G. Detou: The Magic Baker’s Store

Last weekend, while I was in the 1st arrondissement buying kitchenware, I remembered my grandmother telling me about a professional baking supplies store she used to go to when she still had four sons to feed at home.

The store is called G. Detou, which happens to be a pun: “G. Detou” is pronounced like “J’ai de tout“, which means “I have a bit of everything”.

I couldn’t remember where the shop was so I looked up the address, and I was amazed when I finally located it, right in the middle of rue Tiquetonne, which I’d walked up and down countless times without ever noticing this jewel was there. I really don’t have an explanation other than that there is magic at work here — you know, this little nook of a place that thou shalt see only if thy heart is pure and thy desire to buy baking supplies in bulk is earnest.

G. Detou

And mine were, I think, so I walked in to discover an old-fashioned store, presided upon by a moustachioed attendant in a blue coat, who was — and I’m not making this up — drinking champagne with two giggling salesladies. They were no doubt celebrating some kind of special bulk flour holiday (mark your calendars, apparently it takes place every year on September 20).

Or maybe that’s just what magic shop attendants do, drink themselves giddy on bubbles while customers browse around. And there is indeed plenty to gape at: giant boxes of candied violets, brick-sized blocks of bittersweet chocolate, buckets of caramel syrup, humongous bags of slivered almonds… A baker’s dream come true.

After debating with myself awhile, I decided I couldn’t buy it all just yet (I had to ride the bus home, you see) and, marveling at my self-restraint, I set my heart on a jumbo box of couverture chocolate, a big pouch of ground almonds made from Spanish almonds (and much for flavorful than Californian, sorry I have to point this out), and a large bag of the pearl sugar I’d been looking for all over so I could bake me some chouquettes.

G. Detou
58 rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris (see map)
01 42 36 54 67

G. Detou

  • Loli

    et ben ma belle, encore une fois je suis bluffée!
    c’est un très joli site, je vais bien m’amuser cet aprem à lire tout ça!
    par contre, je ne sais pas si c’est mon ordi, mais les liens en vert sur les cotes sont écrits tout petits petits. mais je vais plisser les yeux, ça vaut la coup!
    je suis très admirative de ton travail. je t’embrasse fort

  • Ma Laurence!! Vous ici! Quelle joie!
    Je suis ravie ravie que ça te plaise!
    Pour les liens tout petits, c’est probablement un problème de browser : sous Mac, les implémentations sont un peu fantaisistes parfois… As-tu essayé de changer la taille de la fonte dans ton navigateur?
    Plein de bisous,

  • Breeze

    Just a short note to let you know that the postal code in the address above is incorrect: 75001 –> 75002.

    Love your blog.


  • Latha

    Hi Clotilde… was just about to shoot an email to you asking for such shop in Paris (we’re making a short trip in May). And here it’s, voila! i’ll try and check it out.

  • Christina

    My husband got me some chocolate ganache drops when he was last in Paris, but now I am running out and I am starting to panic! I don’t know how long I can go without zucchini chocolate cake….

    Does anyone know if they would mail some to me if I asked them to?

  • Clotilde,

    your blog is a pleasure to read.

    I’m rediscovering delights of old and discovering sure favorites of the future.


  • Yes, this is a great little place. I am currently halfway through one of their 3 kilo sacks of Valhrona buttons and don’t know how I managed to fund my chocolate habit without them. They are acting as my next excuse to visit Paris

  • Lydia

    G. Detou/J’ai de tout is definitely charming!
    But I’m English so what would I know?
    I have been reading and enjoying very much for a while but haven’t commented so thought it was about time…
    Merci bien Clotilde!

  • O

    Ho Clotilde, I will be in Paris in a few weeks, and would like to meet you:-) i am about to start a blog and am a devotee. Could you also ell me where i can find nice honey in Paris – i’ll be staying at Saint Germain. Cheers. Ozoz (i am Nigerian,mother of 3 and a geologist who loves cooking!) take care

    • annette

      Maison du Miel — 24 rue Vignon, 9th. Paris’ oldest honey vendor (opened in 1905 I think). They have every kind of honey you can imagine, probably 40 or 50 types…Lavender, thyme, lemon, etc. etc. They also have other products made from honey, like candy and soap. Fun store!! I love G. Detou, also.

  • I recently shopped here for the first time as well and it is indeed a baker’s paradise. I came home with 4 kilo bags of powdered sugar, vanilla beans in bulk, cream of tartar (still trying to figure out which of my recipes call for this but since I haven’t seen it elsewhere figured Id take some), discs of Valrhona in bulk and some of the aforementioned candied violette. I noticed they had a second shop a little farther up the street that was more traiteur-style with terrines of foie gras and the like in the window (at least I think the awning also said G Detou). Anyway, I will be returning soon!

  • Mariangela Sassi

    Clotilde – do you know the hours of the shop? I have a 1-night stopover in Paris and have to go here the minute I arrive. Do you know their hours of operation? Thanks!

  • Mariangela – I believe the hours are Mon-Sat 8:30am till 6:30pm.

  • silvia

    dear, do you know the email address of detou, because at the moment the site is in maintenance? thanks

    • I don’t have an email address for them, sorry!

  • Oh la la !! Il faut que j’y vais. And it’s right near where I live too. I am so lucky!

  • Vicky

    I love, love, LOVE this store, and every time I am in Paris make a beeline for it: to buy the tonka beans; or the ground pistachios; or the natural aromas; or the candied chestnuts; or …. Just totally, utterly fantastic (and the fact that one has to FIRST pay for one’s purchases, and THEN collect them from the salesperson is a touch of old-fashioned inefficiency that is particularly enchanting when one is not in a terrible rush…as is typically the case when I am on holiday!). My devotion to this store is so limitless, that I obliged my poor 22-year old son to race over there on his last day in Paris (where he did his MSc) to purchase pate de pistache that he then brought with him when he came to meet us in the south of France…but I did promise in return to make pistachio ice cream, which is his very favourite! And he DID love the results ;-)

    • Thanks for sharing Vicky, I see you share my enthusiasm! I agree 100% about the old-fashioned charm of that payment/collection system. ^^

  • Melanie

    I have been searching for candied violets for years! Not realizing the difference, well-intentioned friends have brought me violet candies. I’ll be sure to go here when I’m next in Paris. Merci, Clotilde !

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