C&Z turns 4

C&Z turns 4!

I have to admit that the C&Z anniversary takes me by surprise each fall: I was drifting off to dreamland a few nights ago when I was seized by the sudden worry that I had let the day slide by unnoticed. I jumped out of bed, checked the calendar — all right, four more days to go — and resumed my dozing activities.

It’s not that the world would self-pulverize if I forgot, but it has become a tradition of mine to take this anniversary as an opportunity to look back on the weeks, months, and years since the birth of Chocolate & Zucchini, and indulge in a tall cup of thankful thoughts, topped with whipped joy and multicolored flecks of vertigo.

What this blog has done for me over the past four years, the places it has taken me*, the people I’ve interacted with, the things I’ve learned, the flavors I’ve tasted, the friends I’ve made — these blessings continue to amaze and fulfill me, making me feel happy and alive every day, which is all I wish upon anyone.

Above all, it is you, readers of C&Z, that I want to thank: this blog wouldn’t amount to much if it weren’t for you, your visits, your words, and your support. Thank you.

If you happen to be in Paris on Tuesday, October 9th, and want to join us and celebrate, it will be my pleasure to thank you in person. We’ll be at Floors, a great bar and diner that has just opened at 100 rue Myrha in the 18th (M° Anvers or Château-Rouge / map it!), starting from 7pm for a pre-dinner drink, and will stay on to eat there afterwards. (And I will have my trusty sharpie with me, so if you bring a copy of the C&Z book, I will gladly sign it for you.)

* And it looks like it may take me as far as Australia next year! Could I be more thrilled?

  • Happy happy blog birthday!! You have set the very highest standard for all of us, and deserve every ounce of your success. Thanks for leading the way.

  • Suis-je vraiment la première à laisser un commentaire? Eh bien Happy Birthday to C&Z Clotilde! if I am here on the 8th I will drop by at La Fourmi…

  • Félicitations, Clotilde! We look forward to seeing you in Australia :)

  • Happy blogiversary! (I’m not sure if there’s a French translation for that.) May your success (and your blog) continue for many years to come!

  • Alisa

    4 years!!!!! :) Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!!! I am one of the many who have gained so much from C&Z and you. gros bisous.

  • Congratulations! Keep up the good work!!

  • Lisette

    It’s your charm and warmth, not to mention the amazing writing and fabulous recipes that keep up coming back every day! Congratulations on all your success! It’s well deserved!

  • Congratulations, Clotilde! I think your blog was one of the first I ever read. And after years of lurking in the food blogosphere, I was finally inspired by you and a few others to start my own a few weeks ago (better late than never…). Thanks for the inspiration, and congrats on your success!

  • Happy Anniversary!
    Wish I was going to be in Paris to join you all for a celebratory drink!
    Wishing you continued success.

  • Much congratulations. Hope there will be many more years of interesting recipes to come!

  • Ahhh! I want to come to have a drink! But I left my CZ book back in the states, hmmm, will you sign something else? ahh I dont have any cookbooks with me! just blogs!

  • Happy birthday! I was lucky enough to celebrate the 3 year birthday last year when our visit to Paris fell during your party — I won’t be there this year, but maybe for the big 5!

  • Félicitations Clotilde et joyeux blogiversaire!

  • Congratulations!

  • Congrats! And all the best for the next 4 years! :)

  • Hannah

    Happy Birthday! And please please please come to Australia, I’m always so sad to miss all of your events and meetings in Paris and America! But come over to the East coast, not Perth. The East Ccast is where your TRUE fans are… :)

  • I love your cookbook! Imagine; where would we be without blogs!!

  • Rachel

    Joyeux anniversaire!! Wish I could come for the celebrations but I’m afraid it will have to wait another year. :( But I shall certainly raise a glass (and cook something from The Book) on the day. Here’s to many more!

  • Jennifer

    I’m so pleased, and I’ll even be in Paris on Monday, Oct 8… but only long enough to head to the airport in the morning. :( I’m so sorry I’ll miss your celebration… if it had been scheduled for the previous night, I’d have been there.

    Tanti auguri, Clotilde !

    Jennifer from Minnesota

  • Congratulations! Your writing is a continual source of unalloyed pleasure. Don’t suppose there’s any chance of getting you to Berlin?

  • Joan

    4 wondrous years! am writing this a short distance from the blue sea..holidaying on the north coast of New South Wales..Australia…oh Clotilde..visit the east if you can fit it in…the west is exquisite as is the east ‘n south ‘n north!..

    what a delightful birthday to celebrate..as we’ve watched with joy your journey..marvelling at the quirky twists and turns it takes…hugs and more from Oz…the bubbles will be enjoyed this eve, under the star-sprinkled sky that joins us all…Clotilde, happy celebration day!

  • Rose

    Congratulations Clothilde. Please come to the east coat of Oz as well, the Illawarra is un-missable!

  • Harumi

    Congratulations!Wish you many many more years of blogging and wonderful recipes!

  • Happy Anniversary, Clothilde. You have a lot to be proud of. Yours was the first food blog I ever read over a year ago. I have been enchanted and addicted ever since. I finally got up the nerve to start my own little blog. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Congratulations Clotilde on Chocolate & Zucchini’s 4th birthday! I adore your blog and your book – your work is truly inspirational.

  • swan

    Happy 4th!

  • Happy Four Year Blogiversary, Clotilde! You know how much your blog has done for me, giving me more confidence in the kitchen and allowing me to spread my wings, making me more curious about cooking in general. I still have millions of things to learn, and I cadn’t possibly keep up with all the wonderful blogs out there these days, but your blog is one I never, ever miss… And I’ve been depending on your cookbook more and more as well! Just had a colleague get another copy a few weeks ago. Your zucchini crumble has become a regular weekly recipe for me.

    Will do my best to stop by for a drink on Monday the 8th — used to live in that neighborhood, and I miss bustling bars like La Fourmi.

    All the best to you, merci encore pour tout ton travail merveilleux !

  • Well done on reaching your 4 year mark, that”s truly an accomplishment. I wish you continued success in the coming years and if you find your way to Australia, I look forward to reading about your experiences.

  • whoah…4 years! Congratulations, Clotilde. Sorry I’ll miss CZ’s blogiversary but will raise a glass to you from here. I remember your blogiversary party – 2 years ago?- in Montmartre…

  • shelli

    4 years already? Happy blog-birthday again, then. You’ve done an extraordinary job with C&Z and the books and I’m sure there’s more to come; you’re just hitting your stride!

    We’ll definitely be there to celebrate!

  • Happy blog birthday Clotilde! Your blog is still as wonderful and inspiring as the first day I discovered it. Can’t wait to see what adventures you’ll have next year!

  • Congratulations! C&Z only improves with age. ;)

  • Girish

    Joyeux Blogiversaire Clotilde! Please have an extra drink for me… at La Fourmi… so good to be able to ant-icipate such a place, non? Farpaitement!

    Here’s to the next four… and the four after that… and the four after that… and the… well you get the idea!

  • eileen

    congratulations, you pioneer! if you are blowing candles out, think of all the people around the world who are celebrating with you.
    here’s to many more!

  • est

    happy anniversary to you and your blog! I can’t believe a whole year went by since the last C&Z party! I won’t be able to make it for the 8th of October since I now live in Liverpool, but if you happen to come over to England, I’d be happy to show you around! liverpool is a city that has much to offer, even food wise!
    all the best

  • Happy Birthday Chocolate & Zucchini! All the best for the future.

  • 4 years already? Gosh, it’s gone so quickly. Congratulations, Clotilde, on an amazing website, forums and cookbook. I wonder what will be next? Great news that you might be coming to Australia, but don’t just stop at Perth – come to Adelaide too. Great food, excellent wine, lovely weather. Hope to see you here soon.

  • Ingrid

    Chère Clotilde, your site is fantastic and a newly discovered blog for me. I recently joined the blogsphere with my foodie site and though I’m in a different food genre [so to speak], from what I’ve seen and read, I appreciate your style. You are an inspiration! Congratulations on 4 years, may you continue to succeed and shine.

    All the best to you!

  • Four years is a long time — it’s worth celebrating every one. Looking forward to as many more as you can muster.

  • JEP

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge & talents with all of us!

  • Sarah

    Cogratuations Clotilde! I actually was just inroduced to your blog, and I can’t stop reading it- like a great book! I hope you can come to America some day! You are wonderful!

  • Oooh! C&Z in Perth!
    (and they say no one ever comes to perth…)

  • Congratulations! Yours was the very first blog I read and remains my favourite – so I blame you for starting me on a very consuming habit!
    Make sure you come to Sydney when you come to Australia – after all, we have Tetsuya’s, one of the world’s top 10 restaurants!

    Keep on inspiring us all!

  • Happy anniversary! Here’s to many more years of great eating, exciting blogging, new and novel books (authored and shot by you of course), and more and more hungry fans. Best wishes!

  • Karen in CPH

    Happy Birthday and congratulations on your success. Your book is wonderful and so is your blog. When is your next book coming out? Wishing you continued success.

  • Kara

    Happy Anniversary! You are an inspiration. Thank you for pointing out the beauty in the world – we need that! Looking forward to many more.

  • lisa

    Happy anniversary – after 3 and a half years I am still checking it faithfully every day and it is still great! I may not make a lot of the recipes (though I have the Birthday Chicken marinating in the fridge right now), but I love the writing. Wonderful work!

  • Spencer

    Happy Birthday Chocolate and Zucchini , and may you have many more!!

  • Catherine

    bon anniv C&Z! I so enjoy following the blog. Clotilde, your writing is so eloquent and recipies so yummy. Cheers to many more !

  • Libby

    Congratulations Clotilde! I found C&Z by sheer luck and was enchanted by the middle of the first post I read. Even tough I don’t comment much, I have been addicted ever since. As a result, I’ve tried so many new and wonderful things. All thanks to you!

    You are an inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  • In addition to all of the things you’ve gained through C&Z over the last four years, think of the countless people you’ve inspired to cook, blog, take photographs or write. I know that you inspired me, and continue to do so with your wonderful insights and beautfiul food. So thank YOU, Clotilde!

  • Katie

    Happy Anniversary! Yours was the first food blog I had discovered and came coming back because of your lovely writing and gorgeous recipes. Anticipating more to come, thank you.

  • franko

    i agree with Anne, above. you’ve inspired me to continue learning about cooking. i have always enjoyed cooking before, but you have opened new avenues for me with your blog and your book, and for that i thank you. happy blogiversary! here’s to (at least!) four more!

    i was browsing the cookbook section of a used bookstore yesterday, and i idly found myself looking at the various books of french cooking and wondering which one you’d recommend. OR, would you dive into completely foreign cuisine? in the end, i didn’t get anything, but i’m still thinking about getting one… any tips for (a vegetarian) someone new to french cuisine?

  • Bon Anniversaire from another american ex-pat fan who will be in Paris, but the week after, alas…

  • Jim Coffou

    Regularly remembering that night in your apartment when you hosted us for that cheese tasting as part of my birthday celebration in Paris. Morbier makes me think of you and Paris. Best wishes for continued success.

  • Wow,that’s a huge accomplishment, congratulations. Many of us lesser food bloggers really admire your successes, they well deserved! Merci pour tout!

  • Belinda

    felicitations! happy anniversary. As an avid Aussie reader of your blog, I hope you do come to Australia, although Perth may be a bit out of my way. Thanks for reminding me of all the wonders of Paris and its food.

  • Te

    Goodness, happy blog birthday! Four already?

    Here’s to many, many more–and lots of delicous adventures along the way.

  • Happy Anniversary!!!I love reading your blog and trying the recipes. Your book sits on my kitchen counter and is well used. Best wishes for continued success.

  • happy Blod day Clotilde!
    Ton succès est amplement mérité!
    J’aime beaucoup tes interventions dans le magazine régal.

  • Katie

    Woohoo! Australia! Wow, I cannot wait! I would gladly be your guide, Clotilde, around Western Australia and Melbourne also. I do hope you visit. I have been introducing many Aussies to C&Z!

  • Congratulations, and happy anniversary!

  • Mazel Tov Clotilde! I’m a relative late comer to your blog, but I find you delightful and your recipes fantastic.

  • Lilia

    Four years already – it’s been a wonderful time and lots of great ideas. This blog will go on for a long time.
    Sorry I will miss the October 8 birthday – I’ll drink a toast to all the C&Zers that day. Hubby and I will leave for Paris on October 30. Think there are a few C&Zers from the US who will be there around the same time. Maybe we can arrange an informal get together. Your forum fans will really happy to have that happen!

  • happy birthday and long life to your blog

    PS:I have another birthday party on october, the 8.

  • Marilyn

    Congratulations, Clotilde —

    You have worked very diligently and produced a quality product — plus lots of fun — for many people. You deserve every success and then some extra sprinkled on top for good measure.


  • Happiest birthday to your wonderful blog. You’re an inspiration to so many, and I only wish I could be there to celebrate!

  • Happy 4th anniversary to C&Z and thanks for being a constant source of inspiration for those who like to cook and write about food.

    Keep up the good work.

  • gabriel

    From Mindanao, Philippines: Mabuhay!

  • Happy birthday! (same age as my son…) xj

  • George

    Bon jour Clotilde,

    Happy Blog Anniversary! I am sad to say 8 Oct does not allow sufficient time to travel to Paris this year, however, if you want to start planning for 2008 I can guarantee that the Mrs. and I will gladly be present! Thank you for Chocolate and Zucchini!!!

  • Lisa

    FYI re zucchini: check out Mark Bittman’s pear and zucchini soup in today’s NYT – it sounds and looks great.

  • Michele

    Very happy birthday! I’m an avid C&Z reader, having discovered it almost two years ago, and am so pleased about your success and the growing longevity of this delightful blog! I also have to tell you, you’re a terrific writer and I enjoy your turns of phrase as much as your recipes and insights into Parisian life. Bonne anniversaire!

  • Kimberly

    As a regular blog reader, I am so happy to hear about your anniversary celebration, but depressed to hear about the location. I lived at the corner of Ramey and Custine for years and then moved down to Lamarck. Why is it that after I moved to the States that the restuarant culture in the area finally arrived? Have a great blogiversary.

  • Have duly noted the change of celebration location: will be sure to join you for drinks, and possibly dinner. I’m always excited to discover a new restaurant!

    Made your zucchini-fig crumble again last night — I love that recipe!

  • happy birthday to Chocolate&Zucchini!!
    always a pleasure to read you week after week :)
    Unfortunately, I won’t be in Paris but I’ll let my Parisian friends know about your get-together!
    une bise et a bientot a San Francisco!!

  • Felicitations Clotilde!
    Finally I can be there this year

  • A very happy blog anniversary, Clotilde!!

  • Sarah

    Happy 4th birthday! I *finally* bought your book, after eyeing it many many times in the bookshop, and I cannot wait to go shopping tomorrow so I can try something! I just can’t decide what to try first! Thanks for all you do for all of us hungry blog readers.

  • I am so sad that I will not be in Paris this day, a.) because I’ve never been, but b.) because I would have LOVED to come help you celebrate! Maybe next time…

  • Congrats Clotilde!

  • Congrats! You are truly an inspiration to all food-bloggers and food writers! Break out the CHAMPAGNE and CHOCOLATE!

  • mistayu

    Congratulations!! So many wonderful recipes and so much information on food and France. Merci for keeping my eye sharp and open to so many new twists and turns I can take in the kitchen. Greetings from San Francisco!!!

  • Clotilde, I do love the blog and the new book. I have been cooking a few recipes from it and find it a lovely addition to the Huerta family table. Looking forward to the 2008 Paris Guide, as well. I send “Congratulations” on four years of spreading the tasty word and all our love.

    Mick Huerta

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