Salon Saveurs : my Loot

Canelés Baillardran

Last Friday, I attended the Salon Saveurs, a food show held at the Espace Champerret in Paris twice a year. To make a happy event happier, I was blessed with the company of five other food enthusiasts and C&Z readers — Amy, Pascale, Alisa, Ethan and Isabelle.

We were all delighted to make each other’s acquaintance, and it was really great to explore the halls together, getting all excited about the same things, gesturing wildly to the rest of the bunch when we discovered something that absolutely had to be tasted, peeking into each other’s goodie bags, and sharing glasses of armagnac.

The show was set up in two huge halls, with myriads of small stands at which you could taste and buy a great variety of products : cheese, charcuterie, fresh and canned seafood, condiments, olive oil, honey, jam, chocolate, bread, cakes, pastries, candy, cooking equipment, wine, beer… Since it was a weekday, the halls weren’t too crowded, and the stand-keepers were very friendly and helpful, not to mention generous with their samples.

It took us about four hours to go through it all, and we all went home exhausted but happy, with bagfuls of stuff. Here’s what I got :

– A package of Brise de châtaigne, a kind of coarse chestnut meal which you cook and use like rice.

– A box of canelés by Baillardran, much to Maxence’s delight (and mine, but that goes without saying).

– A tin of foie de lotte (monkfish liver). I adore cod liver, and this tastes just fantastic.

– An assortment of dried figs, dried apricots and prunes. I love dried fruit, and these were particularly fresh and moist.

– Half of a noix de jambon fumé, an excellent smoked ham.

– A kilo of bonnottes, excellent little potatoes from Noirmoutier.

– And I also went home with an assortment of navettes, delicious little cookies from the South of France, which Alisa had ever-so-kindly brought for me.

So I now have enough to eat for at least two weeks, and five new friends with which we are starting a little supper club. What more could one possibly ask for?

  • Hi Clotilde,
    Thanks again for having organized this trip to the “salon saveurs”. Very good post by the way.

  • Kelli

    Mmm… caneles!!! Every time we’ve been to Paris, we’ve looked at the caneles at Poujauran (which, incidentally, has the best macarons in the world!) and wondered what they were all about. Last month, on one of our last days in town, we finally took the plunge… and then wondered why we had waited so long! Can’t wait for our next trip so we can make up for lost time. =) We may have to plan our next trip around the “Salon –”
    it sounds right up my alley!

    Clotilde — I haven’t forgotten about sending you the soupe au pistou recipe — I just haven’t sat at a computer long enough to type it in. I promise I won’t wait too much longer!

  • nattie

    *wail*! Oh, how I wish I’d been there! Next time, maybe?

  • Annick

    Bonjour Clotilde !

    Ce n’est que ce matin que j’ai découvert votre blog et je suis enchantée !
    Parisienne expatriée en Allemagne (Munich) depuis quelques années, passionnée de saveurs et parfums, j’ai passé ma journée à rattraper mon retard !
    Félicitations !

  • chika


    ugh, I’m so jealous!!!!!

    it was fun to see all the things you got from there though! look at those plump dried fruits and beautiful caneles… aren’t they gorgeous?? but it seems like you brought a whole bunch of heavy stuff home with you – did you take a metro home with all those??


    I also happend to be in Paris last month and paid my first visit to Poujauran, where I did buy a canele (along with almost one of each and every item in the shop) which I loved so much. But I missed macarons – I saw them, but somehow didn’t get any! How dare!! I really must have messed up. Another excuse to go back to Paris sometime soon….

  • serena

    clotilde! great post! i do wish though you wouldn’t do this to me when i am both hungry *&* really needing a break from the daily tedium ;) no fear, i shall have to plan a trip to paris soon – maybe in the fall, when the salon du chocolate is happening – that would be marvellous indeed!

  • Pascale – My pleasure!

    Kelli – I’ve never tried the Poujauran canelés, I may have to conduct a comparative taste test!

    Nattie – Yes, I’d love to have met you too — next time, definitely.

    Annick – Ravie que C&Z te plaise!

    Chika – Yup, I lugged all this home on the metro! Fortunately I don’t live very far away…

    Serena – Yes, the Salon du Chocolat is a must-attend too! (Have you seen my post about last fall’s edition?) If you can make it, try to go on a weekday, it’s terribly busy on week-ends.

  • Ahhhhh– thanks for sharing such a magical day! And by the way, since there is so much talk of macaroons which are my FAVE treat— the all-time best macaroons I have EVER had are at a patisserie near the bottom of rue Vavin (6eme). Les macaroons natures sont impec!

  • christoph

    Bonjour Clotilde,
    we were at the salon the sunday, and I have to say I was also impressed. We stayed there about 4 hours with tasting, looking around and talking with the producers. It was much less crowded than the salon d’agriculture, which is more a kind of carnival for parents with childrens, and the atmosphere was really enjoying with all the food enthousiasts around.
    We also did some boughts. Thank god we had a big sack with us (Would have been nice to buy one of this fancy salon de sauvers rolling sacks, but I have already one similar at home).
    We bought: 2 cheeses from the cheese maker Marayn de Bartassac from Landes: An unbelievable choice of different cheeses, ages and forms, so I had to take many photos instead of buying the whole stand.
    We also bought 1 kg of potatoes from the Ile de Noirmoutier (they are already gone), bein at their stand we tested also the excxellent oysters of this island (seems to be a real happy island),
    1 glass of confiture d’endives avec citron,
    some choice of the excellent Chocolats de Bernard Dufoux,
    a donkey sausage
    2 bottles of chaors wine (chateau haut monplaisir, I liked the name so we tasted it and it was really fantastic)
    So, that was my list, it was a real good experience. Defenitily not the last time. It is sad that I had to work on friday, missing the visit with you all. As you wrote, it would be really nice to organise something with the parisian C&Z enthusiasts at the weekend.

  • Oh! How can you do this to me?
    Now I will spend hours upon hours coming back to this post, mouth-watering, eyes watering from nostalgia.
    Caneles, how I miss you!

    *Clotilde, once I purchase the proper molds, you can bet I will try your aunt’s recipe. I can barely wait, it has been too long since I’ve experienced the joy of a canele…*sigh*

  • Bluepoppy – Are those macarons the double kind with butter cream in the middle, or the single ones that are like half of the double ones?

    Christoph – Oh I’m very glad you went and enjoyed it! We also spent quite some time looking at that cheese-maker’s display — I’m surprised he let you take pics, he seemed very protective about his creations. And yes, I promise, we will all meet on a week-end!

    Heather – Yes, this is probably torture, I’m sorry!

  • Clotilde — A very nice recounting of our expedition. I remember it like it was yesterday … Or last week. We were very surprised to see how much stuff we brought back, too, much of which we have already eaten. Yum! See you at the Supper club.

  • Ethan – Yes, I was certainly a bit optimistic when I said I had enough to eat for two weeks! :)

  • arnould

    Pourriez-vous me faire savoir quand aura lieu exactement le salon saveurs du mois de décembre 2004?


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