Chocolate Dipped Apricots Recipe

Abricots au Chocolat

[Chocolate Dipped Apricots]

What would you do with melted chocolate leftover from making orangettes and florentins? Throw it out? You have got to be kidding.

No. The wise thing to do was rummage through my kitchen cabinets for something that would be nice and dippable. And I thus unearthed, oh joy, the large bag of dried apricots I had bought for my Apricot Sticky Toffee Pudding. These little orange nuggets keep remarkably well, and they were still plump and fragrant and delicious. I tried one or two or three just to be sure.

I dropped a few in the bowl of glorious liquid chocolate, stirring them around until they all wore a nice thick coat and all the chocolate was used up. The apricots were left out to dry and harden, then slipped in the little crystal bags along with the other chocolate gifts.

Fruit and chocolate. Simplicity at its very best, the slightly hardened layer of chocolate giving way to the tender apricot chewiness. And one could not find a better mix of chocolate sophistication and ease of preparation. In fact, I think the expression “easy as pie” should be henceforth replaced by “easy as chocolate-dipped apricots”. You with me on this?

Abricots au Chocolat

– 20 dried apricots
– 100 g dark chocolate

Melt the chocolate in a double-boiler (or in a heat-resistant bowl set over a pan of simmering water). Remove from heat. Drop the apricots in the chocolate and stir until well coated. Use a fork to lift the apricots from the bowl, and deposit them carefully on a feuille guitare, a sheet of parchment paper or a silicon baking mat. Leave out to dry, preferably somewhere cool and safely hidden from children, chocoholics, or any combination of the two.

This is a good way to use up the melted chocolate leftover from other chocolate confections. You could also dip just one half of the apricots for a pretty semi-dipped effect.

(In such a simple recipe, the quality of your ingredients is key. Try to use the best apricots and the best chocolate you can reasonably afford.)

  • Beautiful!

    Nothing is quite like having some leftover of quality chocolate… :)

    And congraturations to your nomination for the 2005 Best European Weblog award!

  • Alisa

    Easy as pie as always hit me as an oxymoron. Good Pies just ain’t that easy! So count me in for “easy as chocolate-dipped apricots”. They sound delicious.

  • Oh yes please! I have apricots! I know where to get some realyl good chocolate! I’m outta here to go and dip me some apricots. Cool recipe – thanks!

  • O.G.

    My sweet-tooth just jumped up and listened. Fruit and chocolate…what a perfect combination.

  • Kit

    Does it matter whether the apricots are treated with sulfur dioxide or not? The untreated ones don’t keep their color as well, but the sulfur leaves a funny aftertaste and moste recipes I find call for unsulfured fruit.

    What’s your take?

  • I’m shocked! How can you in good conscience flaunt a dried apricot in front of the zucchini with chocolate present like that?

    Such a pleasant escape to read your blog each day. Thanks.


  • What I’m wondering is how a couple of weeks ago you talked about a recipe for left over wine and everyone said they never have ‘leftover wine.’ People have left over chocolate?

  • “oh! that’s as easy as chocolate dipped apricots!” i’m already working it into conversation and will let you know how it goes. now, how does one say that in french?

  • joan

    monkey, I’ll give it a go..or at least I’ll give my favourite translation site a go!!!

    Oh, cela est aussi facile que les abricots de chocolat-dégoutté.

    these little gems of chocolated fruit are pixie berets? Non? :-)

  • Mary

    I like the pixie beret name. So happy to get back to you and drool over the fabulous and simple suggestion. You are a genius!

  • Lyn

    Rather than completely dipping the apricots in chocolate … although, of course, that IS the ultimate chocolate concentration … holding the apricot disc between thumb and forefinger, then dipping just one half, top and bottom, creates a pretty, two-toned sweet treat. Easier eating, too, without losing any of the luscious chocolate to the fingers, if picked up by the plain apricot half of the candy.

  • latifa

    how come did I just hear about this site? Where was I? You’re amazing!!! I’m going to dip everything that’s dippable in chocolate right now!!! Special thanks to Robin for sharing this info with me!

  • Dreska

    Fantastic web site!
    Chockie apricots are absolutely fabulous, I can’t believe I ran out of chocolate!
    I would also be very interested in hearing more about making truffles(if possible).
    I tried to make some with soy cream.

  • Shelby

    I quite love dipped coconut macaroons – the fluffy not wafer kind – in a semi-sweet chocolate.

  • Even more yummy than apricots in chocolate are prunes in chocolate. Especially a very rich, bitter, dark chocolate. Try them and you’ll share my secret weakness, too.

  • Ji-hye Ha

    Chocolate and fruit. I really really love them! I’m Korean chocoholic girl.
    I like this website!

  • sharon

    The sulphured apricots look better if you want to dip them only partially, which would be a good reason to cover
    non-sulphured apricots with chocolate, completely.

  • Feli

    What works great with dried apricots and chocolate is almonds. Just put one inside the apricot before coating with chocolate. yummie…

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