March Favorites


A few of my favorite finds and reads for March:

~ Interested in community composting in Paris? The mairie can help.

~ French stamps with illustrated idioms (more French idioms).

~ The Washington Post’s food editor comes out as a vegetarian.

~ The Scared is scared, a video made according to a six-year-old storyteller’s specs (warning: this will make your day).

~ Paris restaurants cooking local ingredients can now get a special label.

~ I gave tips on French restaurants for the Weight Watchers website.

~ How writers can prepare for the rise in using mobile phones to read websites and blogs. (Note: Chocolate & Zucchini is available in a mobile-friendly version.)

~ This year’s skiing season in Montmartre.

~ Economics professor finds a strong link between optimism and how many fruits and vegetables one consumes.

~ Sheep to help keep Paris lawns tidy.

~ The Helsinki bus station theory for creative careers.

~ Impressive: how Cassie Johnston preps food for the week.

What about you, any recent find you’d like to share ?

  • The Scared is scared is absolutely fantastic! I want a sequel to Asa the bear and Toby the mouse. Thanks for sharing with us :-)

  • Adored The Scared is scared, thank you!

  • Some good links here! I’m loving the articles about Tilda Swinton at MOMA and am dying to chance upon her sleeping in the exhibition.

    • Oh, I missed that! I love Tilda Swinton and will look into it, thanks!

  • I love your monthly smorgasbord of goodies!

  • sheep to keep the grass neat! it sounds so funny it might actually work. they’ll really cheer things up too :)

    • You’re right, it would look really cheerful! I’m just hoping everyone will be nice to them.

  • CelineSand

    Oh my goodness, I checked out that French restaurant! It looks so delicious and delectable. I really should make a list like this. Doing a mini bucket list for the summer of what you need to do would actually make me get up out of the house and do them! I loved your blog, Clotilde!
    Celine |

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