Inside Earlywood: A Q&A with Woodworker Brad Bernhart

Gorgeous utensils from Earlywood. Photography by Dan Armstrong.


I think about Brad Bernhart every day.

Every time I stir a simmering pot, scrape caramelized bits of roasted vegetables off a baking sheet, scoop granola into a cup, spread almond butter on my toast, cut up a piece of fruit, or ladle a chunky soup into bowls. I hold in my hand the beautiful, functional, durable utensils he has created, and feel lucky that I get to use them daily.

It’s not every kitchen tool that brings you joy, yet joy is precisely what’s at play here.

I told you about Earlywood a little while ago, and have kept in touch with Brad since, so when he told me about the new products he had designed — a set of mini cutting boards, slender tasting spoons, a tapered bread board — I was excited to try them out. Like all Earlywood products they are beautifully crafted, and I was especially taken with the miniature cutting boards and their one-of-a-kind wood pattern. Aren’t they striking?

Bread board, set of mini cutting boards, and set of tasting spoons from Earlywood.

Tapered bread board, set of mini cutting boards, and slender tasting spoons from Earlywood.

I have long been curious to hear more about Brad’s process, and he has agreed to participate in a little Q&A for our collective enjoyment.

Gift-giving season is around the corner and you’ll want to explore the Earlywood range, because any of Brad’s products will make an affordable yet truly special gift for the cooks you love. And as a gift to you, C&Z readers, Brad has offered a generous prize that you can enter to win at the bottom of this post. Happy reading and good luck!

Clotilde Dusoulier

Tell us a bit about your life path, and how you got to where you are.

In a nutshell, this is my life path: Kid, ski bum, student, engineer, husband, father, Earlywood!

Clotilde Dusoulier

Walk us through “a day in the life of Brad.”

My days are not consistent by any means. My wife is a nurse and works night shifts, so she is often in some state of preparing for work or recovering from work, but if I had to describe a “typical” day this would be it: If I have it in me, I try to get up before my kids do so I can knock a few things off my plate, like take a shower or drink some coffee in silence! Then, in come the kids. My little ones are two and three years old, and it takes them about ten seconds to go from 100% asleep to 100% fired up and rowdy. We cook some breakfast, get some clothes on and get ready for their day. That’s when I usually pass the torch to my wife and go to work.

I might spend a few hours in the office e-mailing and working on business stuff, then if everything lines up… I’m off to the shop to make some sawdust. I work as hard as I can for as long as I can, then it’s back into the hurricane of my children. We usually eat dinner as a family, do some kind of activity, then go through their bedtime routine. At that point, I finally have some nice quiet time to take care of myself, but as many parents can probably relate with… I just fall asleep!


Clotilde Dusoulier

You just released new cutting boards and some tasting spoons. Can you describe your process for coming up with new products?

Although I am an ex-mechanical engineer who used to use a specific method for designing new products, that’s not exactly how I do it with Earlywood products. I like to know that my product designs will withstand the test of time, so I don’t rush the design process.

For example, for the bread boards that I just released this fall, I started designing last January! I made about 40 different variations of them. I passed a few out to friends as well as put a couple in my own kitchen to be tested for strength, etc. over the course of six or seven months. Nothing popped up, but if there had been an issue with strength or warping or anything else, I would have time to problem solve that before releasing to the public. I took the stack of forty cutting boards to craft fairs throughout the year and got comments from shoppers about the boards. I applied that feedback and modified the design a little. Then I conferred with some people whose opinions I trust to pick the two designs that I am offering now. I am always keeping a few key design goals in mind:

  • Simple not busy
  • Clean not cluttered
  • Modern not rustic
  • Solid not cheap
  • Warm not cold
  • Functional not frivolous

These qualities essentially describe how the boards were designed, but that’s only half of what happens. There are so many questions on the manufacturing side of things that need to be answered before I put them out for purchase, for example: How do I clamp the pieces together? What kind of glue will be best? How will the woods work together and how they will handle misuse, like heat, cold, and water? How should the grain be oriented in the pieces? Where am I going to store the wood to make these? What kind of box am I going to ship them in? How heavy are they? What do I need to charge for them? What should I call them? The list goes on! There are a lot of steps that go beyond the actual production, as well, like how to ship them and how much to charge.

There is a lot to consider when releasing a new product and that doesn’t even cover any of the pictures, descriptions, etc. that I need to feature them on my website. It ain’t easy!

Earlywood utensils oiling and drying

Clotilde Dusoulier

What excites you the most about your work? What is the most challenging thing about it?

The most exciting thing for me, which might not sound exciting to other people, is when I show up at the shop at the beginning of the day. I walk through the door, smell the sawdust and the wood, and have a whole day of making ahead of me! I love being in the shop and never get tired of being there.

The most challenging thing about running Earlywood is the number of hats that I need to wear as a bootstrapping entrepreneur. I was thinking about adding a bunch of pictures to my “about us” page that were all pictures of me with different job titles under them. A few would be: maker, new product designer, purchaser, marketer, web developer, store owner, traveling craft fair vendor, accountant, visionary, COO, CEO, CFO…the list goes on! It’s a lot to keep in one person’s head at one time.

Clotilde Dusoulier

What makes you different from other makers of beautiful wooden utensils?

What makes me different from most wooden utensil makers is my unique blend of art and science. I was an artist, drawer, painter from a young age and still love it. I even took on an art minor when I was in school for mechanical engineering. I use my artistic side to design great-looking and great-feeling products, which a lot of utensil makers do, but then when I’ve got a design I like, I go to town on it with engineering! I hear of and see so many spoon makers who start, make some products, then quickly go right out of business because they burn out.

Making spoons out of hardwoods is not easy and it’s even harder if you want to try to feed your family doing it. You can’t make a living doing this unless you are really fast and efficient about the process. I use every bit of engineering knowledge I have regarding lean manufacturing, process improvement, material selection, etc. to make it work for me. All of this together is why you can buy a spoon from Earlywood today, then buy another one from us in five years and not only will we still be in business, but the two spoons will look very similar.

I try to operate like a great restaurant. You want to go in and order your favorite meal without worrying that it will be different each time.

Red Lodge, Montana, where Earlywood is based

Red Lodge, Montana, where Earlywood is based

Clotilde Dusoulier

What would you most like to make that you haven’t made so far?

I would like to and will make some larger cutting boards and some utensils with more than one wood in them, like the old wok ladle that I’ve posted pics of on my Instagram page. It’s just a matter of time!

Clotilde Dusoulier

If you weren’t a woodworker, what would you like to be?

I would love to be an astronomer. I absolutely love everything related to space, physics, and the cosmos!

Clotilde Dusoulier

Do you have role models, in your craft and beyond?

Ernest Hemingway said, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” So instead of having a role model that is a person, I think my role model is a better version of myself and that’s what I shoot for!

Clotilde Dusoulier

You create beautiful utensils for cooks to use. Are you an enthusiastic cook yourself?

I do love to cook, but I’ll admit, when I’m cooking, I often think about the utensils and how they add to the cooking experience more than I think about the meal! My wife Charlotte is inspirational in the kitchen though. Even if you give her a recipe to follow, that never happens. She makes magic of whatever we have around!

Behind the scenes at Earlywood

Behind the scenes at Earlywood

Enter the Giveaway!

I am very, very excited about this giveaway, as Brad will be making custom-branded Earlywood products exclusively for Chocolate & Zucchini readers. These products are limited edition and will be engraved with the mention C&Z ♥ Earlywood. One lucky reader will receive:

Custom-engraved Earlywood C&Z Cutting Board

Brad will ship anywhere in the world, so all readers are welcome to participate, regardless of location.* Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below; you will be automatically signed up for the C&Z newsletter, but of course you will be free to unsubscribe at any time. You have until Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 10pm EST to participate, and as you can see I’ve included lots of options to increase your chances. The winner will be announced here on Wednesday the 25th. Good luck!

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* Please note that if you are outside the US and Canada, the package may be subject to customs and sales taxes on reception, and these will be at your expense; check with your local postal services to know the details.

Brad working on Earlywood products while being photographed by Dan Armstrong.

Brad working on Earlywood products.

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    I really love my chef’s knife. It is absolutely wonderful. The Earlywood articles are gorgeous. Brad Bernhart is a true artist.

  • Mon ustensile favori n’est pas le plus glamour ni le plus joli,l s’agit d’un rasoir à légume (ou épluche-légume), il est simple, très maniable et me permet de faire plein de choses avec :
    – éplucher les légumes rapidement et sans trop de perte (c’est le minimum syndical!)
    – prélever des longues bandes de zestes d’agrumes sans la peau amère, je les hache ensuite en général.
    – faire des tagliatelles de légumes
    – couper du fromage finement en tranches régulières
    des fruits, betterave, céleri, navet…
    Et merci pour le concours!

  • Jennifer N.

    wow, the wooden untensils look so beautiful! i enjoy using my mixing spoon for making cookies and cakes!

  • Melonie Richey

    These are great. I love the colors and the simplicity of them.

  • Chris V

    What a beautiful collection.

  • Rinette Yeo-Church

    These are amazing!! Heading over to their site right now as these are what I have been looking for – beautiful and functional. I love using biscuit cutters- they make me happy as they generally mean lovely,warm biscuits are near!!

  • Laetitia B

    These tools are amazing, beautiful and magnificent!!! I love them, specially the C&Z version! Thank you for this wonderfull dreaming moment in those dark days we are living in France now! <3

  • Clotilde

    It is my first comment in English ! So, I would like to test the Earlywood’s cutting board because mine are too small or too big and they need to be changed !

  • Stine

    I have an old coffee grinder after my Great Grandmother that I use almost daily for grinding spices. It makes me happy to think of how it was used so many years ago in such a different age by a person I never met, but would never be alive without!

  • Joni

    When I was in high school, my friend and I had her mom teach us how to cook Indian food. For the holidays that year, my friend gave me a wooden spoon. It’s still my favorite wooden spoon in the kitchen, and I often think of her and her mother and cooking lessons when I use it.

  • Avital Ordan

    The work is beautiful

  • My rolling pin…it was my grandmothers :)

  • Maree

    A handmade french style rolling pin made out of beautiful huon pine, bought while on holiday in Tasmania. Even just looking at it – the beautiful shape and wood it’s made from – is a pleasure.

  • Judy Pechmann

    I love wooden spoons, I’d love to have a collection of them!

  • Aline

    Beautiful !
    I would love to “win” one of the items. Also liked the “sprit” of the man.

  • Cilleriania

    My trusty wooden spoon. Not glamorous, but it gets used a lot!

  • emily__lynn

    My grandma’s dishes!

  • danarsab

    my sister brought me a beautiful spoon rest and tray (painted ceramic) from Italy that I love

  • Alicia

    So gorgeous – merci!

  • Jenny

    I love old melmac (melamine) utensils and dishes. I have a ladle, a couple spatulas, but my favorite is a bright yellow spoon, shaped like a wide wooden spoon, great for stirring soups and sauces.

  • RossS12

    Definitely my wooden saute spoon which I use all the time. I believe I made it back in woodworking in school… my wife insists we picked it up at a shop fifteen years ago. Either way it has grown to become one my most used utensils.

  • Orana

    My great grandmother’s ceramic mixing bowl :)

  • Claire

    I only have cheap wooden spoons (or plastic ones!). I am very curious to try good quality tools, and maybe father christmas will bring me some…

  • Denitsa Branzakova

    Magnifiques! J’en rêve depuis quelques temps. J’adore travaillé avec des bels objets naturels!

  • Axlbr

    Mes ustensiles préférés sont mes couteaux ramenés de voyage. Notamment un couteau ramené d’Inde, pas très beau mais super efficace. Assez fragile aussi, la lame s’oxyde facilement

  • Sabrina

    Magnifique. On voit que c’est le travail d’un passioné!

  • Christine Pinto

    J’aime le bois et je déteste le plastique … il ne me
    manque plus que quelques ustensiles Earlywood. Un vrai travail de passionné qui rend hommage à l’artisanat… ce serait un vrai plaisir de travailler/cuisiner/savourer avec ces nobles objets qui embellissent le quotidien culinaire !

  • Stella_L

    oh such a great giveaway! :) I just love to use tongs, they’re my favorite cooking tool.

  • Joanne

    Thanks to you, Clotilde, my joy these days is the dough whisk – I use it for all doughs, from bread to pastry to scones to cake – easy on the wrist, easy to wash, and totally effective.

  • Kees van Zoelen

    The scraper goes with me to every kitchen where I have to cook, it feels if I have my own kitchen with me, makes me confident….very strange

  • Mary-Ellen Wessinger

    I love my chef’s knife. Just the right size, weight, feel. My favorite tool. Brad’s tools are beautiful!

  • Lauren Kelleher

    The saute spatula is my favorite. All the tools are so beautiful, it makes me feel special when I cook!

  • Liz

    My late mother’s wooden-handled two-tine fork.

  • Maryann

    any one of these would have a happy & useful life in my kitchen!

  • I have a saute spatula and if I can’t find it in the drawer I get really MAD !
    I need it at all times !

  • Céline

    Le set de mini planches à découper fait vraiment envie! Les miennes font bien vieilles et moches à côté!

  • Aisha Belhadi

    My knives !!! They’re a delight to use. And a close second: my pots and pans, I love how each type of metal (cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper) reacts and is perfectly suited to different tasks. And, not really a utensil, but almost, my Bamix stand mixer with the extra accessories: it’s like my own little personal commis!
    All that said, my current infatuation is with my reusable piping bag (DeBuyer, the one you recommended in response to one of my comments !)
    And my 2-year old’s favorites are chopsticks and my silicone pastry brush. Go figure…
    Nearly all my utensils are either metal or wood, though nothing as beautiful as these Earlywood pieces!

  • Lexie Morgan

    My favorite utensil is my ladle because of the recipes I use it for: soup, hommade hot chocolate, hot spiced wine.. I use it for all the things that warm you inside and out and make life a little cozier!

  • Mimi

    I have no real reliable utensils and have always had to improvise in the kitchen (something I actually enjoy the challenge and spirit of but it can be a real pain at times)! I have used board game pieces, sticks from the yard, rulers, cardboard, even a broom handle before (to prop open my 100 year old oven, as you cannot regulate the temperature)!! The featured utensils are beautiful and it would be fantastic to win a set of beautiful things to start my own treasured, heirloom-worthy collection.

  • Marta dcp

    my Earlywood trifecta is used every day here! I love them and have offered them as gifts too!

  • Karen Minutelli

    Wow! I have been looking everywhere for good wooden utensils! I’ve been using the travel packs, as those are the only ones I could find! So grateful to Chocolate & Zucchini for the introduction! Thank you!

  • Peter D

    My favorite utensil is a spatula with blades on each end – for scraping and spreading. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • perosh

    Really great utensils

  • Michelle Lim

    I would tell my (girl)friends and their partners that the guys in the relationship would always use the best “toys”/tools to fix the homes. why wouldn’t the ladies get the best kitchen “toys”/tools for the cooking too. That is fair argument.

    Not any food would beat food being cooked with the most topnotch utensils. It makes the food preparation part as enjoyable as serving the food to the people you love. <3


    A long server is awesome!!!

  • Jo

    All his pieces look beautiful! My favorite thing is a beautiful cutting board to serve cheeses on…

  • michtravels

    I love handmade wood, and have always wanted to make them myself. Beautiful spoons!

  • Cakebaker

    The products are just a work of art…..thank you for the opportunity to win some.

  • Rose Stepnick

    In college I took a shop course and made a wooden spoon. However it was more fit for beating rugs then food! Love all fine things wood though. Even my clunky spoon. Love these better~!

  • disqus_qi8v2KEH4b

    some cooking utensils are beautiful; others are practical–i love that these are both!

  • Kim Lytle

    these are gorgeous tactile and practical … an honour to use

  • Anne Ritchings

    Love using my Middleton knife (from South Carolina). Truly a beautiful and functional tool. The most important one in my kitchen.

  • Andrea Rust

    Hmm I can’t say that I have any utensils that bring me joy. I could certainly say that if I won this giveaway!

  • Beth

    Love your craftsmanship!! One utensil of mine, that I don’t use very often, is a beautiful wooden honey dipper. It belonged to my Grandmother, and whenever I do use it, it brings me great joy and fond memories of her :)

  • Georgia

    I would love to win! Very beautiful utensils.

  • Kate & Jeremy Greenwood

    I love my Earlywood flat spatula and use it for saute, stirring, scraping, etc… Nice wooden utensils make me happy when I’m in the kitchen! ~Kate Greenwood

  • Suzanne Jackson

    I don’t own any Earlywood (yet), but I do enjoy a good quality utensil. I recently invested in a quality bread knife that makes me smile every time I use it… and it’s not nearly as pretty as Earlywood!

  • Louise

    Enjoy using my ceramic cook’s knife but think I would enjoy using these even more!

  • Cindy Aiton

    The flatware that belonged to my mister’s grandparents always brings me joy. I love passed down treasures and the memories that come with them.

  • melbajo

    i use my earlywood scraper every day and love it!

  • Alejandra

    These are so beautiful and I need all of them! I also find using spatulas oddly satisfying :D

  • Lynsey Buchanan

    I love using the whisk to whip up some yummy cakes

  • Lillian Whitt

    Beautiful work! I’ll be buying a few new utensils from Earlywood.

  • Laura Downs

    A good wooden spoon and a good chef’s knife are essential for cooking

  • Dalva

    Bonjour, ces ustensiles sont magnifiques et changent de ceux en bambou qui envahissent les magasins (je n’aime pas ce matériau, je ne sais pas exactement pourquoi). Ceux-ci ont une âme, bravo l’artiste et merci pour ce concours généreusement doté.

  • Amy Jeanroy

    Absolutely stunning! I love the whisk. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  • Vanessa De Carvalho

    I love using small cutting boards for l’apéro. Easy way to share the joy of being together with friends…

  • paleface

    This would be fantastic gift for me or my boyfriend.

  • Meghan Mathieson

    What gorgeous implements! This is a wonderful offer for anyone who cooks. As an amature woodworker, I am impressed by Brad’s ability to make his passion for wood into his business.

  • JudyH

    I already have several earlywood spatulas that I love! There’s always room for more though.

  • Rust

    I have an antique handmade wooden spoon that meets my expectations every time, fits my hand perfectly, and makes the best roux ever.

  • marie

    ce concours est parfait.
    j’ai une passion pour les beaux ustensiles de cuisine et ça fait longtemps (depuis ton premier article) que je lorgne sévère sur cet artisan ! doigts croisés :))))

  • Sarah Antley

    I love using my grandmas wooden rolling pin…I remember when she uses it and now I use it baking with my grandkids

  • Aleesa Bansmer McCarthy

    I love a wooden spoon to cook with. There is just something so great about it, no worries about chemicals in your food and no harsh scraping sound s on a pan!

  • Brigita O

    I’ve wanted these for so long, but the shipping cost to Europe is huge.

  • Alma Dionisio

    I have not seen this product in Cape Town, but I have bought some wooden spoons here that are made in France. What I love about the French spoons is the generous handles. What an awesome early Christmas gift!

  • Jeff

    I love to cook with my grandmother’s spoon. Every time I use it my heart sings:) Thank-you C&Z for this amazing offer to win such fabulous utensils!

  • DJohnson

    I really love my spatula. It use it daily. It is so helpful to have in the kitchen.

  • Lilian

    Between my set of wooden spoons and microplane, it’s not even easy to choose. These Earlywood products are gorgeous so some lucky person is going to have them as wonderful Christmas gifts – I hope it’ll be me! ;)

  • Sherry Peters

    My favorite utensil is a curved paring knife by Wusthof. I use it almost every day to peel fruit, potatoes, and a host of other miscellaneous things. I can’t live without this knife!

  • Joanne

    My Laguiole breadknife – I think of the shop on the Ile St. Louis every time I use it.

  • hoshi

    I have some very old-fashion egg beaters that belonged to my Nanna that I dearly love. They’re a bit more difficult to use than a standard whisk but they always make me think of baking cakes with her as a little girl.

  • Mythily UneGeeketteEnCuisine

    When I use my coconut spoon bought more than 15 years ago in Columbo, Sri Lanka, I recall all my best souvenirs from my holidays and the precious smile of kids that lived in the street, to whom I gave away my clothes and toys!

  • Brigette

    I can tell by looking at Brad’s products that they are tactile, in a very inviting sense. The quality of these products looks amazing. I am especially drawn to the tasting spoons.

    I have a very worn tortilla roller that belonged to my grandmother. My grandfather made it for her, and every time I use it, I can’t help but think about wondering what may have been going through my grandmother’s mind every time she used it. She must’ve rolled thousands of tortillas with it.

    There’s something about wooden kitchen accessories/tools that provoke calm.

  • Seb

    J’ai découvert les ustensiles de Brad grâce à toi, Clotilde.Des produits beaux et de qualité!Si je pouvais compléter ma collection,je ne dirais pas non bien sûr!

  • Susan

    What a lovely addition to any kitchen. Working with the perfect kitchen tool inspires my creativity and makes cooking and creating a challenge but also a joy.

  • Liis

    I love all sorts of wooden spoons, they are so beautiful. I also use a lot my small two-tine wooden forks that are probably meant for serving cold salted or smoked fish, but I find them very useful for flipping small pancakes and such on non-stick pans.

  • Joyce

    A properly balanced wooden mixing spoon feels for me
    as important in cooking and baking as the very arm that is controlling it!

  • Elin Woods

    I have a collection of wooden spoons that were my great-grandmother’s, my grandmother’s and my mother’s, with a few of my own additions. I always feel like food turns out better when I use them.

  • Helene

    I love using a well-balanced, sharp knife with a wooden handle. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • ngaloppo

    I betcha our 2yo would love those spatulas ;-)

  • DJ

    Beautiful! I want a ladle!!

  • Natasha

    We recently rediscovered a beautiful hardwood rolling pin in my mother’s kitchen drawers. It is flawless and perfectly balanced.

    I’d be happy with any one one of the Earlywood utensils and overjoyed to have a whole set of these beauties to use everyday.

  • Michele

    I’m in love with Earlywood’s scraper and sauté spatula’s. I gave them as stocking gifts to my dad, sister (and myself) last year. The small cutting boards look beautiful!

  • Melissa A Dana

    So many of my kitchen tools bring me joy simply because for the longest time I did not have good tools. The first thing that changed everything was my set of Kitchenaid 5-ply cookware (no longer made). For the first time everything heated evenly and cooked the way it should. After that I would save my money and replace my poor quality knives and tools with the most effective ones I could find based on reviews and research. But the pans are where it all started. Every day I use them I never fail to smile at how much easier – and fun! – it is to cook with proper tools. I have several of Earlywood’s products on my new “must” list and hope to buy a bunch of the mini sets for Christmas gifts.

  • Susana Jiménez

    Me encantaría poder escribir en inglés pero no tengo un buen nivel así que voy a dejar mi comentario en español.
    Desde hace ya varios años que sigo este blog. Me encanta. Empezó siendo un blog más dentro de una selección hecha por mí misma y a día de hoy es uno de mis preferidos y que más ideas me aporta. Por supuesto que tengo los libros y los he regalado en varias ocasiones. Y también tengo un utensilio de cocina de la marca Earlywood. Mi marido me regaló por navidad el cucharón de madera que usamos todos los días para echarnos la granola en en yogur. Gracias por compartir con todos nosotros tus descubrimientos.

  • Carla Duclos

    I am crazy about wood! I love wood furniture, wood utensils. It’s cozy. For years I’ve being wishing to have a wood cutting board and I recently finally bought one. It is now a pleasure to use it. These handcrafted utensils from the giveaway are really cool. So, I am trying my chances here. :) Thank you for offering this. Such a nice idea and giveaway.

  • Christelle

    noël ! déjà noël !
    J’ai une cuillère en bois piquée à ma mère lorsque qu’étudiante j’ai quitté la maison. Elle ne ressemble plus à rien tant elle a été utilisée, mais je l’adore, je m’en sers toujours pour remuer mes préparations, surtout pour les desserts !

  • YesGrrrl

    I love this company, I found them via this blog and have some pretty cheese/spreading knives in different wood varieties. I love using these as well as my French Bull (brand) plastic knives with crazy colors and patterns on them. I have cheese and crackers a lot for dinner… ha! I’m putting the new tasting spoons on my shopping list! Would love a pretty new board, too. :)

  • Annette

    My large chef’s knife brings me joy whenI use it, especially after a good sharpening. I like it more than my food processors.

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