris OCT 14 to celebrate being friends for 70 years! We are taking the Sugar Walk but would love to do the Saturday morning breakfast class on Carols birthday. WOW your croissants sound Yummy, so does everything else.

  • Phil

    My most memorable class was the one where I forgot about it until the instructor called me a few minutes before it was due to start! I was in the middle of making dinner, but I rushed into town (only about 10 minutes away) and was just a little late. The class was a single session about sauces, but the teacher had us cut a few things and she praised my knife skills! I had just started cooking a little more seriously then and that gave me a lot of confidence. I am a good home cook now and my family eats well!

  • Hatti

    I would love to take a class to learn to cook macaroons and fancy pretty cakes, Paris seems like the ideal place to learn that!

  • Even though I already have graduate degrees, I want to take the Master of Gastronomic Tourism program from Le Cordon Bleu!

  • felix

    i visited one cooking class on french kitchen which unfortunately wasn’t a big success. the instructor (a former lower-saxony cooking-champion) was a bit of a spice-freak: he made us put mouth-numbing amounts of clove into a bouillabaisse and added spiced-up salt to a steak, topped with bleu d’auvergne, that of course is already salty on its own. although we had a lot of fun cooking, we didn’t when it came to eating the results. only the desserts were a delight: the safe bets crème brûlée and tarte tatin.

  • Meghan

    I took my most memorable cooking class when I was five, at a local library. We made “monkey juice:” bananas, milk, and a little honey whirred together in a blender. Almost thirty years later, it’s still a favorite snack for both me and my little sister!

  • What a great way to celebrate 10 years of C&Z! My most memorable cooking lesson happened while I lived in Seoul, Korea. I took lessons at the Institute of Royal Korean Cuisine and we learned the traditional way of making kimchi. The heads of napa cabbage were cut in half, and the spicy, red chili stuffing was carefully layered between each cabbage leaf. It was then I realized how much love my grandmother had put into making our family’s kimchi, spending hours salting the cabbage and doing the tedious work of stuffing each cabbage leaf. I never took another bite of her kimchi for granted again.

  • Nadia

    Great giveaway! For me, it was my cooking class at school when I was 11 or 12 years old :) We baked several cakes and I still have my notebook!

  • Sara

    My most memorable cooking “class” was with my grandmother – teaching me how to make pie with wild raspberries. For actual classes, I took a very fun one with some friends here in London at Jamie Oliver’s cooking school doing Mexican street food.

  • I love taking part in cookery workshops and courses. My daughter in law is a Japanese chef, Yuki, of Yuki’s Kitchen in London and has recently published her first book “Sushi at Home”, which I helped to edit as her written English is about as good as my written French, even after 11 years living in France, it leaves a lot to be desired. Three years ago she spend a summer here working as private chef for a near neighbour and also held some courses and workshops. I learnt to make gyosa and sushi rolls, omelets and Don Katsu, and last year, was able to lead a workshop for a small group of friends, with lunch afterwards. We had a lovely time and I plan to do another one in November and again in February during the dark days of winter, when we all need cheering up.

  • I’m in Paris and would LOVE to improve my culinary skills. What a great school- The classes look amazing! It would be a matter of choosing between Poultry (Volaille) Technical Cooking Class, Gourmet Soirée, or an Evening Market Class.

  • Heather

    I took a 3 week class in Mallorca, Spain for Wine and Food Pairing. We had wine tastings throughout the day, visited vineyards, discussed taste, textures, feels of food and wine together and learned from Spanish chefs of how to prepare Paella and other Spanish favorites. At the end of the class we shared our knowledge with colleagues with a dinner where we created a 4 course meal in which we paired the foods with the chosen wines. Wonderful 3 weeks in Spain!

  • Samantha

    I took a cooking class before I went off to college at L’Academie du Cuisine near Washington, DC. There I fell in love with Global knives (I was too short to gain enough leverage with the dull student knives on the high countertops, and the teacher lent me hers) and also created a small fireball (the electric cooktop was already on when it was plugged in, and being used to gas, I didn’t notice until I poured some olive oil in the pan). So, maybe not my best face forward, but definitely memorable…

  • My most memorable cooking class was in Istanbul, probably because I fell in love with the city & was eager to learn all about the culture and “cuisine”!

  • Elle

    I took a cooking class in Shanghai where we made xiao long bao (soup dumplings) – very cool seeing all the technical work involved.

  • My most memorable class was actually the macaron class I took this past summer at La Cuisine Paris. It was exceptional! I learned so much, conquered my fear of this delicate pastries and had a blast. I would love to go back :)

  • Sofia N

    I volunteered at a cooking class at the Alliance Française of Chicago a few years ago, during which the chef made a great fall dinner. Simple, fresh ingredients that packed a lot of flavor.

  • Allison

    On a trip to Morocco, my travel companion and I took a one-day cooking class. We met the teacher (a Dutch woman) and the other two participants (a Dutch couple) at a well known cafe. The proprietress directed us to the market stalls and we had to shop for our ingredients (list provided), including live chicken. We then returned to her home and with the aid of a Moroccan woman prepared a feast in the outdoor courtyard kitchen! The class was taught in a mix of English and French.

    Whenever I travel somewhere exciting, I plan on taking a short cooking class to learn more about the local cuisine.

  • Tamsin

    I’ve never been on a cooking course (unless you count home ec at school!). But this looks like an amazing way to start!

  • Sara Marsala

    I would LOVE to win this! It would be a dream come true. Just came back from my first trip to Paris, and can’t wait to go back again, and again. Congrats on your anniversary!

  • Most memorable: vegan cheese making! I love cashew cheese, and I love me some lactobacilli, but there was some fermented funkiness going on in that cheese–his mozzarella was rather amazing though.

  • the only cooking class i’ve ever taken was a very enjoyable macaron class at sur la table! it was so much fun!

  • Marie

    In September I took a class at the Kneading Conference West on Whole Wheat Sourdough for the Home Baker. It was SO much fun! And the bread we baked was…Perfect!

  • Joelle DuBois

    My most memorable cooking class was New Year’s Eve 1972, when my grandmother taught my sister and I how to make pie crust. She’s gone, but I remember her anytime I make a pie…

  • K L

    The most memorable cooking class I’ve taken was with my husband on our Parisian honeymoon…. at La Cuisine Paris! We walked in and signed up for a market class and it was hands down the best activity we I’d during our entire vacation. We still use the tips and tricks we learned that afternoon!

  • Miss UK

    I’ve never taken a cooking class and any topic would be great but if I had to choose one, I would go for a patisserie one as I really have a sweet tooth.
    Thanks for this contest and your amazing blog!

  • Michelle

    I would love to take a Momofuku cooking class!

  • Betty

    One of the first cooking classes I ever took was at my local Whole Foods Market. The Chef instructor was wonderful. I remember it was a class focused on figs. I had never thought of baking with fresh figs and making savory dishes before. I learned a lot and had a delicious meal.

  • Oh my word! What a fantastic giveaway! The only cooking class I’ve had the pleasure of attending was last fall at a local favorite – Antoine’s, in San Clemente, California. The chef is French and it was a wonderful class full of delicious Thanksgiving courses. My mom and I went together and just had a blast. Mom, brother and I will be visiting Paris at the end of the month. I recently purchased your Adventures in Paris and can’t wait to explore! À ta santé!

  • Jessica

    I recently returned from Istria in Croatia where I took a class in Istrian pasta-making. It was taught by a foodie living in Istria and his partner’s mother, who spoke no English. Instead, she modeled everything with her hands and my friend and I followed along. We learned approximately how much flour and eggs by observing and then she placed our hands in the mixture and showed us how to blend. We communicated through smiles, shrugged shoulders, and raised eyebrows. It was meditative and I felt incredibly focuseed in a way I may not if we were speaking.

  • illona jones

    This is the first time I have entered a contest and while I have been to Paris I have never taken a cooking class. Sounds great.

  • Gabrielle

    Bonjour Clotilde! Providence guided me to your site tonight. I was baking a chocolate cake with my 12 year old daughter. She wants you to know she made the frosting. :) Anyway, I play this game with her in the kitchen where I make her guess the surprise ingredient. She has what I call perfect pitch in kitchen. She almost always guesses what it is. But tonight, I got her!! I was lead to your site after I typed. What to do with sage tea? Which lead me to 45 things to do with Fresh Sage. Instead of the water I put sage tea in the cake batter. She went crazy for it. When I asked her what the surprise was she said ” It better not be BEETS!” We both fell out laughing! I would love to be able to spend this summer showing my daughter Paris creating more moments like tonight. By the way…You could be in our family our eyes are big and beautiful like yours. Merci for a night to remember.

  • The most memorable cooking class I took was watching my mum to cook! Little bits of this and that, with lots of love and laughter, I do remember that and miss it so much. :)

    Happy Anniversary!


  • Veronica

    Hello! I am living in Paris right now, and even though I am a student on a budget, I am trying to learn as much as I can about French cuisine while I’m here. I have turned my studio and mini kitchen into a cooking class of sorts! I have a few books here on techniques and recipes… supplement that with the Parisian markets and YouTube demonstrations, and it’s almost like the real thing! I would love to take some real classes here, especially on the essentials such as knife skills, sauces, doughs and the like.

  • Corrine Mae

    Every class I have learned from has been the best. From you, I would like to practice pastry. Thank You for your offer.

  • Katherine

    I participated in a wonderful cooking class in Italy. Everyone brought an ingredient from the green market and we put together a meal using all the ingredients. It was such fun to improvise like that.

  • Connie Phelps

    On my birthday, I took the Saveurs de Provence atelier at the Cordon Bleu Paris. An incredible experience that I plan to repeat with another class when in Paris another time.

  • Abby

    I took a class with my mom on Cooking in Southern France. We learned to shuck mussels and bone fish.

  • Ashley

    I’m living in Germany this year and am dreaming of all the wonderful cooking classes I would like to take in France and Italy. I’ve not been to Paris yet, so this would be a dream come true!

  • Jan Wagenaar

    My most memorable cooking class would be the sushi making class in an old studio in Den Haag Nederland, because I did it twice! But if you draw me for the class in Paris it would be my wifes dream, she still is desperate to master those macarons.

  • Clotilde – I LOVE La Cuisine :) And actually I would like to take a cooking class with YOU. Or Alain Ducasse!

  • Céline

    Je n’ai suivi qu’un seul cours de cuisine jusqu’à maintenant, sur les macarons. Je n’ai certes pas le niveau de Pierre Hermé, mais j’ai appris beaucoup de choses, et je suis maintenant capable de réaliser des macarons!

  • I’d like to take a cooking class on the basics – cutting up a chicken, fileting a fish, mastering the curled-finger vegetable chopping technique – so the “technical” class they offer would be good. But I’d also like to visit Versailles again …

  • Linda

    My best cooking class was watching Julia child on TV with my mom as a kid. Made me a Francophile. Now I dream of shopping in a French street market and then having a class to cook a great meal from my morning finds.

  • Charley Suggs

    I have taken one cooking class in a place since forgotten and a time long ago.

    It was the early seventies in Brooklyn New York at Abraham Straus, Brooklyn’s flagship department store long lost in th sands of time.

    The class was taught by none other than James Beard himself and I was so star struck that I don’t think I learned a thing, it was just one afternoon.

    What I did get out of it, and I cherish it today though I seldom refer to it, was a small paperback cookbook autographed by Mr. Beard right there in front of me. We shook hands and off I went tingling from the experience.

    My cooking has moved into more sublime pursuits than those covered in that little paperback book, but it sits proudly in my cooking library.

  • I recently took a masterclass that was part of the Omnivore festival, it was the first time Omnivore came to Sydney Australia! It was fun and full of great ideas, one of the food highlights of 2013 for me!

    Photos and write up: http://wp.me/p26KJv-oJ

  • Kiri

    Our favourite cooking class was an Italian cookery course one summer in Tuscany.
    Delicious food, great company and helpful tips and tricks which I still use today.
    My other favourite cooking “class” is when my Mum (whose traditional Cantonese cooking has never featured in a cookbook) demonstrates for me at home.
    The cooking class I dream of? Well of course it would be Clotilde Du Soulier hosting a fresh produce based cooking class in Paris. :)

  • Caroline Turnbull-Hall

    Bread making with Richard Bertinet in Bath – fantatsic class

  • Liz

    My most memorable cooking class would be one that I took in India which focused on preparing Tibetan momos…the setting, the food, the teacher were just all perfect. But I have to say that a cooking class in Paris would probably top that experience.

  • oxalis

    My best cooking classes were with my mom. My best cooking lessons are from a few great blogs like yours.
    I would adore receiving ccoking tips from a great french chef like William Ledeuil or japanese one.

  • Lauren

    My favorite cooking class was a three part series at Sur la Table. There were only two other people in the class and I learned how to properly prepare (delicious) mussels and bernaise sauce–two of my husband’s favorite things.
    My dream class would be cooking with butter in Paris, both sweet and savory :) there is no better place in the world (that I could imagine) to cook with butter.

  • Never had a cooking class! I am dreaming of doing a cooking class in a beautiful village in south Italy, in the end of summer, where we could buy fresh ingredients and learn to make regional dishes in a large country house, and mention the names of the ingredients/food in a proper Italian accent.

  • Tracy

    I have never taken a cooking class. I would love to learn the art of French cooking from a master. I can watch Julia Childs videos day and night (and do) but a real class by a master chef would be awesome!

  • Elaine

    I took a wonderful cooking class sponsored by Electrolux at the ArtHome kitchen at Palais de Tokyo in 2010. Among other delectables, I learned to make poached pears…which are now my go-to desert when I’m having company. Best wishes to everyone on the draw!

  • Vivian

    I have never taken a formal cooking class but I have always wanted to go to Italy and learn from just an average house wife or grandmother. It has always been my dream.

  • I recently took a cooking class at the CIA Greystone in Napa Valley. The theme was seasons in the wine country — the food was delicious, the recipes accessible, the facilities were gorgeous — and the passion of the instructor came through so strongly, making it a really special experience!

  • michelle

    My most memorable cooking class was one I took several years ago in Florence. After years of visiting family in that wonderful city, I finally got to visit the Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo… it was a whirlwind of sights and smells and flavors that I had only dreamed of before. It was there that I convinced the entire group, including our teacher, that a freshly prepared panino made with spleen was a fantastic thing! And the meal we made together with the ingredients we gathered at the market… simple yet delicious Tuscan recipes… sigh! :)

  • thisisthekat

    I’ve never had a formal cooking class, but when I lived in Asia my dear friend Kevin, a French-trained pastry chef, taught me to make crepes. I loved learning the hows and whys behind the recipe. Understanding your ingredients is key to a successful dish.

  • Laura

    Would love to learn how to cook a traditional French Christmas dinner or any Holiday meal or dish.

  • Delly

    I took a cheese-making class. We made mozzarella, ricotta, and little balls of burrata.

  • Rebecca

    I would love to have a reason to go back to Paris, and taking a cooking class there might just be one of the best reasons I can think of! Learning how to make french pastries would be amazing… A boulangerie in the mornings always smells heavenly!

  • My most memorable (and only) cooking class was completely informal – a friend of a friend offered to teach her and me to make hand rolls. I’ll never forget watching her make the Japanese omelet that was destined to be one of the fillings – it was like watching a magician work with a silk scarf. My own efforts (at making the rolls, not the omelet) were much less graceful than hers, but fun and tasty nonetheless.

  • The most memorable cooking class for me was a chinese cooking class I took with my husband. It was so much fun and afterwards we were able to go to friend’s homes and prepare a full meal for them. The best discoveries: rumaki and black bean spareribs. The fermented black beans smelled so awful that I hesitated to taste the finished product But, I was gald I did. Both recipes are fast easy and delicious.

  • My most memorable cooking school experience was a whole day class in Chiang Mai (Thailand). It started at a local market and took place in an organic farm where we picked up the rest of the ingredients we used to make the traditional Thai dishes of our choice. Amazing experience!

  • Lucy Sommo

    I’ve never taken a cooking class, but I dream of learning how to make croissants…

  • Charlotte

    I spent a magical semester abroad in Grenoble in 2006, where our program set up cooking classes with one of the hostmothers, who had been classically trained in a French culinary school.

    She was spirited, and did not sugarcoat directions or commentary. I was so in awe of her, but I immediately disappointed her with my lack of apple peeling skills, and she told me that any child can peel an apple and that she didn’t even know how to teach me such a basic skill. Needless to say, I was desperate to win back at least an ounce of pride, and painstakingly carved small apple shapes into the top of my pie crust (as vents).

    When dessert was served, Mme Semavoine frowned at the pie crust. “C’est magnifique!” she finally said, after a long pause, then asked who had done it. My friend told her I had, and she shook her head, pointing at me. “Pas Charlotte?!” But others chimed in, confirming that what I lacked in skill, I compensated in design. Mme S gave a curt nod, and pronounced the pie “pas mal”.

    My knife skills have improved over the years, and Mme Semavoine taught me many valuable culinary tricks. I feel lucky to have had such a discerning teacher!

  • Jim Sanders

    My most memorable cooking class is one my wife and I went to as part of an anniversary trip. We had a lovely breakfast at our location (Langdon Hall in Ontario, Canada) and headed to our cooking class that was part of the anniversary package, with expectations of a few hints. The class was a quick class on cooking scallops laid on top of De Puy lentils and with a side of pork belly. It was fascinating because I had no idea you could fit that much butter into food and it was torture because we were already stuffed from breakfast and knew we would STILL manage to eat everything that was cooked.

  • Cece

    I have never taken a cooking class but was going to sign up for one in Paris as I will be in there in 6 days for a three week stay. It would be terrific luck if the stars aligned and the class signed me up instead.

  • Camille Cain

    I had a croissant class at Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor Michigan that my daughter gave me for Christmas. I love baking, I love cooking, and would love the opportunity to expand my skills by taking a class in France where the croissant was born.

  • Jean

    Many years ago I lived in Italy and was a member of a women’s club for English speaking women. The Italian ladies took turns teaching the non Italians how to make home style fare. I still use some of their recipes today. I would love to learn how to do the same in French cooking.

  • Bailey S

    I’ve never taken a cooking class before! I guess we “learned” how to make pizza in middle school, but that doesn’t really count as I’d been making perfectly good pizza for years before then under instruction from my pizza-loving parents.

  • I have never taken a cooking class, unless you count many cookbooks and Julia Child on TV when I was a kid. I wants to cook and learned through books. I would love to take a class in Paris!

  • Lauren

    I used to live in Paris but that was before I developed my passion for baking. I’ve taken 2 pro-pastry series in Los Angeles. But my dream is to study pastry in Paris.

  • My grandma is the best cook ever, and amongst the many amazing Swedish dishes and pastries she makes, the buttery cinnamon buns sprinkled with sugar are my favorites. She taught me not to use a recipe, but to go with the feel, and that has taught me to cook with my heart, regardless of what dish I make. Since I have recently moved to Paris to study, I don’t have an oven to make cinnamon buns in, therefore I would appreciate a cooking course with an oven and chefs to help me more than anything!

  • Cohen Annabel

    En week-end à Rome, j’ai eu la chance de prendre un cours de cuisine avec un chef italien. Nous avons préparé des plats typiquement romains à partir des produits frais achetés le matin même au marché. Nous étions 6 personnes venues des 4 coins de la planète, réunies dans une minuscule cuisine. Mais quel bonheur de découvrir tous les secrets des recettes du Chef et de pouvoir déguster tous ces plats savoureux à la fin de la journée. Une expérience inoubliable !

  • Cheri Fox

    what fun!

  • Kristen

    I learned the most from my mom, in small doses over the years – but it seemed to crystallize when I went to a class with Martin Yan. I grew up watching him on PBS, and while I thought he was a little silly, now I appreciate how his humor and metaphors are used to teach. He distills thousands of years of tradition into little gems of quips. I hope to learn some pastry tips, or ways with vegetables in Paris – I’m planning to be there for work in the spring! Thank you Clotilde :)

  • Kensey

    The most memorable cooking class I’ve taken was a knife work class at a shop by my home. I love the basic techniques, and it could have chopped the onions and sliced the potatoes for hours. I was very sad that the onion and potato odors filled the space, and made me crave some roasted potatoes, but they wouldn’t be cooked or eaten–just thrown away.

    My dream cooking class is the class from “Sabrina,” when Audrey Hepburn’s soufflé doesn’t rise because she forgot to turn on the oven. It’s charming and a bit tragic.

  • Christine

    My favorite cooking class was taught to me by my nana forty plus years ago. She taught me how to bake home made bread and rolls. I can still remember the first time I smelt home baked bread and ate it warm with butter.

  • Lisa

    Wow, winning this prize would be absolutely amazing!

  • Solenn

    My best souvenir of cooking class was a class I took with my little daugnter… we had the best time and made lovely cupcakes!

  • Stuart

    Best class was a baking course in copenhagen through Meyers Madhus. Not only did we learn a great deal, the whole layout was just a little bit luxury with gorgeous jams, cold slices and fresh juices to accompany. Oh and cheese – dreamy cheese!

  • So far my favourite cooking class was sauces Workshop from Leiths School of food and wine (London)- an amazing birthday present from my husband :-)

  • Christine Hung

    I am hoping to take one of the great Elizabeth Andoh’s cooking classes in Tokyo someday! (http://www.tasteofculture.com/)

  • tara rodoni

    My dream cooking class would be on a french farm using the freshest ingredients and learning to make a perfect Brioche

  • Ana

    In May, I took a fantastic bread making class with William Black of Natural Bread Company in Oxford. The class started off with a visit to a local mill, the Wessex Mill, which made for a fantastic introduction into the details and economics of grains. The class continued in William’s bakery in Oxford, where we learnt the basics of bread-making. The teaching was inspiring and enthusiastic, and I would definitely recommend this course if you’re in or around Oxford.

  • Barbara Davidge

    My favorite and most memorable cooking class was Junior High Home Economics –I still have the plastic recipe box with the handwritten recipes….hooked on cooking ever since :)

  • Wendy Wilcox

    A very memorable cooking class began with a talk on 5Element Theory of Chinese Medecine. Fire element, the heart and all it entails. Before the actual cooking started my teacher Karen Claffey looped her arms back to back with mine and cranked me onto her back. This opened my heart chakra (and stretched my sternun). Macrobiotic cooking taught me so many neat things about seaweed, squashes, grains and how to cut carrots like deer feet!!

  • Amélie

    Out of a grand total of 2 classes, my favorite one was a matinée spent at valhrona. But my ideal one would be a class with chefs pushing the boundaries of cooking, and doing things I can’t even dream of, let alone cook : Albert Adria for the desserts, or René Redzepi, for example.

  • Annie

    Yes, yes, yes! I would definitely make it to Paris for this…

  • Celia

    I would love to take a cooking class with you!

  • Jennie H

    I’m dying to take a pastry class – would love nothing more than to hone those skills in Paris!

  • Juggling Mom

    My favorite cooking class was in the basics of Chinese cooking where I learned a lot of the techniques.

  • The most memorable cooking class I took was an Italian cooking course in England. My son and I took it together and it was one of those days that just sticks in your memory. The food was wonderful, the other participants were friendly and we spent some great mother – son time together. I was so proud when my son volunteered to be the one to learn to gut a fish in front of the whole class. (There was no way I had the courage to do that.) Not only did he do it well, he still does it today. In fact, now he lives on his own he is a really keen cook and often treats us to some very delicious dishes!

  • Richelle

    Have only ever given cooking (baking) classes, never taken them, but would love to, especially in Paris!!

  • Ryan

    The only cooking classes I ever took were from my grandmother long ago – she taught me well, but a professional cooking class in Parisn would be amazing!!

  • Ally

    My most memorable cooking ‘class,’ was really more of a lesson. It was from a friend of a friend, at his house. He had made this gorgeous plum tart for a dinner party, and I asked him about it. He and his wife invited me over for dinner one night, but he showed me how to make it, we popped in the over, then we had a lovely dinner while watching it bake. It was cooled and ready to eat by the end of dinner!

  • Kay Barnes

    My sister and I once signed up for a Thai cooking class during a visit to Singapore, the crossroads of Asia. It was to be taught by an Indian woman in her home kitchen, where she conducted weekly sessions. When my sister and I arrived, to our great disappointment, we found the schedule had been changed to Malaysian cuisine, which I generally don’t care for (all the little dried fishes.) But the class turned out to be interesting with the stories of the instructor and participants, and we were able to eat most everything we prepared (sans the dried fish)! I still get the instructor’s e-mails about her classes and perhaps on another visit to Singapore, I will get that Thai cooking class!

  • Karyn

    The best cooking class I took was when I learned we can grill peaches and poundcake (preferably together)!

  • Sara Marsala

    Several years ago I took a baking course at a local college. My son Paul, who was 12 at the time, was just starting to get interested in cooking. I asked him if he wanted accompany me to my next Saturday morning baking class to observe, and he tentatively agreed. The instructor, a top pastry chef in the area, welcomed him warmly and insisted that Paul work along side me to produce his own cake instead of just observing. Paul was both thrilled and a bit scared. That day we left with two magnificent Black Forest cakes. I have a photo of us holding our prized works of art, with Paul grinning ear to ear! It is a wonderful mother/son memory that I hold very dear. Paul is now 24, loves great food and enjoys being in the kitchen!

  • Pencil

    I have been dreaming about taking a pastry class in Paris.

  • Georgie

    The best cooking class I have ever done was a Vietnamese class in London where a small group of us gathered around a big table and we chopped, chatted and cooked all day! The class culminated in a feast of all the wonderful food we had prepared.

    My dream cooking class would be to bake pain au chocolats and wonderful strawberry tarts which I devoured when I visited Paris!

  • Naintara Maya Oberoi

    All those warm, wonderful bread smells wafting out of the boulangerie on my corner each morning have inspired me — I dream of taking a class in baking bread! Crusty, warm baguettes, flaky croissants, buttery brioches — all so very worth the pain ;)



  • Jenny

    I took one of my favorite cooking classes when I lived in Japan. My Korean friend led a class at a local community center on how to cook Korean food. It was a great experience to both bond with the local community, and learn more about my friend’s culture. Plus, who doesn’t want to make kimchi?!

  • Meredith Preble

    It wasn’t until I married and actually lived with my in-laws that I learned to cook. My mother-in-law who was born in Italy, had all the patience in the world especially when it came time to show me how to clean and stuff squid. I covered myself and her in squid ink, with us laughing the whole time. I was so proud when I was able to turn around and make her that same meal the following year in my own kitchen. This lovely older woman who I loved and adored had the patience and love of food that has stayed with me my whole life. And although she is no longer alive I always think of her when I cook. If it hadn’t been for her patience and love I never would have learned to love food, have patience with it and laugh a lot, especially over mistakes. I’d love to have lessons with someone who shares this same love of food as I have.

  • blurp

    Learning to kill the pig and make black pudding right after it, covering myself with warm blood would be the most enjoyable epxerience of my life !

  • Carrie

    During my favorite cooking class, we learned how to make homemade pasta. It gave me a great appreciation for the time and effort fresh pasta requires!

  • Aimee M.

    My most memorable cooking “class” was during my girl scout days. It was Thinking Day, where we learned about other cultures. One of my friend’s mother is French. She gave us a presentation about her life in Paris. Then, she taught us how to make a souffle. I didn’t learn until much later that it was supposed to be hard to make one.

  • Hilary

    I like to think they have all been memorable. Most fun is baking the book – Momofuko Milk and my personal best a bread baking boot camp at FCI. A class in Paris would be over the top for me.

  • Marissa

    I took a day-long class at the Cordon Bleu on a spontaneous trip to Paris over 10 years ago. I’m mainly a baker, and it was a revelation to adopt the metric system and a scale for the first time in order to reproduce the recipes. And the lemon tart–a Provencal recipe from the instructor/chef’s childhood–ooh-la-la! It’s still talked about in my family.

  • My favorite cooking class was from this lovely lady Antonieta from Sicily she taught me how to make the perfect red sauce,can our tomatoes, fresh pasta and meatballs.

  • Jessica Taylor

    I hope I am not too late. This cooking class sounds like a dream come true! I have ALWAYS wanted to take a cooking class in Paris. But my favorite cooking class so far was 11 years ago in Tuscany. It was the evening before my wedding and my husband and I arrived to a 1000 year old Tuscan farmhouse with the dozen guests who traveled with us to attend our wedding. We made fresh made raviolis and drank chianti. I made my raviolis in the shape of hearts and served it to my soon-to-be husband. We ate, drank, and laughed late into the night. Food always tastes better when you’re with friends and in love. :-)

  • J ai des connaissances basiques en cuisine. J utilise des livres ou iinteret mais toujours autour de choses simples. J aimerai apprendre a mieux cuisiner les viandes, les poissons et la pâtisserie. Enfin tout ! Ou alors avoir un ratatouille dans les cheveux pour me guider!

  • Mélanie

    I have been dreaming about a cooking class at the Valrhona school for a while now!

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  • cc

    For me, cooking and particularly baking, became a passion at a very young age. My mother became sick and could not care for my brother sister and I and a wonderful woman came to care for us. She was a chef and was willing to share all her knowledge, recipes and secrets. She became a second mother to me. I was blessed with having her in my life until last year. She passed at the ripe age of 107.
    As a young mother looking for supplemental income. My mother bought me my first kitchen aid and my first cuisinart (30+ years ago and they are still in perfect condition.) I began to bake, cakes delicate pastries and more. I was successful but longed for more. I dreamed of heading to Paris with my youngest daughter to take classes and put some polish on my style. Needless to say, life happened and I did not make it.
    It would indeed, be a delightful dream fulfilled.
    Best wishes

  • Margarita

    The best cooking class I ever took was with my mom, learning to make strudel dough

  • annie

    I took a really fun hands-on pasta making class in Tuscany eight years ago, and have now started to teach my daughter how to make pasta. I would love to move on to croissants or macarons with her!

  • Heather Sneddon

    My most memorable cooking class was having an Italian cookery class in an Italian restaurant in Umbria, where Mimi and the other women in the kitchen knew no English and our Italian was extremely limited to say the least. Yet somehow we managed to produce hand made pasta ( cannellini) if I remember correctly with ricotta and spinach. The afternoon was so so special, filled with lots of love and laughter. I will always be grateful for this wonderful group of women allowing us to share their kitchen

  • The most memorable cooking classes I took were no classes at all. When I was a child, my grandma used to tell me to watch her cook and help with simple things. “So you’ll learn how to cook and can get married”…of course I refused to learn actively since I did not want to get married back then (I was a child who thought it was something completely uncool). But the memories of certain situations stayed forever and are coming back while I cook.
    However, I would love to take a cooking class in Paris and learn to make croissants! Nothing more and nothing less than that :)

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