Podcasts For Food Lovers

Whenever I walk, bike, or metro my way somewhere, whenever I busy myself in the kitchen or sit down for a lengthy fava bean peeling session, I rely on podcasts to keep me entertained.

Although there are a few I listen to that are not food-oriented — some of my favorites are HappierThe Lively ShowThe Food Blogger Pro PodcastDear Sugar Radio, and Respectful Parenting — you won’t be surprised to hear I lean toward those that discuss cooking, eating, and the cultural or political ramifications of both activities.

I can’t be alone in this, and I’d like to share those podcasts I listen to regularly.

Naturally, if you have favorites of your own to recommend, I’m always happy to add new ones to my rotation!

Good Food + The Splendid Table

I am still a faithful listener of KCRW’s Good Food*, hosted by Evan Kleiman out of Los Angeles. I also enjoy The Splendid Table, another American public radio show “for people who love to eat” (that’s us), hosted by Lynne Rossetto Kasper.

These two are somewhat similar in format, in that they address a variety of topics related to food in each hour-long show, and discuss them with regular contributors and special guests.

Edible Radio

If you’re interested in sustainable eats and food politics, do not miss the Edible Radio podcast, hosted by Kate Manchester, who speaks with a different expert (a farmer, a chef, a writer…) in each episode.

Spilled Milk

My friends Molly and Matthew (who took part in my Parents Who Cook series) started a podcast earlier this year called Spilled Milk, which they record out of their Seattle homes. It’s a humorous cooking podcast that adopts a refreshingly goofy tone, but still offers valuable tips.

The Food Programme

I am beyond hooked to the Food Programme on BBC Radio 4. This high-quality show has been around for over thirty years, and each episode is an in-depth exploration of a particular theme or place.

Burnt Toast

The perfect podcast for the home cook, Food52‘s Burnt Toast explores food trends in addition to presenting insightful interviews with many in the food industry, like Ruth Reichl and Judith Jones. It has a light-hearted tone that makes it very easy to binge-listen!

On va déguster !

And if you’re looking to improve your French, you can subscribe to the podcast for On va déguster, a show hosted by French food writer François-Régis Gaudry on France Inter.

Join the conversation!

What are some of your favorite podcasts to listen to?

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* I even got to be on the show a couple of times (once when my Paris book came out, and once to talk about edible idioms) and being in that studio with Evan was definitely one of my career highlights.

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