Ricottella de Poisat

Ricottella de Poisat

This package of ricotta was given to me by a passionate and very kind cheese maker from Grenoble, whom I met at the Salon du Fromage – a parting gift after our long conversation, during which we tasted the whole array of his products (and not your teensy scanty samples either), discussed their respective flavors and textures, personalities and benefits, and swapped recipe ideas.

It is sweet with a mildly acidic edge, and its texture, slightly curdled, doesn’t have much to do with the Finetta ricotta you find in grocery stores here.

We’ve enjoyed it simply on its own, with good crusty bread, but we’ve also combined it with lemon zest and a pinch of sugar to coat warm bow-shaped pasta ; we’ve used it in a frittata, as a sandwich spread, and we’ve had it for dessert, drizzled with maple syrup. As you will infer, we had quite a quantity!

Oh, and um… wanna see my ricotta naked?

Fromagerie de Poisat
30 avenue d’Eybens
38320 Poisat
04 76 25 51 56

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