Clotilde’s Paris Favorites

I receive frequent requests for restaurant and food shop recommendations in Paris, so I decided to put together this map of Paris favorites highlighting the places where I’m currently most excited to eat or shop. I will be updating the list monthly, pruning from and adding to it, so you can check back regularly to see which new places I include.

If you want to tag along as I eat my way around the city, you can also follow me on Instagram. I often Snapchat my restaurant meals as well, and you’ll find me under the username clotildenet.

Clotilde’s Paris Favorites

Planning a trip to Paris?

I am available to take you on a private walking tour to show you some of my favorite food spots, or to draw up a customized itinerary for you so you can make the most of your time in Paris. Please get in touch and I will be happy to provide more details and a quote.

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If you could snap your fingers right now and be transported to Paris for a single meal, where and what would you eat? Do you have a Paris dining or food shopping conundrum you’d like me to help with?

  • Katy Murphy

    A Priori The! We stumbled in many years ago and wolfed down a delectable salad, fresh haricots vert and a sandwich of luxurious jambon on bread to die for. The crowning touch was the hot chocolate. I’d eat there every day if I could. đź’š

    • Oh, that is a very good one indeed! And that Passage Vivienne is such a unique place.

  • Jolivore

    One of my fond memories was eating at Bibendum in the nineties, an excellent French-inspired restaurant in London. I had grilled squid drenched in olive oil and topped with a “persiflage”, a sprinkling of parsley, garlic and lemon bits. I can’t find a decent definition of persiflage on line, except for idle chatter. But do I have the cooking definition of persiflage?

    • Do you think it might have been persillade but you misheard or misremembered? I’ve never heard persiflage used in a culinary sense.

      • Jolivore

        Yes, of course! Thanks so much.

  • marielfischer

    How generous! I hope to one day take you up on the offer for a walking tour! The map alone is a tremendous help. Love your blog!

    • Thank you! Please report back if you visit any of the recommended places.

  • Karyn

    For some reason nothing is showing for the map. Can it be found elsewhere? Merci.

  • MmeAK

    Bonjour! I will be traveling to Paris with 6 French students in March. We will have the pleasure of spending 5 days in Paris, but we are on a bit of a budget. Could you please share which of your recommendations would be appealing to teenagers on a budget? Merci bien!

    • With teens on a budget, I would take advantage of the Paris markets and different food shops, where you can buy the makings of your lunch and have impromptu picnics! And when it comes to restaurants, crĂŞpe places are always popular with teens, and very affordable. I hope that helps!

      • MmeAK


  • Annabel Smyth

    I still love the CafĂ© du Commerce in the 15th. When I lived in Paris, in the early 1970s, it was a “bouillon”, like Chartier – there was a third, but I forget the name. It is different now, but still good value, and the surroundings are absolutely awesome! I would, if I’m honest, say the food is good rather than great, but it *is* good, traditional French cooking.

    • Oh I like that place too! I agree the food is good not exceptional, but the overall dining experience is excellent.

  • Danish

    Hi Clotilde, thanks for all the tips :-). The Poilâne in Rue du Cherche-Midi also has an eating option. Next door is La Cuisine de Bar which serves tartine made of Poilâne bread. They have a lunch offer where you get a salad or soup, a tartine of your choice, water or wine (so French to get that choice ;)), a coffee or tea with a little spoon shaped Poilâne cookie -all for 16 euros which I think is very reasonable considering the quality and that it’s in Paris.

    • Absolutely! Love La Cuisine du Bar on rue du Cherche-Midi. It’s in my Paris guidebook! I don’t eat there very often though, which is why it’s not on this map at this time.

  • Roberta Gordon

    We will be in Paris over Christmas and New Years and staying in a hotel in the Marais. Do you have any suggestions on where to have dinner on those two holidays? If you know of anyone inviting (paid) guests into their home it would be appreciated. Someone would have to speak some English because our French is very rusty!

    • It is early yet, but one service you could look into is Vizeat, a kind of Airbnb for dinners where you pay to eat at real people’s homes! I’m sure there will be lots of options for those holiday meals closer to the date. Hope that helps!

      • Jim

        Never heard of this, but looking now! Seems appropriate since we’re staying in an Airbnb. Sounds like a good way to get local!

  • Evestay

    If I were teleported to Paris right now, I would go immediately to Le Galopin. It’s one of my very favorite restaurants ever.

    • Good to know, thanks for sharing that. Any memorable dish in particular?

      • Evestay

        Not really because the menu changes daily and there are no options. But everything is fresh and bright and rather minimally prepared.

        • You’re making me want to go back very soon!

          • Evestay

            J’espere de prendre ma retraite Ă  Paris en 2018. Vous allez y me voir.

  • Chris K

    I’m a big fan of the house-made duck confit at Les Philosophes…

  • Kimberly Barense

    We’ll be in Paris in September for a BIG birthday. Do you have any restaurant recommendations for a large group (8) that’s not too expensive? We’re staying in the 4th. Mille merci

    • Eight guests isn’t actually that large a group for most restaurants, so you can pretty much go anywhere you like, depending on the type of cuisine you’re hoping to experience. Just be sure to call a few weeks in advance!

  • Leah Wallin Meulemans

    Hello! Any recommendations for a fantastic Sunday Brunch? Preferably with a great wine/champagne list?

    • Typically brunch places don’t have a focus on wine/champagne, but my two current favorites for brunch are Hardware SociĂ©tĂ© in the 18th, and the LibertĂ© bakery in the 20th. Hope that helps!

  • Kat Sul

    Hi clothilde, absolutely amazed at your intimate recollection of your Parisian adventures! we are planning a Christmas and nye winter break in paris, and are still unsure about the 1st or the 10th arrondissement to stay… Your advice? What would you recommend for a nye dinner, which could be child-friendly?

    • Completely different vibes! The 10th will feel more like a local’s experience; the 1st will be more central and have more architectural appeal.

  • Karli

    I’ve never been to France. When is the best time to go? I would love to plan a trip around the country.

  • tonet

    Hi Cleotilde, Do you have a list of good vegetarian restaurants or least those that offer vegetarian options. I know, it’s almost a sin to be asking this question especially when in Paris. It’s almost blasphemic. Thanks for your help.

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