The Shortest 3 1/2 Minutes of my Life

Today Show

As some of you have already reported, my cookbook was featured on the Today Show* this morning — you can view the segment online. This was my very first television experience, and it was a fun, fascinating, and rather nerve-racking one: I’ll admit I didn’t sleep so well the night before, and the jetlag can’t have helped.

But the segment was so short — just three and a half minutes — that it was over before I had time to even realize it had started, so the part I enjoyed the most was the peek behind the scenes (the brand-new kitchen set; the so-called “green room” — not green at all — where assorted guests eat cookies as they wait for their turn; the make-up room, from which they emerge with glossier lips, shinier hair, and a heart that beats noticeably faster) and the advance prep work.

Because I was a guest from (way) out of town, a food stylist named Deb was to prepare the food that would be shown during the segment. I had been in touch with her and the segment producer a couple of weeks before, to decide which recipe I would be demonstrating (the Two Tomatoes and Parmesan French Toast) and what other dishes would be displayed as beauty shots on the set (the Very Chocolate Cookies, the Zucchini Carpaccio, the Pan Bagnat, and the Cumin Cheese Puffs).

There was a rehearsal yesterday afternoon, and this allowed me to familiarize myself with the set as we blocked out the segment, deciding how the recipe steps should be broken down for the demo, what sort of props were needed, and where they should be placed on the counter. The different elements were symbolized by sticky tags for Deb to remember, and when I showed up this morning, the food styling fairies had replaced them with the real thing, allowing me to share these before and after shots: a general view of the counter, and then left, middle, and right.

I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly, laid-back atmosphere on the set before and after the shooting, and I appreciated how everyone in the team tried to make things easy and smooth for me, explaining how things worked, making me laugh, and generally making sure I was happy and comfortable, well hydrated and breathing correctly. I was especially grateful to Deb and her assistant, Anna, for assembling the dishes with such care that they looked more beautiful that I could have hoped for, and so tasty that a crowd lingered on the set after the show like it was a cocktail party, chatting and snacking on the beauty shots — the Very Chocolate Cookies (p. 233) proved particularly popular.

* The Today Show is a live morning show on national television in the US; Alexandra Pournaras, who produced my segment, blogged about it on the show’s website.


I would like to thank those of you who took the time to come and see me at the Dean & Deluca booksigning — I swear I didn’t have anything to do with the bomb scare, I was long gone by then and I’d taken all my stuff with me! And if you’re in NYC but couldn’t make it to this event, you can still get an autographed copy from the wonderful Kitchen Arts and Letters bookstore: I dropped by later in the afternoon to sign their stock, right before my publicist, our driver and I went to Grom for a much deserved and much enjoyed cup of ice cream.

  • Clotilde, I’m so proud of you. You amaze me. I hope you are enjoying this as much as you deserve to, mon amie. So sorry to have missed you in NYC by a few days, and that I will miss you by a few days in London as well. I’m very much rooting for you from afar!


    Photos from the Dean and Delucca book signing, pre bomb scare of course!

  • That was fabulous! The newscaster woman really needed to be quiet and let you talk, though. Silly TV people.

  • You were quite poised and telegenic, maybe you could have a TV show or a video podcast…

  • Milli

    I saw you on tv! I was flipping channels and noticed that Today show listed Clothilde D… and I thought could it be? but there were only ten minutes remaining to the show so I didn’t expect to see you in the last three minutes. I wondered if you had been interviewed in an earlier segment like that youtube guy who put his cell phone number for anyone to call him and then did your cooking demo at the end. It was really rushed but nice especially since the Today show is a big national show. I think it is still the top rated one so kudos for getting an appearance on it. I never watch the show so I am really happy to have caught your segment. Maybe someone will post it on youtube too!

    Cheers! Good luck with your book tour.

  • J’ai beaucoup aimé la video. C’est rapide mais très pro, très à l’américaine. Et ta recette de pain perdu salé m’a beaucoup plu.

  • Mar

    Hey, the video was great!!!! Maybe it’s the first step to your own cooking show…

  • Hi Clotilde – huge, massive congrats to the release of your book and national TV appearance… being in Tokyo, it’s a bummer (for me anyways) that I couldn’t get the book for myself on the very day, let alone making it to NYC for the book signing, yet nevertheless I am still really very happy for you and excited to (finally) see the book myself. Take care and enjoy the rest of your US tour!

  • My goodness! I just watched the segment and you’re right, it was incredibly short! But you did a great job.

  • congrats! last time i watched the Today show it was with Pascal (Barbot) doing a cooking lesson… lokk what happened to him!

  • zoe

    My goodness I can see why it was the quickest 3.5 minutes of your life! eeek! I felt a bit claustrophobic I think, on your behalf. Well done! So, how are those Australian tour dates coming along!?

  • Paola

    Hi Clotilde,

    A big congratulations to you on all your achievements! I stayed up till all hours of the night yesterday reading your blog and am fascinated by your witty writing style and beautiful recipes. I especially enjoyed reading about the process of writing your book. Very inspiring! Looking very much forward to getting your book!

  • That was fun, so fast-spaced compared to most cooking shows:) Pain Perdu Aux Deux Tomate & Parmesan seemed like something I would like, and zucchini carpaccio looks great, too. Good luck with rest of the book promoting tour!

  • I’m so, so happy for you and all your well-deserved success. I’m only sorry that I couldn’t have met you at Dean and DeLuca’s. I always used to a get a tomato, basil, and mozzarella panino there, and that plus a signed book would’ve been heavenly :)

  • That was great! Congratulations Clotilde! I’ve been a long-time reader of yours but never posted. However, this shot looks like you had so much fun. I agree, they needed to just let you talk. It was fantastically fun to finally put your own voice to your writing. You’re an inspiration to food bloggers internationally! Enjoy the ride!

  • Pim

    That was super cute, Clotilde. What’s up with that Ann calling you Clotee though?

    Next time you should give us a bit advance notice, no? Then I could watch you on my big TV rather than the little video thingy on Today’s site.

  • Tu étais parfaite, bravo ! Et la manucure nickel, n’est-ce pas ? Bravo encore !

  • J’ai adoré. J’imagine bien tout le stress derrière !!! Bravo miss !

  • Rachel

    I enjoyed the clip – it’s nice to be able to put a voice to the words, at last! Though I agree with the other posters that it’s a shame what’s-her-name didn’t let you talk… Still, well done and I’m looking forward to meeting you in London more than ever!

  • Salut Clothide! You were so cute on the show yesterday! I wish you all the success in the world. Today you’re in my hometown! I would invite you to lunch but I’m sure you are busy and already have plans, no? : )
    I might see you tomorrow at the French library if tickets are still available. If not, maybe we can meet up one day next time you’re in Dijon since I have also been living there for the past 6 years. You should try and go to Sandrine’s restaurant in Harvard Square if you can. The owners are very nice and from the Alsace region.

  • Clothilde, I’m following your book launch with great interest, and was delighted to see the video clip. Boy, I had forgotten how different U.S. TV is in pace and style to the European equivalent! Still, it’s whetted my appetite and now I want your French toast for lunch :)

    All the best with the rest of the tour.


  • I agree with the other posters. That was great but they needed to let you speak. Must’ve been a little scary. Congratulations!

  • Deb

    Congrats! You were great! The on-air folks were really annoying, though. Too bad they didn’t let you get a word in edgewise. :(

    Good luck on your next appearance! You’ll do well — you have natural poise and great personality.

  • Salut Clotilde – Great spot on TV, too bad Ann talks so much! My wife and I are so psyched to be having dinner tonight at Chez Henri with you! Can’t wait to see what is on the menu.

    Cheers – Justin & Susan

  • Great job Clotilde! Congratulations! ; )

  • Wow. That is really impressive to make to an American TV show such as that one. Tell me, will you be featured on any shows in Paris some time soon?

  • Nassim

    Superbe! Denise Fabre n’a qu’à bien se tenir. La nouvelle génération fait déja des étincelles dans le monde entier. C’est une bouffé d’air pour les Clo(clau)strophobes.

    Bien joué. J’attends avec impatience ton apparition dans la MTV Hit list.

  • Sirena

    You were great Clotilde! Super cute and a great selection of dishes – it was awesome to be able to alert my friends and family of how to get a real life glimpse of my favorite food blogger.

  • julie

    Hi Clotilde,

    sorry i missed you yesterday at Dean & Deluca, i had it in my calendar for weeks and got caught at work, even more frustrating that i work a few blocks away …
    anyway i’m glad to see and read the huge success, congrats! oh and i live a few blocks away from Grom, which i tried for the first time this week-end, believe it or not i had to wait in line for 40 mins …

  • Congratulations on all the much deserved success. I enjoy your recipes and blog so much. I will definitely buy the book and I am sure enjoy going through each recipe. Sending wishes for even more success and happiness.

  • Erin

    You handled yourself like an old pro. Fantastic job!

  • Adorable if too short.
    Tell The Naked Chef to make room for Chocolate & Zucchini!
    It was lovely to meet you at the booksigning.
    Your book is TERRIFIC!
    I took photos too.
    Merci et Bonne chance

  • You were a joy to watch! I’ve been reading your blog for years and am so happy to see you and your book doing so well!

  • regina

    It was lovely to meet you yesterday. I spent the entire evening perusing the book, which looks fantastic! I’m going to spend quite a bit of time with it this weekend, much to the delight of my family. Congrats on the Today Show, and good luck on the book tour.

  • Congrats on your book! I came here by way of AliThinks’ blog.

  • Again, felicitations Clotilde! I am happy I made it to the book signing (pre-bomb scare it seems…) and got a signed copy of your book.
    I tried hard not to peek in your book until I got home at night (challenging!), and was not disappointed. This is a fantastic book, appealing recipes and the little Clotilde’s magic touch that truly makes it as enjoyable to look as it is to cook.
    Keep up the fantastic work. I am sorry I missed the Morning Show section, will look at it tonight.

    Avec les chaleureuses salutations d’une francaise a New York, bon courage pour le marathon du Book Tour!

  • Oh Clotilde, how EXCITING that you were on the Today Show! I’m not at all surprised — your recipes, your writing and your work as a whole are wonderful. You’re the international food blogger with flair! And blazing a trail of success…

    Enjoy every moment of your first book tour — as I’m sure there are many more to come!

  • Clotilde, congratulations on all your success. You looked wonderful on the Today show and it was great to hear your voice.

  • Congratulations, Clotilde! You look great on television, as do your recipes. I wish the hosts let you talk more – you had a lot more insight to offer than they did :) Best wishes for the remainder of your US tour. I hope to see you at your signing in San Francisco.

  • Wow, what a sprint through a recipe! It was pretty chaotic with the three of you all talking at once, but it was fun to watch. I can’t believe you’re not coming to Montreal with your book!

  • Kate

    Congratulations Clotilde!

    My copy of the book arrived yesterday, and I devoured it in one sitting! Your descriptions and recipies transported me back to the time when I lived in Provence. How I miss my trips to the market in the center of town! Thank you for bringing me back to that magical time in my life!

  • Ellen Tupman

    Hi! I read your lovely blog often, but have not posted before. I was delighted to see you on the Today Show yesterday morning! I usually have it on in the background while I complete my usual morning routines and it brightened my morning to have your segment pop up. You did a wonderful job. I was laughing at how quickly everyone grabbed the Very Chocolate Cookies! Congrats on your first television experience, you did a wonderful job! Are you coming to San Francisco?!?’
    All the best,

  • Sharon

    Congratulations, Clothilde! I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely. It’s great to see you published and getting (inter)national recognition like the Today Show coverage. You did a wonderful job. Your book is on its way to me; I look forward to an extended encounter with your recipes and ideas. More power to food bloggers! Cheers!

  • Great TV spot even if it was short-we all got a chance to see you in action. Good luck with your cookbook!!

  • Michelle

    Félicitations! Vous avez si bien fait à la télé ce matin. Les autres auraient dû vous laisser parler…c’est vous la star!!

  • The Wine Makers Wife

    WOW! You looked great, and made the segment run smoothly, you hardy have an accent, how fun to see you “in person”!

  • Hèlas, I’d rather catch the flu than subject myself to even 3½ minutes of the Today show, but long ago I preordered your cookbook, and guess what? It arrived at my door today! How thrilling! I can’t wait to sit down with it and a big mug of cocoa.

    Congratulations, Clotilde. I wish you all success.

    — Sara the frequent lurker

  • What an amazing world we live in that I could watch you on TV in the US, on my computer here in Australia. You were wonderful, Clotilde, very calm, poised and confident. Well done!

  • Congratulations- I saw your segment and thought you did so well. Your tomato French toast was one of the recipes that I am most interested in (I love your book!) so I was happy to see it in the segment. I am glad you are enjoying your book tour and I wish you continued success in all of your endeavors. Your honesty and “realness” is what makes you special, and after seeing so many fakes, it’s refreshing to see someone like you.

  • I hope you are enjoying the blur this has probably become! Looking forward to getting my hands on your beautiful book.

  • est

    Your three minutes of fame;) well done! now between that and walking up the steps at the Cannes festival, I’m not sure what I would pick!

  • gingerpale

    Bravo! Encore!

  • renee

    I just received my copy of your new book. My mouth has been watering as I pour over the recipes, and I’m inspired by your suggestions and entertaining experiences. I’ve chosen two recipes for tonight: zucchini crumble with figs and mozzerella p158 (I’ll replace the figs with apricots.)and Chocolate and zucchini cake p166.
    congratulations and thanks!

  • Helen

    Hi Clotilde,

    I’ve been reading a while but never have commented–however I wanted to say, I received both copies of your book today! One for me, one for a friend. I have only had a chance to flip through it a little and am saving it for later tonight when I can really read it, but have a feeling it will be one I use very very often.

    Congratulations on all of this–the segment, book, tour–and I hope to get to one of the book signings in the S.F. bay area.

  • Wow! You were awesome Clotilde! Congratulations! I wish they didn’t rush you through the segment so quickly. Would’ve loved to have seen more. It’s great to hear the voice behind the words I read here so often. Good luck with the rest of your book tour, I hope it’s just as exciting!

  • Lia

    Hi Clotilde,

    Congratulations on the new book and all that’s happening with it! I was just scanning to see if you’d be in the Bay area to invite you up for a day in wine country and I see that you’ll actually be in my itsy bitsy town — Healdsburg — next week. So hopefully I’ll see you here!

    PS — John at Bovolo makes incredible salumi . . . you’ll love it!

  • Anna

    Clotilde! Help! I went to sign-up for your French library event and it was all sold out! Good for you, but what about all your adoring fans who are dying for an autographed copy of your cookbook? Is there any way that you could arrange to have some extra signed copies of your book available at the library if I were to stop by tomorrow night? Please?? Bon courage!

  • Anna

    Oh, no! Clotilde, Please forgive me for misspelling your name!

  • I bought your cookbook yesterday, and have read the intro and several of the stories associated with the recipes. I had to put the book down so that I can savor it. I’m so happy for you; you deserve every bit of success!

    You were great on the Today show, but whew! It was a quick segment!

    Félicitations. Je suis fière de toi!

  • What a night …

  • Clotilde…

    I travel for a living (I drive an 18-wheeler) so I am all over the United States and Canada over 300 days of the year.

    Today, I walked into the Barnes and Noble in Las Vegas, NV and saw your book IMMEDIATELY on the display table RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DOOR!!! It was petite and beautiful!!

    I just wanted to tell you that I bought it and I’m THRILLED to be an owner of this book. It’s just a gorgeous presentation and I’ll be buying another for my best friend’s birthday in June. She loves to cook and will be overjoyed when she sees your little gem of a book.

    I wish you all the luck in the world and I’ll tell you right now – I will look for you in EVERY bookstore I visit (which is a LOT, since I love books and lattes!) and I will make sure that your book is facing FRONT AND CENTER on every shelf I find it on!!!

    Best to you!!

    The Daily Rant

  • winnie

    Congratulations Clotilde on all you success, you deserve all the accolades.

    You were wonderful in a rushed situation on the Today Show. You’re a natural at all of this!

  • good for you that you got on a national television show.

    be careful though. I noticed you kind of sprawling out supporting your weight with your hands on the counter.

    it was hard to see your face sometimes. Just when you’re in front of the camera, you might want to keep it out of your face so the masses can see you.

    These are things you shold be aware of when you’re on television!

  • Ignatius Reilly

    Good show, Clotilde!

    The MSNBC video archive can be viewed here:

    Don’t be put off by the 15″ toothpaste ad you will have to endure before viewing the show…

  • Rose Levy Beranbaum

    clotilde–you were marvelous on the today show. what a beautiful smile you have–the perfect finale to a seamless presentation.
    i ran over to dean & deluca just to say hi and was lucky to get to do that what with the longest line i’ve ever seen for an author at the store.
    well deserved–your writing is utterly unique and charming. i hope you enjoy the rest of the tour–there is little more validating or exhausting!

  • Leah


    I am devestated that I will not be able to make any of your book signings. I really wanted to come out and show my support. The piece on the Today show was great. I wish Ann hadn’t tried to dominate the segment so much. I thought it was hard for you to even get a word in! But, you handled yourself with elegance and grace.

    I just received my pre-ordered copy of Chocolate and Zucchini in the mail yesterday. It totally exceeded my expectations. The recipes look great, the photography is amazing. I love that there is additional commentary in addition to the recipes. It’s fabulous. You did a wonderful job!!!! I hope to meet you some day. Best of luck to you.

  • I too got my copy of the book from Amazon yesterday–I’m already planning a weekend’s worth of meals.

  • Clotilde, you were absolutely lovely on the Today show! And the book is a triumph. I was sorry not to be able to get to Dean & Deluca, but my copy of Chocolate & Zucchini arrived that night, and it’s a feast for the eyes. I am bringing it home to my parents’ house this weekend so we can enjoy some of the recipes together. You deserve every success! Congratulations!
    – Amanda

  • Congratulations Clotilde! A big hug from Panama :)

  • Lisa

    Congratulations Clotilde from a long-time reader. I live in a small town (East Lansing, Michigan) and my local bookstore (which is not a chain) had a copy of the book the first day out! You must have great distributors. The book is really pretty – I love the layout. I saw the Today piece online and it was great. Jeez – everyone was talking so fast I cant believe that you were speaking a second language. Congrats!!

  • kristen

    Wow! They barely let you get a word in! And, pretty ironic that “French toast” was what the “french woman” was making…did you pick the highlighted recipe?
    good luck on your book tour! Can’t wait for my copy to arrive in the mail!

  • Félicitations, c’est complètement excitant de te voir à la télé américaine. J’adore.
    Bisous et à très bientôt.

  • Kerry

    My goodness, they did rush you! Nonetheless, you looked graceful and composed and it was an absolute delight to see you on screen. Best of luck with the rest of your tour.

  • Merci beaucoup Clotilde for visiting the French Library in Boston. The crowd we had shows people love what you do! Hope to have you back another time soon.

  • Mim

    Oh clotilde, I was so happy to see you on the Today show, having met you in Paris at the cafe party for your blog. You did great, but I was so nervous for you because the two women kept talking over you. You, however, appeared very calm and together. I wish I could have been at Dean & DeLuca, one of my favorite spots in SoHo. Good luck on the rest of your tour. avec amitie,

  • clotilde, shame I couldn’t see you but will try and view the show. I am in England and have alredy ordered your book.Can’t wait to see it.

  • Ranie

    I loved Ann Curry on this piece, she seemed to be doing all the work! It was too rushed to give you any time. It was hard to understand what you were saying. Everytime you spoke they cut you off. Remember they are the stars on the show! haha!

  • Anna

    Thanks for signing my book tonight at the French Library! Your talk was fascinating!
    Can you please post what kind of camera you used to photograph the recipes in you book? Thank you!

  • Congratulations, Clotilde!! How fun that you were on the Today show. Wish N and I had managed to make it to the Dean & Deluca signing, but we’re looking forward to seeing you in the Bay Area. The dinner in Boston (on your moblog) looks like it was a lot of fun and a big success.

  • L

    The video is great, but it’s really weird to see the American style of TV-making.
    They seem incredibly babbly, and noisy and over-the-top.
    Clothilde, you were so calm, and gentle, quite a difference!

    Why aren’t you signing in Europe BTW (Belgium eg ;) )?

  • Kara

    Bonjour Clotilde!! I enjoyed very much your visit to Boston last night. I’m so inspired by your story. We’re hosting a party later this month and will certainly be including some of your delicious recipes in our menu. Thank you for sharing your love of food with the world. Visit us again, soon.

  • I agree with L. You were remarkably unruffled by the annoying tendency our TV people have of interrupting and rushing everything their guests say. Good for you.

  • James

    I have never read your blog, but my wife ( is a big fan. Thanks to you–and your cookbook that just arrived in the mail–I am eating some very tasty, Very Chocolate Cookies at work today. Here’s wishing you continued enjoyment and success in this venture.

  • Erin

    I just watched the video on You did great! It’s amazing how much they rush you but you kept your cool. Your book should be in my mailbox today, can’t wait!

  • Clotilde-
    C’était un plaisir de te rencontrer l’autre nuit à Chez Henri. J’espère que tu as eu plaisir à manger la granola de Debra’s Natural Gourmet, etc.
    Check out the archived recipe section (I love the Spring Organic Asparagus Soup, in particular) and Adam’s corner archives for well researched scientific articles on health.

    I hope you will have more opportunities to come back to the Boston area in the future to explore local specialties. Glad you got to taste some Ipswich clams! Hope that next time you’ll have a chance to have them up in Ipswich at the Clam Box! ( or Lobster & Clams at Woodman’s (
    Bonne chance avec le livre de cuisine! I look forward to sampling all the delicious looking recipes!
    à bientôt!

  • Nicole

    It was so nice meeting you last night at the French Library. I hope you liked the bagels! Your talk was absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to wow my friends and family with your recipes. Good luck with the rest of the book tour and all of your future adventures. Come back to Boston soon!

  • Congratulations Clothilde, on the book and all the good publicity! But, holy kalamazoo, did they ever rush you… kind of wished they didn’t interrupt you every two seconds. I wanted to hear you really describe your food the way you do on the blog.

  • Anna

    Hi Clotilde,
    Since I didn’t get to ask you too many questions at the French Library, I will ask here…Was this your first time in Boston?
    Too bad the weather was not our nicest. You should come back again when it is better! There is a Clam Chowder Festival in July that I know you would love….PS: I got really nervous being in your presence and didn’t even say good luck and congratulations….I’m so sorry if you thought that was rude of me. Much continued success and I can’t wait for your new book. Not only are your recipes creative, your writing fun to read, your personality very sweet, but you are also a very talented photographer. Please, Please, Please continue sharing your style and talents with the world.

  • Jenny – New York

    Couldn’t get to the signings here -no babysitter – but I got the book yesterday and absolutely love it! I’m savoring each word – a few pages at a time. Go to Amazon – post your review — I did (Andrew’sMom) – the more reviews the better!

  • Fantastic job with the segment. The spread looked great and mouth watering. I look forward to seeing you in Seattle.


  • I haven’t seen your cookbook yet but I will be your San Francisco event so I will get your book on that day. Wow! I can see real Clotilde!!!

  • Wendy

    Hi Clotilde! I wish I could’ve watched that segment [I’m in Hong Kong so we don’t get the Today Show unless you have cable], but I was reading the June Vogue and I was pleasantly surprised to see your name mentioned in the Books section (page 130). They called you an ‘engaging new voice in home cuisine’, and I couldn’t agree more. :)

  • That today interview on the Today Show was disgusting. I thought it very poorly prepared on their part and they were rude and not listening to you. All of us wanted to hear you.

    Good to hear and see you and good luck. I have been on the wait list of the book.

  • Angie

    Congratulations Clotilde! As a long-time reader of C&Z, it was such a pleasure to see you on TV. I am anxiously awaiting my Amazon shipment with your book and can’t wait to start cooking. And, PLEASE come to Atlanta on your next book tour!

  • SWA

    So happy for you, the spot was terrific & your cookbook is amazing.

  • However did you manage such grace between those two chatterboxes? Someone would have ended up with egg on the face were it my appearance… Television in general bugs me, but good God, American television is just horrible.

    You looked and sounded very nice, Clotilde.

  • Katherine

    Congratulations on your book. I’ve been a longtime fan of your site. I’m sure you already know but I was reading the June issue of
    Vogue and your book is mentioned on page 130 in an article of summer books to read. Again, congratulations :)

  • sam

    Adorable, Clotilde!

    It’s fun to see you making a posh French version of ‘Eggy Bread’

    Pretty please can I still be your friend now you are famous and all?

  • magillicuddy

    You were great — but I agree with everyone who said someone should have shut up and stopped cutting you off…. Americans are always saying (not me) that the French are rude, but honestly, they could have let you speak for yourself a little more… oh and your English is unbelievable ! I played the video for my son (who is 11) and said, see she’s completely French and listen to that English ! (his English is not so great.. because his mother (me) does not speak English at home…He actually has a crush on you, I think, because he said, what’s her name? how old is she? Do you know her? and then he wanted to see it again….

  • congratulations! good luck on the rest of the tour…those tv people were wearing me out – they were moving in double-time, i wanted to slow them down!

  • Clotilde,

    I am delighted for you. It’s so gratifying to see wonderful things happen to talented people like you. You’re an inspiration to us all!

    -Susan from Food “Blogga”

  • Bravo!

    Again a wonderful example that talent and persistence can pay off.

    Bravo encore!

  • First, the NBC segment was incredibly fast!

    Two, I enjoyed your book talk at Cody’s 4th Street in Berkeley. I am proud to have a signed copy of your book and I have already prepared the yogurt cake and the tartine (I used oyster mushrooms and parmesan cheese).

    Three, I hope you are relaxing at home.


    HI, I am a big fan of your site, have been for years. Maybe you can direct me. I am going to be in Aix en Provence for three weeks starting June 9th. Are there any cooking courses I could join during my stay there? If recomended by you I know it will be good. I am a pastry chef by profession.Thank you, for this & all the joy through all this time…..Claire.

  • cin

    Clotilde, I cannot believe you had TIME to breathe during that segment even if you had remembered! It all went so quickly.

    Anyway, congratulations, it’s great to see you on TV.

  • I am so sorry that the segment was so fast. But … you got it all in and beautifully. Well done!

  • Hi Clotilde – I’ve been a long fan of your blog’s and felt very compelled to finally leave a note for you!

    First off, congratulations(!!) on all that you’ve done in the last year alone — I’m in the middle of your book right now and have almost missed several stops, reading it on the subway ride to work :). I’m excited to try my hand at several of the recipes, in particular your version of beef bourguignon and the tomato/pistachio/chorizo loaf. *drool*

    Keep up the great work — looking forward to many more chocolate & zucchini recipes ahead!

    PS: Hope you don’t mind if I link you to your blog; please feel free to visit mine when you have some time as well :).

  • Paula Cousins

    I’m looking for a product called Moules Flamandes made by Prins & Dingemanse (traiteur). It is mussels in a jar with creamed mustard sauce (Moustarde, huile, vinaigre). I would like to purchase it in the USA or try to make it for myself. It is especially good with a tall cold beer! Can you help or anyone else? Thanks,

    Paula Cousins

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