Podcasts For Food Lovers

Whenever I walk, bike, or metro my way somewhere, whenever I busy myself in the kitchen or sit down for a lengthy fava bean peeling session, I rely on podcasts to keep me entertained.

Although there are a few I listen to that are not food-oriented — some of my favorites are HappierThe Lively ShowThe Food Blogger Pro PodcastDear Sugar Radio, and Respectful Parenting — you won’t be surprised to hear I lean toward those that discuss cooking, eating, and the cultural or political ramifications of both activities.

I can’t be alone in this, and I’d like to share those podcasts I listen to regularly.

Naturally, if you have favorites of your own to recommend, I’m always happy to add new ones to my rotation!

Good Food + The Splendid Table

I am still a faithful listener of KCRW’s Good Food*, hosted by Evan Kleiman out of Los Angeles. I also enjoy The Splendid Table, another American public radio show “for people who love to eat” (that’s us), hosted by Lynne Rossetto Kasper.

These two are somewhat similar in format, in that they address a variety of topics related to food in each hour-long show, and discuss them with regular contributors and special guests.

Edible Radio

If you’re interested in sustainable eats and food politics, do not miss the Edible Radio podcast, hosted by Kate Manchester, who speaks with a different expert (a farmer, a chef, a writer…) in each episode.

Spilled Milk

My friends Molly and Matthew (who took part in my Parents Who Cook series) started a podcast earlier this year called Spilled Milk, which they record out of their Seattle homes. It’s a humorous cooking podcast that adopts a refreshingly goofy tone, but still offers valuable tips.

The Food Programme

I am beyond hooked to the Food Programme on BBC Radio 4. This high-quality show has been around for over thirty years, and each episode is an in-depth exploration of a particular theme or place.

Burnt Toast

The perfect podcast for the home cook, Food52‘s Burnt Toast explores food trends in addition to presenting insightful interviews with many in the food industry, like Ruth Reichl and Judith Jones. It has a light-hearted tone that makes it very easy to binge-listen!

On va déguster !

And if you’re looking to improve your French, you can subscribe to the podcast for On va déguster, a show hosted by French food writer François-Régis Gaudry on France Inter.

Join the conversation!

What are some of your favorite podcasts to listen to?

For more podcast recommendations

Check the podcast section in my links page.

* I even got to be on the show a couple of times (once when my Paris book came out, and once to talk about edible idioms) and being in that studio with Evan was definitely one of my career highlights.

  • Flo

    On va déguster tomorrow is with Sonia Ezgulian. I will try to listen to it! Although I desperatly lack time and silence in my home to listen to all these… ;-)

    • You know they make really efficient noise-canceling headphones now? :) Haven’t yet listened to the episode with Sonia Ezgulian, but I’m looking forward to it!

  • Clotilde

    I’m always looking for good (food-related) podcasts too, so thanks for the list.

    Another excellent podcast similar to This American Life: RadioLab from WNYC. Enjoy!

  • I also like the NPR: Food Podcast. It’s usually short (10-20 minute) episodes of compiled NPR food segments. Interesting to listen to!

  • I didn’t know about these podcasts, they sound great. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Abi

    I really love Crimes Against Food. It’s not that regular, but the girls who present it are so adorable, real, funny and entertaining, and they’re from Yorkshire so their accents remind me of home <3

    • LittleTart

      Crimes Against Food is great. They really are adorable!

  • Thanks for this list! I had never even thought of listening to food-related podcasts before. I really love that idea!

  • You pretty much got all my podcasts (plus Radio Lab)…but a couple new ones here I’ll have to listen to. I listen to food podcasts when I run. Is that weird??

    • Eva

      I listen while I train on my bike. ;)

    • I do too! I used to listen to upbeat music when I ran, but now I’ve found food podcasts to be a lot more efficient in helping me “zone out” and run longer.

  • I really like The Sporkful, hosted by two (former?) NPR correspondents.

    And the Bon Appetit podcast has been dormant for over a year, but the back episodes are worth a listen.

    • Mike

      I must second The Sporkful: it’s a ton of fun to listen to, and they specialize in refining techniques for foods you didn’t think needed techniques. Dan Pashman’s square egg sandwich is reason enough to listen to this.

  • Thanks for sharing, Clotilde!

  • Amy

    I LOVE Splendid table!!! Thanks for sharing all of these. I will definitely try them out!

  • I just wrote a post about “On va déguster”, too ! I’m looking forward to listening to the other ones you mention, though.

  • Ahh, this is nice Clotilde! Yes, I am an avid fan of Good Food, often makes me a bit homesick though! And I adore Lynn’s voice on Splendid Table.

    Besides podcasts I would love to know what you listen to when you are IN the kitchen? Or not listen to – ha. I always play some sort of music when I am in the kitchen or experime-cooking, so often foods or recipes have a soundtrack to them!

    • If I’m not listening to a podcast or enjoying the silence, I like to turn on the television (I have an open kitchen so the tv in the living room is not far) and listen (I’m too busy to watch) to various documentaries.

  • I love Splendid Table and This American Life. NPR really does an excellent job with all of their shows.

  • Caroline

    I appreciate these suggestions, as I’ve been needing some new food-related podcasts (The Splendid Table tends to run a lot of repeats, and you have to be in a certain mindset to enjoy Spilled Milk)…

  • I’m (another) Splendid Table fan, and also the radio 4 food programme. On a very slight tangent, I also love the short and snappy Nutrition Diva podcasts

  • Melanie

    What about updating your favorite restaurants to go to in Paris?

  • Thanks for the suggestions! I’m always looking for new ways to learn about others’ food ventures :)

  • Sarah

    Thanks for the tips!
    I love The Splendid Table! I love her enthusiasm and the way she turns words. I live in LA so listening to Good Food is like church for me.

    I know you read a lot of fiction, so you might like my favorite literary podcasts: the New Yorker’s monthly fiction podcast and Selected Shorts from PRI (Short fiction read by “stars of the stage.”) It’s produced in a very lovely way.

  • Thank you Clotilde! I’ve just recently gotten into podcasts and was looking for more food-orientated ones – I am already listening to the BBC Food Programme and love it!

  • Thank you so so so much for this! I’m so happy to discover more podcasts to listen to. I love Spilled Milk and I’m only too happy to make room in my mp3 player for more!

  • muckraker

    My favorite is Eat Feed by Anne Bramley, though she doesn’t update it as much as she used to.

  • I have never listened to a food related podcast! Oh what have I been missing? Thank you for this post. My ears are about to have some delicious entertainment…

  • E Kim

    I recommend The Kojo Nnamdi Show’s Wednesday editions. His food broadcasts just won a James Beard award. He covers everything from food politics to food trends. The show broadcasts from a DC NPR affiliate.

  • Don’t overlook the brilliant Anne Bramley at eatfeed.com

  • Sapna

    I like listening to ‘Here on Earth’ by Jean Faraca. Every friday it’s about food. Other topics are interesting too.

  • Arturo

    Love Good Food!

    The market report is def appointment listening for me.

  • Eva

    I recently started listening to Spilled Milk and I am completely addicted! (I actually have started rationing the episodes so I don’t catch up too quickly.)

    When Molly gets Matthew started laughing like a loon, I can’t help but crack up. They really embody the lighter side of foodie-ness.

  • Ah! This is good! I’m downloading the lot (your commenter’s recommendations too) as I write! I always need a bit of entertainment when I’m in the kitchen! Thanks for this! :) I hope all is well! t xx

    • Ah yes, you certainly do spend a lot of time in that kitchen of yours!

  • Thanks for the exciting recommendations, everyone! I’ll be adding them to my subscription list, and I hope they’ll become new favorites.

  • Great list! I love TAL and can’t wait to start listening to the others…


  • Thank you for sharing these podcasts! I’ve always wanted to find the time to listen to them but never get the chance. I will have to make time now!

  • nima

    My absolute favourite in the Hidden Kitchens by the Kitchen Sisters on NPR. They are masterful storytellers…

  • Susan

    Just subscribed to Spilled Milk! I listen to Splendid Table when I can, but I religiously listen to TAL and Radiolab. Thanks for the list!

  • Ohhhh nice! Have you listened to the “Hidden Kitchens” series on NPR? It’s quite wonderful, too.

  • I am ashamed to say that I didn’t even realize there were food-related podcasts!

    I don’t know if I could listen to them while I run, but I always need to have something on in the background while I cook. I can’t pay enough attention to a television show, so this sounds like a perfect alternative.

    Since I’m new to this whole podcast thing, what would your say are the characteristics of a great food podcast?

  • Peg

    Also a fan of The Splendid Table and thanks for the other recommendations.
    BTW, Happy Birthday!

  • I like the Farming podcast by BBC as well to learn about issues facing farming industry/food production. And the NPR Food podcast.

  • Oh yes, and Market Kitchen. You have to watch them, or can just listen…because they make the food. But I like them.

  • Happy Birthday Clotilde!! I am so grateful for your post! I already am addicted to both KCRW’s Good Food (which, despite growing up in LA, I think I discovered through you) and Splendid Table, and am so happy to have others to listen to. I often listen when I am cleaning house or cooking, but thank you for the idea of listening while working out. I am going to get an ipod/mp3 player now!
    P.S. I am listening to On va déguster now and I must confess that I find the french use of “barbeque” tres adorable!
    Also, I didn’t realize that the word picnic originated in French.

  • DebG

    Thanks so much for the suggestions, Clothilde. A wonderful friend loaded my iPod with all sorts of podcasts when I had to go into hospital a while back – the Splendid Table and Stephen Fry (nothing to do with food this one) were my absolute favourites. I laughed out loud at Lynne Rossetto Kaspar’s phrase ‘you can reheat this MERCILESSLY – remember, a chicken thigh never dies!’. I’m absolutely addicted to the Radio 4 food programme, which is also accessible via their wonderful iPlayer, so you don’t even need to download to iPod (though I do that too). I look at the Radio4 schedule online and then play programmes (all sorts of things) I have missed, when I am cooking.

  • Spilled Milk is THE BEST!! I am a huge fan. Thanks for the other tips too, I love food podcasts!

  • Alice

    Eat Eats is a great food/cooking podcast from Indiana public radio with Annie Corriagan and Chef Daniel Orr. They talk about local food and cooking. It’s a weekly podcast, only about 8-10 mins/week.

  • I love waking up to On va déguster now on my ipod! Merci Clothilde! Great for find tuning the French ear too

  • Chester

    This is Gary Hirshberg giving keynote speech at Slow Money at Shelburne Farms VT. Really really inspiring. It’s the economics of good food and sustainability.

    Sorry it isn’t a podcast but it is the most inspiring and hopeful food talk (and sustainability) I have ever heard. It’s a good balance for the tough info in the book about factory farming.

    I don’t know if there is such an effort happening in France on the part of the people but it’s really awesome in the USA, if you know where to find it.

    • Thanks for the link! I’ll be sure to listen to it.

  • Good Food (definite favorite), Earth Eats from Indiana Public Radio, and The Restaurant Guys made my “top three food podcast” post. Earth Eats is a shorter format. Res. Guys has great interviews (Michael Ruhlman, Thomas Keller, Ben Hewitt) and discuss current food politics.
    I may have to redo my list after checking out everyone’s recommendations. I’m excited to discover new ones!

  • Nicole

    Got one more for you, The Dinner Party Download. http://www.publicradio.org/columns/dinnerpartydownload/

    Thanks for putting this list together. I’ve listened to most of these, but I’ve also found some new ones to try out!

  • Denis Lynch

    Great list. One more: Cooking Issues radio show.

    Cooking Issues is Dave Arnold’s blog from the French Culinary Institute (in NY), full of in depth food science information. Recently he’s expanded to a weekly radio show.

  • My wife and I produce HotSauceWeekly, the world’s first podcast devoted to Hot Sauce, BBQ, and spicy fiery foods.

    We’d love to be added to your list.

    Thanks! ~brian

    • Thanks, Brian, I’ll give it a listen!

  • clm_89

    I have to agree that the Splendid Table is one of my FAVORITES! If anyone else is looking for food-related podcasts that aren’t necessarily food-based, check out Mike and Tom Eat Snacks (title self-explanatory). It’s hilarious! http://bit.ly/JFTCrp Another good one is called The Dinner Party, which follows a standard “dinner” format with really entertaining guests who discuss news/cultures/recipes http://bit.ly/KhkyJ1. Enjoy!

  • Check out Mystery Meet’s Find Dining Podcast (which I host). It’s for “foodies who love travel and travelers who love food.”

    Seth Resler
    Founder, Mystery Meet

  • I came across your list last year as I was searching for food related podcasts to get into. I can’t say how much I appreciate it! I’ve been listening to The Sporkful, Spilled Milk, This American Life, KCRW, Food Programme… And I think my list is growing! I am also a weekly listener to the JoytheBaker Podcast. So helpful when doing house chores and when doing mundane paperwork at the office. :-P

    • I’m delighted, thanks for reporting back!

  • Rachel Page

    I listen to The Splendid Table regularly but the others are new to me. Thanks for the info. I also regularly listen to An Organic Conversation.

  • Bret Mlmambassador Matheny

    Greetings on this beautiful day,

    I represent a young gentleman from Long Beach, CA, that is currently in the beginning stages of launching a multi million dollar knife business. His name is Noah Cowan and Noah specializes in understanding the Chef’s needs in what becomes an extension of him/her.

    I would love to get Noah (22 yr owner of Aura Knifeworks) some time on the radio to discuss his vision and his passion for cooking.


    Please let me know if you should have any questions.


    Bret A. Matheny

    Manager to Noah Cowan

    562 244 8948

  • Ooh, you must check out the Street Market Podcast, where we interview traders from street markets in London and around the world. http://www.streetmarketpodcast.com/

    Brunch markets, fish markets, food truck markets…

    Recently, we did an episode featuring a trader who makes some of the best deep fried chicken & waffles I’ve ever tasted, and he also gave us a secret tip on how to make the perfect fried egg. Hope you enjoy!

    And we’d love your tips on your favourite markets, so let us know!


  • Thanks for all the great recommendations! I’m quite partial to Monocle Radio’s The Menu — fascinating tales of food from around the world

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