Best Eats in Nantes, From a Local

Daniel Buren et Patrick Bouchain, Les Anneaux, Quai des Antilles, Nantes, création pérenne Estuaire 2007 © Martin Argyroglo/LVAN

Travel season is upon us, and I want to make sure you see and taste the best France has to offer! When it comes to Paris I’ve got you covered, but there are many other cities with exciting and delicious things for you to experience. So I’ve asked a team of French bloggers from different cities to share their favorite spots, and I am offering them to you in this new series.

In Nantes, Stef and Cha recommend…

Stef et Cha Les Ptits BonheursI am delighted to introduce you to our guides to Nantes, locals Stef and Cha. They love Nantes and share their enthusiasm on their blog, Les Ptits Bonheurs à Nantes. The blog is filled with tips, local happenings, and hidden spots in Nantes, which they say illuminates life — small moments of happiness (“petits bonheurs” in French) are essential to daily life!

A market or food shop: The Talensac Market

Marché de Talensac

Talensac is a must-visit for market lovers. A trusted institution for les Nantais, there’s no doubt that you will find what you’re looking for from one of the 150 vendors. Open from Tuesday to Sunday morning, it’s THE place to buy excellent products to take home or to eat on the spot on one of the café terraces that surround the market.

Where to go for sweet eats: La Passagère

Nantes, le passage Pommeraye, galerie commerçante du XIIIe siècle, joyau du patrimoine nantais. © Régis Routier, Ville de Nantes

Le Passage Pommeraye © Régis Routier, Ville de Nantes

A unique tea salon located within the historic Passage Pommeraye, La Passagère is a stylish stop for an afternoon break. The pastries are exquisite, each one better than the one before. You can sample the goods right then and there, or take it to go, choosing among pastries, cakes, chocolates, jams, or even teas from the George Cannon tea house.

Where to get tea or coffee: Le Nid

Le Nid (“The Nest”), located on the 32nd floor of the Tour Bretagne, gives a 360-degree view of the city. It was designed by Jean Jullien, an internationally celebrated graphic artist who is originally from Nantes. Created in June 2012 as the launching point of the “Voyage à Nantes” campaign, le Nid is perfect for grabbing a coffee, an afternoon snack, or getting drinks in the evening, as you enjoy one of the free concerts.

A fun restaurant for dinner with friends: Papy Mougeot

Papy Mougeot Nantes

Papy Mougeot is an great restaurant on the Feydeau island. The eclectic music and wacky décor (a mix between a seventies apartment and your grandfather’s workshop) convey the humor of both the restaurant and the team behind it. It’s a lively bistro that serves a generous, traditional cuisine made with fresh ingredients.

Where to go for an intimate dinner with a date: Pickles

Le Pickles Nantes

Le Pickles is a hidden gem near one of the main streets in Nantes. A reecent discovery of ours, this restaurant is a true stroke of culinary genius. There you’ll taste a modern, market-driven cuisine full of local flavors, with a sprinkle of Asian, Italian, and North African influences. An excellent-value restaurant; don’t miss the beer pairing menu.

Wild Card Spot! Suppli Factory

Suppli Factory Nantes

Healthy Italian fast food in Nantes! This little-known restaurant is quite surprising: it focuses on suppli (a.k.a. arancini), a specialty from Rome and Sicily. They are rice balls coated with crunchy breadcrumbs, deliciously garnished according to the chef’s whims. The service is friendly and kind.

Thanks so much for sharing, Stef and Cha!

You’ll find all these addresses mapped out below:


Do you have your own favorite spots in Nantes? We want to hear about them in the comments below! And is there a particular city or area you’d featured in this series in the future?

  • I think I’d want to not only eat at but live IN the Passage Pommeraye… It’s a bit like living in the Musée d’Orsay :)
    We stayed in a super-duper resto in Rennes and for a minute I hoped to find it here, wrong place though. Very tempting it is all. Thanks for doing the ‘legwork’ for us weary travellers. Merci les filles, c’est sympa!

  • Frenchcreek Baker

    Great new series! Thanks Clothilde and to all the foodie, friendly French bloggers here who made this post possible.

  • RW

    Great recommendations! Can’t say enough good things about the Suppli Factory. Always a warm welcome, great prices, and fantastic homemade soups for a starter.

    The Nid is certainly worth a visit, but I would definitely recommend it more as an evening drink stop. For a nice tea or coffee break, I prefer Sugar Blue, across from the Suppli Factory or Esperance Café near les Machines.

    Adding Papy Mougeot to the list of places to try asap! Thanks!

  • Susan Brodie

    What timing — I saw this post late in the evening of a quick overnight in Nantes, my first time there since I was a small child. This is now bookmarked for the next visit. Am enjoying the posts featuring towns throughout France. It would be especially enticing to know what local specialties to look for.

    • Thank you Susan, that’s a very good idea!

    • Bobsnsane

      I am LOVING your narration of the Meistersinger production- thank you !

    • Bobsnsane

      Thank you for taking the time to describe
      (with detail) the production – it added immeasurably
      to my enjoyment of the broadcast.

      Kindest regards !

      • Susan Brodie

        Glad you enjoyed it, typos and all!

        • Bobsnsane

          I LOVED it…what a wonderful counterpoint
          to that gorgeous performance….

          Very kind regards.

          • Susan Brodie

            Strangely, your Discus comments are popping up on a 10-month-old comment thread on the blog Chocolate and Zucchini. Do you read/comment there?

          • Bobsnsane

            RE: “Do you read/comment there?”

            No…unfortunately I am BANNED from Parterre
            for my conservative view points but particularly –
            my incendiary comments directly after the Pulse massacre.
            THAT was the last straw….(Islam must be reformed etc) –

            Getting banned happens to many there…
            for a variety of reasons –
            no biggie.

            I was still able to ‘like’ your comments but
            once I liked Ms Lin’s comment on the ACA vote today –
            they all magically disappeared.

            That said – I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed
            your ‘play-by-play’ so I posted on that site… *sheepishly*…
            please forgive.

            In my defense – you most certainly deserved a ‘shout out’ today !!!

            Will you be enjoying the Tristan (2015) tomorrow too ?

            And even more the GLORIOUS MUSIC
            for the balance of the week –
            no requirement to detail those
            (impossible for that awful Ring)
            because I’ve seen them or parts of them online but
            for the new production –
            it was a REAL TREAT.

            P S

            I just got last year’s Parsifal (BluRay) for only $13
            at Amazon PLUS that superb Lohengrin with Netrebko this week.

            Happy listening…THESE are ‘the good old days’ !

            I DO have a physician’s appointment tomorrow morning
            but I expect to be home by 11:15 a.m. so take good notes…

            Kindest regards.


          • Susan Brodie

            Oh dear — but then, I was blocked on Twitter for supposedly being “patronizing.” Oh well.

            The good news is, you can watch the Meistersinger here, without geoblocking:

            I’m listening to the Tristan–now Act III–and surprisingly am enjoying Thielemann’s slow tempi. Petra Lang close miked remains hard to listen to, but Act II was so intense I eventually didn’t mind. Gould is very good, and Pape is marvelous (though a little rough in Act III.

            Tristan is audio only, BTW. It might be archived on Bavarian Radio for a week.

            Happy Wagner listening!

          • Bobsnsane

            For me it can NEVER be too slow –
            Klemperer is my ideal…have you ever heard
            his Cosi or Nozze – ethereal but sssssllllllooooowwww !

            Good news on the Bavarian Radio & the Br klassic…
            thank you for these – tomorrow’s a Parsifal with a new tenor !

            Happy listening indeed…!!

          • Bobsnsane

            Pape did surprise me too in Act III….
            surprisingly quiet on Parterre.

            I was bouncing off the walls for that Act II.

          • Susan Brodie

            I think we should stop squatting on Clotilde’s comment thread. (sorry, Clotilde!) I suggest you follow me on Twitter @Susan_Brodie. Facebook is ok, too.

          • Bobsnsane

            Deal !!!!

    • Bobsnsane

      RE: “I’m finding the Isolde very hard to listen to.”

      Actually she’s better than I thought she’d be…hah !
      I’m certain that she looks great !
      Both singers are obviously working very hard.
      Squally “durian” indeed.

      But my God the orchestra !

    • Bobsnsane

      Right now I can forgive anything….wow !

    • Bobsnsane

      Is it ‘k for me to post here ?
      Feel free to delete my comments so I don’t cause you grief…

      Dear God – this is what it’s all about !

      I’ve got BEATs headphones on…hah &
      I heard someone shhs-ing a miscreant.

      Thielmann is also wonderful on the Beczala Lohengrin -Blu-Ray

    • Bobsnsane

      This is working for me…

      Paps keeps getting better & better

    • Bobsnsane

      It just kept getting better & better…wow.

      JML posted yesterday’s broadcast on MixCloud

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