Off to New York City!

Big Apple

Well, this is it! All packed and excited and ready to go, with my print-out of the C&Z readers’ guide to NYC, a tasty snack for the plane (Amanda Hesser‘s good advice was not lost on this girl) and dreams of skylines and designer stores and art collections and brownstones and marquees (and bialys and cupcakes).

And if you are in NYC this Sunday (June 19), do join us in the bar area at Otto around 5pm — we will be there, drinking Italian wine and nibbling on antipasti!

Note: The Big Apple pictured above is the juicy, crunchy Golden du Limousin, a truly delicious apple and the very first one to be distinguished by an AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, a certification of origin). They are grown on a low mountainside, they are hand-picked and some of them (very much sought after) have a rosy hue on one cheek, the one that is most exposed to the morning sunshine.

  • Your papounet

    “Bon voyage!” [En français dans le texte – Note du Traducteur]… :-)

  • Véronique

    Have fun in NYC Clotilde! I can’t wait to read about your trip!

  • zorglou

    Have Fun !
    On attend le succulent compte rendu au retour.
    Merci pour tes délicieux post.

  • Rose

    Enjoy it all!

  • What a great list you have going. Here are some of the food stops I made last time I was in NYC (with some pix of Peter Lugers, etc.) if you want to see some of what you have in store.
    Have a great trip!

  • Megan

    You MUST get the olive oil gelato at Otto. Perfect!

  • Megan is totally right – the olive gelato is incredible!

  • Carrie

    Have a wonderful trip, Clotilde. I may be stuck doing a job in the horrible Bronx, so I will probably miss joining you at Otto. The best advice I could give you is to stay aware of whatever neighborhood you’re in or close to, and keep a restaurant in mind nearby as you shop, wander around, and enjoy your non-eating pleasures. (I can’t think of how many times I’ve been somehwhere, gotten hungry, and thought, “Wasn’t there supposed to be a fabulous resta—” and then grabbed bad pizza out of desperation.) NYC has wonderful food only because it is the most distracting, exhausting place on earth! Also: use the bathroom before you leave any restaurant. Having to pee in this city is the worst.

  • Carrie

    Almost forgot to mention! I met my boyfriend (of the past year) at the bar at Otto. It is a place near and dear. Enjoy.

  • Oh what would we do without cupcakes?!

    Although I have never had the pleasure of actually tasting one, I have read wonderful things about the cupcakes (and other old-fashioned desserts) at Billy’s Bakery in NYC. The pictures looked so good I was ready to eat the page right out of the magazine.

    Hope your trip is a sweet one!

  • mvo

    Have FUN and happy eating!!

    I went to NY once and I tried the most excellent pizza at Brooklyn bridge.

    I heard so much about the cupcakes in NY so I can only dream about them and listen hungrily to what you write about them :)

    Don’t forget to stock up on reese’s peanut butter cups! :)


  • Bon voyage, moi aussi, je suis devenue gaie comme toi. Certainement, de differentes aventures t’attenderont.

  • Heather

    Thank you for the printable NYC guide, Clotilde. I will be moving there shortly from California and plan on tucking it in my wallet.

  • Hi Clotilde,
    Thanks for organizing the get-together and NYC guide. You are so cute in person. I think some NYC bloggers were inspired and are meeting again.

  • Salut, clothild
    It’s amazing that you bustled around to open up new vistas in food blogging world. Whenever I visit your blog, I’m impressed by your passion and endeavor. Keep going

  • Miss Lisa

    good luck, have fun, etc! and thanks Carrie for the advice re the loo! there is a site called which is a growing list of the good and bad loos in cities around the world … always useful info! – and don’t forget to add your ‘ablutionary’ experiences to help out other travellers! It has a VERY large section on New York! Clotilde your guide to New York is going to come in very handy, hopefully sooner rather than later!

  • Boreal

    I hope you are enjoying New York! I have a question for you upon your return and decompression…

    Have you ever discussed the proper french storage of cheese?

    This question has crossed my mind and I keep meaning to ask your opinion on it.

    One funny example of this was on a rerun of an episode of “Frontline” which is a PBS news/investigative type show. The episode was about advertising. They were interviewing a famous french psychologist who works for the advertising industry to discover the secret code to sell products. Thus a company’s ad program would have to be ‘on code’ to have maximum effect. An example is that he former worked on a program that wanted to sell SUVs. He decided (after research/workshop,) the code for SUV was “domination” and encouraged manufacturors to make larger SUVs and tint their windows.

    He worked for a french company that bought a US cheese company (Sargentos.) They couldn’t sell cheese. He realized that although in France, cheese was alive and you didn’t put it in the fridge because you didn’t put your cat in the fridge (its alive,) that’s not how it worked in the US.

    In the US, comsumers wanted to be safe. They wanted dead cheese. Not live cheese. They wanted dead meat, not a live animal. They wanted the cheese in a plastic bag (a body bag, as he called it, because the cheese is dead,) and put in the fridge (in the ‘morgue’ as he called it.)

    I couldn’t have agreed more. I loved the imagery and thought it hit the nail on the head. Sargento put all their cheeses in ziplock plastic bags and became the leader in sales in the US for cheese.

    I was thinking of storing some of our cheeses the way butter is stored sometimes here: in little ceramic containers that depend on evaporation from a small well of water to keep the cheese cool yet comfortably alive.

    What are your thoughts on this?!

  • Toni

    Have fun!!

    I’m a sometimes lurker on your site!!

    I absolutely loved Cooking for Mr Latte…it was in the super cheap section at my Barnes and Noble ($4.99 US) and worth so much more than that! I devoured that book.

    Have a lovely time!

  • have a great time in NYC.

    btw, congratulations to Chocolate and Zucchini for being in the top 50 blogs listed in Time!!!,8599,1072872,00.html

  • Have a great trip visiting our fair city! I’m looking forward to hearing your opinions, so I can discover more about my own home.

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