Chocolate and Candied Ginger Tartlets Recipe

Chocolate and Candied Ginger Tartlet

Joyeuse St-Valentin!

Head over to NPR’s website for a special Valentine’s Day commentary and the Chocolate and Candied Ginger Tartlet recipe I created for the occasion!

NPR (National Public Radio) is a nonprofit producer and distributor of radio shows that serves over 750 independant radio stations in the US. In particular, their shows are broadcast on KQED, which was my radio of choice while cruising the Silicon Valley freeways — ah, “Fresh Air” and “All Things Considered”!

Mini Cookbook of French Tarts

NPR also offers web-only content to their online visitors, and this is where I gladly step in. The article and recipe will be back announced on today’s “All Things Considered” V-Day special…

And for my dear metric-minded readers, here is a converted ingredients’ list:

– 35 g salted butter, room temperature
– 35 g sugar
– 70 g all-purpose flour
– a dash of milk

– 125 ml whipping-cream
– 70 g dark chocolate
– 35 g butter, room temperature, diced
– 3 Tbsp candied ginger

Oven temp: 180°C
Diameter of tart tins: 10 cm

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  • Joel

    WOW!!! Fantastic tartlets. We love to cook together and these are another excellent reason to be together. Thank you for a marvelous new dessert for our 30th Valentine’s Day together.

  • naomi

    hi – for the non-americans who read your blog, could you offer an alternative measurement to the cup? in other words, how much, in grammes, or ounces, is a cup of flour? my beau would love these, but i’m keen to get the measurements right – thank you!

  • ginparis


    I am durned proud of you!!!

  • Nice piece on NPR.

  • Erin

    Great job Clotilde! I can’t get through the day with out NPR.

  • kim

    wow, Clotilde. every time I think to myself “Chocolate and Zucchini has really made it big time!” you go and surprise us with another huge accomplishment.

    anyway, congrats!

  • Ed from Binghamton, NY

    Looks so good. If only I can cook…. so sad…. so sad…. looking at your site is driving me crazy…. i wish i had just one bite of a chocolate and candied ginger tartlet =(

  • Alisa

    Each time I think, wow, she is really getting famous. No more “getting” this is it, you ARE famous!!! In my circle of friends NPR is the bomb! (it is possible that I am too old to use that bit of slang – hmm… :) Congratulations!

  • 1 cup of flour is equal to 125 grams. You can look up any food here:

    I’m American, but I was in a 10-year relationship with a British man, so I ended up with many British cookbooks. I really recommend that Americans get themselves a kitchen scale. You will be amazed at how wonderfully consistent recipes are when you use weight instead of volume measures!

  • Alisa

    The article you wrote is SO good. It’s printing as I type this. It was at La Table de Lucullus, C&Z b-day party, that I first tasted chocolate with ginger; your little tartelettes are so on my list for an appropriate dinner party.

  • congratulations!! to get on npr is one of the coolest things to accomplish – yay for you!! and those tartlets, I will have to try them out. :)

  • Wahoo! That is great!! I love NPR, and listen to rebroadcasts of their shows: “THis american life”, and “Wait, wait dont tell me”…that is one of the only things that I miss about America, but not the freeways for sure.

    Off to print your recipe!!


  • I want to be on NPR, too, but that darned Geoff Nunberg has my job. I just wanted to mention that they plugged your recipe on Morning Edition after the segment “Political Games of the Heart”.

    Geoff Nunberg:

    Segment link:

  • Joan

    Clotilde Darling…did you or Maxence take the bite? :-) the map of Australia shows The Great Australian Bight…now we have The Great French Bite…looks absolutely scrumptious…ummmmmmmmmm


  • Patrick

    To continue singing the praises of NPR, I have to give them high marks for directing me to your blog which admittedly has stolen a good deal of time from my employer this afternoon. After devouring both the recipes and the humor, I can be sure that this site will be revisited frequently… on my own time that is.

    Thanks for the diversion!


  • I am making this tomorrow. that’s it. My husband is going to love it!

  • wildeny

    Actually it was this NPR news (or maybe the photo?) that led me to this blog. This is a very nice ffood blog. Though I do cook my meals, I only spend very little time in cooking. But I enjoy reading things related to food, especially when eating my meal:).
    My interest is mostly in bread baking.

  • Shelli

    Clotilde, you’re gonna be a brand soon…Martha will never know what hit her.

    Unfortunately I just don’t bake. Would you consider packaging and FedExing to loyal readers?

  • NPR! Outstanding. They continue to be the standard of excellence in American journalism and they’ve proved it again by recognizing one of the food blogosphere’s brightest stars.

    Now can you get them to bring Bob Edwards back and fire Cokie Roberts?

  • Mary

    I saw you on NPR web site and was thrilled for you! Excellent!

  • lisa

    Wow–NPR is indeed the holy grail among a certain segment of the US population. While I’m still recovering from hearing Lynn Cheney on Fresh Air (why, Terry, why?!), I still call NPR home when in the car.


  • brian

    Talk to me when you make it onto “Car Talk.” Trust me, it’s really the only show worth listening to on NPR. Middlemind!

  • Too late for Valentine’s Day, but still these tartlets look to good to leave them untried.
    Thanks for this receipe and also for the conversion for us metric-midned.

  • foodgrrl

    Clotilde – wonderful recipe!

    Can you smuggle us La Table de Lucullus’ chocolate cream, ginger ice cream recipe??

  • Wow–NPR is indeed the holy grail among a certain segment of the US population. While I’m still recovering from hearing Lynn Cheney on Fresh Air (why, Terry, why?!), I still call NPR home when in the car.


  • Thanks for a great inspirational recipe, Clotilde! I used Green&Black ginger chocolate to make it even more ginger-y, and will be definitely making these tartlets again! (

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