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Amsterdam As A Family

French children had a school break in October, and we decided to spend a week in Amsterdam.

It’s a city Maxence and I are quite familiar with, having spent a number of long weekends there over the years, pre-kids. We were delighted to find it is a very family-friendly city, and we had a wonderful time strolling along the canals, exploring local playgrounds, dodging the bicycles, and spotting as many Fiat 500’s as we could.

Some highlights were:

  • Renting our own boat to sail along the canals,
  • Visiting the Nemo science museum,
  • Having dinner at Café Restaurant Amsterdam,
  • Shopping for food at the organic market on Noordermarkt,
  • Stocking up on delicious and gorgeously packaged chocolate at STACH food,
  • Marvelling at the amazing organic salads served at SLA,
  • Finding a wonderful local sitter so we could have a couple of evenings to ourselves! ;)

For many more tips and recommendations, check this Instagram post where readers contributed their own favorites.

Tasting Paris

Tasting Paris Audio Bonus!

Just before we left, I spent a whole day with my producer recording the audio bonus that I will be offering you if you pre-order my cookbook Tasting Paris: 100 Recipes to Eat Like A Local.

It’s an audio programme in which I take you along my favorite market street in Montmartre to do some food shopping together. We had a lot of fun recording it, the food vendors played along brilliantly, and I loved the experience of approaching every moment, every interaction with my ears wide open, and noticing the unique soundscape of my neighborhood.

I will have more opportunities to remind you about it when it is edited and available, but you can pre-order Tasting Paris right now to get the audio bonus when the time comes.

Media Mentions

I had two really nice mentions in October, both of them in French :

  • I was profiled in Le Monde, and shared my famous yogurt cake,
  • I appeared on Le Tube, Canal+’s show on media, to talk about my podcast. (October 21 show; I appear around minute 36:00.)

5 Fun Links For You

  1. The most entertaining essay I’ve ever read about *not* cooking. Now I want to go and read everything Taffy Brodesser-Akner has ever written.
  2. 30 Days At Sea — a timelapse video.
  3. What factors play into making delicious chocolate?
  4. Dorie Greenspan writes about dinner parties in Paris.
  5. If you’re taking part in NaNoWriMo, as I am, you may find this roundup of writing prompts useful.

What About You?

Any fun activities and finds for you this October?

  • Desperate Teacher

    Thank you so much for the great links, they’ve just made for great morning reading! If I may I have a question: how do you find reliable and trustworthy local sitters? And how do your sons manage the language barrier (Dutch not being the most accessible language…)?

    • Good question! It’s different depending on the destination, but here I asked a friend who had a friend who had a son who babysat. He wasn’t available, but the mother had a friend who could do it. She was Dutch and didn’t speak good enough French, but she had a French friend she could recommend. That’s the babysitter we worked with and she was ah-mazing! My kids actually said she was their favorite sitter ever. :) It sounds like a lot of degrees of separation, but if you start from a trusted recommendation, I feel the chain of trust continues. And then it’s a matter of casually interviewing the person and getting a gut feeling.

      • Desperate Teacher

        Thank you!

  • rachelsloan79

    Thank you for the Amsterdam links – I’m going there with my mom over Easter, and Sla sounds like our kind of place!

    The highlight of my October was finally getting permanent residence in the UK, which isn’t really food-related, except that I had a party to celebrate at which your buckwheat and chocolate pound cake featured prominently and was much appreciated :)

    • WOOHOOOOOO! Congratulations, Rachel! Very pleased to hear I indirectly took part in the celebration. WOOHOOOOO again!

      • rachelsloan79

        You were definitely an important part of the celebration! :)

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