April Favorites

Photography by The Minimalist Baker. Reproduced with permission.

A few of my favorite finds and reads for April:

~ How to juice without a juicer (as illustrated above). I plan to try this and strain the pulp using one of my mesh produce bags.

~ Should you name your kid Mizuna, or maybe Sriracha?

~ Paris will soon get its very first micro-distillery.

~ I am honored to be included in this Gastro 30 list of thirty 30-somethings that make the French food scene.

~ Les Gueules cassées, a French initiative to distribute imperfectly shaped fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be thrown out.

~ The April/May issue of Vegetarian Times includes three recipes of mine for vegetable tagines: spicy eggplant and egg tagine, spring vegetable tagine, and sweet potato and pomegranate tagine.

~ This freegan restaurant in Paris recycles unsold produce from the Rungis central market.

~ I shared Paris insight and inspiration for Ten-Q Magazine.

~ The 30-million-euro project that could change the face of Paris for food enthusiasts.

~ The zero-waste restaurant, coming to you from Chicago, and the zero-packaging grocery store, coming to you (soon) from Berlin.

  • The amount of food waste produced is so utterly shameful, love the idea of the freegan restaurant!

    • It is indeed a huge issue — I’m actually moderating a panel on this very subject at the OECD forum this Monday!

      • That’s fantastic! I’ll make sure to watch the webcast when it becomes available.

      • Sophie

        I found that you moderated this session at the OECD today with much enthusiasm and professionalism! Great to hear about all these positive initiatives to fight food waste (Table for 2, Disco Soupe, Gueules Cassées, etc.). I will certainly try to learn more about them to get involved in food waste reduction and share theses initiatives around me.

  • Anna

    congrats on making the Gastro 30!

  • mbs

    Congratulations for being recognized!

    As far as the juice craze goes, far too much sugar (even the natural kind) gets into your blood stream quickly when you drink your fruit and veggies. On top of that, using a regular blender and throwing our the resulting pulp means you’re also throwing out nutrients and fiber. It’s much better to eat fresh produce, not drink it.

    • Thanks mbs! I generally prefer to eat my fruit and vegetables too — I find it more satisfying/a better bang for my produce buck — so I wouldn’t purchase a juicer, but I like the idea of being able to make myself a juice when I occasionally feel like it.

      I also wouldn’t dream of tossing the pulp — I would make it into a dip with a bit of ricotta or tofu, or perhaps add it to soup or mashed potatoes.

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