The Double Chocolate Crisp Quest

UPDATE: I have now found a great recipe for IKEA-style havreflarn!

And today, it is with a plea for help that I come to you, a call to your infinite wisdom and collective knowledge.

Last time I did something of the kind, you proved to me that you were as generous with your advice and insight as I had hoped, and although I have yet to make another attempt at poaching an egg – I never seem to feel like it until the eggs I have can’t, in all honesty, be considered at their peak of freshness anymore – your precious tips will accompany me on my next foray, and you will be the first to hear about its relative or absolute success.

The matter at hand today is no less important than last time, for it involves chocolate: I am looking for a recipe to reproduce those Swedish Double Chocolate Crisps, made of two thin crispy buttery rolled oats cookies, sandwiched together by a layer of dark chocolate.

I have found a store-bought version at IKEA’s Swedish food store, made by a Swedish brand named Gille. I’ve also had them freshly made at Nils, a Swedish sandwich place on Rue Montorgueil. I love both, but what I would love even more is a recipe to make these myself. I have searched the web to no avail : lots of references to the Gille cookies without a recipe, and lots of recipes for Swedish cookies, none of which looked like they were The One.

So if you are of Swedish descent and you had a grandmother wore her grey-blonde hair up in braided loops and she used to make these for the holidays when you were little and you loved to stand beside her and watch, absent-mindedly pleating the hem of her apron as you waited for a lick of the dough ; if you have a recipe for these crisps or if you otherwise have any information, tip or trail that would help me locate the missing cookie recipe, my gratitude shall shine down upon you for the seven generations to come.

And I shall name my first batch of these cookies after you.

UPDATE: I have now found a great recipe for IKEA-style havreflarn!

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