Today Show Appearance

I was a guest on the Today Show* yesterday morning, and my segment is now available online, if you’d like to see me demo my Pear and Chocolate Cake-Tart, a recipe taken from Clotilde’s Edible Adventures in Paris.

(This was my second time on the show; read about last year’s segment here.)

* The Today Show is a national television show that’s broadcast live every morning in the US.

  • Well done you! Were you less nervous in front of the cameras this time round? I do love the combination of pear and chocolate, so I’ll be heading over to the video right now!

  • Hello! Enjoyed your spot on the Today Show. Hopefully on another book tour, you can make it out to Madison, WI. Keep up the good work and happy baking (and writing!)

  • You are so good at fake cooking on TV. I’ve always thought that would be insanely hard.

    And the cake-tarts are very beautiful. Good luck on your book tour!

  • Laura

    It was a pleasure to meet you last night at your signing. You were absolutely charming. I was up a good part of the evening reading your new book and already have a list of new places to explore on my next visit to Paris. Thank you so much for helping me know my favorite city better. Good luck on the rest of your tour!

  • Goodness. Maybe next time the host would actually let you talk.

  • franko

    congratulations on the Today show appearance. am i the only one here who has mixed feelings, though? i am greedy, and want to feel like you are my own personal cooking secret, a sort of hidden ace up my sleeve!

    seriously, though, the more success you have, the better. i know this might seem over the top, but i rather view you as someone who is taking up the torch from julia child and bringing cooking to a new generation.
    : )

  • Wonderful job on the Today show. I’m sorry that I had an early class yesterday; otherwise, I would have seen you on live!

    The cakes looked delicious. I hope this doesn’t offend you, but your English is great! I could barely detect an accent. Bon travail!

  • You make TV cooking look easy! I can’t wait to read the new book.

  • You were absolutely lovely and eloquent in your Today Show appearance! And the gateaux looks super delicious! I’m hoping to make it to your signing event in San Francisco.

  • drea

    Great job! I’ve done TV once and sworn it off, so kudos to you for the repeat appearance. Lovely job.

  • Amy

    Cool! You’re referred to as “chef” now :D

  • Clotilde, you are so incredibly patient working with the host on this one and in the one a year ago! I applaud you in working so well with them in such a tight time frame, bravo!

  • msue

    Terrific television appearance! I’m glad you chose that particular dish to demonstrate as it is so evocative of Paris. You did a great job, I only wish I’d seen it when it was on the air. (And by the way, your close-up manicure was perfect. I think that is what I’d be most nervous about!)

  • Pastry Boy

    I realize how tough it is to talk in front of people and I think you know it too. This dessert is simple and elegant and it would be very easy to improve upon it for plated dessert display. When you use quality components like you have. Looks very tasty.

  • Marcia

    I have both of your books on order at B&N. I don’t have TV, but I read about your appearance on the Today Show.

    I hope you plan a stop in Atlanta some time soon. There are a lot of book tours that come here and so many of us are book lovers. I have maybe 700 cookbooks and continue to collect them; as kitchen literature.

  • Ok, I have to admit this comment is not directly related to the above post – but this was far to bizarre and needed to be mentioned! But I was just noticed your newest “Can’t get it out of my head” – M79 by Vampire Weekend (my absolute favourite band), which I realize is a very popular song, as it should be, (and I am completely addicted to their CD, especially M79 – and A-Punk) so I figured I would take peek at what else you have been listening to and…. 90% of your list is my EXACT (no exaggeration what so ever, hence my complete and utter need to mention something, being far to coincidental) itunes playlist. Bizarre, right?! Well, I thought so – and I figured I might mention something. Anyways – EXCELLENT choices I might add!!!

  • When she asked what you do with the poaching liquid I was hoping you’d say “drink it!”… But then fruit salad is much more respectable as an answer. I’d save it for pouring over yogurt, use it in cocktails. Great video Clotilde! Love the tartes! Yay!

  • R.J.

    It is so nice to see you live, so to speak, and making such wonderful food…Yum…
    Wish you were coming north and we could get to see you in Canada…

  • cool :)

  • The tart looks wonderful! Great Today Show appearance. I enjoy your blog a great deal.

  • I’m so excited you are coming to Portland tomorrow. What a treat! :)

  • Jane

    Hi Clotilde,
    It was wonderful to meet you in person last night and discover that you are just as charming in person as you are in your writing!

    Neil said above that you were gracious with the tv host – you were also so gracious with the New Canaan host and audience members.

    I look forward to using your book when I go to Paris! Thank you for visiting New Canaan!

  • Well done! (No pun intended)

  • That cake-tart looks great, and simple to make! I promised my husband I would buy your book after we recently returned from Paris, so that I could try some French cooking at home. All your recipes are fantastic! I was so sad your new book came out just a few short weeks after our trip– I guess this just means there will have to be another trip to Paris so I can use your advice :)

  • Congrats clotilde.. watched the video and it’s really a piece of show !!! and the recipe is yummy.

  • Saw the clip: You are sooo charming & sweet on it! it’s made me like you even more! ^^

  • Nikki

    Congrats!! You were simply beautiful and elegant; as well as extremely gracious with the host, who was quite obnoxious. Cannot wait to get your new book this week!

  • est

    so cute! lovely top and great hair style and I love your accent!

  • Even better the second time around! Congrats on your book, I absolutely love it.

  • Alessandra

    Hi Clotilde, congratulations! You look so cute and your dessert very very delicious. Ciao, from a foodie in Italy :)

  • Jennifer K

    It’s interesting to read the comments about Clotilde’s appearance on the Today Show. I thought this appearance was like a stroll in the park compared to the chaos of last year’s, when there were 3 women interviewing her at the same time! My understanding of the Today Show is that it is broadcast live, so the hosts have to make sure that the segment is completed within strict time constraints, and there is no going back. That’s why they are always rushing things along.

  • I just came home a few hours ago from your talk at bookshop santa cruz and I have to say, you were just delightful. I enjoyed both your honest answers during Q&A and the readings. It was wonderful to put a voice to the one I read in your cookbook. Thanks for remembering us in this small town of Santa Cruz!

  • Michele

    How fun to see you on TV! You seemed very relaxed — terrific job! And very nice manicure! :)

  • Lovely work, Clotilde. It was so fantastic having your book with us on our recent visit to your beautiful city. Almost as good as having you beside me as my own private tour guide.

  • Marc

    Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the cute new book….I love it!

  • EB

    I’m not a huge Today Show fan but I had to watch just to see you. You really are lovely.

  • jen

    That was a great segment! Please tell us, though, how it is that you have such perfect, almost accentless English? Very impressive!

  • Dan

    Nice job Clotilde! The pastries looked delicious. I was thinking the same thing as Jen; it was very impressive that you couldn’t even hear an accent. I guess it’s from living in San Fran? Great job with the spot!

  • I enjoyed the NPR Weekend Edition interview in Paris.

  • SAS

    You did an outstanding job on Today show recently! Fun to see who this wonderful writer and chef is – you of course. I have the recipe from the Today show web site and plan on making the chocolate pear tart for company this Thursday!

  • SAS

    I made your chocolate pear tarte! Delicious beyond words. My sister will be visiting from far away – Seattle and I am going to be sure to have one waiting for her here in Minneapolis. THANKS!

  • Juanita Gorgona

    Sic Tyrannis Temper

    Good Show

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