Avocado and Radish Canapés with Smoked Salt Recipe

Canapés Radis Avocat au Sel Fumé

[Avocado and Radish Canapés with Smoked Salt]

I’ve been on an avocado kick lately, and I blame my favorite produce stall for that: they keep running specials on them and really, who can resist a special on a trio of avocados when the stall keeper will hand-pick them for you so each will be ripe a couple of days after the previous one? (And since we’re on the subject of produce stall wonders, I’ve just discovered after four years of schlepping basketfulls of stuff from this one that they. will. deliver.)

So I’ve been on an avocado kick, and because the season of pink radishes is in full swing, I’ve been hung up on them, too. The classic way to enjoy pink radishes is to eat them with bread, butter, and salt, so I had this idea for a canapé: substitute avocado for the butter — what is avocado if not green butter? — and smoked salt for the ordinary salt.

Smoked salt, you ask? Yes, after trying Bordier’s smoked salt butter, I decided that I, too, had a right to play with smoked salt, and I bought a tub made by the Halen Môn salt company. This is potent stuff, the sort that should bear a little tag that warns, “Easy there, pal,” lest you get a nosebleed from breathing it in too sharply like my sister did when we were seven and eight and we tried to make ourselves sneeze with black pepper like Ma Dalton does in Lucky Luke.

But if you use it in a gingerly fashion, it lends an unusual note to whatever you sprinkle it on, a note I would situate somewhere between sapwood, burnt leaves, and moist earth, and this robust flavor profile engaged the sweetness of the avocado and the fruity piquant of the radish beautifully.

(If smoked salt isn’t readily available, a good old sea salt will do fine, with an optional pinch of smoked paprika. As for the toothpicked bites to the right, they’re sections from the dry sausages that hang next to the register at my butcher’s, rod-shaped and positively addictive.)

Canapés Radis Avocat au Sel Fumé

1 small ripe avocado (or half of a large one)
1 teaspoon lemon juice
Freshly ground pepper
20 slices from a ficelle (a slim baguette) or a baguette
Smoked salt (substitute fleur de sel, kosher salt, or salt + smoked paprika)
10 pink radishes, trimmed and halved

Yields 20 two-bite canapés

Combine the avocado and lemon juice in a small bowl, sprinkle with pepper, and mash roughly with a fork. Spoon onto the bread, season with a pinch of smoked salt, and top with half a radish. Serve immediately.

  • camille

    clotilde we are living in the same neighborhood, can you tell me where you go for fresh fruits and vegetables? On Abbesses? it is so expensive…

  • That’s the kind of fingerfood I love! Simple, but very effective…

  • Hum ça a l’air délicieux, je n’ai pas de sel fumé, mais je vais tester!

  • hmmm, j n’en ferai qu’une bouchée!

  • Il y a aussi du sel fumé d’Anglesey chez Bruno (hum, quand il est ouvert…), qui devrait te plaire !

  • Etant une adepte des radis et du guacamole, j’adopte!

  • Lovely little appetizer (and as always, lovely photos). Such a nice contrast of flavors.

  • frederick

    for those of us in the us, i saw the Halen Môn sea salt online at markethallfoods.com.

  • I too am a smoked sea salt junkie. I shamelessly sprinkle the smoky flecks on just about everything that comes my way. I can’t wait to pair it with avocados (one of the few items that has escaped my obsession). I recently picked up a bottle of avocado oil and inspired by your recipe, I do believe it will be making a smoked sea salt acquaintance soon!

  • This looks great, I wonder if I can sub tortilla chips for the baguette, I wil let you know.

  • Linda

    ah. perfection. what a colorful photograph. beautiful presentation – as always. thanks for sharing this!

    Smoked salt — very interesting. thanks for the introduction.

  • Smoked salt, hmmn, that sounds very intriguing! Now i have to go hunt for it. Hopefully, it won’t be too hard to find. the recipe certainly looks scrumptious! :)

  • Can’t get enough of that Halen Mon salt. I bought a box of the smoked that you refer to in Wales and have been carting it around for the past 8 months from the UK to Italy to the US to Canada. It’s like a little canister of crispy, fishy, ocean-steeped joy in my suitcase. (Mmm, rotten image, sorry.) They also make a vanilla salt that’s like crack. Sprinkle it on spice cookies just as they’re browning or dab it onto chocolate-covered caramels prior to eating. Or just straight from the coke spoon, of course.

  • gingerpale

    Avocado is “green butter”, yes, but with vitamin E, vitamin C, iron, fiber, potassium and more–enjoy this butter!

  • jackie

    Fran’s Chocolates (a Seattle chocolate and candy maker) makes a caramel with smoked salt – its fabulous.

  • Camille – I go to the Jardin des Abbesses, on rue des Abbesses between rue Burq and Tholozé. It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s reasonable if you stick to seasonal produce, and their stuff is good quality.

    Ester – Halen Môn is from Anglesey, too, I wonder if it’s that’s the one Bruno buys and re-packages?

    The Dichot – The vanilla salt sounds good, I’ll give it a try, too!

    Jackie – Thanks for the tip, I’ll try to hit Fran’s when I’m in Seattle in May.

  • Oh my! How perfect! I have an avocado, some radishes, and smoked salt (alderwood smoked sea salt…smells like a smoke house…fantastic!) just waiting to be used! :) I cannot believe the total serindipity of this entry…thank you!!!

  • You know, I normally can’t stand avocado (I know, I know) but I think just this tiny little bit would be the perfect counterpart to the crunchy-tangy radish. I’ll test it on my boyfriend. And I’ll use that Hawaiian pink salt someone gave me as a Christmas gift.

  • Lovely post, as usual Clotilde. Now I know what to do with the radishes in my vegetable bin. Because you’ve been such an inspiration to me, I’ve bestowed on you a thinking blogger award. You may want to see my post about it. You can decide for yourself whether or not you want to pass it on. The award is definitely deserved.

  • Those radishes look yummy. I broke a whole thing of truffle salt the other day – I will have bad luck, maybe, unless I go buy some smoked salt.

  • Clotilde, your canapes were delicious. I love the way you often add an interesting twist to a classic in your recipes, like substituting avocado for butter. I’m pretty much a sucker for anything and everything with avocado in it. And the smoked salt was the perfect touch. For your readers in San Francisco, Rainbow Grocery sells alderwood smoked Pacific sea salt in the bulk food section. Inspired by Clotilde’s canapes, I bought an ounce or so the other day to play around with (a little goes a long way). It comes from a company called Salish located in the Puget Sound area near Seattle. Also available on line (www.saltworks.us).

  • Hi Clotilde,
    It’s great to see you mentioning Halen Mon. I’m from Wales and have been using their sea salt for years. Until recently I hadn’t realized how worldwide their reach is, I was surprised to see a pot of their salt sitting on a shelf in a little shop in Sweden a couple of years back :-)
    I only came across the smoked salt over Easter at my Aunts house, so I will have to get myself some to try, and the Vanilla salt that Dichot mentions sounds interesting too.

  • That’s so funny. You’ve been on an avocado kick, we’ve been on a radish kick. Yesterday, the husband asked if there was something new we could do with radishes. Today, I will say “yes.” Thanks, Clotilde.


  • Clotilde,

    in Japanese, avocadoes are called “butter of the forests”!

    also, Fran’s salt chocolates are out of this world. http://www.franschocolates.com/catalog/product.asp?cid=11

    love your blog,
    former Seattlelite and now-Tokyo resident

  • Yummy – I’ve never purchased smoked salt, but I think I’ll have to go find some…..

    Love this refreshing combination and can’t wait to try it out!

  • Sounds too good to be true. Tomorrow morning, I’m off to the market to find pink radishes. I’m not as confident about where to search for the smoked salt in Antibes…any ideas?

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  • dounoaille

    hello Clotilde,
    Quelle bonne idée ! Connaissez-vous le sel appelé “Masala” le sel de l’Himalaya de la marque “Lumière de Sel” dans une boite orange jaune que je trouve à la Biocoop du Bd de Grenelle. C’est parfait pour les assaisonnements.
    J’ai découvert aussi que mettre du pineau blanc à la place du vin pour une petite dorade au four est tellement meilleur.
    Essayez aussi une soupe incroyable thaï à la citronnelle crevettes à laquelle je suis addict ! chez Tricotin avenue de Choisy 13e à Paris. Le gout est si subtil !
    Voilà beaucoup d’infos en même temps et encore merci pour vos précieuses recettes. Dou

  • Lovely combination of flavors in a lovely appetizer. We have “rainbow” radishes here in Southern California which come in beautiful pinks, whites, and purples.

  • Clotilde, have you tried cold-smoking the avocado itself? If not, you’re in for a treat. As chance would have it, I did this a couple of months ago and logged it here, at my blog.


  • Clotilde, hearty congratulations on the extremely positive early review (free registration required) of your cookbook in the Sunday NYTimes!!!

  • This looks so easy and delicious! I wish we could find good avocados so easily where I am living now. I miss them from Paris, and even more from Tahiti.

  • Taina

    Felicitations on your great NY Times review today! May it result in lots of book sales.

  • Max

    I’m a sucker for anything involving avocado, especially perfectly ripe ones! I write about them all the time. I love how colorfully springy this appetizer is and how easy it sounds!

  • Sarah

    I made these for a little cocktail party and used the black lava salt I had on hand instead of smoked. It worked out so well and everyone was very impressed!

  • angela

    Hope you tried the Fran’s smoked salt caramels when you were in Seattle I think the’re the best thing to come from Seattle. If you’re ever here again I recommend the Harvest Vine restaurant

  • Cool! Have just bought some Maldon smoked seasalt myself. I have been trying it out in / on:
    – tomato salad (very good combo!)
    – butter with rosemary: worked good as well, but don’t use too much of the salt…
    – roasted chicken with lemon

    It’s a keeper!

  • So pretty – what a beautiful combination of textures and flavours.

    I can second (third, fourth…) the recommendation of Halen Mon. They make incredible salt. I add their vanilla salt to pretty much every chocolate recipe I try. It’s lovely to know it has such a world-wide fan club.

  • ann

    i was just here looking for your radish leaf pesto and followed the link to this recipe as well. i just made both of them and am so so happy about the whole situation. thank you!!

    • That’s lovely to hear, Ann, thanks for writing!

  • Roey

    I made this last weekend using toasted ciabatta and rubbed a little raw garlic clove over the bread before putting on the rest. It was delicious! Thank you!

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