10 Romantic Things to do in Paris

Hey, Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you have something fun scheduled with your special someone, with your friends, with your kids? I want to hear all about it!

For our first Saint-Valentin as newlyweds, Maxence and I had an advance dinner at a new Italian restaurant in our neighborhood, Il Cuoco Galante (“the gallant cook,” named after an 18th-century book of Neapolitan cuisine), where I had a marvellous dish of fresh-made fusilli.

I also surprised him this morning with a cloud-shaped collage of pictures from our recent wedding on one wall of our living room, plus (going all out, people!) I’ve hand-lettered a card for him, directly inspired by one I featured in my Valentine’s Day gift guide. (Can you guess which one?)

And since I write to you from the city of love, inarguably, my gift to you is this mini-guide I put together with 10 Romantic Ideas in Paris, free to download!

PS: Short on time but still want to mark the occasion? These five last-minute recipes for Valentine’s Day are for you!

PPS: Need help getting into the spirit? Jacques can help: (He always gives me the chills.)

  • zuriga

    Thanks for this wonderful newsletter, Clotilde. I save them all for when I get next to Paris. Especially, I want to take my niece to Genin’s. Ooooh, and Jacques Brel. When I was young, many moons ago, he was all the rage among my American friends.

    • I would love to time travel and see him perform live. Just the videos give me the chills. :)

  • Stephanie Hartley

    It sounds like you’ve had an absolutely amazing Valentines day! The cloud of photographs sounds beautiful. We’re having a chilled evening in with some takeout, Netflix and a board game or two

    Steph – http://www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  • Barbara

    Thank You ever so much Clotilde for this delightful newsletter. But, first of all I must congratulate your husband on wearing Red Socks on Your wedding day–I love it! When my husband & I married many moons ago ,he was always looking for his Red Socks & all I could find among his civilian socks were gray & “Bright, Glaring, Neon Pink!” He was colour blind! I did not know of his problem prior & we always had a great “belly laugh.” My husband died in Viet Nam & our children & I are celebrating today with lots of happy, & funny memories that make us cry because of his early death. I made a special Dark Chocolate Fudge & a Quiche for our celebration of this memorable & happy day. We have all so enjoyed this missive & I do indeed hope to hire you Clotilde when we make out next trip. Happy Valentine Day.

    • Thank you Barbara for sharing this. I am sending my warmest wishes to you and your children.

  • Ingrid Emery

    Thanks for the beautiful ideas! My husband and I had a wonderful dinner of exceptionally fresh seafood from the Sydney fish markets (oysters with a homemade mignonette, Balmain Bug, pan seared scallops, barbecued fresh king prawns), with a fennel, avocado, rocket and pink grapefruit salad, and a home made sourdough. Topped off with a 2009 Trimbach Riesling, tremendous!

  • Oh my God Clotilde; Jacques Brel – il a des mains gigantesques dans ce vidéo…. You’re such a darling to spoil your readers with a ton of ideas! Sadly, I see this post V-Day…. but it wouldn’t have helped yesterday either as Hero Husband was away from 6am to 10.30pm…. We had a celebratory luncheon at the wonderful, tiny, but oh so delicious (Le) Reminet in Paris 5 on Sunday, so all is well!
    Love from Kiki
    And as I said in another post: The best thing def are the red socks of your Darling, together with the Wedding outfit :)
    MY HH wore a red Kummerbund (no idea of its name in F or E) and a lovely red bow tie – his bride (that would be me) wore a half-length RED dress, a black velvet bolero and a fleamarket (Torquay UK) black little hat with a ‘coquette’ veil – it was brilliant and wonderful and in all the photos I show all my teeth…..

  • Tray

    Oh wow..i would love to go back to Paris. I haven’t been since i was 14 years old. Would love to see how it is now.

    • I think you would like it! :) When are you coming?

      • Tray

        I unfortunately do not have the money to go. I wish i did. If i did i would book the first flight out of my home town. That is a promise

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