Three Very Good Things: Buckwheat Praliné, Pasta with Hokkaido Squash, and a Red Collapsible Lunch Box

I recently had the opportunity to meet the lovely Stephanie — the no less lovely Aran introduced us — and I am therefore a new reader of her blog, “where practical meets pretty.” She wrote about gratitude lists in a recent post, and the first comment underneath that post was by Mary, who talked about her weekly round-up of Three Beautiful Things.

I loved the idea, as I am definitely one to find gratitude and joy in small things. In a flash I decided it would be wonderful to start a (weekly-ish) Three Very Good Things series, in which I’d share three delicious things made, tasted, and/or experienced during the week.

Here’s my inaugural Very Good Trio. Feel free to chime in with your own in the comments section, or on your own blog if you’d like to adopt the idea too!

~ Henri Le Roux‘s dark chocolate buckwheat praliné, a chocolate bite he calls Soizig: praliné is a finely ground mixture of nuts and sugar with a little cocoa or cocoa butter, covered in chocolate. This version includes blé noir (buckwheat) and the subtlety of the chocolate/buckwheat pairing is heavenly.

Henri Le Roux is based in Quiberon, in Brittany, and he’s also known for his salted butter caramels. Good news for Parisians: he’s opening a shop in the 6th arrondissement in early December, at 1 rue de Bourbon le Château (thanks to Mingou for the tip-off).

~ Pasta with Hokkaido squash, parsley and almonds: for lunch the other day, I sautéed half of a tiny potimarron (unpeeled) cut into small chunks. I cooked some spelt fusilli, tossed them with the squash, added a drizzle of squash seed oil, and scattered that with chopped parsley and almonds. It was very good indeed.

~ A red collapsible lunchbox. Like most people with actual tastebuds, I loathe airplane food and was inspired by Heidi’s recent post to buy a collapsible lunch box, airtight and complete with a spork, that I could pack with something tasty and wholesome for my impending trip to Canada.

Heidi’s is made by DCI and she got it from Flight 001, but I found a very similar one made by UK brand Wacky Practicals. I was able to order it with minimal shipping costs, and I received it within four days.

Now all I need to do is decide what I’ll pack in it. Suggestions welcome!

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