C&Z Turns Eight! + A Paris Get-Together

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Today marks the eighth* anniversary of Chocolate & Zucchini. And just like last year and every year before it, I am divided between two feelings: on the one hand, I can’t really remember what it felt like to experience life without a blog. On the other hand, I consider the years, months, and days, and I think, wow, it certainly is a long time to be keeping an online cooking journal. This year is an especially meaningful milestone, as it appears I have been blogging for an entire quarter of my life**. It’s a little dizzying to think about.

And as always, I feel compelled to mark this anniversary by thanking you, dear readers, for being here. Some of you have been reading since the early days, and some have known me for a shorter while, but it is all of you, with your different backgrounds and opinions and talents, who make it worth my while to write and share here. Your support, your comments, and the way you weave your own stories into mine, make my life immeasurably richer, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

VerjusIf you’re in Paris on Friday, October 21 (rescheduled from October 14), I’d like to invite you to join us for a celebratory drink at Verjus, the wine bar that my friends Braden and Laura (of Hidden Kitchen fame) are just about to open. We’ll be there from 8pm, but feel free to drop by whenever you like. I hope to meet you there! Verjus, 47 rue Montpensier, Paris 1er, +33 (0)1 42 97 54 40 (see map).

* Isn’t “eighth” an awkward word to spell?
** Because yes, 32 divided by 4 is 8.

  • Clotilde, many many congratulations on your 8th blogiversary! Yours was the first food blog I ever read and, although I don’t comment very much, I read every post. I cannot wait to hear you speak in November in Toronto.

  • Congrats on your blog’s anniversary. I’ve only been following your blog for about a year but I love all the recipes and advice you share here. Many happy returns. And have fun at Verjus. Wish I could be there.

  • Really wish I could be in Paris. Along with Rome, it’s my favourite city. A few years ago, I went on a Fine Art study trip and it was one of the best things I’ve done.

    Happy Birthday, and I really hope you have a great evening.

  • Congratulations on the 8 years Clotilde! That’s such an accomplishment. It takes a lot of dedication and talent to be able to maintain such high quality blogging for all these years.
    Thank you for all the wonderful recipes and stories you have shared with us!

    If I was living in Paris, I would definitely come to the party :)

  • Congratulations, Clotilde. What a feat! I love reading your blog, and your Edible Adventures in Paris is always sitting in my handbag. Now that I’m living in Paris, I can finally have the book signed.

  • Congratulations Clotilde. You have been the inspiration for so many of us to begin blogging. Thank you…and especially for all the friends I have made (and met) via the forums. I wish I could be there to share a celebration drink. Have a fun night.

  • jason.


  • Congratulations Clotilde and thank you for your inspiration, recipes,and happy moments, through food, through new friends, new places, experiences – all because of 7 years (for me) of enjoying your blog, and forums, and books.
    Many happy returns!

  • est

    Bravo Clotilde! 8 years of great work! I remember when I first discovered your blog 6 years ago, and how I’m still looking forward to your new posts… wish I was in Paris to celebrate, let us know if you are doing drinks in NY sometime!

  • Congrats on 8 years! Seems pretty incredible, I know. Also feels like you’ve built so much up, you’ll never stop…right? Just give it some water every now and then. :)

    I can’t make the meetup but there’s a good chance I’ll be in Paris in December – I’ll ping you to see if you’re around to meet for a coffee!

  • Happy 8th, Clotilde!

    So the traditional gift for the eighth anniversary is bronze or pottery. Modern–linens or lace. I’d say select something from the above for your table. You deserve many kudos and gifts made of all those suggestions for your lovely and inspiring blog.

    Many thanks & all the best!


  • Kristine

    Congratulations Clotilde! I wish I could come celebrate with you. My boyfriend and I are in the process of moving to Paris, so hopefully we will be able attend next year!

  • gingerpale

    Happy 8th Clotilde — your cooking has improved my cooking SO much!

  • Congratulations!!! I’m impressed you have your blog for already 8 years, wow. I love your blog for the diversity of topics you are covering, always written in an entertaining style. I won’t be able to be in Paris the day of your party, but it is a very nice idea meeting up.
    And again: félicitations!!!

  • DARN and DOUBLE DARN. I arrive on the 15th and will be in the air on the 14th. I guess I will have to toast you from the air france cabin.

  • Rachel

    Congratulations, Clotilde! A quarter of a lifetime is quite a milestone. That also means that I’ve now been following C&Z for five years – and what a wonderful difference you’ve made to my cooking, travelling, etc… I’m sorry I won’t make it to the celebrations this year, but maybe next year!

  • terri

    congratulations on your blog’s 8th anniversary! thanks for all the inspiration your blog provides!

  • Nan

    Hi! I’m a long-time stalker and I wanted to say happy anniversary! My husband and I will be in Paris on the 14th!!! We would LOVE to stop by and meet you – I’ve just been rereading Edible Adventures, trying to decide where we should go first! Where do you think we should go first? We are only in Paris for 3 days!! Thanks! Nan

  • Congrats! Yours is the first blog I read. Thank you for the constant inspiration. I have prepared so many of your recipes. Dukkah is my favorite, I put it on everything. It helped me survive a month on a very restrictive candida diet.
    I wish I could be in Paris in two weeks but there is always next year to hope for.

  • Felicitation!
    You are an inspiration. Many more years.

  • Happy blogiversary! So that means I’ve been reading your blog for about six years.
    When I think about it there are so many things in my kitchen that you’ve inspired; jars of roasted zest, dukkah and granola, whole wheat and olive oil pastry that I can make from memory, galette des rois which I bake every year. Not forgetting my little jar of starter, Pantoufle.

    I wish I could come to your soirée in Paris, if you ever fancy a trip to Devon just let me know!

  • Congratulations! In spirit if not in person, I will be in paris that night.

  • Very impressive and inspiring, time goes by so fast that only making something valuable with it makes a difference. Congratulations!!! Looking forward to many more…….

  • Congratulations! I’ve been reading your posts for a little over a year. One memorable one was when you wanted the Japanese sesame seed grinder. Very cute.

  • Congratulations! I was in Paris for your blog’s birthday in 2007 and so enjoyed meeting you then :) I’m sorry I’ll miss this one by a month.

  • Thank you so much for your kind notes, everyone, I’m truly touched! You really are as wonderful as I said you were. ^_^

  • Clotilde, of your 8 years, I think I followed 6, maybe 6 and a half? Who knows? ;-)

    at any rate, your blog was one of the first I started to read regularly, back in the days when I wasn’t quite sure what “blog” meant.

    so, congratulations for a huge milestone, keep those fires burning!

  • Linda Dionesotes

    Congratulations! WE are the lucky ones. Thanks for your inspiring dedication.

  • Happy anniversary, Clotilde. I can’t believe it’s been 8 years. I haven’t been reading the blogs as much as I would like (and I haven’t written since, well, I opened my restaurant). Congratulations for reaching this milestone.

  • Clotilde – Happy Birthday and I hope to see you on the 21st and raise a glass in your honor! xo ellise

    • I’d love to see you then, Ellise (and hope you’re making good progress on the book!).

  • Congratulations on 8 years! Chocolate & Zucchini was the first food blog I followed. I just returned from Paris this past week. Had this event been taking place during my visit, I certainly would have attended. Would have been so nice to meet you!

  • ylsf

    Wow, I haven’t been here in a while but amazing to see what has become of your career since when I first started reading your blog. Yours was also the first food blog I ever read and I must say that my interest in food/cooking grew exponentially after first reading your blog. I am glad to see from a comment that you are coming to Toronto, I will have to come and see you when you are here! All the best for the next 80 years!

  • Belated happy anniversary! I applaud you on a very successful 8 years! Funny how I came across your post just now, I’ve actually been to Verjus on my visit to Paris two summers ago, and I have been looking forward to going back since!

    • Thanks, Grace. It was likely a different Verjus as this one only opened last fall.

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