C&Z turns 2!

Tartelette Figue et Thym Citron

Two years ago today, I hit “publish” on my very first post for Chocolate & Zucchini. I had been toying with the idea for a few weeks, debating with myself whether or not to start my own blog. Of course I didn’t have the faintest notion what this would all lead to, what adventures, discoveries, encounters and life changes awaited me.

Life changes? Yes, indeed: today seems like the perfect day to announce that I have just signed a book deal with a NYC publisher, that I have quit my dayjob and that I now live the happy life of a full-time writer, working on the book and a miscellany of other projects. Excited, thrilled, gleeful and proud is how I feel — but most delightful of all, free. There is no price tag on that.

I have said before what a gratifying journey this has been, and would like to thank you all for reading me and supporting me. Creating C&Z is the best thing I have ever done, it has brought me so many unexpected gifts, and it would be nothing without you.

Just like last year I’m thinking of throwing a little party for those of us who live (or happen to be) in Paris. I’m still working out the details but they will be posted very soon.

[And before you ask, that little jewel pictured above is a celebratory tartlet (fig and lemon thyme on an almond pastry — outstanding) that I purchased at Pain de Sucre, a new and very promising pastry shop that was recommended to me by a reader (merci Stéphane!). They have a striking selection of creative tartlets and pastries and desserts in glasses, I have heard great things about their brioche, and they have the most tempting stuffed bread rolls that look like pains au chocolat, only savory. The shop is located at 14 rue de Rambuteau in the 3rd, and is open everyday from 8am to 8:30pm, except Tuesdays and Wednesdays.]

  • Cindy

    Happy Birthday C&Z!!!

    I have been enjoying your blog for well over a year, Clotilde.

    I hope these life changes prove to be as satisfying as they are exciting.

    Best wishes from Brisbane, Australia.

  • Neil

    Joyeux anniversaire! Sorry that I am so late to the party. I enjoy your look forward to your posts and am happy that you have found your calling so early in life.

  • Lynn

    Congrats! Hope, a TV show is also in the works. Make it a TV cookery cum travelogue show to add zest to it.

  • Neil

    Sorry, about the last, it should have read “I enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts”. I guess I really should be asleep at 3 AM instead of up on the web. Good night, Clotilde.

  • Kristina

    I found your blog just a week ago and it has become one of my favourites! Thank you for your inspiring thoughts on food and fantastic recipes. I will definitely buy that cookbook of yours!
    Kristina, Sweden

    P.S. One of these days I will try to translate my mothers recipe for frozen Daim cake for you
    P.P.S. Polar bread are now available with oatmeal and wholemeal here in the cold north. Very tasty!

  • aru

    hey good job on the book deal and being able to work on it a 100%!!! YAY!!

    oh and happy 2nd birthday, chocolate and zucchini!!!!

  • Congrats and Joyeux anniversaire C&Z.

  • Chère Clotilde, joyeux anniversaire à ton blog ! Je te souhaite plein de succès dans ta carrière d’écriture gourmande. Bises.

  • Toutes mes Félicitations Clotilde !

  • Wow, a book deal! That’s wonderful, congrats and enjoy every minute of being an author-to-be! :)

  • Audrey

    Congratulations Clotilde! Without a doubt, your talent and passion for food will ensure tremendous success in all your future endeavors. But more important, your unique and unpretentious approach to writing about food will inspire many to “rediscover” the pleasures of cooking and eating.

  • Congratulations Clotilde. Exciting times ahead. Well done.

  • carine

    Bravo ! C’est formidable ! Quelle magnifique aventure : j’ai hâte de lire votre livre !

  • swan

    Happy B-day C&Z and thank you sooooo much Clothilde. How wonderful that your blog turns out to unite people from all over tho share. Share thoughts, recipies, adresses, experiences, food, moments….


    And congratulations, for the things you’ve done for yourself. Free!! I’m a bit jealous. And inspired…Big kiss for that!

  • Erin

    Congratulations Clotilde! There is no doubt in my mind that you will go far.

    I can’t wait to buy your cookbook!

  • Que la belle aventure continue!
    Happy birthday!

  • Gracianne

    Felicitations et joyeux anniversaire Clotilde!

  • Dan

    Wow! Congratulations both on the two years and the new adventure in your life!

  • Alisa

    Congratulations! Félicitations! et 1000 merci’s.
    Gros, Gros, Gros, Bisous!

  • Susan Jones

    Clotilde, congratulations! There’s nothing like doing what you love and not having to supplement with a day job. Your focus, dedication and joy in your work inspires all of us to follow our dreams.

  • Jillian

    Congrats and all best wishes!!! Love C&Z… It’s the first thing I look at each morning — even before the news!!! Bon courage!!!!


  • fabio

    well done clotilde!

    i have been following C&Z since the beginning of this year and with your great blog, photos and writing i am surprised that this book deal did not happen earlier.

    all the very best for this exciting new chapter in C&Z story.

    kisses for you and a firm handshake to maxence :)


  • happy blog birthday !!

  • Jim in SF

    Congratulations Clotilde, on your anniversary and your great good fortune. And just as importantly – THANK YOU – for the wonderful ideas, inspiration and information which you offer in every post. I enjoy everything about C&Z and I look forward to the publication of your book. I am also looking forward to my October visit to Paris which will afford me the opportunity to sample the many delights which you have described over the last two years. I may just begin with a tartlette figue et thym citron. It looks delicious. Again, congratulations and happy anniversary!

  • Nic

    Happy Birthday, C&Z! And congratulations, Clotilde.

  • Courtney

    Congratulations on two delicious years AND your book deal! I can’t wait to see it published (and I’m sure I’m not alone in that).

  • asha

    YES!!! the book!

    Congratulations on your C&Z birthday and on the book deal. Have always loved your blog and delightful snippets of life and food in Paris (and elsewhere).

    Many happy returns! :)

  • Bon Anniversaire, Clotilde and many congratulations on quitting the job and becoming a full-fledged writer. What a fabulous turn of events for you! So when does the book come out?

  • Clotilde! congratulations!

    Of course, we were suspicious about the book deal after seeing you this summer in NYC, but quitting your day job! That is so exciting! How fantastic!

  • Happy birthday C&Z and congratulations for your book. Time is going so fast, I remember when C&Z turned 1 as it was yesterday. Amazing adventure.

  • Wow! Congratulations! On the 2 years of the blog, on your upcoming book, and on your whole new life! I can only imagine how happy you must be!
    I love your blog and can’t wait to see your book now! Keep up with the good work!I wish all the best for you!

  • Chris

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to buy your book. Good luck.

  • Fantastic news! Congratulations! Can’t wait for your cookbook to come out.

  • Happy b’day C & Z, and congratulations on the book deal, how absolutely marvellous!! Fantastic! And how many authors can say that they already know xthousand eager readers who can’t wait to get their hands on that book?!!

  • katie

    How wonderful! Just adding my voice to the throng saying congratulations, and I look forward to buying your book!

  • Congratulations, Clotilde! Not just on the two-year anniversary, but most especially on making your dreams come true! I’ve just begun reading C&Z regularly and look forward to continuing to do so. All the best!

  • Happy Anniversary! It’s been a pretty eventful couple of years, no?

  • Happy birthday C&Z!
    Félicitations Clothilde pour toutes ces belles choses passées et à venir.

  • Heather Leson

    I love reading your blog and am happy to say that you inspire me to try new things and love food.

    congratualations on the anniversary and the book deal,

  • abigail

    Happy Birthday!
    I am a very new reader, and I am really enjoying your site. I wish that I had found it sooner as we have just returned from 2 weeks in France and you have some fabulous recommendations that I could have used :-)
    I look forward to continuing to read! All the best.

  • Bravo pour ces projets qui se réalisent. J’espère pouvoir bientôt feuilleter le résultat de ton travail :)

  • congrats!! i’m so happy to see your dream has come true! just remembered reading in your first post that you’d like to be a full-time food writer.

    can’t wait to hear about your new book and thanks for introducing the french food/lifestyle to us!

  • Steph

    Congrats to you Clotilde! What wonderful news! I can’t wait to buy your book!

    I enjoy your blog very much.

    Best to you,

  • Congratulations!!
    I saw your link on Chatelaine and came for a visit :)
    Long life to yor blog!

  • bonjour~
    congrats clotilde!! i have been reading your blog for a year +. you have such a talent for writing, and i really apprecitate your good taste in food, and pairings. C & Z continues to inspire me. i have spent more quality time in my kitchen this year with my laptop open to chocolate and zucchini, than i have in many years before. thank you!! all the best- ariana

  • Deste

    It is indeed thyme to celebrate such a wonderful milestone and a plum new career, the fruit of hard work and obvious gifts. Now eat your cake and thank you for halving it to share with us!

  • T

    Felicitations Clotilde!

  • Congrats!!!!!! Very coolll…..

  • Rainey

    Joyeux anniversaire à C&Z et chapeau, clotilde! C’est toute merveilleuse et bien mérité!

  • sam

    fantastic news for you Clotilde.
    You are very brave to make such a big change to your life.
    Congratulations and good luck!
    I look forward to seeing the book.
    How long do I have to wait?
    Oh – and happy blog birthday too!

  • L

    Congratulations & Happy 2 year Anniversary! You have brighten my days with your thoughtful writings and recipes. Thank you! From MN

  • Eva

    I have been reading your blog for at least a year now. Your recipes are wonderful, and I am the biggest addict of your raspberry muffin recipe. I thought it appropriate to de-lurk on your aniversary.

    Congratulations, and best wishes for the future.

  • Deb

    Wonderful news, Clotilde! Congratulations and happy anniversary! Many, many happy returns to you!


  • Walt N, Livermore, CA

    This is tremendous step, especially for a young person like you. Congratulations on following your dreams!


  • Congrats and happy birthday C&Z! Since discovering your blog i have been reading it back to front, so as to not miss a thing. you have a real gift for writing and i eagerly await the book! you must let us know when we can all run out a buy it!


  • Congratulations Clotilde! On the birthday and the book!

  • I congratulate myself! to be able to get a chance to experience what C&Z has to share.

  • stacy

    Wow! Happy birthday and congratulations! I’m looking forward to seeing your book!

  • Oh congratulations Clotilde! I am so happy for you and quite happy in general because I had been wishing you would come out with a book soon…so I could buy it and read it! :) I hope it makes it to my part of the world! And happy anniversary Chocolate & Zucchini!

  • D

    This is fantastic news, and I am personally very happy to see someone so deserving get to do what she wants to for a living. You have an inspiring curiosity and a real flair for writing. Also, that you write in English better than many for whom it is the mother tongue is an outstanding achievement.
    Brava, félicitations, woo-hoo!

  • Congrats from a fellow foodie…love you sight, love your insight and love your recipes!

  • happy birthday to my beloved C&Z, and congratulations on the book deal! may many many exciting things await you in C&Z third year around…

  • Congratulations, Clotilde! I am absolutely thrilled to hear all your good news. C&Z is a joy to read — thank you for creating and maintaining it. Best wishes for all the adventures to come.

  • Felicitations, Clotilde!

    You were one of my inspirations for taking things to the ‘net, and I’m so delighted about your success. Long may you entertain us with your culinary ruminations – and get paid for it!

    Warm regards,

  • Dora

    Congrats on the book deal and on the second anniversary of C&Z. I found the webpage in May and must admit that it makes me very jealous.
    Bonne chance!
    Dora, Canada.

  • Angie

    Congratulations Clotilde! I have become a huge fan of C&Z this past year and am always eager to read new posts. And now, I am eager to read your book once published!

    Felicitations et bonne chance!

  • Happy anniversary, and thanks for two years of enjoyment and great recipes! We all look forward to your cookbook!

  • Michael

    Happy 2nd anniversary for you and C&Z. What a wonderful job you’ve done with making all things food come alive. A special congrats on your book deal and maybe more importantly…doing something you are passionate about. Best wishes.

  • Clotilde,

    Happy Blog Birthday!

    Finding your blog almost 6 months ago really changed my life. I never knew there could be such an outlet as writing a blog on my absolute favorite subject, FOOD!

    Thank you for the wonderful joy that is to read your blog! I cannot wait for the book.

    I remember the day I quit my job to go back to school, it was quite an event for me! So I could only imagine that quitting your job and starting a new career as a writer must be so exhilarating.

    I made your “Compote Rose” recently (http://chocolateandzucchini.com/archives/2004/05/compote_rose.php). I did the best thing and shared it with friends, who ADORED it. They want more!


  • Céline

    Joyeux anniversaire, C&Z!
    As your sister, I would have been proud of you anyway, but what you have achieved is so brilliant that “proud” is not strong enough a word to describe it… It just takes my breath away!
    Bravo, ma puce, tu es vraiment géniale! Continue!

  • Chloe

    Happy Blog Birthday :)… I have you on my RSS feed on Yahoo. I check your blog out whenever there is a new post. Congratulations on the Book Deal! I can’t wait to see the finished copy!


  • Clotilde,
    I’m so proud of you! Wow–what exciting changes in your life. It couldn’t have happened to a better person. Will you dedicate your book to me? I mean, I think it’s only fair.
    All the best,

  • Happy Birthday! And congratulations on the book — can’t wait to see it! Of course, now the waiting begins…

  • meagen

    congratulations!!! you’re a great example of what can happen when a person is brave enough to follow their heart. truly inspirational!

  • I have to add my congratulations to the many your fans have left you.

    (And just ignore that green tinge…) :)

  • What a wonderful journey! No doubt C&Z will get better and better in the next two years.
    Congratulations, and I look forward to hearing more about your book

  • Felicitations, chere Clotilde! You have given so much pleasure and inspiration to so many in such a short time — only two years! Like your many other admirers, I happily await more delights from your kitchen, pen and imagination…

  • Dearest Clotilde:

    Happy happy birthday! And in a way, it feels like your birthday, since it has birthed this new life for you. I can only imagine the freedom you’re feeling at being a full-time writer. I’m so happy for you. And I since I want to make the same move some day, I’m also encouraged!

    You were my first and most enduring inspiration for starting my own food blog. I’ve only been at it for a few months, and yet it has already brought me so many wonderful people, conversations, recipes, and opportunities that I cannot imagine what two years might feel like.

    We all adore you. Thank you for sharing yourself, Clotilde.

  • emi

    Congratulations Clotilde!

    What a dream to have attained such a wonderful gift!

  • MarthaD

    Congratulations and the best of luck to you on your new chapter of life.
    Thank you.

  • Laura

    More good wishes to add to the pile! Happy blog-birthday and congratulations on all the exciting changes in your life. There’s nothing better than being free to do what you love, full time! Can’t wait to see the book.

  • nabila

    Thank you for blogging and congratulation for the book deal, good luck for all the good things to come.
    Keep on blogging it’s great and to me your blog is a a sweet gift every day!

  • wow – you have lots of readers! i’ve only recently found you, but wanted to wish a happy birthday and a congratulations, nonetheless! wish i lived in paris and could join in the party!

  • Patricia

    I’m so proud of you!
    Yes, I agree that the freedom to do with your time as you choose hasn’t a price.
    I can’t wait to get your book and please put a stop in Seattle on your tour. I would love to meet you and get my copy signed.
    Seattle, WA, USA

  • Félicitations Clotilde. Je suis trés heureuse pour toi. Tu es une grande influence dans ma vie.

  • Mary from Toronto

    Congratulations!!! Way to go….remember to enjoy each minute!…Looking forward to the book.

  • susan

    Clotilde, bonne chance et merci for all the wonderful things you share with us. Food lovers are having a richer experience because of your web site/blog. You represent the very essence of our collective culinary loves and pursuits…encore, merci et bonne chance,Susan in Massachusetts

  • Lilia Dignan


    Felicitations! Two years of the most wonderful and enjoyable blog site is wonderful. Getting to do what you dream about is a real topping on the cake. Can’t wait to see and buy your book. I have discovered you and C&Z about half a year ago and have been enjoying it ever since, your love of food – your fantastic sense of humour – your beautiful way with words.

    Congratulations again.

  • Debbie

    Oh, Clotilde! Congratulations! I can’t think of anyone who deserves this good fortune more than you. Thanks for sharing all your fun with us in the past and the future. Can’t you imagine C&Z parties everywhere when the book comes out?

  • NubianVixen

    Congrats! I have loved reading your blog for the past 6 months. I can’t think of anyone nicer for all of this to happen to! Happy B-day, C&Z!!

  • Congratulations. I just found your blog about a month ago and have enjoyed it immensly. Well done and thanks for creating such a wonderful world for all of us to participate in.

  • Tea

    Congratulations! I love your blog and have been enjoying your postings for over a year now. ^_^ Thanks and Happy bday C&Z!!

  • Eve

    Happy Birthday to Chocolate &Zucchini and congratulations Clotilde!

    I will be looking forward to your book and future endeavors with great anticipation.

    All best wishes on this exciting and auspicious new step, for you, for Chocolate & Zucchini, and for all of us Chocolatists and Zucchinians.

  • Miss Lisa

    Yummy, Happy Birthday, Congratulations and Good on you mate! (I am an Aussie after all!)

    well done on all of the above, even if you have made me jealous, yet again, of the delicious pastries … but then again, as well, if I was able to access those gorgeous shops I’d be the size of a house! I’ll just have to keep making notes for my visit next July …

  • Natalie

    Happy Birthday!

    Your blog (helps) keep me sane.

    And congratulations…I can’t wait for the book!

  • Claudio and I send our warmest congratulations! I remember how all this was only impending a year ago (when we chatted in Montmartre). As readers we are all proud to have seen this coming – way to go Clotilde and all the best in this new phase of your life!

  • Happy 2nd Birthday and congratulations! What a fantastic blogday present. They call it the terrible twos but I think you’d argue the contrary!

    Wow wow wow! I’m excited for you! =)

    Congrats from sunny Sydney,

  • Julie

    Félicitations, pour le livre, pour le blog – et pour la liberté!

    Your site is the first I look at each day, and it has inspired me to create many interesting dishes.

    Good luck for many more years of blogging – and I will join the many others in the queue for a copy of your book!

  • Bill

    One more to the list of congratulations!
    Thank-you for the many-many great food moments! … and soon we can buy the book too! (no pressure though!)

  • Meg

    Just want to add my congratulations to the chorus! You deserve every bit of the wonderful things that have come your way since starting C&Z. I am honored to be not just a loyal reader but a friend! Bonne continuation!

  • Felicitations!

    You are so wonderful and so deserving of all the joy and success coming atcha! It is a real thrill to experience vicariously all that you share here with us.

    Here’s wishing you many, many more happy C&Z birthdays.

    Gros bisous.

  • Happy birthday to C&Z, and many happy congratulations, Clotilde. Your food blog was the first one I started reading, and you not only pointed me in the direction of others but also provided much-needed inspiration for me to start my own (which has just celebrated it’s one month birthday!) I can’t wait to read the book!!

  • M.E.

    I will waiting for the book!!!!

  • Ann

    I found your blog through NPR and have really enjoyed it. Congratulations on your anniversary from a reader in East Lansing, MI. Best of luck with your book.

  • ani

    congrats, Clotilde! i’ve been awaiting the day when you would be able to say “i quite my day job”! i knew it had to be on its way…with your charming and informative writing, it couldn’t be long before you would be able to do it for a living.

  • Christy

    So many congratulations on so many different fronts! What’s lovely about C&Z (and you!) is the happiness that you spread to so many through the simple, good things in life!

    Thank you for sharing so much with strangers.

  • E.

    Dear Clotilde,
    Thank you for your blog. It has given me much enjoyment. I look forward to the book.

  • Julieta

    Congratulations! Thank you for these 2 years of sharing your experiences, your great writing, and superb food! Looking forward to reading the book!

  • Happy Birthday Chocolate & Zucchini and Clotilde!

  • Robin

    Happy Blog Birthday, Clotilde! Your blog has been a daily pleasure for me. It is beautiful and charming and delicious ….and I am looking forward to the book and the other projects as well! Tell us more about the book and the NY publisher. And you can count on us to be there for the book tour that I hope they will want you to make. May I recommend our wonderful bookstore, Politics and Prose in Washington, DC for that book tour!


  • Robin

    Happy Blog Birthday, Clotilde! Your blog has been a daily pleasure for me. It is beautiful and charming and delicious ….and I am looking forward to the book and the other projects as well! Tell us more about the book and the NY publisher. And you can count on us to be there for the book tour that I hope they will want you to make. May I recommend our wonderful bookstore, Politics and Prose in Washington, DC for that book tour!


  • deeleea

    Congratulations Clothilde!!!

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the book!!

    Well done!

  • Peter

    Felicitations, Clotilde! Good luck with the book. If I can make it to the C&Z soiree, I will surely be there.

  • happy birthday to c+z, and congratulations miss clotilde! may you continue to have many wonderful adventures, culinary and otherwise, for years to come.

    i’ll see you at your first booksigning :D

  • Congratulations Clotilde! Happy 2nd anniversary and great news on your new found freedom. You’ve been an inspiration to me and I suspect the entire food blog community. So best of luck to you on your new career, I’m sure it will be every bit as successful as C & Z.

  • Pim

    A million congrats Clotilde. Best of luck on your book, though I hardly think you need it.

  • Happy anniversary from your friends at Moleskinerie!

  • Happy Birthday C&Z!! And congrats Clotilde on your new job and it’s going to be such an exciting journey ahead! I look forward to buying your books here in Singapore! :)

  • Congratulations & Happy Birthday!
    I’ve been religiously reading your blog for the past year and have only grow more and more amazed with every single one of your posts. You are a truly example of how one may turn her passion into a success (as well as the inspiration for starting my own culinary blog).
    Looking foward to another great year with C&Z and it makes me so happy to read about all the wonderful changes in your life that have resulted from the creation of C&Z. Congrats!

  • Nic

    Congrats on C&Z’s birthday. You are simply inspiring!!! You approach this with such passion and sincerity that I often find myself sitting at your imaginary table!!

    Good luck and may you be very successful!!


  • Aino

    Oh my! Congratulations on the book deal (and the other life changes too)!

    I have been lurking here regularly since I discovered C&Z one dull afternoon at work – I must say I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly and am excited about the book.

    Felicitations! :)

  • eileen

    a heartfelt-congratulations upon a most-deserved career placement. it’s difficult to add upon all the (121) adulations, but, if you are in need of more specifics, then give us a shout. merci, merci, merci.

  • Your papounet

    Happy Birthday to my dear poupinette’s blog… I’m so proud of you, of what you’ve achieved in such a short time, and most of all, the way you’ve achieved it : with simplicity, with sincerity, with gusto, and with competence.

    I went to look at your blog just one year ago, such a delightfully “clotildesque” post ! Here it is, in case somebody missed it :


  • Shelli

    So glad the book deal is signed, and so sorry to miss the upcoming birthday party. Last year’s was great and as Pascale says, seems like it was just the other day. Felicitations et bonne anniversaire!

  • I am absolutely thrilled to hear that your writing talent is being properly appreciated not only by the hordes of us that read your blog, but also through publication. I have recommended your writing to all my friends and relatives, and I think it’s absolutely splendid that there will be a book! You are an excellent writer who deserves to be in print – and who deserves to be able to support herself through her work. Brava!

    So – tell us – what’s the book about?

  • Felicitaciones y mil éxitos más!

    Congratulations and many more success!

    From venezuela,
    María Luisa

  • Congratulations! Fabulous achievement. yOu deserve it as you have created a great space which provides great inspiration to loads of readers.Myself included. Can’t wait to see/buy the book.

  • fanny Potkin

    Happy birthday!
    Can’t wait for the book ?
    is it going to be first in French or english ?

  • Happy Birthday C&Z, and Congratulations Clotilde!

  • Emily

    Congratulations on the book deal! I look forward to its publication. Your website has inspired me so much.
    Best wishes,

  • Fantastique…and adding congratulations with everyone else. When can we look forward to your book hitting the stands?

  • I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a week, but I wanted to add my warm congratulations! You are an inspiration to us all. Can’t wait until the book hits the stands. Best of luck and more success for the coming year!

  • Jenji

    What happy news! And what a perfect outcome for you, Clotilde. It’s such an accomplishment—I hope you, your family, and friends have been celebrating up a storm. Now I’ll be keeping my ears perked up in my publishing house’s elevators to see if I hear any C&Z whispers… I hope the writing goes well!

  • Becca

    I’m a New Yorker living in Paris (and hopefully staying for at least another year) and I recently discovered your blog and absolutely love it! I look forward to reading your book and merci mille fois for making my Parisian culinary experiences even more rewarding! I also love reading about NY eats from your perspective – it’s hard to believe that there are people who have never heard of a bagel! Best of luck and hopefully our paths will cross in Paris à bientôt!

  • felicitations clothilde!!!!! c’est formidable! more proof that there is indeed life after hi-tech!

  • Sam A

    Well done and congratulations on the book deal and starting out as a writer! I’m always very happy when people have the opportunity to make a living out of something they are really good at…especially when it is related to food!! Bon chance!!!!

  • congratulations, clotilde! i rarely comment here but visit often — like everyone else i have learned much and enjoyed your writing and photography. wishing you all the best and looking forwarding to seeing your book in print!

  • Jennifer

    Congratulations, Clotilde. Your post brought tears to my eyes—your are living your dream. I live in Tokyo, and every time I visit the Mariage Freres tea shop here in Ginza I think of you, and the way you introduced it to me through your post about M.F. in Paris. Cheers.

  • Clotilde,

    Wonderful news for such a memorable day. If you can convey even 30% of the joy and curiousity you bring to food, I’m sure your book will be a huge success.

    Looking forward to the NY book signing.

    Best wishes as always

  • Best wishes with it all. Can you tell us what the book is about? I’ll take a stab at food, but any particular angle??

  • may

    yeay! happy bday to C&Z and have fun with the cookbook-writing!

  • Congratulations on not only your anniversary but also your book contract.

  • Congradulations! Wish you all the success for the future!

  • Well Done!!

  • Congrats! love your blog. Isn’t the blogosphere a grand adventure?

  • Gluhtzee

    Mazeltov, Vukah !
    well done Clotilde,
    on the birthday of C&Z
    on your career change with great news of upcoming Book- look forward to securing my own signed copy ;-)

  • InItaly

    Bon jour Clotilde et joyeux anniversaire. Are there any plans for a fourth year party for enticing your audience? September is only a few months away :)

    Jusqu’à plus tard

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