The Sprouted Seeds Project

At the lovely Pousse-Pousse boutique the other day, I bought myself a sprouter, and two tubs of sprouting seeds. A tub of pink radish seeds, and a tub of the “longevity mix“, which includes alfalfa, broccoli, turnip, lentil, mustard, black radish and soy seeds.

They have a lot of other seeds to choose from, but the pink radish is peppery while the longevity mix has a more mellow taste (devoid of aniseed), so the duo seemed like a good place to start.

I left them to soak in water for the night, before placing them on different racks of the sprouter, and have been faithfully watering them, twice a day, with water filtered in our Brita jug. They’re supposed to be ready after 5 days, and so far so good, so Monday should find us eating our first sprouted seeds salad!

7 rue Notre-Dame de Lorette
75009 Paris
01 53 16 10 81

  • I love your blog. It makes for very sensual reading. BTW, how much light do sprouts need? My townhouse doesn’t get much direct sunlight.

  • What a pretty picture! I’m very curious what these will taste like.

  • Karen – From what I’ve read, they don’t need much light, really, it’s the water that’s critical at this stage of the seed development! Mine live on a part of the kitchen counter that doesn’t get much light, so I think you should have good success with yours!

    Jackie – Count on me for a full taste/texture/look report! :)

  • reminds me of my science project. :) used to grow them on cotton wool soak with water. that’s it. :) it’ll grow.

    are they bean sprouts? my granny stir fries them with salted fish and tauhu (tofu). also, usually added with any noodle dish because they’re very crunchy :)

  • Wena – Yeah, I did that too, with green beans, when I was little! The booklet does recommend the cotton wool method for some seeds, the ones that are so small they would fall through the slits in the sprouter! And thanks a lot for the tips on the possible uses! Noodles with sprouts do sound great! :)

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