Chocolate Dipping Fork

Chocolate Dipping Fork

I keep a running list of tools I absolutely need and must acquire at all costs. I’ll admit that this list tends to be much longer than reasonable, and completely out of proportion with the capacity of our kitchen or the actual utility of said tools.

But hey, some girls buy shoes, I buy kitchen toys! (Well, shoes too, but I’m trying to make a point, here.)

This “fourchette à tremper” is an item I recently crossed off my list. It is what chocolate makers use to make chocolate-dipped things : you melt some chocolate in a wide and not too shallow pan, you balance whatever it is you’d like to dip onto the tines of the fork, lower the fork into the chocolate, take it out, and deposit the coated bite on a special non-stick plastic sheet (“feuille guitare”) for it to dry and harden.

The fork is also used to form the little ribbed lines you can sometimes see on chocolate bites. Just after depositing the coated confection on the sheet, while the chocolate is still soft, you gently apply the fork tines on top of the chocolate, then lift it up and towards you : the chocolate coating will sort of follow the fork’s movement, and will keep the imprint of the tines.

I had seen all this demonstrated at the Salon du Chocolat last winter, and had even tried my hand at it, coating a small praline square. It isn’t as easy as it looks to make those ribbed lines properly, and the dipping gesture takes a little getting used to. Some people accidently dropped their praline square into the melted chocolate, and tempting as it may be, it is not okay to fish for it with your hand.

I bought my fork at Mora‘s : if you’re looking for chocolate-making equipment, molds and thermometers and stuff, it is really the place to go. And as I love making food gifts, this sounded like a neat tool to make chocolate-dipped citrus peel, candied fruit, cookies, almond paste, or anything that will stand on those fork tines.

And also, if I am ever challenged to a duel, this will be my weapon of choice.

  • Weapon of choice in a duel; I love it!

    I’ve thought about getting one of these for truffle dipping. I’m glad to know you like it; maybe I’ll add it to my list soon :)

  • Marina

    Ah ha! I’ve tried using a dinner fork, a shishkebab scewer, my fingers…finally gave up. So many undipped treats. (But so many rich cups of hot chocolate after the holidays made from the leftovers!) I think this tool warrants a fresh attempt.


  • Michele

    Tu me donnes faim!

  • becky

    Hi Clotilde – How do you decide which words to bold ? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Jennifer

    Some girls buy shoes…yes, and I’ve never completely understood why anyone would need so many pairs! I think 20 or so is enough…
    Of course now I fill my kitchen with gadgets as well. I have a list on my site (that is so not as long as the one posted on my fridge) so my boyfriend can check it out whenever I am deserving of a present….which I think I am everyday!

  • I find it so much easier to justify kitchen toys than shoes! As a beginning cook, I now find a new purchase of ramekins more exciting than raiding a new mall. ;)

    I’ve actually never heard of these choc dippers. The ones I’ve seen have only two tines, and are specifically for chocolate fondue fun.

  • Okay, I really did laugh out loud at the image of someone trying to fish their lost treat out of the vat of chocolate with their hand!

    I have to ask, though: Wouldn’t it be tricky to spear a cookie, and many other things, with a fork? Would skinny tongs not be — dare I suggest — better?

  • Becky – No special rule, I just bolden what I feel like boldening…

    Jackie – In fact, you don’t spear the cookie/peel/candy, you just balance it on the tines of the fork!

    Jennifer – I think I might need to put my list in better view! Then again I’m picky about my toys, and like choosing them myself…

  • I’m such a simp! Thanks for the pointer, Clotilde!

  • passingby

    Just wondering, would a pair of chopsticks do just as well?

  • sharon J

    PLEASE, please, please. I’ve been looking for a dipping fork like the one pictured for almost a year. I wrote to the “Mora” company, in english. I’ll try looking up the french word now. And if all else fails, i’ll wait for my daughter to come home from college. THANKSSSSSS sharon

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