C&Z turns 3!

Macaron Violette Chocolat

A little over three years ago, over a dinner of shabu-shabu, I mentioned to Maxence that I was considering starting a food blog. “I think you should go for it,” he said. “But it’s going to take up a lot of my time, and I worry that I might tire of it after the honeymoon phase,” I replied. “I think you should go for it,” he said. A few days later, after a few evenings spent playing around with blogging tools and html templates, Chocolate & Zucchini was born.

Starting the blog was a small, trivial decision to make, but it is one that changed my life. It may sound a bit grandiose when I put it this way, and yet how else could I put it? How I think of myself, how I picture my future, what occupies my thoughts and my work hours, whom I get to meet and interact with, what I reply when people ask “So, what do you do?” (in French: “Et tu fais quoi dans la vie?“) — all of these elements have gradually shifted, making me happier by the day. This is all thanks to C&Z and thanks to you, so thank you.

To thank my blog properly I bought this violet and chocolate macaron from one of my favorite pastry shops (Aurore-Capucine, 3 rue de Rochechouart in the 9th). I placed it next to my laptop and waited. After a while it became obvious that the blog wasn’t too interested, so I took the liberty to eat the macaron on its behalf: thin crackly shell, chewy-creamy filling, smooth chocolate ganache, rich almond flavor, tingly hints of violet — oh yum.

And to thank you properly and in person, I would like to invite those of you who will be around on October 11th to join us for a Paris get-together. The plan is to meet in early evening at Le Takbo, an arty-friendly bistro in my neighborhood: we’ll have drinks, we’ll chat, and if we get hungry we can get something to eat there. No need to RSVP, just come as you are, on your own or with a friend or with a pet of your choosing.

Details (where the devil is, in case you need him):
When? Wednesday, October 11th, 2006.
What time? Starting from 7:30PM.
Where? Le Takbo, 52 rue Condorcet in the 9th (01 48 78 39 59).
Closest métro stop? Anvers (line 2).

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  • Bonnie

    Congratulations, Clotilde! Thank you for C&Z – you are my inspiration.

  • Now I wish I lived in Paris, because then I could come celebrate “your” birthday.

    Happy Blog Anniversary anyway!

  • happy birthday C&Z! I will definitely come to the C&Z-turns-3-get-together (probably much later that 7.30, but hopefully you’ll still be there to celebrate?). Best, Marie.

  • I would love to be there, but our trip to Paris will be only in the end of November!
    Happy birthday!!!!

  • Elene

    Happy Birthday,

    This is the first comment I have ever left on a Blog. I really appriciate the fact that you update very regularly. So many blog sites don’t!

    The pictures are great and inspiring and so are the recipes.

    I love the tone you use in your writing and the way you share aspects of your life with us all.

    I can honestly say that I come by at least 3 times a week.

    Best wishes

    Ps – have fun in Paris!

  • Happy Birthday! You have come so far in such a short amount of time.

  • ola

    Congratulations, you are doing an amazing work. Keep it going.

  • amy

    Happy Blogday!

    I’ve lurked on your blog on and off for years, but I never read it regularly because it made me depressed that I didn’t live in Paris. But now I do!

    I just moved here a couple of weeks ago for the year. I hope you don’t mind if I come by to pay my respects to the work you’ve done.

  • Griffin

    Dear Clotilde, thank you for eating that macaron on behalf of the blog!

    I wish I could come too, but helas, I am stuck here. Please would you and Maxence have a drink for me… if it’s not too much trouble?! ;)

    And a big thank you to Maxence for telling you, ‘just go for it’… or who knows, the what-ifs may have stopped you in your tracks and we’d all have been a little bit poorer for your not being here in cyberspace.

  • Congratulations!!! Your blog is wonderful and it never ceases to inspire me. :)

  • Your papounet

    Bon anniversaire à ton blog, ma Clo ! In some parallel universe, Maxence-bis may have said to Clotilde-bis “Nah, ain’t worth wasting your time on that…”, and this Earth-bis must be all the poorer for it. Then again, the same momentous decision to go ahead may have been taken by your alter egos on many parallel Earths, except they used different titles : I can imagine “Caramel & Carrots”, “Pudding & Potatoes”, who knows? In an infinity of universes, everything is possible. Wouldn’t it be great if you could swap recipes with them ?

  • squeaker

    Happy Birthday C&Z! Today is also Confucius’s Birthday and he’s the saint and teacher of the Chinese culture… C&Z has also been, um, very educational to me (it’s the first food blog that I read) and made me love food and the wonders of it even more… So thank you, C&Z!

  • 3 years…not too shabby! That’s a lifetime on the web :)

  • Congratulations to you, your blog. May all the wonderful turns your life has taken bring you a lot of joy! I was hoping you made that macaron yourself, so I would get the recipe–darn!

  • Michelle

    From a longtime reader and firsttime commenter, bonne anniversaire au blog, Clotilde! If I were in Paris, I’d love to join in the party, but alas… still, you are a lucky girl to have a papounet such as the one who comments above =)

  • Clotilde,
    Would love to join the get together in Paris but cannot. When you come to New York on a book tour or trip, let me know and we can throw a party here too!

    Congratulations on making such a good and profound decision, even though it was done lightly at the time. That’s destiny!

  • Congratulations on your third year! It’s been such a pleasure being a reader for so long. Here’s to more happy years and the upcoming book!

  • I will be there to help celebrate and am so looking forward to meeting you- if only to rave about Aurore-Capucine! I used to live a few houses up and I have probably spent days drooling at all the nice things in the window.

  • David

    Yahoo! Good for you Clothilde! You don’t know how much C & Z has come to mean to me, especially over the last difficult year—much support from some of your regulars.


  • Congratulations! Aren’t blogs incredible? I’ve learned so much about the world, cooking, and other people. It has turned out to be an incredible way to connect with others. Here’s to another 3 years, maybe 30. I am hoping to make it to your celebration.

  • nicholas

    I’ll be there in spirit. Congrats.
    My weeks would be incomplete without reading your wonderful pieces.
    Thank you. Nick Mercury

  • Mary

    Too bad your blogoversary isn’t November 16-19! I will be in Paris for the photo fair… Have a great time!!! Congratulations!!

  • Congratulations on your success Clothilde, you deserve it for the beautiful work you’ve done. I’m temporarily living in Paris and I always feel inspired by your ability to find so many really lovely and special things to eat. P.S. This is my first blog comment ever, that’s how much I appreciate your blog.

  • Lia

    Felicitations Clotilde! C&Z was my first introduction to food blogs and and it’s also the one that inspired me to start my own. Unfortunately, I won’t be in Paris in October, but I hope to attend another event sometime in the future.

  • Rose

    Happy B-Day C&Z!!

  • paula

    Happy Birthday C&Z and Congrats!! Clotilde for making your dream a reality and a success. I would love to meet for your celebration but I just got back from Paris after celebrating my Birthday :)….I’m a little older though. I did think of you while I was shopping for bread and cheese in the 9th :)

  • Alisa

    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday dear C&Zeeeeee
    ….oh….ahem…got a little carried away there ;)
    Gros bisous, félicitations et 1000 mercis

  • congrats, C&Z!

  • Elizabeth

    Happy happy! Your pappy’s wappy! Were you born in the land William conquered, Nigel would have encouraged Sarah to start up “Lolliess & Courgettes.” Brilliant title, what?

  • Brenda

    Congratulations. I love your articles, recipes and especially your photos. They are gorgeous. Keep up your splendid work

  • Clotilde – you are an inspiration to me and your success is well-deserved! Your site is so beautiful…I love it! Congratulations and best wishes for continued success!

  • France

    Clotilde, I’ve been reading you for a long time – just never knocked on your door to say hello and show my clean hands before taking place at your table.

    Your 3-year celebration is a good opportunity for me to step in and extend my red-ribbon boxed congratulations for such an entertaining writing. Your humour is on the subtle side, surprising, capable of bringing one eyebrow up and twisting a single side of the lips in a manner that brings not laughter – a sweet smile that lingers on. That is your quality.

    And your modesty. That is so fresh on the reading eyes.

    Long life to Chocolate & Zucchini, and a basketful of success for your upcoming book.

    I’ll read it… if only because il est né de ta plume à toi. :)

  • Judith

    Thank you for your decision to create this weblog and Happy Birthday! When I found C&Z, it was as if I found myself…much younger, living elsewhere; doing brilliant things with food; enjoying life to the fullest. I think there must be a dimensional shift. You bring joy, my dear, and I appreciate it.

  • Marie

    Happy, Happy Birthday! I wish I lived in Paris, too, so I can join the festivities. My mom’s birthday is also on the 11th and my parents are flying to Shanghai from the Philippines to celebrate. I’ll take them to Quanjude–a 200-year-old Peking duck restaurant and I’ll order a special duck with C&Z blowtorched unto the skin. Will provide photos! (Oops, I went off tangent a bit…but, anyway, Happy 3rd Birthday, C&Z!)

  • Happy blogday Clotilde. As with many bloggers it was C&Z that inspired me to start my own blog. Which has resulted in many new friendships worldwide at what has been the most difficult time of my life. Thankyou and a big hug to you and Maxence. Maybe you have an unattached sister I could introduce to my son!! No. Cousin?

  • Happy Bday C&Z, and congratulations to you Clotilde on all your success =)

    I recently discovered your blog and am completely addiced.
    Thank you for continuing your posts -even if you are one busy foodie!

  • You have given us a rich taste of France. Thank you for sharing such “deliciousness,” these last three years with us!!
    I hope I can join you in Paris, I will try, if not know that I raise my glass in your honor here in the south of France!

  • 3 ans déjà ! Blog anniversaire.
    Je note l’adresse pour le macaron chocolat-violette. ça me tente beaucoup. bises

  • Rachel

    Milles felicitations Clotilde! Here’s to many more happy anniversaries for C&Z – a source of tremendous enjoyment and inspiration (to say nothing of its being a fantastic means of procrastination when I should be working on my dissertation ;) ). I wish I could come to the birthday drinks but I won’t be in Paris again til November… Guess I’ll have to raise a glass in London instead!

  • Congratulations on three years and happy blog birthday! As I live just up the road from Anvers I will definitely come to the blog get-together. Looking forward to it

  • At the risk of repeating all those before and after me…but can you ever hear it too often?…congratulations on a job well done!! A toast to blogging and, especially, to you!

    Meilleurs vœux!

  • Jule

    Happy third Blogday!!! I am quite a new reader to your blog and I love to browse through everything you have written so far. I will be in Paris in October, so I am looking forward to coming to the blog get-together.

  • shelli

    Isn’t it amazing what great consequences can come of an apparently small decision. Wish we could be there this year, but will be thinking of you anyway. Bonne blogversaire et félicitations!

  • Felicitations! I am inspired by your ‘stick-with-it-ness’! (As well as your lovely content and pics!)

    I’m in the south and wish I could come up for the evening but I’ve just started an intensive French course and can’t miss a day right now. I hope you do this again – I’d love to join in on the fun…it’s a great idea. I’ll be with you in spirit.


  • dear clotilde,

    happy anniversary! i wonder if you have any idea how many of us you have inspired to use our own “voices” and christen our own food blogs over the past three years.

    you are the gold standard for food bloggers. wish i could be there for your party!

  • Happy Anniversary C&Z!! May you always be the very Inspiration of many food bloggers around the world. How lovely to get together in such occasion. Have a great party!

  • Congratulations to C&Z!!! 3 is a very respectable age for a foodblog, and you’ve surely achieved a lot in that time. Well done!

  • Congratulations on three delicious years! You are an inspiration. Thought you might like to look at my effort, particularly since I recently paid a visit to France.


  • Erin

    A rendez-vous Oct 11? Don’t I wish I lived in Europe…or had enough money to fly out to France for a C&Z party. Alas, I don’t. I’ll be thinking of you all here in Canada.

    Happy Birthday C&Z!!!


  • Your Blog changed my life!
    I so wanted to be there. I thought the C&Z anniversary would be the same as ’05. But I’ll be there in spirit surement. I would not be blogging if it wasn’t for a petit déjeuner photo of yours that Google found me. Thank you Google! I became a daily reader and then 6 months later began my own blog, so inspired by C&Z was I :) Thank you Clotilde for inspiring us all with your very special view into Paris and into your life.

  • Isil


    One can really tell just how much effort and love you put into it!

    Keep it up!

  • Long time listener first time caller …

    I *do* just happen to be in Paris, arriving on the 11th, how serendipitous. Have drink and dinner plans already but would love to come after dinner – how late might the festivities continue?

  • Cindy

    Bon anniversaire! (sp?) C&Z was the first blog this 50+ mom read and loved it from the start over a year ago. If only everyone showed as much enthusiasm and creativity that you show. It’s obvious you love what you do… and we all love hearing about it.
    Thanks for the invite but must take a raincheck. Merci!

  • rainey

    Félicitations! The occasion becomes more momentous with every anniversary. Still, the sense of joy delivered as lightly as a feather remains.

    I laughed to think of you giving everything for your blog. Even to nibbling its unattended macaroon.

    Congrats to the blog; thanks to you!

  • elizabeth mooney

    Chese Clotilde, It is so wonderful to be 3 years already, congratulation. I am happy to read your blog time to time & I wish I live in Paris now so I can come to your celebration & wish you future success & my appreciation personally. I lived in Neuilly-sur-Seine many years before you were born. I just love Paris & everything there ……. Merci. elizabeth

  • Tricia

    Happy birthday! are there any patisseries that make macarons with zucchini cream filling? :^)

  • Laura

    Your third birthday is definitely an occasion worth de-lurking for! Congratulations! Thank you for your lovely writing, photos and (especially) recipes.

  • Happy anniversary!!

    I can say that your blog has (less dramatically, of course) changed my life, too. I’ve been eating so much better ever since I found it!

    Best wishes,

  • Margaret

    Felicitations! Quelle dommage que je ne serai pas a Paris le 11 oct.afin de vous rencontrer et participer a la celebration, votre blog m’inspire et je passe des heures en visitant les bons adresses a Paris.Merci et ‘bonne continuation’!

  • Luu

    Happy blog day \o/
    Three years goes so fast…
    I’m reading your blog since two years, it’s been like a blink; surely because you write regurarly, we’ve always been well feed by your posts.
    As me and my wife share the same neighbourhood as you, we are glad to participate to this get-together and finally meet you …

  • Tim

    It has probably already been said. Congratulations on the first three years and the inspiration that you have provided.

    I look forward to hearing of the celebrations and many more fabulous posts.

  • Clotilde,

    pour moi c’est vraiment dommage: le 11 je ne serai pas a Paris, je retourne le 12!


    on pourrait pas changer la date ;)

    bon anniversaire pour c&z

  • Congratulations from all of us at Moleskinerie.com!

  • Congratulations C&Z! …and to many more years to come!

  • Congratulations and thank you for 3 years worth of wonderful posts!

  • shana

    first time leaving a comment but just have to tell you that i love your blog! Hope you dont mind if I joing on wed to celebrate as well…

  • Ah, if only I was in Paris! Congratulations on the anniversary. C&Z is an inspiration.
    As is that macaron… yum.

  • Catherine

    Happy birthday Chocolate&Zucchini !
    You are the first food blog I’ve read and you are inspiring ! I like your style which is witty ! Thanks for all the delightful moments I’ve spent reading you !

  • ohhhh!!! congratulations Clotilde!!!! i really love your blog, yo lo descubrí el año pasado and i really enjoy…

    Thanks for this 3 years! 1 for me… :P

  • Anne Rawlinson

    Yahoo! Coincidentally, last July I scheduled my first Paris trip in 20 years for next week! I’ll be there with Steve (boyfriend/taste-tester) and a pet if I manage to borrow one for the evening.

  • Congratulations to you, Clotilde, and Happy Birthday to Chocolate and Zucchini. C&Z has changed my life as well, and many others.

  • Felicitations three times over, Clotilde! Thank you for much, much inspiration.

  • Congratulations on your third year! It’s been such a pleasure being a reader for so long. Thank you for your wonderful posts.

  • Happy Birthday! Oh please please pleeeeeease have a birthday celebration again next year, as I will be in Paris during the month of October.

    I wish I could be there! :)

    p.s. I am reeeeally looking forward to your book. I hope you have included the melt in your mouth chocolate cake – it has become a classic amongst my family and friends!

  • Joanne


    Congratulations! We love reading your blog and dreaming of Paris. We will be leaving for Paris and Lyon on Friday but will be in Lyon for the party! Shucks, we would love to meet you. We will be back in Paris on the 12th!! We will think of your anniversary party and wishing we could be there with you to celebrate! have fun and keep up the good work! Joanne

  • Always Ace

    Just stopping in a few days late to congratulate you on your three years as well!! I have loved learning more about food and cooking, and wonderful addresses here in Paris, by reading your blog… I have LOADS yet to learn, but your blog is always so refreshing and makes me feel like it truly is possible to do so many things!

    You are an inspiration in so many ways…

    Félicitations !

  • Always Ace

    P.S. ~ I forgot to say that I will be thrilled to join you all next week, too! I’m not a blogger — yet anyway! — so I hope it’s OK if I come along to congratulate you and to meet you for the first time. It would be a great pleasure…

  • forestwick

    congratulations!clotilde…your blog was the first one I ever read. And now I’m hooked! here’s to another 3+!

  • Christèle

    Congratulations !
    I particularly appreciate the photos.

    I’m waiting for your book !!!

    As I live in Lyon, I won’t be there at the meeting but I wish you the best !

  • Happy Birthday C&Z. We are all so much richer for having this wonderful blog and forums in our lives. May you enjoy many more birthdays.

    Thanks Clotilde, you have given us all so much. Barbara and I will drink a toast to you and C&Z when we get together in Auckland this weekend. Another lovely friendship made through you and C&Z.

  • Congratulations Clotilde on C&Z’s 3rd Birthday.

    I must confess that didn’t know anything about food blogging when I stumbled on to your blog two years ago via Google and discovered your Melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake. But now I know better. :)
    Looking forward to your book.

    Happy Birthday C&Z.

  • wheeeee!
    …wish i were in Paris! ‘would love to meet you and chat about food and cooking someday!

  • Veronica

    Happy Birthday !!!
    My hubby and I are planning a trip to that side of the world soon. We call it our “Eat our way through Europe” tour.
    Maybe you’ll have one of your meet-ups again for the next b-day of C&Z !

  • Lena

    I recently discovered your blog and wish you continued success – especially with your book.

    This week – my life has changed as I quit my office job to devote my career to working with food – in a bakery or restaurant and to keep baking and writing. The people in bakeries are open and truly giving people. I celebrated by buying myself a take home celebratory meal – Red Sicilian wine, sourdough bread with pecorino romano cheese, maki sushi, and one chocolate macaroon. And with a friend, we shared a Chinese moon cake to celebate the Autumn Moon Festival. I fell asleep thinking of breakfast to be made for a friend.

  • cathyv

    I have been reading your blog for the last 2 years and truly enjoy it. It is my good fortune that I will be arriving in Paris the morning of Oct 11, with my dear friend. We are looking forward to being a part of your birthday celebration. Thanks for inviting all of us.

  • Andi*

    Congratulations Clotilde on 3 years….wow.
    I knew you could do this*
    Still LOVING your food blogging and C+Z, especially the great pix and recipes*…you know how I love new recipes to recreate..(*)
    Thanks for the invitation…
    I would join you in a minute,if I could,but no Paris trip is on my horizon…:-(…..
    Have lots of fun* enjoy every moment..
    Looking forward to hearing all about it….
    Thanks again,and best wishes on a job well done*******.
    Andi in Vegas…

  • Nora Baua

    congratulations and happy anniversary.i miss paris and reading your blog makes my day. i will appreciate it very much if you could tell us what transpired during the anniversary. cheers.

  • Celine75

    Bon anniversaire à ton blog ! Je passerai sûrement discuter un peu lors de la soirée anniversaire, cela me fera très plaisir de voir toute la petite communauté gravitant autour de C&Z (auteur, commentateurs, lecteurs, testeurs de recettes !). A très bientôt !

  • Congratulations on your third year! It’s my pleasure being a reader for so long.

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