Earlywood Handcrafted Utensils

When Brad Bernhart got in touch a few weeks ago to tell me about his Montana-based woodworking operation, I was instantly drawn to his tone and philosophy. Brad is a trained mechanical engineer who took to carving wooden utensils in his spare time, and found that people were so enthused by his innovative designs that he decided to launch his own company, Earlywood, two years ago.

As I first held the biggest spoon in my hand I felt a flutter, a thrill, unlike anything I’ve ever felt holding a kitchen utensil.

I feel a natural kinship with people who take a leap of faith and reinvent themselves, and I am also deeply drawn to beautifully crafted wooden objects, so I enthusiastically accepted Brad’s offer to send me a few of his best-sellers.

When the package arrived I disrobed the items from the tissue paper one by one, and as I first held the biggest spoon in my hand — a ladle made of jatoba wood — I felt a flutter, a thrill, unlike anything I’ve ever felt holding a kitchen utensil.

The heft of it in my palm, the simple elegance of the shape, the fine grain of the wood, all conspired to make this feel like an extraordinary object, one that is equal parts beauty and function.

Earlywood Utensils

In the selection there were also different-size sauté spatulas made of Mexican ebony, which have quickly displaced the wooden spoons I normally use; gorgeous bloodwood scrapers designed to comfortably handle the toughest jobs in your kitchen; and a set of attractive spreaders, which look like wooden butter knives and have already become a favorite to spread almond butter on my morning toast.

In addition to being smitten with the products themselves, I am also impressed with Brad’s approach: in how much detail he describes the different wood types he uses, how he’s gotten involved with a reforestation effort to help compensate for the resources he uses, how forthcoming he was when I inquired about the food-safe mineral oil he uses to finish his utensils**, and how remarkably affordable his products are.

Earlywood Utensils

And now, for the giveaway!

The good news is, Brad has put together a generous prize for readers of Chocolate & Zucchini to win, and in this set (a $170 value) he will include:

To participate, leave a comment below (in English or in French) telling me about your most beloved kitchen utensil, and why it holds such a special place in your heart. And please consider following Earlywood on Facebook!

You have until Tuesday, December 10, midnight Paris time to enter; I will then draw one entry randomly and announce it here. Brad has agreed to ship internationally, so you’re welcome to play regardless of your location*; please make sure you enter your email address correctly so I can contact you if you win.

And if you want to go ahead and place an order without waiting to know if you’ve won the prize (aren’t the holidays coming up or something? wouldn’t everyone on your list love to receive, say, a trifecta set?), Brad is offering a 15% discount on your order if you use the code chocolate & wood at checkout.


I have drawn an entry at random using random.org (see screen capture below), and I am pleased to announce the winner is Megan Jirschele, who nominated her trusty wire whisk as her favorite kitchen utensil.

Congratulations Megan, and thank you all for entering! It’s been heartwarming and entertaining to hear about all of your favorites.

Earlywood Giveaway Winner

Earlywood Utensils

* Please note that if you are outside the US and Canada, the package may be subject to customs and sales taxes on reception, and these will be at your expense; check with your local postal services to know the details.

** I had asked, “I understand mineral oil is most often derived from petroleum, which doesn’t make me want to put it too close to my food, but I notice you call your mineral oil food-safe and I was wondering if you could elaborate on that?”

Here’s what he responded: “Mineral oil itself is always derived from petroleum, but the mineral oil that I use (and that is used in a large majority of skin products out there by the way) is really 100% foodsafe. I have attached the MSDS safety sheet for what I use if you happen to want to get into the details. It is an industry standard to treat spoons and cutting boards with mineral oil.

There are plenty of other options like olive, walnut, vegetable, etc. oils that you can put on wooden utensils, but they are all food products and can and will eventually go rancid or discolor (usually yellow) and thicken to where you will have a thick sticky coating on whatever you’re treating with them. Maybe you’ve seen an old cutting board at a garage sale that is all yellow and kind of sticky. That’s because someone used a food oil to treat their wood.

So, the mineral oil is colorless, odorless, tasteless, doesn’t dry and form a coating that will chip off in your food, will never discolor or go rancid and is 100% foodsafe.You can actually drink it (although it will have a laxative effect if you drink enough). The amount that is soaked up by 1 of my utensils is just a tiny fraction of what you would need for that effect and is even less than would be soaked up by other manufactures utensils because the woods that I use for my utensils are so hard.

I hope I didn’t bore you with that, but those are the facts!”


Brad Bernhart sent me samples of his products to try, with no obligation or compensation to write about them. All opinions and heart flutters expressed are my own. He has since then set up an affiliate program for his online storefront, so if you click through to his store and make a purchase, I will get a commission on that sale.

  • Abigail

    It’s a white plastic spatula that came with a Braun mixer or something like that. But it’s my mom’s favorite, and even when we have more spatulas, we always reach for that particular one when we’re baking. =)

  • Abbey

    This is a tough one. It’s probably my self-cleaning garlic press. I can add extra zip to savory dishes with a simple squeeze and super easy cleanup!
    My second choice: French, long-handled wooden spoons that I buy at Fante’s in Philadelphia. The best for stirring a big pot of anything.

  • Sam

    My most beloved kitchen utensil is a wooden spoon my Mom gave to me when I moved out of the house and into my first apartment.

  • A hand carved olive wood honey dipper I bought years ago in Italy. It has aged beautifully.

  • Jennifer

    My favourite kitchen utensil is a very simple tea spoon that my dear friend sent to me. She found it at a antique store and thought of me and our mutual love of tea. It was the perfect size to feed my son when he was little and now I still use it everyday for all sorts of reasons and I think of her every time I reach for it in the drawer.

  • Last Christmas I purchased a couple of le creuset spatulas and they’re incredible. They may not be the last spatulas I buy, but if not they’ll definitely be the next set. Unless, you know, I get some awesome wooden ones!

  • When I was young, my dad used to make the most amazing custard (well, to my childish tastes, anyway!) and I always really wanted to learn how. That was probably the first ‘cooking’ I did: beating egg yolks into sugar (I was a bit young for the boiling milk stage), but the big whisk was always a bit too unwieldy. So, one Christmas, what did I get? A little, child’s-hand sized whisk! I have grown up, I have taken on the family custard making, but I have never abandoned that whisk (it’s so much better than a big loose one, which has no control and just flicks bits of egg around without properly mixing them in). When I went to university someone bought me a new one, but it just wasn’t the same, so for my second term I smuggled the family one along too. It isn’t here with me right now in Paris, but it will be safely in my hand come Christmas Day for trifle making!

  • sara

    A ceramic triangle shaped bowl my grandmother used almost solely for bread pudding. There is great family lore regarding this dish. The bread pudding was always the same recipe and she always used challah. It is a soothing light yellow color.

  • christine in PDX

    my favorite are my tongs – endlessly useful – i really dont cook much that doesnt require their use.

  • Elena m Mark

    Your request poses a challenge because I love all my kitchen utensils and never thought to narrow it down to one beloved item. I am going to vote for my stainless hand held slightly oval shaped collander that I get so much enjoyment when I use it. It is lightweight, strong and easily holds holds 4 -6 servings. I have had it for several years & I still congratulate myself for purchasing it.

  • Wow – these spoons look gorgeous. I’ve been eyeing a couple cooking spoons for my collection and I’d love to add these!

  • Kat

    My most treasured kitchen utensil is a 70s vintage icing spreader–a long wide flat knife essentially that was given to me by my mother for my first apartment in college. I rarely use it since I’m not icing too many cakes but to have that part of her with me in the kitchen always feels special.

  • Stacey Côté

    What a great giveaway!! My most beloved kitchen utensil is not a utensil at all but my nearly century old cast iron skillet. These wooden utensils would be perfect with it ;)

  • My most beloved kitchen tool is our orange silicone spatula. We beat the hell out of it and it keeps on keepin’ on.

  • christina

    my soup ladle, because it was given to me when i went away for college.

  • Rosalind

    My favorite kitchen utensil actually belongs to my mom. It is a wooder “flipper” that she uses for making grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes, and all kinds of other delicious items on the griddle that I loved growing up. I have never found one that is quite as awesome, but perhaps here they are!

  • Kathe

    Probably my grndmother’s whisk. It is very utilitarian, nothing unique except the memories of her cooking. I like it so much I painted a portrait of it. Too bad I can’t insert an image.

  • shirley

    What beautiful works of functional art! I have a large wooden spoon which I use to mix and stir, in mixing bowls or in cast iron skillets, that has seen me through the many trials and blessings of life. It is my favorite and most beloved kitchen item.

  • lora

    Favorite kitchen tool? A good, sharp Santoku knife is hard to beat.

  • christine

    These look gorgeous and so handy! One of my favorite kitchen utensils is a flat whisk. Great for baking and for dressings and sauces of all sorts. I find the flat whisks so much easier to use!

  • This is probably the dullest and most obvious answer, but true. My most beloved kitchen utensil is my chef’s knife. I’m on my 3rd incarnation now. My original knife came with a lifetime guarantee. Unfortunately, the manufacturers hadn’t bargained with my husband, who managed to snap a chunk out of the middle of the original blade and its successor. The company no longer offers the lifetime guarantee, but luckily I have managed to control my husband’s use of this 3rd, and hopefully last, knife.

  • Doug Morin

    no matter what gadget or utensil I get, I always come back to my 8″ Sabatier chef knife

  • Itzia

    my most beloved utensil is the spatula because it’s useful with preparation as well as cleanup.

  • Amanda

    Oooooh. My personal favorite kitchen implement is actually a handcarved apple wood eating spoon. I collect handcarved wooden eating spoons (and stirring spoons, but mostly eating ones) and the apple wood one is my favorite. I stir my tea with it, eat my porridge and my soup with it, even eat ice cream with it. It’s one of twelve that I’ve collected so far.

  • My favorite utensil has to be one of my ice cream scoops. I eat A LOT of ice cream and one of the scoops in particular can handle really hard ice cream very easily and has a very comfortable handle.

  • Madeline

    My most beloved kitchen utensil is a wooden spoon that I got for Christmas almost ten years ago. It’s a perfect size but is getting old and worn!

  • Oh, I adore these! My favorite kitchen utensil is probably my ceramic set of measuring spoons. I found you on BlogLovin’ – happy to connect!

  • Rose

    My favorite kitchen tool is my dutch oven. I use it multiple times a week and these utensils would be lovely to use with it!

  • I have to say my favorite kitchen utensils are the rubber spatulas I get from Pampered Chef. I do have a favorite wooden stirrer/spatula, but that’s it for wooden tools. I could really use some more!

  • Aubrey

    I have a flat metal spatula that is great for all kinds of reasons! But importantly, it can always slip underneath the most caramelized or toasty of pies, baked mac and frittata!

  • Sara C.

    a hand-crank pasta machine from my mom (with the 1973 receipt still inside)

  • My favorite utensil is my set of CuisiPro tongs – metal, of course, silicon is for wimps ;-) No complicated lock/unlock mechanism either (“hold it upside down and squeeze to unlock”? No thank you). I’ve had one for years now and only recently found out they also do long and very long versions, for reaching all the way to the back of the oven. I couldn’t resist, of course…

  • I wish I had a beloved kitchen utensil, but mine are pretty much run of the mill. I’ve always dreamed of learning to make wooden spoons though.

  • Ron Souliere

    Most loved kitchen utensil… 14″ Chefs knife. Received as a wedding present. Used daily for over 23 years. Has been to every major food party I have ever had. Taken on Boy Scout camp outs. Piece of the tip is missing where someone dropped it a dozen years back. Sharpened many times. Got some nicks, because like me, it has been around awhile.

  • Ian

    My favorites tend to be the humble ones–the beat-up spatula with a slightly melted handle we inherited from a previous tenant of our apartment, the plastic bench-scraper I got as a freebie from the King Arthur Flour story, etc.

  • Chloe

    Thanks for this giveaway, Clotilde!

    Though I usually don’t like single-purpose utensils, I love the perfectly thin and citrusy curls produced by my microplane zester. I also love that my mom gave me this along with a (slightly more practical) set of pots and pans when I moved out on my own. Clearly she thought it was a high-priority kitchen item!

  • Susan

    The wooden spoon my mother used for baking: it is worn, but still in use and very dear to me.

  • Maya

    It is a S. Indian metal utensil whose name I do not know, with two sets of double prongs which can be opened and then closed to grasp the lip of a small stainless steel pot, in order to move it off the burner. I use it when making clarified butter or spiced drinks in the little pot. I’ve used it with the little pot to make the browned butter that is in one of the c & z recipes for a crumble topping. ¡xx!

  • Courtney

    Those spoons are gorgeous!

    I think my favorite kitchen utensil is my silicone spatula. It’s got this great weight to it and it’s just so useful.

  • Anne Wilson

    My favorite kitchen utensil is a beautifully hand carved wooden pepper grinder with a Peugeot mechanism that was almost my first kitchen purchase when I moved to Lausanne 24 years ago. I use it everyday, it always works smoothly and is a pleasure to hold in my hands.

  • Liz

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful utensils! My favorite kitchen tool is a flat spoon/spatula that a friend made for me about seven years ago. It is carved by hand from a piece of found wood, and I use it every day!

  • Jules

    They are gorgeous! My favourite utensil/s are some old knives my grandad won when he was an international cross country runner. They’re perfect for spreading butter. I love them.

  • Leslie

    Some vintage wooden spoons I bought at a yard sale and use every day.

    A gadget (name unknown) from an antique store that hooks onto the edge of a pot and allows drainage of all the liquid.

    Ancient cast-iron frying pan.

    My red Le Creuset Dutch oven.

    Love your blog!

  • Jo

    My favourite utensils are a small wooden teaspoon (just because I love the shape) and my silicone spatula because I use it all the time.

  • Those are lovely utensils. My favorites have been various types of silicone spatulas. They have just the right amount of flexibility to get every last bit of food out of a container.

  • JG

    My favorite rolling pin- a gift from my father

  • Goran

    That would be microplane lemon zester

  • Tana

    I loved my old wooden spoon (now broken- it was….inexpensive). This will sound corny, but I felt connected with my food when I stirred, beat and folded with that wooden spoon. It was so satisfying.

  • Elizabeth Budzban

    My Mother’s beautiful, large ceramic mixing bowls have been used to make triple batches of cookies and thanksgiving stuffing for many years.

  • Heidi

    My favorite kitchen utensils are the vintage glass mixing bowls, and vintage Jadeite mixing/pouring bowl that my dad found for me in one of his construction cleanup jobs. They’re versatile, tough, and I just love that they’ve got history to them.

  • L

    My favorite kitchen utensil is a bamboo saute spatula a friend gave me for Christmas one year. It is the most used tool in the drawer!

    My most sentimental utensil is my grandmothers wooden spoon! I have her cast iron skillet too.

  • Svenja

    My favorite kitchen utensil would probably be my olive wood spoon. It was one of the most expensive items I purchased for my kitchen, as a lot of my kitchen utensils were gifts from family as I moved into my first apartment.
    Nevertheless my olive spoon is the most used and loved item, and I would repurchase it any time.

  • Cammie

    I love my molinillo for making Mexican hot chocolate, using Rancho Gordo Mexican chocolate discs, which you really should try the next time you are in CA – available at their Ferry building store or up at their home base in Napa. You don’t need to add a single thing except liquid for the absolute best chocolate you’ve ever had, whipped to perfection with the molinillo!

  • HT

    Mine is a Danish made laminate red ladle that I have had for over 20 years. I used it in three continents and numerous apartments for many meals with friends, ex-wives and on my own.

  • MartiC

    My most sentimental tool is the cake server that was used by my grandparents at their 25th wedding anniversary party that has their initials engraved on it.

    In terms of practicality, it’s the 4-cup class pyrex measuring cup that I’ve had since I was in college. Back then I used it to to cook in the microwave, nowadays it’s really handy for mixing just about anything and I use it when I am prepping veggies to cook.

  • Lucie West-Burnham

    One of my many favorite kitchen utensils is a wooden spoon given to us on our wedding day 42 years ago.It has the date and place of our wedding on it, and after many years of use you can still read it.

  • Suzan

    My favourite utensil is my saffron grinder, which looks like a very small spice mill.

  • Jean

    I love my 12-inch cast iron pan, and my chef’s knife. Can’t do without them!

  • Andrea Kirkby

    My bright lime green Le Creuset? My Turkish olive wood spatulas? My French glass measuring cup with the measures moulded in the glass?

    No. It has to be my Moroccan gsaa; a huge wooden kneading bowl for couscous or breadmaking. Not turned, but carved out with a bowl adze, with the kind of rough integrity handworking gives a wooden object. We bought it not in an exotic souk, but from a back street basketry and kitchen shop in Rabat, and even when I haven’t got a chance to use it, I still find myself rubbing my hands over it to feel its reassuring polished bulk.

  • Our ancient and well seasoned cast-iron frying pan.

  • Abbey

    My pastry cutter–pie crust is my favorite thing to make.

  • Mary

    My favourite utensils are from Marc Zuckerman in New Zealand. http://www.mzdesign.co.nz/Site/home.html He’s a family friend of my husband. We went to visit them one year and I bought a few things, but my favourite is the curved spatula. It’s my go to utensil.

  • Neeltje

    Must be the tool I use every single day: my chef’s knife. Not an expensive one, but I keep it sharp and its a delight.

  • Salome

    My favorite kitchen utensil is my wooden spoon, I use it regularly!

  • I actually use my pampered chef wooden spoons a lot. Love em.

  • Annaëlle

    Les emporte-pièce de ma Bonne-Maman sont mes ustensiles préférés du point de vue sentimental.
    Mon banneton qui fait pile la bonne taille pour ta recette de pain au levain 2-4-6 est mon ustensile préféré en termes d’usage (je m’en sers de nouveau chaque semaine depuis le retour de Lazare, le levain ressuscité).
    Ces ustensiles en bois sont vraiment magnifiques, pas sûr que j’oserais m’en servir… mais j’ai très envie d’en offrir!

  • Miss UK

    Wow, these wooden spoons look amazing!
    My favorite kitchen utensil is a silicon spatula; it’s so useful.

  • Psuke Bariah

    My favorite is a silicone spatula I use for scraping out bowls and spreading batters evenly, and even a few mixing jobs. It’s just so multi-functional!

  • Amulya

    My chef’s knife! After using a steak knife for all my cutting throughout college, buying a good chef’s knife was the best decision ever.

  • adrienne

    Definitely my grandmother’s cast iron skillet.

  • PJ

    My mom has a nut grinder from the late forties. It is a small, rounded glass jar with a red screw-on, hand-crank grinder. The grinder part is decorated with a floral decal. Growing up my “job” when there were cookies to be made was to chop the nuts. The jar held just enough for one batch of cookies. My mom is soon to move to an assisted living residence and I am hoping that the grinder doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

  • Kate

    It’s probably a bright yellow handheld lemon squeezer that my sister gave me many years ago… that and a spatula (somewhat frayed from over vigorous scraping of a blender too near the blades!) that has been used in baking many delicious things.

    These Earlywood utensils are beautiful.

  • Vasudha

    Gorgeous woods, lovely utensils!

    My favorite in my kitchen: A stainless steel slotted spoon that belonged to my maternal grandmother (whose untimely death at 40 meant that neither my elder brother nor I ever knew her), which she passed on to my mother, who gave it to me as a token of grandma when I got married 8 years ago.

  • Rammy Meyerowitz

    Very versatile simple metal tongs. The spring-y kind, not the scissor kind.
    So many uses!

  • Katherine

    I have a great vegetable peeler that is basically a bright orange monkey holding the peeler part above his head. It makes me smile every time I use it.

  • Hilary

    My favorite kitchen utensil is a steel serving spoon that my grandmother always used to dish out ice cream. I use it now for lifting flour out of bins, or any other ‘light’ use tasks. These are beautiful, reminds me of a scraper that I purchased at a farmers market when visiting my brother in Michigan for his graduate graduation a couple of years ago – I wish I would have picked up more than 1!!

  • Kylee

    So beautiful! My favorite utensil is a wooden spatula that I made in woodwork in grade 8. I made one for my parents too and we both still use them.

  • Sally

    My hand carved wooden mortar and pestle. Not the most essential, but so pretty and tactile.

  • John

    My most meaningful kitchen utensil is a set of tin measuring spoons that belonged to my grandmother. Each time I use them, I feel like I’m paying tribute to her.

  • Heather

    My favorite utensil would be my sontaku knife. Close behind that would be the gorgeous olive wood salt pinch pot we got for a wedding present.

  • Avital Ordan

    The metal colander I bought after melting the plastic one.

  • My favourite utensil is a flexible dough scraper thing I have – it cleans out bowls, chops pasta neatly and scrapes welded flour off the bench! I love it. The utensils you are giving away here are beautiful! I have my fingers firmly crossed :)

  • Lisa

    My mini whisk – makes sauces and dressings really easy!

  • Jojo

    A large fork that belonged to my great-grandmother that she always used to make scrambled eggs. It’s ancient and not pretty (half the tines are worn down from being used so much), but things made with it seem to taste better.

  • Charles

    My most beloved kitchen utensil is a cast-iron skillet that belonged to my great-grandmother. It was in bad shape when I got it, having not been used for some time. But after cleaning, curing, and several years of use, I think it’s finally back in fighting shape.

  • susan steigman

    I have a rolling pin with green handles that belonged to my grandmother. I love to hold it, make delicious dough with it and feel my nana’s presence at the same time. She was a great baker…i am a better cook.

  • Morgan

    Those are beautiful! I love all the different woods!

    My fave kitchen tool is also made of wood- it’s a cutting board I bought in Germany. It’s made of olive, and it has such a beautiful grain.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kaye

    My Galloping Gourmet spurtle, probably the first nice utensil I bought for myself.

  • Vin

    I don’t have a favorite utensil, but I did just buy a pretty bamboo set (spatula, spoon, slotted spoon) and I’m looking forward to using them.

  • Alexandra Lightning

    A wooden Japanese ginger grater that belonged to my mother.

  • I equally love my worn wooden spoon and fork (given to me by my grandma in spain) as my silicone supoon and plastic chopula (both from australian brand dreamfarm… sorry for the brand name dropping, it was relevant)

    cheers for this,
    son (aka la inja)

  • LauraG

    I have far too few kitchen utensils, so if a rolling pin counts, a beautiful handcarved rolling pin. If not, a basic cheap wooden spoon that gets the job done- unlike some of my spatulas. Ever since taking woodshop in high school I’ve loved interesting wood items.

  • Katie

    oh let’s see… the cast-iron pan, of course; but while I was growing up there was one wooden spoon in the jar of motley kitchen utensils that had a slender handle. The bowl of the spoon was somewhere between a spoon and a spatula, and it was the most versatile thing I could grab. I have no idea where my parents found it, but I hope to have something like it again someday.

  • Susanna

    A small strainer that was in my mother’s kitchen. It’s metal, and just the right size to drain capers or small objects.

  • Alicia

    I love the wooden spatula/scraper/stirrer(?!) that came with a wok my little brother gave me about 12 years ago. It is still my favourite kitchen utensil – I would use it for everything if I could – both for the memories and its function.

  • Stephanie

    My favourite kitchen object is my cast iron pan, which used to be my grandfather’s. I hope that counts as a utensil…. That ladle looks beautiful!

  • My favorite utensil is my super cheap Ikea Dutch oven. I use it for just about everything!

  • Denise

    This may be a little strange, but it’s the rice paddle. I can’t serve rice without it, the rice never look or taste right…

  • Noreen Fish

    My favorite kitchen tool is my tea bag tongs. It squeezes out the last drop of water from my tea bag at breakfast, and doubles as a salad tongs for dinner.

  • Dana

    I love my bamboo spoon that my mom got me. I use it almost every day in some capacity

  • Yemiena Meedin


    My most prized and beloved kitchen utensil is my late mother’s wooden cake mixing spoon. It’s wasted on one side and not very pretty looking. But it holds so many wonderful memories of my mother making delightful cakes for us. I believe it also has a little bit of my mother in it and makes me feel closer to her when I hold it.

  • Julianne

    It’s so hard to pick just one favorite, but the most relevant here is probably an olive wood spoon that my dad gave me. I have a weakness for beautiful woods and the Earlywood tools are gorgeous!

  • Mon ustensile préféré est mon mixeur “girafe” (plongeant), qui me permet de faire des soupes en un tour de main. Je l’ai acheté à un expat qui repartait en France (“Oh, et avec les chaises de jardin et le tapis, vous me mettrez le mixeur…”). C’est mon meilleur copain tout l’hiver (lui et son inséparable cocotte-minute – qui fait peur à mes amis américains).

  • Deborah

    Not the most often used, but my favorite kitchen tool is the hand turned wood rolling pin my father-in-law made, gifted to me by my husband the year before we got married. Wood is such a wonderful material to have in the kitchen – these utensils are beautiful!

  • Erin

    My favorite kitchen utensil is my cast iron!

  • Leslie D

    Hmm. Hard to choose between my chef’s knife, silicone spatula and microplane! I can’t!

  • My favorite utensil is technically not mine, but is a wooden spoon made of birdseye maple that I gave my partner one of our first years out of college. It’s just the right size for stirring sauces and spooning batters and the wood is so smooth and pretty. And it just feels right in your hand.

  • Melissa

    My favourite utensils are a Tupperware spatula – rubber and heat safe it’s really useful! – the other is a Tasmanian hardwood spatula that my Mum gave me and I use it most days (it’s beautiful to use something that came from nature in such a practical way)

  • Ellen

    Wow, unbelievably gorgeous pieces!

    My favorite kitchen tool is a wooden … thingy. It’s probably a wok tool. I use it to sauté, to stir, and to scrape, and I use it pretty much every day. :-)

  • Emily

    I found an antique potato-masher type kitchen tool at a rummage sale and I love it!

  • Noel

    My favorite utensil is my microplane. I love it and use it all the time.

  • Sara N.

    My tiny red Le Creuset pot. I use it to melt butter and heat small quantities of liquid. It’s not my mother’s, but it reminds me of her pot and her and our time in the kitchen every time I use it.

  • my favorite kitchen tool is a wooden paddle, somewhere between a spatula and a spreader. I use it on the stove for just about everything.

  • Charles Suggs

    It’s our Kitchamajig‎!

    A very old fashion tool that is a cross between a slotted spoon and one of those asian mesh strainers with the wooden handle. It’s great for scooping single pieces out of a bunch (browned pork for carne adovada,) carefully lowering foods into hot oil or boiling broth. Straining vegetables and bones out of broths, pulling parboiled vegetables out of the boiling water and on and on. It’s cheap and it strains, drains, beats, blends, and mixes.

    It is a winner in my kitchen.

  • Anna

    My favorite one is my awesome cutting board!

  • Lynn

    My favorite kitchen utensil is a pastry blender with a wooden handle. it feels good in my hand, and when I’m making biscuits or pie crust, nothing else will do.

  • Caroline

    I love my Wusthof chef’s knife. I can’t imagine preparing a meal without it.

  • Susan

    Impossible to choose a single kitchen implement–they’re all jumping up and down crying, “Me! Me! Choose MEEEEE!”

    But for now I’m loving my norwegian cheese plane, with serrated edges and a two-pronged tip. It is the only cheese slice I’ve ever had that makes elegantly thin slices of firm cheese. Cheese sticks to every other model I’ve tried. And the nicely grained wooden handle reminds me of all the lovely woodwork in Norway.

    • I would be curious to see what that cheese plane looks like. Do you have a link perchance?

  • charlotte

    My favorite utensil is an old fashioned crank hand mixer. We always had this kind growing up, and thus I have a strong distaste for any mixers that require electrons over elbow grease! I was thrilled to be gifted one of my own by my grandmother.

  • Rosie

    My favorite kitchen utensil is a metal slotted spoon with a wooden handle that belonged to my boyfriend’s beloved grandmother. It is old and beautiful and reminds us of her.

  • My favorite kitchen utensile is our little kettle, so small we kidd about it all the time. But I find it endearing!

  • Tracy

    I actually love my wooden spoons (although they’re not nearly as lovely as these!). But the kitchen item that I use that holds the most nostalgia is my grandmother’s depression glass juicer.

  • Christine

    My favourite is a wooden spoon with a hole in the middle that a friend gave to me–handmade and from a local olden-days fair. I use it for all my baking needs!

  • Ruth

    A whisk from one of my first trips to Paris that has a beautiful colorful ceramic handle–I haven’t seen many like it.

  • Anna

    My favorite utensil is the small silverplate (gravy?) ladle that was part of the little starter kitchen set my mom made up for me out of extra things she had (from her mother and mother-in-law) when I moved out. Besides the nostalgia, it’s really useful when a regular ladle is too big!

  • Kelsey

    I LOVE my silcone spatula! great for baking and cooking, heat resistant and nothing sticks!

  • remy

    I had a favorite wooden spoon that I had to give away 4 years ago when I developed celiac disease and couldn’t risk the contamination from many years of cookies. I’ve never found one I’ve loved as much!

  • I really, really love my Wustoff knives. Use them all the time. But these wooden utensils would be my new favorites. :)

  • Pam

    So many favorites…just one, you ask? Ok. Fine. Under the category of “makes me giggle” is my Microplane zester.

    I giggle because zest has always been always been a pain to grate with a box grater, literally. No more pain! And, once you have zest you can make lovelies such as lemon curd, lemon shortbread, lemon cake filled with lemon curd…they always make me giggle, even if I wasn’t the one doing the zesting.

  • Ada

    This seems obvious, but my favourite kitchen utensil is my big santoku knife. While I’m lucky that my kitchen is well-stocked with quality gear, I mostly bought myself cheap and simple utensils when I moved out of my parent’s place a few years ago. I had a cheaper santoku knife that didn’t stay sharp and wasn’t nonstick, and in a fit of frustration, I spent more money than I probably should have on my current knife. It’s quite lovely, and I make sure to keep it sharp as it’s also my most-used kitchen utensil.

  • Kealoha

    I love my very old pastry cutter – it is not fancy, but was a gift from a lovely couple who were great cooks. The red paint has worn off, but it still does the job on scones, pie crusts and other baked goods.

  • Jenny Tremblay

    the most beloved tool in my kitchen is my offset spatula. I love it for all the cakes it has decorated. I have had it since culinary school and it will be around for a while. these pieces are so gorgeous. what a sweet giveaway!

  • Jessica

    A little make-shift rolling pin. I’m not sure what it actually originally was–it looks like it screwed into something else. But it’s a thinner, light rolling pin my family and I make when making dumpling skins by hand!

  • Maayan

    I finally found the perfect vegetable peeler. A simple black KitchenAid, $2.99. Priceless.

  • TC

    My most beloved kitchen utensil might just be my brand new GIR spatula.

  • My Global chef’s knife. It was the first decent knife I ever bought (fewer than 10 years ago—I cooked a lot without a good knife), and I use it every day.

  • Patt

    My favorite kitchen tool is a wooden spoon that was the first piece of kitchen gear I ever bought. That was years ago; and though I have many other spoons, I find myself always reaching for my favorite. I do try to use the others, though, so they won’t feel unloved.

  • Jill L

    I think it would have to be this old wire whisk. It has a banged up and chipped wooden handle and a dear friend gave it to me for a wedding gift.

  • Carol

    My favorite utensil is a flat, wooden, saute spatula which I’ve used in my kitchen for over 30 years. It has a great patina and continues to do the job.

  • Michael

    My Magnalite wok is probably my favorite kitchen utensil. I use it for almost every meal. It’s light, versatile (steam, poach, stir-fry), and reasonably non-stick anodized aluminum. It has a non-heat-conducting handle (to which I’ve added a silicone grip) as well as a non-heat-conducting grab hold opposite, and a nice domed aluminum lid. Alas, they’re no longer made!

  • Deborah J

    When we went through my Mom’s stuff after she died, I chose to keep her large serving spoon with a bare wooden handle that only shows a few chips of its original red-and-white paint colour. I used it to serve cabbage rolls made from her recipe, and my kids spontaneously started calling it “the Grandma spoon”. I love it, more for the memories than the usefulness.

  • Fred

    My most treasured utensil belongs to my mom. It’s an old wooden spoon with a green hand-grip. The way it felt in my hand, is a feeling I haven’t been able to recreate using the cheap plastic and metal utensils I’ve had for years. I remember learning to cook a lot of my mom’s recipes using that very spoon. The feel of it scraping the bottom of a pot or pan is, to me, unique only to wood. It’s the reason I’ve been searching for wooden utensils lately.

  • My favorite and often, or should I say constantly, used utensils are tiny silicone spoonulas. I have six of them and they are always in use or in the dishwasher waiting to be readied for their next assignment. I have bought them at crate and barrel and williams sonoma. Here is a link http://tinyurl.com/kbfj22f

    I would choose them over most of my cooking utensils and I can’t imagine functioning in the kitchen without them.

  • Jenny

    Kinda silly, but I love the short plastic spoon/scoooper things that come with microwave rice cookers. I find them pretty useless in the rice cooker because they don’t get into the corners, but I love them for mixing baking ingredients. They are just the right size, and the curve of them is just right for the edges of my stainless steel mixing bowls.

    I also love my new dutch oven my mom got me for an early Christmas gift. It lives on my stovetop now.

  • PC

    My most beloved utensil is a Regent Sheffield knife that my sister bought for a cooking class and then decided not take with her when she moved to the States. She let me have it and now it is my go-to knife that chops everything easily. It’s as sharp as her wit, so it’s a good reminder of her too.

  • maggie

    Just stumbled across this and I love it. I’m a trained mechanical engineer, too who picked up spoon carving in her spare time. I’m a novice but, for now, my favorite utensil is a quirky walnut spoon I carved – my very first.

    • Maybe you and Brad were separated at birth? :)

  • Lora

    A wonderful old rolling pin that I got from a dear friend for helping her clear out the home of her elderly aunt. It’s beautiful and I can just imagine all the wonderful pies and noodles this woman made for her friends and family with it.

  • Julia

    As a jam maker, my large metal spoon is absolutely indispensable. Not only do I use it to stir, but it provides me with the means to gauge if my jam is ready with the sheet method. Nothing else works for me. And a wooden spoon wouldn’t sheet as well.

  • Diane

    My mother gave out these little rubber spatulas as gifts several years ago at a family dinner. I love that thing – it gets out all of the last bits of peanut butter or nutella or jam from the jar, is great for getting into the corners of a pan to spread brownie batter more evenly, and looks adorable while doing so.

  • Caroline

    I love my floppy wire whisk. I’d been searching for awhile and it’s perfect!

  • Elizabeth Bennett

    Just one? Either my red Happy Spoon (c’mon, it has a smiley face on it!) or the tiny whisk I bought for a dollar that my husband bends back into shape for me once a year.

    Maybe you would consider not posting such beautiful things? I don’t have room for all of them!;)

  • Jo

    This is not a utensil as such but my favorite kitchen item is my old fashioned peculator for making coffee. It was a wedding present to my parent’s and my mother being an instant coffee girl never used it. I love the smell of the coffee brewing in that (even though I have been told it is not the best way to make coffee).

  • Tina

    My most beloved kitchen utensil is an orange mixing bowl I inherited after my grandmother. It is pretty kitsch, with the words “Liebe vergeht, Kochen besteht” (German, meaning “Love passes, cooking persists”) and serveral red hearts on it. My grandma passed away right about the time I was moving into my first own apartment about 16 years ago so I inherited several kitchen utensils (pots, pans, plates, cutlery etc.) and still have several of them left. This mixing bowl however holds a special place in my heart since I remember her using it when making cake for example, so I feel her presence whenever using it.

  • Michelle

    Beautiful utensils, I don’t have anything like this in my kitchen! My favourite utensil at the moment is a little jam knife with a coloured handle, because I’m using it to dig into the first jar of the jam I made over the summer. Cheers!

  • The most loved kitchen utensil in my kitchen is probably my wooden spoons. I don’t know where they came from (my mom must have bought them before I was born), but I love them dearly.

  • actually the utensile i love most is my rubber spatula… I use it everywhere!

  • Helen kennedy

    My wooden spatulas and a long handled wooden spoon. I’ve been using them for decades.

  • Tanya

    My chef’s knife, and my super thin metal spatulas meant for cookies, but somehow perfect for frying eggs. What beautiful spoons, etc… Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Alison

    I bought a pastry blender in a junk shop in rural New Zealand because I liked the way it looked,even though I didnt know what it did! It has earned its keep over and over making many loaves of soda bread and looks very jaunty in my utensils drawer. Old things defnitely have the love already added.

  • Emo Castle

    That is an easy one, Grandma Anderson’s Rollin pin. It is a gorgeous well worn wooden one. Every time we use it I tell my kids about cooking in my grandmas kitchen.

  • Marina

    My japanese knife – I use ist at leats 5 times a day. :)

  • Francis L Miller

    Definitely loved my hand-forged antique German chef’s knife, held an edge that was at least as good as a new Japanese blade. Have it still, but the handle finally cracked, so it’s been retired.

  • Felix

    my favourite kitchen utensil is an espresso tamper by motta. it consists of a solid stainless steel foot and a walnut handle. it is both a beautiful object – sitting on an adequately prominent place on our bar – and a useful tool, perfectly suited for its purpose.

    hint: today is my birthday, so i should really be the randomly drawn winner ;)

  • msue

    My favorite kitchen utensil is an old wooden spoon that I’ve had since the beginning of my cooking years. It is worn to a nub, with a singed place at the end from a close call with a gas flame. It has seen much better days, so new utensils, especially of this quality, would be a very welcome addition to my kitchen. Great discovery!

  • Mary

    At home, we have a big, long wooden spoon, inherited from my great grandparents, used to make our yearly Christmastime caramels, another tradition inherited from the great grandparents. One day I will inherit it along with the tradition.

  • Mara

    I might be a bit strange :P I don’t have a preferred one, I love all of them (and keep buying them too).

    By the way, Clotilde, I went to Brad’s site ready for an order. But it seems they don’t ship to EU. I contacted them, hope they do :)

    • Hi this is Brad with Earlywood. I am such a new business that I haven’t had a chance to set up international shipping on my website yet. Look for that some time next year.

      I am 100% willing to ship internationally, but you will just have to e-mail me with your address so I can figure our how much it will cost. I will charge you exactly what the post office charges me.

      Thanks for participating in the giveaway!

  • Anne MC

    my favorite utensil in the kitchen is my old english scales and weights perfect for measuring flour for my weekly sourdough bread.
    hint: my birthday was last sunday ! :)felix

  • Carolyn

    My favorite utensil is probably my beat up, elderly metal funnel, which I actually think was part of my mother’s percolator coffee maker. It’s the perfect size and one of the few utensils that I have that was hers. Although not a utensil, I also love my great grandmother’s cast iron dutch oven, rumored to have come over with her from Germany.

  • Mary Ellen Wessinger

    I love the comments from people who have a beloved utensil because of how it came to their kitchen. Mine, however, is a small, green Lekué silicone spatula I bought myself. That and my wooden spoons are my go-to pieces. Happy Holidays to all!

  • Joni

    It’s not anything with an emotional connection or something that was handed down to me from a mom or grandma, it’s just my wood cutting board. It’s big, beautiful, gets used every day and every time I cook without fail, and it does its job perfectly. It’s very overdue for a treatment with some mineral oil, I think, so if I win, some of the oil will definitely go towards that.

  • Barbara

    There’s no question that my favorite tool is a very utilitarian old wooden chopping bowl that belonged to my mother. She used it all the time and so do I. I’ve thought about replacing it many times, especially since it now has a slight crack in it, but it reminds me of cooking with my mom and brings back such warm memories that I just can’t part with it and I’m sure it adds special love and flavor to my cooking.

  • Betsy

    My favorite kitchen tool are chopsticks. They are so versatile!

  • Bee

    I love my strainer! it’s got so many uses!

  • Susan

    My favorite kitchen utensil is a small Sabatier fluting knife. Thank you for offering this giveaway – the items are fabulous!

  • carol

    My favorite kitchen utensil is a pair of locking tongs. Although I love my old wooden spoon. These are beautiful!

  • Ariane

    Hard to say, but I’d go for a plain white spatula that I’ve been using for years now. I learnt how to make macarons with them and ever since then everytime I’m making a batch I only feel at ease if I use this specific spatula ;)

    Those are some spectacular ustensils, they are so beautiful! Thank you for telling us about them and for the giveaway. It is always a great pleasure to read you, be it here or elsewhere :)

  • Sian

    My favourite kitchen implement is a decorated serving spoon my mum got me when I moved away from home. It’s only cheap, but I love it and every time I use it reminds me of my mum and how much she cares for me!

    A close second is my old wooden spoon which is rapidly approaching the end of it’s useful life. These utensils would be a worthy replacement!

  • the mini whisk is definitely my fave kitchen tool!

  • I think my personal favorite ustensile is a thaï knife i brought back from my first travel in Asia.
    I really like to chop vegetables with it, i feel like a “grand chef” !

  • Carol

    My favorite kitchen tool isn’t the one I use most but the one I’d most hate to lose. It is the biscuit cutter from my grandmother. She taught me how to make light and tasty biscuits and eventually gave me her cutter. The loop handle twisted off with too much use but the cutter still works. Every time I use it, I’m reminded of the times when my grandmother and I baked together.

  • Stephanie

    My favourite utensil is a pair of very long wood chopsticks, the same that are used by cooks in Asia.
    Thanks for the give away!

  • kanadelf

    ces ustensiles sont magnifiques!

    C’est difficile comme question, mon ustensile préféré…
    Peut-être mes 2 cuillères à long manche, pour ne pas perdre la cuillère au fond du pot de confiture :-)
    (c’est un souvenir d’enfance en plus, je les ai piquées à ma mère)

    C’est une super idée de cadeau, mais apparemment on ne peut commander que du Canada ou des US… de toute manière ça serait sûrement un peu tard pour noël.

  • Meg S

    I have a pair of paring knives that I inherited from my step-grandmother. They’re so cute, in bright colors, and so effective – love them!

  • Steph

    Quels beaux objets !
    Mon ustensile préféré un à cheval entre une spatule et une cuiller, en plastique légèrement souple, qui permet de remuer dans toutes les casseroles, “grater” le fond et aussi servir !

  • Martin Albert

    L’ustensile que je préfère est une vieille spatule de plastique moulé que j’ai effilé avec un couteau afin de pouvoir retourner délicatement sans oeufs, crèpes et autres items minces que je fais cuire.

  • Agathe

    Mon ustensile préféré? Sans hésiter un couteau Laguiole à la lame bien tranchante en acier: il émince, il râpe, il coupe, il tranche… Mieux qu’un robot :)!

  • Inès

    Je pense que je pourrais difficilement me séparer de ma maryse depuis que je l’ai adoptée. Elle est drôlement efficace!

  • becka

    The tera scraper is definitely my favourite tool andthen my plates are allways the cleanest!

    Xxx and merry christmas!!

  • Ces ustensiles en bois sont magnifiques ! Je crois que j’aurais beaucoup de scrupules à les tremper dans une préparation culinaire, je préfèrerai les exposer … Mon ustensile fétiche est mon petit couteau d’office tout vieux tout moche, mais toujours hyper efficace pour toutes les taches du quotidien !

  • I adore my microplane. Zest is so fast and easy!

  • marie-aimee

    my favourite kitchen utensil was given to me at a nightclub in London. I was enjoying a night of African music and flirting with a guy who was queuing at the bar when he disappeared behind a corner and came back with… a hand held mechanical whisk! It’s a big sturdy one, with a wheel and a lever on the side, and two whisks that rotate when you turn the lever. I’m not even sure where he got it from, I think there must have been a kitchen at the back, but I spent the night dancing with it, took it home and never parted with it again! I still use it regularly as I don’t have an electric beater, I love it… The guy? Never saw him again but I like to think he’s still out there somewhere, distributing kitchen utensils to unsuspecting women in London nightclubs…

  • Amelia

    I love my elderly cast-iron skillet, since it’s both older than I am and the most versatile kitchen implement in my arsenal (bake a cake, roast a chicken, saute vegetables, cook an omelet…) It also doubles as a home defense system.

  • Hanabi

    Mon zesteur: pour prélever délicatement les zestes d’agrumes, mais aussi découper de fins rubans de parmesan, de chocolat, de beurre de coco… déclinaisons infinies !

  • Diana Abreu

    My favorite utensil is not one that I use regularly. It belonged to my paternal grandmother, and therefore I think of her when using it. It is a pastry wheel – ceramic with a wavy edge attached to a delicately turned wooden handle. The wood still holds the smell of her pantry. I use it when making rugelach and other Christmas cookies. It’s probably from the 1930s as my grandmother was born in 1908.

  • Caroline Turnbull-Hall

    An old Pyrex rolling pin. I have better wooden ones, more beautiful ones and the cork stoppers have lost their ends so it is no longer possible to fill it with ice to keep it cold (I have never done this). Whilst I do not use it every day or even every week, it is the one I always reach for as my mother and grandmother both used it. They are both dead but their pasty was sublime and my mother instilled in me a love of cooking. I feel a real connection across the generations especially when making mince pies at Christmas with it.

  • Estelle

    Mon ustensile préféré? Ma cuillère en bois. Je ne sais pas cuisiner sans elle!Je n’ai jamais pu passer au plastique mais la pauvre commence à accuser son âge…

  • Nicholas Trandem

    A wooden saute spatula that is now on its last legs.

  • Ben

    A gorgeous spalted wood spatula

  • Mine is a cheese slicer. It slices really thinly, which I love. Perfect for slicing cheese for quesadillas and cheese sandwiches where I’d like to taste the other ingredients, too. It used to be my mom’s, I think; we grew up with it and I took it with me when I moved.

  • megan

    i don’t really have a favourite utensil, but my grandma’s pyrex bowls are my favourite kitchen thing, period. these wooden utensils are gorgeous. what a treat it would be!

  • titel

    Mon ustensile préféré? Mon mortier et son pilon, pour concasser le poivre, faire du dukkah, écraser l’ail. Et tout ça en pensant à ma grand-mère, quant petite je la regardais cuisiner avec…

  • Swetta chandra

    These are so cute. My favorite is my mini mortar and pestle. It’s traditional indian, charming and rustic heavy weight, supposed to be used to crush cardamom, ginger, clove etc for chai. As a chai lover, I always keep it right by my stove to remind me that after a hard day or a cold morning, comfort is only a cup of chai away.

  • My favourite kitchen utensils are my rolling pin and olve wood spoons a friend gifted. I love them and to keep them in top condition, treat them with beeswax and coconut oil from time to time.

  • Christianne Madona

    My favorite kitchen utensil is my father’s chef”s knife. I don’t use it much but it has a well deserved place in my kitchen as he was a revered cook in our house as well as a talented cabinet maker. He even made a little house for it to live in.
    As a child I would stand eyeballs to counter top and watch him chop away. One time he lovingly forgot what he was doing and gave me a tap with his chopping hand on my bottom (knife in hand). I thought I would be sly and spin around and when I did the knife sliced my little wrist. Needless to say I was rushed to the hospital given stitches and he never forgave himself for that misadventure. He is not with us any longer but I wear my scar with pride and much love and treasure his very skilled knife which otherwise kept the family very happy!

  • Amy Lawson

    My favorite kitchen utensil is my garlic press…can’t live without it.

  • Rob

    my omlet pan. I’ve used it more than anything else!

  • Judy

    I just got a new pastry blender – the kind with little blades instead of just wires, so that’s my latest favorite.

  • Meghann

    It’s my mom’s old wooden spoon. It’s in terrible shape and should probably be thrown put, but oh the memories I have of cooking with her!

  • Wehaf

    Does a knife count as a utensil? My chef’s knife is my favorite kitchen tool because it is so incredibly useful. I use it several times a day, and I’m always so glad to have invested in a good one.

  • Maria

    A wooden spatula I got with a wok set that I use for cooking everything.

  • tk

    i have a metal spoon that feels perfect in my hands and is so convenient!

  • Sandy M.

    My wooden French rolling pin. I am just happy when I use it.

  • Ansley

    My most beloved kitchen utensil is a pot, which may not qualify as a utensil, but it’s so by far my favorite, I hope you’ll make an exception!

    It belonged to my husband’s beloved mother who passed away from Alzheimer’s before he and I met. She received it as a wedding gift when she married in the 1940s, but always felt it was too nice to use on an every day basis so she saved it. When she passed away, my husband took it as a reminder to “use the good stuff now!” I cook in it almost every day and always feel appreciative that something she saved for him serves us so well now. I feel like she’s in the kitchen with me every time I use it.

  • Mari

    Mon ustensile préfere est mon spannel, une longue spatule plate pour retourner les crêpes, c’est lié à beaucoup de moments conviviaux qui permettent de réunir tout le monde autour d’un repas de crêpes. Félicitations pour ton blog inspirant et très personnel.

  • Miss B

    My favorite kitchen utensils are probably all of my mismatched teaspoons and coffee spoons. My most useful I-can’t-believe-I-took-so-long-to-get-one-of-these kitchen items, however, is definitely my immersion blender. How did I manage without one for so long???

  • Victoire

    Mon ustensile préféré ? Deux grandes cuillères en bois clair, qui à force d’être utilisées sont devenues douces comme de la peau de bébé, mais qui résonnent bien contre les bords du saladier quand je fatigue mes préparations.

  • Tropiquestristes

    Mon ustensile préféré est une cuillère en bois d’olivier, taille parfaite, ni trop grande, ni trop petite, bois veiné, pas trop creuse, et qui arrive d’un petit village de Calabre où ma grand mère est née. Elle me parle des paysages, des troncs centenaires, des huiles vertes, des visages rugueux. Elle n’est ni trop creuse ni trop plate, et j’aime l’utiliser avec des recettes qui la nappent, l’envelopper de sauces sirupeuses ou de jus parfumés.

  • Kim

    My favorite utensil is the metal spatula from my parents’ house. It is not a particularly pretty one and there is a spot on the plastic handle where it melted eons ago. Every time I pull it from the crock of utensils on the counter, though, I think of the many times we used it when I was growing up, to flip pancakes or remove cookies from a cookie sheet.

  • Megan Jirschele

    I love my trusty wire wisk!

  • Tedra Treece

    My favorite item in all my kitchen is not really a utensil but my collection of Christmas cookie cutters that my grandmother gave to me many years ago. There is a star, a tree, a snowman and a few other holiday-themed shaped cookie cutters. I love to use them every Christmas. Thank you, Clotilde, for having a contest.

  • Untitled

    I love my sharp and beautiful Chef Knife !

  • My knives from culinary school… memories filled with sweat, blood, and tears but the best experience of my life!

  • Janet

    My favourite is an ancient rolling pin. It’s beat-up but perfect.

  • Is a lid a “utensil?” I have this blue, enameled lid that has been passed down from the generations. It’s large enough to fit almost every pot in our house I LOVE it!!

  • Kojiberry

    My favorite utensils are a set of salad spoons made of coconut shell. Pretty and environmentally friendly!

    By the way, about mineral oil, yes they were made food grade. You can think of petroleum as a Lego construction with many type of blocks. The high temperature, high pressure, and many steps of separation enable the refinery to separate each Lego block… and mineral oil is made by connecting just one type of Lego blocks to make a long construction. It can be made very long or relatively short, but it is always well-defined. The combination possibilities are limited. It is not something you will find naturally but it is so stable and difficult to react.

    So you don’t have to worry that some nasty petroleum stuff would enter your utensils.

    Sorry it this is a bit boring :)

  • aspasia

    My favourite is my perfect japanese chef knife

  • Amber F

    Wow, those ladles are beautiful! My go-to utensil is a silicone spatula. I had to buy another one because the original is always being used or in the dishwasher!

  • I have a metal flexible spatula that I’ve used for over 15 years and still look almost new. My other favorite, most used utensil is a wooden spoon (long narrow one for stirring). Both cost less than $10 and I use them quite often

  • Leslie

    I love my dutch oven- I use it for everything.

  • Jennifer

    My favorite kitchen tool is an old set of measuring cups… it is not that they are an essential tool, I imagine any would do, but they are the ones that were in the kitchen in my home growing up, the first tools I used to experiment with in cooking. I actually have two sets… one I received when my husband’s grandmother died, the other when my own mother did.

  • Joanne Fischer

    I have a Hadley Pottery pitcher that is stuffed with wooden tools, all older than dirt! We do get attached to our kitchen tools! My favorite is a spoon that I am sure is over 40 years old. It is used regularly for almost everything. I could never part with it but I am sure it would love some new friends!

  • Mary

    A cheese slicer that I bought on vacation in Holland, right after I dived into a huge sampler plate of Goudas!

  • Cathy

    I always have a bin of what I call the spoon and fork misfits that no longer belong to a set of anything. I use them for single taste tests of my food, beating eggs, whisking ingredients, and a quick saute if I am too lazy to grab my really cooking utensils. Love my misfits!

  • Cp

    An old metal spatula with perfect springiness. Oddly enough it is from LLBean which is not a company associated with cooking utensils.

  • Kandice

    I love my tongs. I use them for everything cooked on the stove.

  • Andie

    I had a wooden spoon that was my absolute favorite utensil and then my dog grabbed it off the counter and chewed it up. I’d love to win some Earlywood utensils!

  • Jennifer

    My favorite kitchen utensil is…a wooden spoon! In the early 1990s, I was doing dissertation research in Moscow. Someone was selling wooden spoons on the pavement outside my local metro station. The spoon is not much to look at, but the handle is nice and long. Most importantly, every time I use it, I am taken back to Russia.

  • Val

    I have a few shapes of wood handled, silicone spatulas. They are so great for most of my kitchen tasks!

  • Megan B

    My favourite is a black plastic spoon I once made bubbly trying to use it to get fritters out of oil…reminds me how far I’ve come.

    Amazing looking spoons.

  • oufti

    sans hésitation mon zesteur microplane
    zester est devenu un plaisir, untravail de précision facile et rapide à nettoyer

  • Mélodie

    As a cooking addict, I have a lot of ustensils in my kitchen :-)
    My favourite one, at least the one I use the most is a spatula made in stainless steel, it’s perfect as I have cast iron pans.
    Brad is very talented, these wood ustensils are amazing!

  • Anastasia Baker

    I love my mini le creuset spatulas. They were purchased for my kids by my husband and I find them incredibly useful and I also love the memory of cooking with my children every time I use them

  • Marie D.

    On a le doit d’écrire en français quand même? Merci pour ce concours, c’est trop beau. Mon instrument préféré c’est le batteur électrique, parce que les blancs en neige c’est beau, et que ça participe à la confection du tiramisu.

  • Martha

    My favorite kitchen utensil is a wooden spoon that I bought at an antique store :)

  • Frédérique

    Je suis très attachée à une cuillère avec des fentes, rapportées des US, qui est idéale pour servir par exemple des lentilles ou des petits pois sans trop de jus.

  • Poirot

    Wow love those spoons !!
    My kitchen favorite is my dear mum, and I am sure she would be so happy with this set :)

  • r

    I have several utensils I feel their absence very much when they are not around. The scales and my kitchen aid mixer are two good examples on the practical side. But I love my animal cookie cutters.

  • Flo

    Quel beau concours :)) ce sont de très beaux ustensiles chez Earlywood ! Mon ustensile préféré c’est la spatule, en bois ou pas. Je la sors quasiment tout le temps ! Je croise les doigts maintenant ^^

  • Holly

    A Snoopy teaspoon that was mine as a child. I still love it!

  • Rachel Alan

    My favorite utensil is a lovely wooden spoon that my mother bought for me at a craft fair. The wood is so soft on my hands. I wish I knew what it was made from. The Earlywood utensils look beautiful. I ordered some for my mother for Christmas, thank you for the post!

  • Naomi

    What gorgeous spoons. My favourite utensil remains a wooden spatula I bought 37 years ago for 20p in a long-since-vanished shop called Timothy White’s. I broke it a few years ago and have been trying to replace it ever since, but have never found a handle with the same thin elegance and the precise length that was just perfect for almost any stirring task.

  • Anja

    beauitful aged wooden cutting board? citrus juicer? microplane grater? it would be hard for me to pick one… does a blender count as a kitchen utensil?! anyway, beautifully crafter wooden utensils those are!

  • Léa R.

    My favourite is the “scraper”!!
    Many thanks for this lovely giveaway!

  • Margarita

    My kitchen scale! Beautiful objects, makes me want to start a blog just to get stuff like that :)

  • Carine

    Merci pour ce concours, ces ustensiles sont splendides !! Mon ustensile préféré est sans aucun doute mon zesteur Microplane, il n’est jamais très loin quand je cuisine :)

  • Nic Miller

    My most beloved kitchen utensil is a Bakelite handled childs knife used by my daughter, myself and my mother. It has a blade so safe it would barely cut butter. The handle is rounded by generations of little round fisted children clutching it as they learn to use cutlery. Half moon indents bear witness to the teething of babies who gnaw on the handle.The colour is a soft Eau De Nil, paled over time by immersion in a bowl of Fairy Liquid bubbles. My daughter is now 25 and the only item she has ever requested left to her bar my cookbooks has been this knife.

  • Tamsin

    I think I’d have to say my favourite utensil is my bread knife. It’s just a cheap one from the supermarket but I use it daily and it slices through crusty loaves so easily. It’s also great for splitting cakes, cutting biscotti and hacking through woody sprout stalks.

  • Linda B.

    My favorite is a microplane grater.

  • amy

    Hi, my favorite utensil is my kitchen scale. It’s from oxo and I use it all the time. So much easier than measuring by volume. BTW, the wooden utensils are beautiful

  • Ann G

    My favorite kitchen utensil is a simple wooden spatula. It was a wedding gift. It is the perfect shape and size and I use it to cook pretty much anything!

  • Bev

    My favourite kitchen utensil is a wooden spoon that belonged to my mother.

  • Helma

    For the flavor of taste the oldfashioned potscraper with beechwood handle, but the le creuset spatula is very handy.And the choice between my very much used olivewood spatulas.Thats every day cooking ,baking and I wish again …thanks for the tip of the wood utensils.

  • Hmm, I’ve have to say the electric tea kettle and teapot from my boyfriend when we just started dating.

    It’s cheap and beat up, but the love and thoughtfulness (i drink 10 cups of tea a day!) is definitely there

  • Elaine

    I LOVE my 35+ year old original Cuisinart food processor. It weighs about 50 lbs but still purrs like a kitten and works like a charm!

  • Laurence

    My husband would go nuts if he knew this as I constantly trick him into buying more kitchen supplies, but my favorite utensil is actually the most basic. It’s a wooden spoon with a rather short and thin handle which fits perfectly in my small hand (I often find stirring hurtful when the handle is too thick). Its head has flattened a bit, it’s not really oval-shaped any more, and that alone makes the difference with any other spoon. Anyone who puts in the dish washer will find themselves in great trouble…

  • Alexis K.

    My most beloved kitchen tool is the cookie press passed down from my grandmother. It reminds me of happy childhood memories of making and decorating cookies with her- and she always let my brother and I make a batch of blue dogs- for some reason, our favorite!

  • Laurence_J

    Mon ustensile préféré est une sorte de grande spatule en silicone qui me sert à tout: touiller, mélanger, gratter, décoller et même servir!

  • michelle

    Twenty years ago I was visiting with my mom as she was cooking in the kitchen, and I was raving about a cast iron pan that had come into my possession. She was amazed, and said “Why, I have a whole set of them that were your (paternal) grandmother’s!” And she promptly unearthed them from deep in the cellar. I still use them all the time – and my timing was great, because only a few months later my brother was extolling the virtues of cast iron!

  • Ayelet

    Definitely a microplane!

  • Joy

    I love my garlic press. Because I LOVE garlic

  • Christine

    Avant d’emménager dans mon propre appartement, je m’étais constitué un petit trousseau qui contenait surtout des objets culinaires. Il contenait notamment une cuillère de bois beaucoup plus grande que celles que j’avais connu jusque là! C’est elle qui est aujourd’hui ma préférée!

  • Bec

    I have a Wilton spatula spoon that is my all-time favorite for dealing with anything even remotely sticky. It has a great handle and is rounded and tapered so I can get it into odd edges of containers or swipe the side of a bowl clean.

  • Tina

    My favorite kitchen utensil isn’t a utensil at all…it’s aluminum foil. I roast 3-5 heads of garlic every weekend to use in lunch and dinner recipes. I generally put roasted garlic paste in every savory recipe I make, even if it is just the smallest clove worth. My second favorite is my ratcheting garlic press because it makes mincing large amounts of fresh garlic a snap.

  • Elsa B.

    Mon ustensile préféré est probablement mon blender parce que la soupe ne contient enfin plus de flis de celeri!

  • myka

    Mine is my cutting board from olive tree wood that I brought back from Crete…

  • Gathe

    My favourite kitchen ustensil of all times would be the cast iron meat grinder my brothers got me for my birthday. It’s an old beautiful object, full of history. My brother got it on Le Bon Coin from a guy in his 40’s, who said it once belonged to his grandmother.
    Even though I haven’t used it that much since I got it (it’s only been a couple of weeks) I’m thrilled to have it and I can’t wait to make my own sausages and so on…!

  • marie

    Moi, ce qui m’a toujours fait rêver, c’est la cuiller à risotto.

  • Anna

    My fish spatula! I use it on everything that goes in a frying pan. Seriously, everything.

  • Allison

    I finally conceded that perhaps knives should be sharp, and purchased one that could slice through bone like butter. While never putting it to this nefarious purpose, of course, it’s made all the difference in tasks I used to dread, like chopping onions.

  • Sandee

    I have many favorites, but my newest one is the herb scissors I bought at a market in Arles – I had no idea how to use it at the time, but it took no time to discover how simple and perfect it is. I love it, and of course every time I use it, I am transported back to that glorious day browsing the market.

  • Carla S

    My most beloved kitchen utensil is my spiral whisk because it works so well and I’ve had it for a long time.I have moved alot and I have always had it with me.It works better than a traditional whisk.

  • Gwen

    My small strainer – it has a nice tight mesh that works even with tiny grains

  • My favorite utensil (s?) is a pair of olive wood salad tongs, given to me by my sister. She bought them at a Christmas market in Germany and they are gorgeous – actually not too far off from the beauties featured here.

    Hand carved and a reminder of her thoughtfulness while traveling, plus they convince me to eat more greens – who could ask for more from a utensil? Merci!

  • Kathy

    I have a small offset spatula that is my go-to utensil. It is old, found at a garage sale many years ago. It is just the right size, and fits so well in my hand. The handle is sturdy, wooden, and worn to such a wonderful feeling. I love it!

  • sarah

    Food processor for baking, grinding up almonds, making tapenade…

  • My favourite utensil are 2 pieces of ‘Renaware’ pan which was passed down to me by my grandaunt. I make curries, steaming veg or even stir frying veg/meat. We even brought it with us when we relocated to Europe and now we are bk in Asia and it’s safely back in our kitchen. Such a solid and useful utensil for all kinds of food preparation :)

  • Megan

    My favorite kitchen tool is my chef’s knife-I bought if for myself as a college graduation present, and it hasn’t left my side since! I know I can count on it when I need it.

  • Athicha

    My favorite is the wooden spatula I received as a wedding gift. It fits perfectly in my hand and has the words “Kochen ist Liebe” engraved on it. Beautiful.

  • Christine Nishino

    My most treasured kitchen utensil is my grandmother’s “suribachi”. You will find them in most Japanese kitchens. It is a simple pottery bowl, glazed on the outside with an unglazed, raised pattern on the inside. You use it with a wooden pestle to grind food.

    My bachan used to let me grind sesame seeds in it when I was a child. When she passed away almost 20 years ago, I inherited it.

    Its beauty lies not only in its design and functionality, but it also represents family, tradition and memories of her home cooking.

  • Jackie

    I loved a little mini food processor I bought at a garage sale about 15 years ago. It finally quit, and i really thought hard about replacing it. I did, and use the new one all the time, but must say that the garage sale one was perfect, and this new one is merely fine.

  • Jena

    Wow, these are gorgeous–I’d almost hate to use them!

    I think I’d have to say my favorite utensils are the wooden spoons my neighbor made me for Christmas last year. They’re yellow cedar (I think), rustic, and different from any of my other spoons, but unfortunately, I keep all my wooden spoons in a crock and he designed his spoons to hang by a nail–they don’t fit very well in the crock with all my other spoons, spatulas, ladles, etc.

  • Ellen

    My favorite utensil is my late grandmother’s rolling pin. It is just a simple piece of doweling, but it rolls her flour tortillas so easily!

  • marie wallis

    a large large butcher knife with its tip broken off. my mother has owned it forever and it’s so large and utilitarian we use it for everything from chopping onions to cutting pizza.

  • Emily

    I love my spoontulas — can never have enough!

  • I can’t get enough of my wooden spoons, I use them for everything! Second place would have to be silicone spatulas… they are fantatic!
    I would love to get my hands on some of his beautiful products! Fingers crossed!

  • Prachi

    I have two favorites – a palm sized stainless steel grater that my grandma gave me when I went to college. At the time I used it mainly for grating cheese to make sandwiches (usually as a midnight snack), now it’s used every morning to grate ginger for my morning chai. The second one’s a brass mortar and pestle that I use for coarsely grinding small amounts of spices and nuts – usually cardamom and almonds !

  • Gaële

    My favorite kitchen ustensil are spatulas, big, small, wide, … But I have never seen such spatulas. The wood looks splendid, he has to mix slowly foods by taking car of them. I shall wish so many such ustensils !

  • Caitlin Clarke

    I have a great stirrer/scoop that I use when wok cooking. Fuchsia Dunlop recommends it in her book Every Grain of Rice, and it really makes wok cooking much easier.

  • solange

    Oh so hard to pick because i have a serious weakness for kitchen stuff…But when it comes to the most sentimental and functional of my kitchen utensils, it has to be the porcelain cereal bowls my ceramicist mom -maemougin- makes. We use them everyday.

  • wee

    I love, love, love anything made of wood, it’s just my favorite material for sure.

    So my favorite utensil and most used on a daily basis is our humble wooden spoon which serves as stirrer, taster, separator etc. etc. What would I do without it? No meal could be made without.

  • Michael

    My favourite cooking utensil is a wooden spoon with a hole in the middle, which we always used to stir the Christmas pudding when I was growing up.

  • Rebecca Drew

    I know it’s pushing it to call it a utensil, but my favourite is my Kenwood Major mixer which will mix absolutely anything. Apart from that I would say some lovely antique silver serving/mixing/everything spoons from my mother in law. She told me her mother in law gave her some because she found them so versatile, and my MIL has done the same.

  • Sue

    My favourite utensil is a plain old rubber spatula for getting every last bit of mixture or batter out of the bowl. It’s amazing how much you’d otherwise waste!

  • Seb

    Ma girafe reste mon outil de cuisine favori tant pour les soupes,potages ou compotes.
    Et le 10 décembre c’est le jour de mon annif (réellement) :)! Mais ca n’a rien évidemment à voir avec le jeu-concours…

  • Amanda Bloor

    A tiny wooden spoon I was given as a small child – still in use for stirring small pans.

  • Lisa Swartz

    My brother brought me a very long wooden spoon from (Republic of Georgia) which gets to the bottom of the deepest soup kettles.

  • Ash

    Je dirais une nanette…
    Bon ok mes nanettes sont vielles et de mauvaise qualité, mais quand j en utilise une je sais ce qui m attend derriere!
    Pouvoir racler touuuuuut mon bol où j ai preparé de la pate a gateau et deguster jusqu au bout toute la pate crue qui reste collée aux bords!

  • Judith

    L’indétrônable spatule en bois, de préférence un peu incurvée… je crois que je l’utilise tous les jours sans exception (ou presque) dans ma cuisine ! :)

  • Robert Cordina

    A hand-carved olive wood salt pig. It’s special to me because it was given to me by my wife, plus I just love olive wood.

  • Liz Thomas

    Those look just beautiful. Now that we are more permanently settled in France (six month a year) I am busy planning my new kitchen and these would be wonderful kitchen warming!

    My favourite utensil is a granite pestle and mortar bought in Malaysia years ago — nothing, but nothing, can crush garlic as well!

  • Mon ustensile préféré, c’est la spatule qu’on utilise pour racler la casserole où on a fait fondre du chocolat. Grâce à elle, on n’en perd pas une goutte!

  • Heather

    My favorite utensil in the kitchen is a spoon that my grandmother gave to me. It is an old, silver-plated spoon (teaspoon size). It was from my great-grandmother’s flatware setting. I used to love eating ice cream with it when I was little and my grandma passed it on to me when she moved to a skilled care unit.

  • Karine

    Effectivement, ces ustensiles en bois sculpté sont magnifiques.
    C’est amusant de constater que ma grande cuiller de service préférée est aussi en bois. Rapportée d’Afrique avec son lot de souvenirs d’enfance.
    Merci pour le concours.

  • estelle

    Bonjour Clotilde
    je crois que mon ustensile préféré est le mortier que j’utilise pour préparer mon gomasio. Il est de taille modeste (le bol fait la taille d’une tasse à déjeuner) et nécessite juste assez d’effort physique pour que le vide se fasse dans ma tête :-) alors que le sésame grillé laisse peu à peu échapper sa délicieuse odeur.
    j’en profite pour te féliciter pour la façon dont tu as su sublimer ton blog en devenant maman. Bravo (et gros bisous à Milan)

  • Gill

    I was bought a wok as a wedding gift back in 1979 and with it came a simple wooden spatula. I almost didn’t bother to try it but pleased I did as it is the first kitchen tool I reach for. Several woks have come and gone but the spatula is in daily use..a bit thinner ..unlike me..but still going strong.

  • carocaro

    Mon ustensile préféré c’est indéniablement une spatule en plastique toute simple, pour ne rien perdre de l’a préparation d’un gateau :)
    Jolis ustensiles en tout cas!

  • Allyson Reddy

    My favorite kitchen utensil is a very old wooden spoon (that I don’t even really use anymore because I want so badly to preserve it!) that my mother handed down to me from my great grandmother, who came to the United States from Poland over a century ago. It’s not impressive, it’s actually rather basic (dare I say, ugly!), but it’s very important to me because of it’s sentimental value.
    My SECOND favorite kitchen utensil is a set of cute heavy iron heart-shaped measuring spoons.

  • Felix

    It might sound nerdy but a tool that I really appreciate is our good, faithful digital spoon scale to measure smallest quantities. Loving to bake and cook this little utensil gives a lot more accuracy following some recipes once you don’t want to get into huge quantities. Due to it’s uesfulness it rests in our kitchen utensils pot that is full of nice wooden things even though it’s pretty ugly and I normally wouldn’t want to keep it in plain sight …

  • My favorite kitchen utensil is a heavy-duty garlic press that was a wedding gift. We use garlic in almost everything we cook, and I have no idea how I got along without it!

  • Levynite

    My favourite utensil is the two knives my parents nicked from a certain airlines back in the days when they still used metal cutlery for meals on flights. It still has the airline logo engraved on it!
    The family uses it as a spreader, a knife for not too tough food, dicing up butter, and also a prybar for those stubborn tins. It’s been around ever since I can remember and we still use them today!

  • Ana

    I love my wok scoop! It fits the shape of my wok perfectly, and sits just right in the hand.

  • Laure

    Mon ustensile préféré est une très vieille lame de couteau d’une vingtaine de centimètre de long que mon frère a ré-emmenché sur un un morceau de bois de cerisier qui a une forme très animale, presque de cétacé. Le bois est poli et très doux et tient parfaitement en main. La lame, tout ce qu’il y a de plus oxydable, coupe terriblement bien.

  • Viviane

    Ma maryse en silicone orange m’a changé la vie, mais mon ustensile préféré toutes catégories, c’est ma cocotte en fonte noire que ma maman m’a offerte. Je pense que ça ferait un chic ensemble avec ces magnifiques cuillères en bois…

  • Graeme

    My South African blackwood butcher block, or a utensil that started out in woodworking, my microplane!

  • Elise Anderson

    My most beloved utensil is the German chef’s knife my boyfriend gifted me for Christmas several years ago. I grew up in a family that used cheap, dull knives and didn’t cook much, and it meant a lot to me that my boyfriend was encouraging my growing love of the kitchen.

  • Jen

    Nice to see how many of us love our old-school stuff. I am no different: my fave is either a small cast-iron skillet I swiped from my mom, or the olivewood spatula I got in Greece when I was pregnant with my first child.

  • Cécile

    Bonjour Clotilde, mon ustensile préféré est une grande cuillère en bambou, polie par l’usage, donc très douce pour mélanger, je l’utilise autant pour les légumes que pour mes préparations sucrées. Bonne journée !

  • suzy (from boston)

    I’ve just finished a months long renovation of my kitchen and I love it and everything in it right now. But I’m especially fond off my citrus reamer and immersion blender. The wooden spoons are lovely and would have a happy home in my new kitchen.

  • Alexandra

    My favorite tool is a pair of scissors!

  • S. Ryan Schmidt

    Throughout my childhood the kitchen wall was adorned with a large antique wood breadboard. My mother insisted that it had been in our family since “covered wagon times” as she put it, and had even made the journey to the west coast along the famed Oregon Trail with one of our maternal ancestors. I honestly have no idea if this story is true (my mother did have a tendency towards tall tales), but I still like the idea of the story regardless. Now that the board belongs to me, I like to put it to work and use it to knead bread dough, or roll out pies. It gives me a sense of living history, and also makes clean up easier ;)

  • Marine K

    Mon ustensile de cuisine préféré est tout simplement une petite cuillère doseuse à café et à soupe ! Elle est tellement pratique et surtout plus précise (car il y a des traits pour les demis et quarts) que tout autre appareil électronique quand il faut doser quelque chose précisément, comme l’agar agar !

  • Robert

    I could not work in my kitchen without my fifteen year old wood cutting board. I mean I just could not prepare meals without it. Any object that requires daily care and an appreciation of its usefulness is a treasured addition to the kitchen.

  • eileen

    favorite??? oh…most definitely a slanted wood paddle whose edge is just o slightly singed from too much activity!!!

  • terri

    if i had to pick just one, i’d pick my dough blender–pie crusts, etc. are so much easier with this!

  • Oh, these wooden utensils are so very lovely! My favourite utensil at home is a small, thin wooden cutting board that my dad made for my birthday a couple of years ago. I chop on it, I use it as a cheese plate and I use it as a simple lunch plate. It is simple and perfect.

  • Teresa

    I have 2 stainless spalulas that i use all the time – they are probably 20 years old

  • Anne

    Like many above, it’s my mother’s set of wooden spoons. They are now worn but still very functional. The ones you can buy are just not the same. The Earlywood ones sound like a wonderful step back in time.

  • Vanessa

    My favorite utensil is a certain worn-out wooden spoon I bought at an estate sale when I was getting things together to move into my first apartment as a college student. I’ve always loved cooking, but it felt like a special thrill and responsibility to outfit my own kitchen outside of my parents’ home for the first time. I have a lot of kitchen stuff now, but that is one of the things I still reach for!

  • Gigi Marie

    My favorite and most prized kitchen utensil is a very old hand held manual egg beater. It has a wood handle on top attached to two whisk beaters. I remember my Mom using it to make Egg Nog from scratch, during the holidays…. fond memories :) Merry Christmas!

  • Melissa

    My favorite (and my husband’s too, which is unfortunate!) is a square-shaped bamboo turner…we use it for everything!

  • Louise

    Un des ustensiles qui a le plus changé ma façon de cuisiner est sans doute la rape microplane. Maintenant les ustensiles en bois, cuillères et spatules, on t toujours ce charme et ce supplément d’ame. J’ai ainsi des couverts à salade d’Afrique du Sud en bois “tourné”, un cadeau, auxquels je suis très attachée…
    Bravo pour votre blog et j’aime beaucoup vos billets de favoris.

  • kim

    What gorgeous pieces. My favourite utensil is probably my large stainless steel mezzaluna, perfect for chopping herbs and mixing them at the same time. Sadly, no longrr available to buy! However my le creuset crockpot and olive pitter come very close too.

  • Pauline H

    Hello and thank you for this giveaway! My favourite kitchen utensil has to be a wooden spoon that I’ve had for years and that has helped me bake numerous cakes… I must admit I have a sweet tooth! However, it is getting a little tired now and if I could replace it with some of Brad’s beautiful utensils it would be great!

  • Mon ustensile préféré reste ma maryse avec laquelle je m’éclate a faire mes macarons chaque mois.

  • Knittingmother

    A metal spatula given to me by my mother. She taught me how to make cream gravy in a cast-iron skillet using this spatula. It’s a great memory.

  • Marie

    My favorite kitchen utensil is my wooden rolling pin. It belonged to my grandmother so it has been in the family for a long time – many amazing treats were made with this pin. My grandmother used to store the pin in a sock to keep it from being scratched by other utensils. I continue the tradition.

  • Carolyn

    My favorite utensil is a wooden spoon with a notch in it that you can hook onto the side of pots. It’s perfect for keeping track of the spoon and preventing boiling over. This spoon is special to me because it was hand made by one of my mom’s friends and I use it all the time

  • Aliana

    I can’t claim just one favorite utensil any more than I can claim one favorite color. But the two tools that I use every day with joy are my cast iron pan and my chef’s knife. They feel like an extension of me when I cook.

  • Basia

    Mes ustensiles préférés sont les cuillères en bois toutes simples !

  • Alix

    I love the mini rubber spatula. It is so much better than a larger one to get every last drop of something out of many jars, the food processor, etc., some jobs require a bigger one, but I find the mini one is so much more useful (and fun to use, for some reason).

  • Tanya

    My favorite utensil would have to be a simple wooden spatula that I bought when visiting my friend in Spain. Everytime I use it I recall the wonderful times we had!

  • Delly

    I have a set of measuring spoons from the Museum of Modern Art that I love – stainless steel and red plastic. There is something very sleek and modern about them.

  • Maria Speidel

    My absolute most favoritest tool is my chef’s knife. Made by Henckels and probably 25 years old, much sharpened. I may have 10 other knives on my kitchen magnet but it’s my desert island knife. I use it for almost everything except slicing bread. Second would be my KitchenAid stand mixer. I love to bake and it has changed my life.

  • Rebecca

    Probably my kitchen tongs. Those things are seriously handy.

  • Sharon

    My most beloved kitchen utensil is a silicone spoonula – its east to use, clean and good on my non-stick pans

  • Pamela Weiner

    When I moved into my first apartment, I borrowed some of my parent’s pots and pans to help me make the transition. One of the pots, which I later learned is a butter warmer, is the perfect size for a single serving of soup, or making a poached egg or two.. I use it for absolutely everything.
    I’ve noticed myself slowly transitioning over to wooden cookware… I love the fact that I can use it on all of my nonstick cookware, I love the colors and textures… These are some beautiful pieces!

  • Claire

    Bonjour Clotilde,

    Quand nous avons déménagé a New York l’an dernier, nous avons emporte avec nous, dans nos valises au poids limite, une cafetière italienne, deux couteaux japonais et notre grande cocotte Le Creuset.Remplie de chaussettes pour éviter les chocs, elle est arrivée de l’autre cote de l’Atlantique sans encombre. Depuis, nous nous en servons presque tous les jours et avons découvert avec surprise que les New New-yorkais en raffolent aussi. Ces ustensiles en bois sont superbes et seraient un parfait complément a notre cocotte adorée.

  • debbie

    My favorite kitchen utensil is lagioule corkscrew wine opener that an ex boyfriend gave me. It has a beautiful (faux!) ivory handle and it makes opening a bottle feel elegant.

  • sharon

    My most beloved is my microplane zester and also my microplane ribbon grater …both so incredibly handy ….I use them on an almost daily basis.

  • Emily

    I have two can’t-live-without utensils. The first is a hybrid spatula-spoon called a supoon. :) It sounds like it would be the worst of both worlds but it’s really the best – scrapes well and is very useful for serving, and it’s designed with a little bend in the handle that keeps the head off the counter. I use it everyday.

    The second is a giant balloon whisk – and I can’t recall where I got it at the moment, but it’s large – larger than I really thought I needed – with a great handle, and it makes every whisking task so much faster and easier.

  • Emma

    My favourite is my mortar and pestle. It is a big heavy green granite one that sits out on the benchtop and I find it very therapeutic to use when anything needs to be ground or crushed!

  • Diane Ness

    My favorite utensil is a very flexible, flat spatula. It can get under just about anything!

  • Susan

    not really a “utensil” but it is lovingly used most every day–a tiny handmade/hand forged iron fry pan with a beautiful twisted handle made by my husband about 18 years ago. I absolutely love it!

  • Laura Z

    I have a really sharp paring knife that I seem to try to use for everything!

    What a beautiful giveaway. These tools look like art. :)

  • Tamara

    I collect spoons wherever I travel and am especially drawn to small wooden ones. My son-in-law suggested putting them in a crock and purposing them as tasting spoons. What a brillant idea. While cooking, I no longer open a drawer and draw out a kitchen spoon again and again until the flavor is right, but use my darling spoons for the duty. They are sturdy and genuine and good looking.

  • Julie J

    My most beloved is an olivewood tasting spoon that I found at a crafts fair when I was in my 20’s. It has a long handle with a channel and shallow bowls on each end. As liquids run aling the channel they cool to tasting temp. Simple and ingenious!

  • My olive wood spoon is my favorite. I’ve always loved wooden spoons, but this one in particular because I got it on a trip I took with my mom to Europe a few years ago. It was a mother-daughter trip and we made so many fun memories while we were there. Every time I use the spoon, it reminds me of the great time we had.

  • Kathy Knowles

    I love the juicer I inherited from my grandmother. It is hammered metal with a long handle, which gives it huge strength for smashing big oranges and grapefruit for fresh juice. Every time I use it, I remember watching her juice a bag of oranges on Sunday mornings sixty years ago.

  • Catherine31

    Bonjour, merci pour ce jeu.
    Les grandes cuilllères creuses sont magnifiques. J’en trouve chez un artisan du Tarn, mais une belle américaine complèterait bien ma collection !

  • Lee

    My favorites tool are the japanese kitchen knife set I managed to assemble other the years.
    But I love my wooden scraper inherited from my grandfather’s kitchen.

  • Lee

    where can I find the msds?

  • Grace

    Favourite kitchen utensil? The step ladder, to reach up to the back of the top shelf… where the chocolate hides!

  • Kika

    Mon couteau “Kai Magoroku” increvable et multi fonction!
    Et le super billot made by beau-papa qui a suivi!

  • Laetitia


    Mon ustensile de cuisine préféré est mon fouet manuel car j’adore voir mousser les préparations, le sucre et les jaunes d’oeufs par exemple, ou encore la crème fraîche.
    Merci pour ce tirage au jeu auquel je souhaite participer.

    Bonne journée,

  • Emily

    What beautifully-crafted utensils!

    My favorite kitchen utensil is my well-worn cast iron dutch oven.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Sarah S

    About seven years ago, I got tired of hacking through bread with my old bread knife–it was cheap one I picked up in college, and I suddenly decided that it was time to stop cutting good bread with a poor knife. I went to a kitchen store and bought one that had a nice weight and balance and felt right in my hand. It was a real splurge and I felt guilty at the time, but I love the feel of it when I pick it up and it cuts beautifully.

  • Steven

    I have a very fond memory of my childhood that centers around my mother and her very own brownies recipe and her special utensil just for serving them. On those days, upon entering the house as I returned home from school, the aroma of dark chocolate and butter baking in the oven, told me that her brownies were due out of the oven in mere minutes! After a light dusting of powdered sugar, they were ready for her special utensil. This wooden handled double edged cake server, one edge serrated and the other flat, would only ever be used to portion and perfectly remove the first brownie from the pan, which happily was always mine!

  • Katrina

    A silicone spatula – since I use it for cooking every day and is always hand then I to scrap down the sides of whatever pot or pan I am using

  • Tara

    I love my chef’s knife with the walnut handle. It’s the only really quality knife I own, so it gets a lot of use.

  • Christina

    Hard to choose, but I adore my lemon squeezer for adding a bright flavor to so many dishes.

  • Florence

    Mon ustensile de cuisine préféré n’est pas très glamour! C’est mon mixer à main , qui me sert pour les soupes, les sauces, les pesto,..et dans les ustensiles en bois, c’est le short server en érable qui me plait. Vraiment superbe cette gamme. Merci clothilde pour la découverte.

  • Cel

    J’adore ces photos, elles donnent envie! J’ai ramené d’Italie lors de mon voyage de noces une toute petite toute mignonne cuillère en bois , très foncée, trouvée dans un petit magasin bio juste avant de manger une glace…je l’adore! Sinon, ma maman a aussi un outil en bois qui me fait rêver parce qu’il n’existe plus : c’est une petite roulette dentelée pour découper les pâtes ou les “merveilles”!

    • Moi aussi j’adore cette roulette ! Ma mère aussi a la sienne, dont je me servais étant petite pour faire des jolis rubans dans les chûtes de pâte à tarte, et j’ai récupéré celle de ma grand-mère à son décès. Le manche est en bois mais la roulette est en corne ; j’y tiens beaucoup.

      • Cél

        Oh c’est vrai tu en as une aussi?? Ca alors! Je n’en reviens pas, je n’avais encore jamais trouvé quelqu’un qui connaisse (ni qui possède) une “roulette à bugnes en bois”! (Quand je dis ça on me prend pour une folle :-)) Je suis trop contente!

  • Sophie

    J’adore ma cuillère de bois! Je l’utilise à tous les jours pour préparer de bons repas (soupes, plats de pâtes, mijotés).

  • Beth

    I love my set of carbon steel paring knives. Bought them from a website years ago. From a cache of old, never used knives found in a old Sabatier warehouse, I beleive. I think they were actually manufactured in the 1920’s. Except when cutting very acidic foods, I prefer these carbon steel knives which are almost impossible to find anywhere.

  • Hien

    I love my Dutch oven – great for making hearty stew, rich broth, and soup.

  • Rebeca

    It’s not an easy question, but I choose my favourite wooden spoon. It was a present from the mother of a boyfriend. That relationship ended a long time ago, but whenener I reach for it I still remember how warmly she welcomed me into her home.

  • Wendy

    My favorite utensil is a very small apple green silicone Le Creuset spatula. It allows me to get every last bit of batter, dough, sauce, etc. to where it needs to go, rather than down the drain!

  • Jenny

    My favourite utensil is my potato peeler in the shape of a pirate – it was a housewarming gift from my best friend and has survived countless moves to continue to brighten up my kitchen :D it helps that it’s the best peeler I’ve ever used as well!

  • Sherri

    One of my favorite thins is my Danish dough whisk. I is almost like magic how quickly and evenly a little twirl of metal mixes bread dough. I love using it!

  • Lisa

    Does a salad spinner count as a utensil? It was found second hand, and works so well. It’s fun to start cranking and let it spin! I grow a lot of lettuce (using a cold frame in colder months), and use the spinner to both clean and store, and it makes it super easy to have fresh greens.

    A close 2nd is the metal spatula with wooden handle that is shaped just right (great flexibility), and it works great when cooking with cast iron. Both seem irreplaceable.

  • Kathy

    Moi, c’est la très grande cocotte en fonte émaillé de ma mère. Non pas “Le Creuset” – une marque hollandaise elle me dit mais il n’y a rien marqué là-dessus. Je l’utilise tout le temps – soupes, potée, daube…

  • My favourite utensile is my knife because it seems to never become blunt. It’s got a handle that’s perfect for my hand and using it is extremely comfortable despite its size.

  • aubrey

    My chef’s knife. Not only because it’s wonderful (my first proper knife – I can never back to horrible dullness again!) but because it was a gift from a beloved friend.

  • Cheryl

    My favorite utensil is a tomato knife that I bought on a trip to Alaska. I have realized through the years that my favorite souvenirs are high(er) quality unique and useful things that are more or less one of a kind. I have always regretted not buying an olive wood cutting board in Italy and here in the States they are very expensive and it is nearly impossible to get a good sized one. So, when I was in Alaska at a shop in Juneau, they sold locally made knives with beautiful wood handles. I bought a tomato knife that can slice tomatoes paper thin and every time I use it I think of my trip, so it is both useful and special.

  • Zso

    My favorite utensils are a pair of carved wooden salad tongs a friend brought me from South Africa. The handle is carved in the shape of a double helix, like DNA. Such lovely spoons you are gifting!

  • Justine

    My favourite utensils are my tongs – I use them all the time. I need two or three on hand as I use them for everything.

  • lecerf

    Mon ustensile de cuisine préféré : la maryse! Ma tante qui m’a donné le goût à la cuisine s’appelle Maryse et par ailleurs, je trouve cet ustensile trop pratique pour ne pas laisser une goutte de mélange dans les plats. Rien de + pratique que la maryse (autant la tante que l’ustentile ;-)

  • My favorite kitchen utensil actually belongs to my mom.

  • AnnieD

    I have this absurdly miniature whisk I pulled out of my mom’s old items-for-purging pile when I left for college, and I use it for everything! People snicker but that little thing is multipurpose. :)

  • Carol

    My most beloved kitchen utensil ? When I moved county and had to pack all my belongings in four suitcases, I had to leave behind many of my favourite kitchen utensils. I had to say goodbye to my pale green cast-iron casserole dish, and my lovely knives. But what came with me were my rolling pin, lemon zester, and last but not least my very ancient Mouli-Grater.

  • Leanne

    Mine would be my mothers whisk that I “borrowed” when I moved out of her house! She still thinks she lost it!

  • Corrie

    I don’t know if this quite counts but when I moved away from home the first time I stole this old set of orange/brown seventies-tastic pot holders. We had them for as long as I can remember, 14 years later & I still have them but the bias tape is finally coming loose from the edges.

  • Will

    My favorite kitchen tool is my chocolate pot. I recently rediscovered the joy of real hot chocolate with dutch cocoa, a little heavy cream, real vanilla and melted dark chocolate in. One cup and I’m on cloud nine on even the coldest evening.

  • Anna

    A 18 years old wooden spoon. I use it mainly for risotto and polenta.

  • Molly

    Beautiful tools! My favorite untensil is a metal spoon that belonged to my grandmother. It has a 60’s style plastic handle on it that isn’t very attractive, but the spoon is the perfect size for many things. The edge of the spoon is also ideal for scraping the overcooked rice off the bottom of the pot. My Puerto Rican grandmother was famous for overcooking the rice, and she had a name for the burnt stuff: “pegau” (sp?). If you ate it you would dream of the person you’d marry that night. So I think of her fondly when I use that spoon.

  • Betsey

    I’ve had my Henckels 10″ chef’s knife for 30 years. I love the feel of it in my hand.

  • Caroline Bacquet

    Our chef’s knife. My husband is convinced it’s “his” and I’m convinced it’s “ours”.

  • Kiki

    My grandmother has this wooden spoon – probably brought with her from the old country – that just fits perfectly in your hand. It is a thing of beauty.

  • Katie

    My favorite utensil, which I use almost every day, is my Grandma Dollie’s small wooden cutting board with a loop of rope as a handle. The decades of knife marks make me feel close to her kitchen!

  • Franko

    honestly, i really love my bench scraper. it’s just a simple piece of metal with one end bent into a handle, but it’s so lovely to use, and so helpful in moving large amounts of chopped things and cutting dough that i use it a lot. as a bonus, it cleans in a jiffy and has ruler marks along the bottom edge.

  • Favorite: A ceramic chef’s knife. That knife is starting to get fingerprint indentations. :) All of our other knives miss us!

    So happy to learn about your company. I’m always on the hunt for old wooden spoons and happy to know about new ones, too.

  • Sam Steel

    A plastic pink mixing bowl! Teaching my children to cook is just fab and this bowl has been beaten, dropped, licked, worn (with cake in ) and makes a good drum! Tonight they made pastry for some good old mince pies . A bowl of memories.

  • Jess

    My bright orange, wooden handled Opinel potato peeler. It’s the best peeler I’ve ever used, and I’ve also made a 1.5m long replica of it for my Art degree, so I also have a massive one in my hallway!

  • cristina perez

    my favorite kitchen utensil in my grandmas pottery mixing bowl. I use it for everything, scrambling eggs, eating cereal or noodle soups, tossing salads, clearing foods scraps and peels from the kitchen counter, serving pasta… you name it.

  • Amanda K

    I have a certain sautée pan that I love and use all the time. I also love cooking with wooden spoons. Although mine are nothing special, they’re always the first thing I reach for!

  • Peter9

    I’m from Ireland. I have my mother’s masher. It’s for potatoes! It’s made from iron not steel and mashes potatoes like no other mashers. Forget those stainless steel designer mashers or those bendy machine made chromed constructions. My father and I made a replacement handle as the old one was worn out. I still use it all the time.
    Irish spuds, Irish butter – champ, colcannon, we have the technology,,

  • Virginie

    My favorite kitchen utensil is the small little “plate” that I use to grate garlic. It’s very pretty and has little dents and ridges that can grate garlic. I love it because my dear grandma and I bought it together many years ago in a market in France so it brings back memories.

  • charly

    Actuellement, mon ustensile de cuisine favori est ma spatule: elle n’est pourtant pas bien jolie (en plastique et rose fluo!) mais elle m’a été offerte par une personne qui compte, et elle m’accompagne depuis mes premiers jours bien maladroits en cuisine! Mais je suis sûre qu’elle serait ravie d’enfin céder sa place, si c’est au profit des magnifiques spatules que tu nous proposes gentiment de gagner… Merci beaucoup, et je croise les doigts très fort!

  • Pam

    My favourite would be my ceramic chefs knife. Easy to use and clean!

  • Trish Laprey

    My favorite cooking tool is my set of nesting doll measuring cups. They remind me of a toy (long since disappeared) that I had as a child. The measuring cups make me smile AND they are functional!

  • Devvy

    A favorite is so hard to choose, but I’d have to say my simple Tefal crepe pan. It gets a lot of use, but the whole family appreciates it most on Saturday mornings when I make buttermilk pancakes. You’ve never seen two toddlers finish their food so quickly!

  • Fiona

    My wooden citrus reamer. I love the smell of citrus oil ( especially lines and lemons) and love the feel of the reamer in my hands.

  • Lily

    My Chinese grandmother gave me her Chinese pickling jar which I now use ALL the time since I have been converted to the gospel of fermented foods. It’s a beautiful ceramic pot that’s specially designed with a small “moat” at the top that you fill with water, then cover the jar opening with an overturned bowl that is submerged in the water. This creates a waterlock that prevents exposure to air and bacteria during the fermentation process. Genius! But also beautiful, and special because it was brought over all the way from China with her when she immigrated to the US at the age of 93! I will treasure it always.

  • Broc Hite

    To be unique, I’m going to mention my Blue Cheese tool, from Pampered Chef. It is a yellow, plastic flat tool with ridges, which quickly chunks off pieces of sticky (not stinky) blue cheese.

  • How stunning are these utensils? Just gorgeous!
    My most treasured kitchen utensil is my Italian terracotta motar and pestle that my mum gave me about 15years ago now. I use it foe everything!
    Merry Christmas everyone :)

  • Emilie

    My favorite kitchen tool is the beautiful wooden board my father made for me. It is heavy and pretty massive. I makes me feel homesick and cheerful at the same time and is fantastic whether I use it as a cheeseboard or just to cut or chop some vegetables.

  • redismal

    I don’t know if this counts, but my swiss army knife that I take with me wherever I travel. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it through airport security a few years ago (I forgot to take it out), and has been replaced by a similar knife without all the memory attachments.

  • D

    Garlic press. I love me some garlic!

  • John McNary

    Its a ZYLISS mandoline. It is a Swiss design. It has 4 slicing inserts (.75mm to 7mm) and 2 julienne blades (3.5 and 7mm). The versatility encourages me to attempt meals I might not otherwise make.

  • Pam

    My favorite tool is my late mother’s rolling pin. My sisters and I used to bake together every Christmas. I was lucky to have her rolling pin.

  • I have to say the Earlywood tools look so good I already ordered two of them—the long sauté and the large scraper, in ebony. Thanks for introducing us to these.

    • I’m so glad, Joan, thank you!

  • Melanie

    An old cake tester my mom got from her mother…it has a wolf head for some odd reason (who associates cake and wolves?). I remember being so proud as a little girl when she let me use it to test everything we baked!

  • Cristina

    I think my very favorite kitchen tool is (are) my hands. I am especially fond of baking bread and love how it changes in my hands as I knead the dough.

    I could make very good friends with these beautiful wooden tools too!

  • Lilian L

    My favourite kitchen utensil is my ice cream scooper! When I think about what I use the most often, I think of that..whether for baking cookies, muffins or just scooping out ice cream – I use this baby the most.

    That’s probably why I associate it with happy thoughts…mmm ice cream & warm cookies :)

  • Katy

    The quiet favourite out of my kitchen tools is a small, unassuming vegetable knife. When I was a student in Scotland, this was one of the first tools I bought. I quickly found that making recipes from home was essential to making myself feel at home in a foreign country. This soon led to an obssession with cooking that has never left! The knife eventually accompanied me back to New Zealand and is now a cheerful daily reminder of my second home on the other side of the world.

  • Hands down I use my Le Creuset spatula every single day to scrape pots, bowls and such. Would love a chance to use those beautiful wooden utensils!

  • Merci de nous avoir fait connaître de si beaux ustensiles. Ils conviendraient sûrement dans ma cuisine.

  • I always reach for a bamboo scraper my friend gave me when I bought my home four years ago. I use it for everything!

  • Paula

    A knife I purchased for less than $5 dollars when I moved into my flat after moving to this new country. I finally had counters and shelves and drawers to fill with cooking utensils and I started with the basics – I use this knife every day, it fits my hand perfectly.
    Other than the knife, I cannot imagine my kitchen without the hand blender, the wooden spoon brought from home and the small tray-like device placed in the oven to keep the said spoon (or any spatulas and thongs) while I need it for mixing with it in pots and pans.

  • Grace

    My favorite kitchen utensil must be my bamboo cutting board! I find myself using it always and just love how sturdy it is, its beautiful grain and functionality! It’ll be greatly complimented by these gorgeous wooden spoons by Brad’s Earlywood spoons :-)

  • Stacy

    I get much use out of my microplane grater/zester. So many things are made better with lemon zest!

  • Joy

    My favorite kitchen tools would be the cheap chinese vegetable cleaver, It’s thin and I use it as my all purpose kitchen work horse(except when crushing bone). I have to admit that it can’t hold edge for long time, but it’s easy to sharpened (apparently sharpening knife is quite meditative for me).

  • Marc Sheldon

    My large Shun chef’s knife. It has a great balance and weight and just works perfectly …

  • Monica

    It’s a semiluna chopping knive I bought in Italy. It has wooden handles and I just love using it!

  • It has to be my Global knives. they are the best. Thank you for these amazing giveaway.. *dreamy*


    mon ustensile de cuisine préféré est une vieille spatule en bois d’olivier toute usée et patinée par le temps et qui me sert à tout.

  • Su Su

    This is hard but I would say it’s my set of salad fork & spoon which I got in Manila, Philippines. They are carved from large conch shells or some very large mollusk shell. They are short and wide and are best for tossing all types of salads. I hope to pass them onto the “cook” in the next generation in my family.

  • dinazad

    I love the egg whisk I bought in Poland years ago. It looks like a bedspring with a handle and whips egg whites faster and better than anything else. Then there’s the wooden spatula a friend whittled when we found out (in the middle of the woods, with a fish waiting to be grilled over an open fire) that we had everything except a fork/spatula/whatever to keep us from burning our fingers.My Japanese knives. The Opinel kitchen knives. The Anatolian rolling pin. I love ALL of my kitchen utensils!!!!

  • Lucie

    L’ustensile dont je ne pourrai me passer est une maryse en plastique que j’utilise pour “racler” tous les récipients de leur contenus.
    J’ai la satisfaction de ne rien gaspiller quand je prépare une soupe ou une pâte à gâteau (par exemple).
    Ces ustensiles en bois ont l’air magnifiques et ton post me fait penser qu’il faudrait que je change ma cuillère.

  • Sophie

    The utensil I use most might be my small pink spatula from Mastrad. I also love my wooden spoon from Miyajima, Japan.

  • My favorite utensil is the grater that I inherited from my Mother. Unlike a box grater, it has only one set of holes. But they are the perfect size for grating potatoes for potato pancakes. Many precious memories of eating her delicious potato pancakes are intrinsic to this grater.

  • joe

    Slotted spoon is of unique design and regularly used in a multitude of dishes and preparations…from sauces to fritters to pasta to serving meatballs…

    It is only one of many but all my utensils not only are handy and useful but are held in high regard and I cant really say I dislike any of them!!
    All special in their own way!


  • Mahtab

    I love my OXO pastry cutter! It’s made making pies SO much easier!

  • Efrén Flores

    My favorite kitchen tool is a rock that belong to my great grand mother and she used it to press garlic with it and she gave it to my mother and now is in my kitchen and still pressing garlic.

    • Love this! Can you elaborate a little bit on how you press garlic with a rock exactly? What’s the gesture like? Do you peel the clove first? Thanks!

  • Without a doubt, without my knives, I am lost.
    Happy Holidays!!

  • Lisa

    Goodness those are lovely. My favorite utensil is a bamboo slotted spatula I picked up on a whim somewhere. It has the perfect edge to it, not to thick. Unfortunately, it recently broke and I’ve been searching for just the right replacement.

  • Lza

    Oh,j’hésite mais je pencherais pour la cocotte minute de ma mère, ou bien un vieux couteau qui tient pile-poil dans ma (petite)main. L’un comme l’autre ne sont jamais bien loin de moi quand je cuisine.

  • Anna

    So hard to choose…. but the one I use most frequently is a bamboo spatula/spoon thingy. I’ve had it for years and it has held up so well and can be used in all of my pans.

  • I’m quite partial to a wooden spoon I’d acquired from my old apartment in Brooklyn, where the original tenants never returned. The spoon felts squarely in my hand like a 2nd appendage, and even though we have some silicon spatulas, I can’t get myself to throw it away.

  • nicole

    Hmm, difficult, but I’d have to say a good knife. I don’t own one at the moment, being a poor student, but when I lived with a friend who had one, it was the best thing. I really feel the lack of one right now, and when I save up a bit, might have to get one for myself.

  • Maureen

    I love this mini-spatula I have. It’s my go to for fried eggs and retrieving anything out of the toaster oven. Loving your blog, I just discovered it today!

  • I adore my acacia wood cutting board that my boyfriend’s parents gifted to me. What a work-horse!

  • NancyB

    Perhaps borderline on a ‘utensil’ is the toothpick holder given to me by my grandmother and originally belonging to “Great Aunt Sally”…who I can’t place on the family tree. It’s a very homely item with a mostly broken base, but it still holds the toothpicks I use for cake testers. For a real utensil, it’s the “Klever Kleaver” from my mother’s kitchen, a multi-tool that comes into its own when it’s time to whack up a turkey carcase for stock.

  • I think my most beloved kitchen tool would have to be my grandmother’s cake plates from the 40’s and 50’s. She had to bake every few days so her family of 8 could have treats….

  • Beverley

    A small grater that has changed the way I use garlic! Plus it makes great lemon zest.

  • The giveaway is now closed, and comments beyond this one can’t be considered. Thank you so much for entering! The results will be announced later today in the post above.

  • Ally

    A stainless steel mixing bowl. There’s nothing really special about the bowl itself, just the sentiment that goes with it. It was the first piece of kitchenware my mom bought when she married my dad and moved from Japan to the US. I love it and reach for it often when in the kitchen.

  • Jane

    A wooden spoon made by my husband’s grandfather. I use it all the time!

  • Wood spoons like our traditional Anatolian kinds. Thet’re great

  • My grandma used to have a set of wooden utensils. I just miss those times when we used to cook and just teach me how make simple dishes.
    I can never forget those wonderful moments.

  • Andy

    I ordered a cutting board and ladle. They are beautiful.

  • Jean Usher

    My potato-shaped potato scrubber (complete with bobbly eyes to amuse me while i prep the spuds)

  • Barb Lemm

    My favorite spoon is made of bamboo and I use it for puddings and stir frys. I even put it in the dishwasher and I have had for 5 years with no breakdown.

  • Jennifer

    That’s a hard one. I think it’s a three-way tie between the ceramic mandoline, the microplane grater, and good ole kitchen shears. I also have a special fondness for some of the over-the-top utensils I’ve received from friends and family over the years, including a risotto spoon and a truffle shaver (from my uncle and brother, respectively).

  • caroline lenman

    Without a doubt my favourite implement is a half moon strainer I found in a bric a brac shop 35 years ago. It once had a sturdy metal handle and fitted all pots and pans simply draining off any liquid. No cumbersome colanders or sieves or holding the pot on an angle and trying to use the lid. It is my renewed ugly duckling now – courtesy of my husband, his shed and the Xmas break – It has a new shiny pop-riveted handle made out of a mismatched bread knife. Beauty and the Beast all in one.

  • Guest

    I’d have to say my knife set, particularly my french chef knife because it fits perfectly in my small hands and love how it handles well for cutting veggies and fruits.

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