Coconut Butter Recipes: 20+ Divine Ways To Use Coconut Butter

Hand-crafted mini cutting board from my friend at Earlywood.

If you’re a coconut butter virgin, you are in for a life-changing discovery… and I apologize in advance if you develop an addiction to the stuff, as many of us have.

Coconut butter — not to be mistaken with coconut oil — is made from the dried meat of the coconut, which is finely ground until it releases its oil. This turns it into a lusciously creamy substance, with a slightly grainy texture that is most pleasant, and a subtly sweet, irresistible coconut flavor. Just like coconut oil, it is set at moderate room temperature, entirely solid when left in the fridge, and soft when heated*, or during a heatwave.

I first discovered coconut butter from Dastony, thanks to my friend Rebecca who introduced me to their amazing product line. Theirs is organic, raw, and stone-ground, but I am unable to get it in France, so I have been buying “coconut manna” from Nutiva instead. You’ll also find coconut butter sold under the name of coconut spread, creamed coconut, or coconut cream concentrate; in all cases, favor organic and make sure it is made from 100% coconut.

The Best Coconut Butter Recipes

I confess my favorite way to enjoy it is by the spoonful — a single spoonful at a time, for it is quite rich — possibly paired with a banana as a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon, but there are plenty of other uses, and I have compiled a tempting list of coconut butter recipes for your and my convenience.

Here are 20+ delicious things you can do with coconut butter; you will also find them on the coconut butter bliss Pinterest board I’ve created.

Hand-crafted mini cutting board from my friend at Earlywood.

Hand-crafted mini cutting board from my friend at Earlywood.

~ First off, you can make your own coconut butter quite easily, using dried, unsweetened coconut flakes and a sturdy food processor; here’s a video tutorial if you need it. As a tempting variation, you can toast the coconut flakes beforehand to make toasted coconut butter.

~ Make it into coconut butter bars with sea salt.

~ Add coconut butter to smoothies to make them creamier and boost their nutritional value. This works especially well with bananas, peaches, and/or blueberries.

~ Use it as a substitute for nut butters in recipes, if nut allergy is an issue or you want to play around with flavors.

~ Assemble these adorable strawberry creme truffles, or these coconut truffles with cinnamon [sc:cinnamon_link].

~ Make peanut butter cups, and perhaps try this mint and dark chocolate version.

~ Bake these coconut butter brownies with dates as a sweetener and a sprinkle of salt on top.

~ Make vegan fudge, flavoring it with chocolate and banana, with almonds and raspberries, or with peanut butter.

~ Add it to the blender when making this instant banana sorbet.

~ Turn it into a quick frosting for your cakes and cupcakes.

~ Make coconut chocolate pudding or coconut blueberry pudding.

~ Whizz it into this fall-perfect pumpkin coconut butter to spread on toasted sourdough bread or French crêpes.

~ Melt (with or without chocolate) and pour over a bowl of ice cream or chilled fruit to create a delightful hard shell, or use this same mixture to dip berries and allow to cool and set in the fridge.

~ Make coconut butter buttons for a quick treat. Try this toasted coconut version or this lemon vanilla variation as well.

~ Use it to make stuffed dates.

~ Stud it with your favorite nuts and dried fruit for a luxurious coconut butter bark.

~ Make these dangerously simple, two-layer chocolate coconut bars.

~ Melt and drizzle over a baked sweet potato or roasted squash.

~ Make vegan parmesan cheese (!).

~ Add a spoonful at the end of cooking to bind and flavor a vegetable stir-fry or a curry.

~ Make egg-free mayonnaise.

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Does coconut butter figure in your pantry already? How did you discover it, and What’s your favorite use?

* Note that the fat and solids of coconut butter tend to separate over time, so when you open a fresh jar you need to place it in a pan of very hot water for 15 to 20 minutes, then stir it all back together with a fork, a bit like you would do (minus the heating) with an all-natural nut butter.

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