Chocolate & Zucchini: Daily Adventures in a Parisian Kitchen

Chocolate & Zucchini: Daily Adventures in a Parisian Kitchen

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As those of you who subscribe to the C&Z newsletter already know, my upcoming cookbook is now available for pre-order on Amazon (and on, too).

It feels quite peculiar to see it there, as does each step that leads to the book’s release* and makes it more real: I have seen the production schedule, I have gone over the first-pass pages laid out as the final book will be, I will soon receive blads and galleys, and meanwhile I dream about the book one way or another almost every night. Sometimes I dream I am leafing through it and feeling pretty pleased, sometimes I dream I am leafing through it and finding horrifying goof-ups, and just last night I dreamt I was suddenly realizing that the book was 100% British recipes — don’t ask.

If you’d like to read more about the bookwriting process, check these past entries:
Part I: The Book Deal
Part II: The Recipes
Part III: Recipe Testing
Part IV: Food Photography
Part V: Done!
Part VI: What Happens Next?

* The book is scheduled for publication on May 15, 2007 both in North America and the UK.


As a side note, yesterday’s New York Times T:Style Magazine included an article (free registration required) I wrote on Guy Savoy and two potato recipes — one for his purée de pommes de terre à la truffe and one for his pommes dauphines. It was great speaking with Mr. Savoy and having the recipes demonstrated to me in the rue Troyon kitchen as I took frantic notes in my faithful Moleskine, and I hope you’ll enjoy the piece.

  • lientje

    I hope it is a commercial succes, but most of all, that it is a source of inspiration for others following your splendid example!

  • nick mercury

    Read the NYT article. Excellent. Plan to try both recipes. Good luck with the book. Can not wait to have mine in hand.

  • Dear Clotilde, I’m very happy for you! this is a dream coming true!
    Congratulations!!!!I’ll book…your book!

  • Adele

    Brava, Clotilde!

    And what a gorgeous picture, too. I read the article last night, out loud to my husband. We celebrate your success.

  • Toutes mes félicitations ! je suis impatiente de l’avoir entre les mains…

  • My account says that the extimated delivery date is sometime in June next year. This is way too long for me to wait.
    Hopefully the time until then will just fly by.

    (And just so you know, it’s available for pre-order on as well.)

  • barbara-rose

    Bonjour Clotilde
    Quel merveilleux parcours, a dream come true!!! Bravo
    C’est avec joie que j’ai relu les différents chapitres de ce processus littéraire car je viens tout juste de me lancer dans la rédaction d’1 petit livre de cuisine. Suivi de très près par 1 plus ambitieux sur mes passerelles entre art et cuisine. A vrai dire, je serais heureuse de savoir comment, au tout début, tu as pu t’organiser entre travail(alimentaire) et travail littéraire. Bonne continuation et vivement mai 2007

  • Gustad Mody

    looks great!

  • yellerKat

    Oh dear Amazon UK are a bit behind the curve. I’ll just have to wait!

  • Alice

    I am SO excited to see this, Clotilde! (And as an aside, I can’t believe I haven’t signed up for your weekly newsletter yet; a bit oblivious of me, am I in the clouds or what?!) So happy for you, toutes mes félicitations!

    By the way, I used 2 of your great recipes this weekend, and I’m really pleased with the results: the coconut-chocolate cake turned out wonderfully, just like you said: not too rich, just the right balance of chocolate and coconut… And I made your roasted pork with spiced red cabbage, apples and prunes last night; such a pleasure to see simmering in the pot, and an even greater pleasure to eat! Merci miiles fois !

    I can’t wait to buy your book and hold it in my hands…

  • All – Thank you for your well wishes!

    YellerKat – The UK and Commonwealth rights have been bought by Marion Boyars and their version (with metric measurements) should come out in the UK in mid-May, too.

    Alice – So glad to hear those two recipes turned out well for you, thanks for reporting back!

  • Veronica

    I just pre-ordered mine! What a great cover…you look so cute and lovely!

  • est

    Clotilde, well done! the cover looks absolutely wonderful and I can wait to browse through it, and admire the great pictures along with the new recipes.

  • Latha

    Congratulations, Clotilde and wishing a great success with the book!

  • The cover looks so sweet.
    And I’d love to bite into one of these strawberry!

    – fanny

  • Congratulations! I’m very excited for you and to read it myself.

  • Hooray! So happy to see the cover! Derrick and I are so excited to get your book. :-)

  • The cover looks great! A heartfelt congratulations on your first book! I’ll remember to look for it in the bookstore when it’s released.

  • Yay! It’s startling, and wonderful, to see a cover on this. Now, it’s real. I can only imagine what you are feeling, but I can imagine that it’s nothing you have ever experienced before. I am farther back in that book process — my manuscript is due in two months! — so the idea of seeing galleys and having a production schedule is unfathomable. Oh my dear, I’m so happy for you.

  • Congrats – how exciting! What a wonderful achievement.

    I look forward to getting my copy signed when your book tour stops in San Fran! :)

  • Michelle, USA

    Congratulations Clotilde! As a faithful reader of your blog for a few years now, it has been so enjoyable to watch your success grow! Thanks for your work!

  • Well now dreams (the good ones) do come true…look at you! Congratulations Clotilde. I’ll be looking for it here in Canada –

    Next May they say – Ha!!!

    You’re inspiring.

    Best wishes,

  • Congratulations on the book and the article! I love the cover and look forward to getting the book. The article was great too!

  • Congrats!

    Now I’m off to read that article.

  • Cécile

    Bravo Clotilde, félicitations! Je suis impatiente de le lire. Déjà la couverture est très jolie…
    PS : ton cabas aussi est joli, d’ailleurs est-ce que ça ne viendrait pas de là tes rêves sur la cuisine anglaise ? ;-)

  • Robyn

    Congratulations on the book and article. Wish you all the best.

  • Peter

    awesome piece in the Times! Will definitely give it a whirl. And, have I’ve preordered THE BOOK! But zut alors. it won’t be out until May 15.

  • Louisa

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, though I don’t comment very frequently I couldn’t pass by without saying a heartfelt congratulations. I can’t wait to get your book and see the wonderful recipes and beautiful pictures!

    Congratulations, you deserve much success!

  • Congratulations! Can’t wait to see the book…

  • Congratulations, Clotilde! I’ll be keeping my eyes open for the metric UK edition, too!

  • Congratulations! That’s so exciting! Best of luck with the book! I will definitely be buying it!

  • Sandra

    yay! Congratulations Clotilde. I’m really excited not just for you but that all of us who have been such fans of your site and your writing will get a chance to show you how much we support your food writing! Do we really have to wait until 2007 for our own C and Z cookbook? yeeee!

  • Congratulations!
    The Savoy article was far and away the high point of Living Supplement. I will be trying those Pommes Dauphine soon, possibly to celebrate khanike (Chanukah), a feast of lights and things deep-fried.

  • WOWZA! It looks so YUMMY Clotilde!Just can’t wait
    Felicitations :)

  • Bronwyn

    Congrats! You did it! I’ve been reading your site for almost three years here in San Francisco. I just pre-ordered it! Bonne Chance!
    PS I’ve always wanted to ask if you’ve had the tangines at Trois Chapeau in the Bellville? We saw a great band there too called Fabien Hins. I recommend!

  • Cheering you on!
    This is inspiring!!!
    Congrats & enjoy,

  • This so exciting, Clotilde. What a wonderful cover and with you on it, too! I hope you’re doing a book tour and will stop in San Francisco.

  • R

    You are so beautiful! Congratulations! I am definitely getting myself a copy… would you autograph my copy ;)

  • Bill

    Great potato recipes in the Sunday Times. The potatoes dauphine were a smash hit! What main dishes are the best to serve with potatoes dauphine? white fish, maybe? PS- Congratulations on the book. Can’t wait to spill stuff all over it in the kitchen.

  • Jennifer

    As a fellow author, I welcome you! Congratulations, getting a book deal is the most wonderful feeling – that people would want to read what you write. I cant get over it even today. Your cover shot is fab by the way.


  • may

    absolutely exciting! i am not sure where i might be then… could be in the air between the us and uk! or in europe… but i’ll keep an eye out for it’s appearance! =C)

  • Congrats Clotilde-
    I can’t wait to see it in stores! ;)
    Cute cover!

  • As a published author/illustrator for the last thirty years, and after over 100 books, I still can relate; each new book is like the first; exciting, frightening & filled with hope. Let me add my congrats to you on your book; I look forward to using it in MY small Parisian kitchen here in the 11th!

  • Vincent

    félicitations pour cette belle progression, j’ai lu un article sur toi après t’avoir “découverte” sur flickr & je dois dire que des réussites dans ce genre font plaisir à voir!! et surtout reste aussi jolie ;)

  • Anneke

    Just wanted you to know that one of Holland’s most prominent newspapers, NRC Next, had a column on you and your website this morning. It was very flattering and spoke about your upcoming book. I found your website about a month ago and love it. Much success with it and the book…can’t wait to own my own copy! Groetjes uit Den Haag.

  • Congratulations Clothilde ! Ton livre va certainement remporté beaucoup de succès et je ferai partie des personnes qui l’achèteront. Mais y aura-t-il une version française ? Bon courage pour la suite ;)

  • Oh goodness, how I can’t wait to buy my copy! Congrats to such a wonderful accomplishment!

  • congrats on the book! i can’t to wait to see it here in the bookstore

  • Alisa

    Holy Cow!!! How thrilling is this?!
    Congratulations et gros bisous!

    p.s. the new changes to the blog are fab!

  • ohh!! congratulations Clotilde!!!

    your books look great!

  • Heather

    Happy cookbook! I enjoy your blog very much. I was a bit disappointed to see that it’s available only in paperback on Amazon. I’m in contact with them about either a hard-bound or spiral-bound edition. I use cookbooks so hard, I destroy paperback editions!

  • Excellent, way to go! Thank you for sharing your success with us. S~

  • bluespriite

    any chance the book will make it to Asian book shelves?

  • Many congratulations! Can’t wait to see the book, and hwo I wish I could try the Pommes de Terre à la Truffe.

  • You are truly an inspiration.

  • Congrats! Don’t forget the countdown clock. ;)

    I hope you still remember me.


  • Félicitations, Clotilde! I remember the excitement so well, and it always seems time CRAWLS until the book is out. I can’t wait to read it, it’s obvious enough from your blog writing that it will be a pure pleasure.

    Laura F.

  • Bravo Clotilde ! Je n’ai pas tout lu (j’ai un peu de mal en anglais…) mais j’ai bien noté la sortie de ton livre !
    Je vais probablement le commander !

  • Congratulations! It looks beautiful, Clotilde — love the bright colors! Can’t wait to get it here.

  • I’m so happy to read this announcement, what an accomplishment! Congratulations – I’ll be picking up a copy for sure!


  • Liz

    Congrats also on your quote in January’s F&W magazine as a “Blogger to Watch”!

    Happy New Year,


  • Good luck with the book. Hope it all goes well!!!

  • Bonjour Clotilde,

    Je cherche à commander ton livre pour la librairie gourmande mais je n’arrive pas à trouver le distributeur pour la France ce qui commence à m’énerver un peu.
    Sais tu si on doit commander aussi chez Broadway Books pour la version anglaise en France ou bien si ton futur distributeur de la version française s’en charge.
    Merci d’avance ;-)

  • Astrid

    I love your book. It arrived two weeks ago, I flipped through the pages and already marked lots of recipes to cook.
    thanks a lot!

  • Very nice cover. Any updates about the book? did it sell well?

  • I love the details on how a cookbook is born – information that is usually hard to come by! Very interesting and inspiring!

  • Is there a sequel to the book yet? Would love to get it!

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