Book Update, Part VII

Book Update

If you have been keeping an eye on the moblog, you may have noticed that I have just taken a lightning trip to NYC.

The main reasons for this trip were to brunch with Adam in Brooklyn and to buy a mosquito helicopter for Maxence, but I also managed to squeeze in a series of meetings and work sessions with my publicist, to prepare for the upcoming release of my cookbook in May.

Good things are in the works, but what I am most pleased to announce is that we are planning a US book tour that will take me to NYC, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco between May 15th (my “on-sale date”) and May 24th. I will post a detailed schedule of the events as soon as all of them are set, and I also intend to organize a book launch party of some sort in Paris, most likely in June.

In other news, I am currently reading through the proofs of the British edition (note: the cover is being redesigned as we speak), which will also be released in mid-May. This edition will have metric measurements (yay!) and lots of words like neighbours and aubergine. It is the edition that will be distributed in New Zealand and Australia, as well as in British import bookstores in France.

To those of you who have been eagerly awaiting an edition in traditional Chinese characters, I am happy to say that it is going to happen, for a Taiwanese publisher has purchased the translation rights. We are also talking to publishing houses in several European countries, including France.

In the meantime, to keep myself busy as I wait for the finished copies to return from the printer, I have been devoting most of my time to a second book project: a food-oriented guide to Paris that is scheduled for publication by Broadway in the spring of 2008.


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Chocolate & Zucchini: Daily Adventures in a Parisian Kitchen

  • Bravo Clotilde! I’m getting excited about your book coming out, as are all of your readers. I hope that the book tour will be something fun for you. I noticed on the moblog that you had been to Prune, I hope you liked it.

  • Will your British edition bring you to London, by any chance? =)

  • Wow – you are keeping busy! I am looking forward to reading your book so much and handy Paris food tips are always good. Enjoy the launch and the tour.

  • Really umpatient to see your book… a great achievment for you, congratulation.. wish you’ll propose a good carbonnades flamande recipe ;-)

  • Congratulation Clotilde! That’s wonderful to hear. I’m very excited for you and can’t wait to get your book. I guess you are not coming on your book tour to Canada?

    All the best,

  • Toutes mes félicitations ! J’imagine très bien ton excitation et ta fierté… Bravo !

  • Rose

    You mean “traditional” chinese characters, right? As opposed to the mainland chinese “simplified” character system?

    We don’t call them “complex.” Even the simplified version is complex enough :-) It is commonly known as “traditional” characters.

    I look forward to finding it in store’s here in taiwan. It’ll be a language treat for me to try to translate it back to english :-)

    When does the Taiwanese publisher expect to release it? In time for next year’s Taipei International Book Fair?

  • Mary – Yes, I had a wonderful time at Prune — great food and great company.

    Monica and Monika – No definitive London or Canadian plans yet, but I’ll keep you posted!

    Rose – Thanks for the correction. We call them sinogrammes traditionels in French, too, but the contract drawn up by the Taiwanese publisher refers to “Chinese printed in complex characters only”, so apparently someone calls them that! :) I don’t have the publication date for this edition yet, but I will let you know.

  • msue

    Clotilde, your news is so exciting – that your book will delight Chinese readers as much as the rest of us is awesome! Just think of the cooks around the world, each at their own stove, sharing the same stories and recipes. I can’t help but feel like you are doing your part to create a harmonious global community, finding a common language through shared food experiences.

    Best of luck and success on your book tours! The best is yet to come for you, that is certain.

  • David

    Clotilde! The news just gets better and better. And bravo to Broadway.

  • Kelly

    I am curious to know whether the mosquito helicopter was worth th money. I read the reviews which were mixed. What does Maxence think?

  • Neil

    I guess there are disadvantages in living in a non-major city, i.e. Memphis, TN. If I want to meet you I must come to Chicago, closest, or San Francisco, where I have relations. In either case, or neither, I wish you well on the lauch of your book.

  • I was hoping you could stop by Philadelphia but I guess I will hope for another time! Anyways, congratulations on your fisrt book, I cannot wait to read it!

  • Kara

    Oh, I hope you come to Boston – I’m two hours west but will definately visit to see you! Love your site!

  • Congrats, Clotilde- must be exciting to see your book published in so many different places. I’m also keen to hear more about your second book – I relied a lot on your blog when I paid my first visit to Paris last May, and as I hope to come again soon, your book would be handy:)

  • what? no los angeles? we’ll miss you down here. many congrats nonetheless!

  • Rachel

    Wonderful news, Clotilde! (As if one book wasn’t enough to look forward to! ;) ) I’ll hope, along with Monica, that you do make it to London, but if not, a book launch in Paris sounds like an excellent excuse to pop over!

  • katie

    What about Portland? We do have a fantastically, amazingly, huge book store here! C’mon!

  • Congrats & best of luck with the cookbook!

  • Amy

    yes PLEASE! Portland does have a wonderful book store (– the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world!) and a tremendous foodie scene… you would be terribly missed if you did not add us to your itinerary.

  • I am touched that you would want me to visit, and I am aware that there are dozens of book tour worthy cities in North America (and hundreds more on the rest of the planet), but it is just me and ten days, so I can’t visit them all on this first trip. Perhaps another time?

  • I’m amazed at this blog world. When you read all the good wishes (and I add mine – what an inspiration) – do you realize you have friends and readers all in one go?

    I’m so happy for you…a second book on the way and the first one not yet born…congratulations!

  • Mariana

    Hi Clotilde!

    I hope I can buy your book here in Sweden (British edition). I just wait for it to come:) I have already tried many of your recipes. I loved them for the results, their simplicity and your comments. It’s an inspiration for me. Thank you!


  • Wow, this is exciting! Do keep us posted on your U.S. tour dates–I will want my copy of your book autographed when you hit Chicago.

  • est

    Congratulations! one good news after another… I am very impressed by all the translations of your future book!

  • Looking forward to seeing you in Seattle, Clotilde! And a big congrats on the second book.

  • MaxMillion

    I’m with tannaz — I’m bummed that your tour doesn’t take you to Los Angeles.

    tant pis!!

  • robin.


    A friend of mine published a book last year. She decided to do a much larger book tour than her publisher was willing to pay for….but it was so successful that they eventually repaid all her costs. She did a lot of radio interviews, btw.

    You have so many admirers in so many cities, perhaps you should extend the tour yourself. You can’ t leave out LA and Seattle and Portland. And I will put in a word for DC!

    And congrats on the second book. The Patricia Wells guide is out of date and needed a competitor.

  • Clotilde,

    Unfortunately, even book publishers in Taiwan get it wrong. “complex” might refer to the structures of the character, but the overal system (compared to the mainland Chinese version) is called “traditional”.

    In any case, please let us know when it’ll be published in Taiwan/Hong Kong. I’d be wonderful to see you at next year’s book fair in Taipei. Your mouth could be savoring the enormous variety of street food Taiwan has to offer :-)

  • sam

    They had the helicopter in stock?! Fred has been trying to get hold of one for weeks. They never have them in the store.

  • shelli

    Oh my gosh! You’re an industry!

    We’ll be crossing in the air in mid-May (we can wave from our respective airplane windows) but I hope the Paris launch will be in the early part of June so we can help celebrate. Very exciting stuff.

  • Well, when you come back to D.C. for part 2 of your book tour, see if you can book you in the Washington, D.C., area. We’d love to see you around here!

  • Bon chance et…

    ..meilleurs voeux!!

  • nat k

    i work as a publicist and i know that book tours can be pretty intense for an author. it’s a lot of travelling and a lot of work. i think it’s wise that she will just be hitting five cities at first, and these are great cities.

    and if things go well (as i’m sure they will) she can plan a second tour in the fall!

  • Hey there Clotilde, just wanted to chime in with my congratulations to you as well. Sounds like things are coming along so well — and a second book on the way, what wonderful news! Your writing is so refreshing, your photographs are gorgeous, and of course your recipes are easy-to-follow and always a success. You have built up such a fan base around the world, it’s amazing! I’m proud to have had the opportunity to meet you, and I can’t wait to have you sign my copy of your first book.

    (And I’m hoping to be able to get my hands on the UK edition, because I’ve gotten used to using metric measurements here in France; it just makes things easier!)

  • Great news, congratulations! If you ever need a dining companion in Boston…

  • Nat

    I am so excited for you. And for my own selfish reasons, I’m ecstatic that your book tour will bring you through Chicago!

  • So exciting that you’re onto your second book already! I enjoyed your Paris article in the latest UK Delicious mag. My OH must have liked the sound of it to as he has promised me a foodie trip to Paris later in the year so thanks for that :-)

  • cc

    Recently, Moleskine Notebooks started publishing city guide books that combine maps & travel guides with their classic journal. I think it would be interesting if they made dining journals, combining restaurant reviews, city maps, wine pairing ideas, etc. with notes for each meal. Perhaps someone could pitch that idea for them. You could use parts of your upcoming Paris guide for it.

  • Céline75

    Félicitations !

    Rien que des bonnes nouvelles ! Vivement que ton livre soit publié, et je m’inscris aussi pour la petite fête / dédicace de lancement à Paris….

  • Monica in El Paso

    I see Monica in London and Monika in Canada have already tried, so I won’t even beg you to visit my area — but I promise you’ll sell at least one book in West Texas.

  • rainey

    Oh… I’m so disappointed that your tour won’t include LA. =..<

  • Tim

    I look forward to the releasy of your book… and will not judge it on the cover…

  • meera

    – its one cookbook I know will be a good investment – none of your recipes have failed me.
    Speaking of which, I tried your yogurt cake this morning – it was lovely – velvety and rich.

  • How exciting — I’m jusy sorry you won’t be in Louisville, Ky. :)

    I will look very forward to your food guide to Paris! Maybe I can retire my Gourmet magazine special Paris issue when your book comes out.

  • Donna Smith-Harrison


    I am echoing the wishes of other C& Z readers and fans…many, many congratulations on the publication of your book! I look forward with great anticipation to your visit to San Francisco. I will be there in line with my books for signature! the good news for me, is that I will have returned from my son’s graduation in New York by the time you get here!

    And Rainey – you know you are always welcome to come up and stay here! It would be pure joy to head in to The City with you for a book signing. Perhaps we can tear Georgia away from the grandkids long enough to join us!

  • clotilde,how wonderful that your books are such success. I will keep checking on London dates as I would love to get a printed copy.

  • British version with metric measurements – how I love hearing that!! I just can’t get my head around the oz. and lbs. and cups…

  • Camille

    Please try to add at least 1 Canadian city, (Toronto is closest to me:) although Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Windsor, London, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Fredricton, Halifax, Charlottown, St John’s and Corner Brook are all lovely too.

    I guess my point is that you have many fans in Canada (epecially in the greater Toronto area I’ve noticed) and we are frequently forgotten by Americans.

  • Yaaaaaaay! You’re coming to Boston! I’m so psyched and cannot wait to get your book!!

  • Patricia

    Congratulations! I”m so excited that you are coming to Seattle on your tour and I will be in line.
    I include myself in the group of readers of your blog from the early days and, like many of the others I”m sure, I feel as though in a small way I have been on this journey with you.
    There is a somewhat old-fashioned word that is making a comeback – ENGAGING – and that”s one of the first things that comes to mind when I think of you. You engage your readers – making us a part of your experiences. Feel free to quote me on the dust jacket!! (humor)
    I”m so proud of you.

  • Two amazing books … a publicity tour … that’s some dish you cooked up in your little kitchen. So, when’s the television show appearing?

  • veron

    How I wish you can visit D.C. , I would drive up from Richmond,VA for that book tour. Yay! on your second book!

  • So excited for your book! Hope to see you in San Francisco, perhaps!


  • Oooh, can’t wait for it to come out in Australia. There’s no chance you will be stopping by here at all?

  • maryanne

    Can’t wait to see you in Boston, it can be a lovely time of year to visit us! We’ll be in line!

  • I work for a Canadian book publisher so I can tell you that while not all books *published* in the United States (or elsewhere) end up with a Canadian publisher (meaning that someone has bought the rights to publish the book exclusively in this country), copies of these books are often still distributed here. Clotilde’s book is being published in the US by Broadway Books, which has a distribution arrangement in Canada with Random House. I just checked their website and, sure enough, Random House will be distributing (and probably doing some marketing of) the book in Canada. According to their website, the book will be available for sale in Canada on May 15, 2007.

  • nbm

    Congratulations, Clotilde, and I hope to get to see you in New York. Your blogging community will have to get used to realizing you don’t “belong to” us any more, but to the big world.

  • dounoaille

    Hi Clotilde,

    Trop contente pour vous que vous ayez un tel succès ! Vos recettes et vos petites histoires sont vraiment tellement géniales !!! I have a lot of fun and surprise with your discoveries.
    Je viens de voir seulement aujourd’hui et par hasard en allant sur le site de Virginie Sommet, que vous avez eu la gentillesse et la générosité de mettre en ligne le 7 janvier les quelques phrases que j’avais écrites à son propos. Je veux vraiment vous remercier pour votre solidarité et je vous apporterai son livre lors de votre petite fête à Paris (pour la sortie du vôtre).

    Très cordialement

  • Hallie

    Yay! I am so excited that you are coming to Seattle. I’ve moved back to Seattle from London and was sad to not attend the C&Z birthday party this year. Guess we can celebrate in May!

  • This is so great Clotilde! My mom and I will come and see you when you come out here to San Francisco. She is looking forward to it. She didn’t get to meet you the last time you were here, at Place Pigalle.
    FYI – you have inspired me to start my own blog and write my own book about the culinary arts in my region. Even if I don’t end up getting anything published (because I will probably need a lot of luck), it is so much fun to do anyway!

  • Ching

    Where is Los Angeles is the US Book Tour lineup! :(

  • ES

    Chocolate and Zucchini: Daily Adventures in a Parisian Kitchen
    Dusoulier, Clotilde (Author)
    ISBN: 0767923839
    Broadway Books
    Published 2007-05
    Paperback , $18.95 (256p)
    Cooking | Regional & Ethnic – French
    Reviewed 2007-02-19

    Readers of Dusoulier’s ebullient food blog,, won’t be disappointed by this wonderful mélange of new creations and old favorites. Dusoulier’s charm lies in her culinary curiosity and enthusiasm, and she deftly conveys both through 75-plus recipes and narrative commentary. The 27-year-old Parisian arranges her book into three sections. The first, Simplicité (Simplicity), includes salads, sandwiches, savory tarts, soups and eggs. Part two is Invitation (Entertaining) and features recipes for hors d’oeuvres, “impromptu” dinners like Hand-Cut Steak Tartare, dinner party fare such as Comté Cheese Soufflés, buffet items and sides. The final portion concerns sweets, clearly Dusoulier’s favorite. With scintillating recipes for cakes (Apricot and Pistachio Ricotta), tarts (Blueberry Amandine), desserts (Chocolate Hibiscus Crème Brûlée) and “sweet bites” (Orange Flower Shuttle Cookies), this section brims with innovation. Overall, newcomers to French cuisine will learn to make some classics, like Pistou Soup and Beef Bourguignon, while those seeking to expand their repertoires will enjoy the author’s idiosyncratic creations. Dishes like Broccoli and Apple Quiche (born out of a “greenmarket run one fall morning”) and, of course, Chocolate & Zucchini Cake (which may sound “a little odd,” but is “surprisingly successful” and features “real teamwork at play”) are just some of Dusoulier’s delightful and unusual offerings.(May)

    Copyright © 1997-2005 Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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