Pastries for Hope

Menu for Hope
Image courtesy of Heidi Swanson

For the second time now, Pim has put on her fundraiser hat and enrolled us food bloggers to help: in this new Menu for Hope campaign, she is organizing a virtual raffle to raise money for the earthquake victims in Northern India and Pakistan, who are still in dire need of help. The funds will be collected by Unicef through the First Giving website (and no money will pass through our hands).

How does this work? Each participating food blogger has donated a prize for the raffle, and the list can be found here — quite the Prévert inventory. Readers are invited to donate $5, which will get them a raffle ticket and a chance to win the prize of their choice. You are more than welcome to give more if you can: each $5 will get you one chance to win. Don’t forget to note, in the comment section of your donation, which prize(s) you are interested in. At the end of the campaign on Dec. 23, we will have a drawing and pick one winner per prize. The results will be announced after Jan. 1.

The gift I am contributing is the gift of haute-couture sweets: I will treat the winner to pastries at Pierre Hermé as soon as he or she sets foot in Paris, to be gaily sampled (read: devoured) with a cup of tea at the nearby Café de la Mairie, sitting at the terrace if it’s sunny. For examples of what that might entail, you can read some of my past accounts. Think you might like that? Then head over to the First Giving website and donate $5 for your raffle ticket!

  • Thank you Clotilde for making it so easy for us to give.

  • Olease take a look at the BBC’s Saturday article on the forgotten quake survivors.

  • It’s very nice to see the blogging community come together like this to raise awareness and funds! I’ll try to get in touch with Pim to see if I can contribute a menu item the next time one of these is put together.

  • Litta

    I think it’s great people want to help but It seems so odd to me that people are more opt to give if they are getting something in return. How many of us sped an outragous amount of money on eating out at expensive restaurants, on shoes, handbags, vacations ect. We are all so fortunate and have so much yet we only give so long as it doesn’t impede on our standard of living. How many of us would give up the foie gras ,fine wines or the dining at the French Laundry? How many hungry people could eat for the price of one meal at the French laundry. How many people could have shelter or food for the price of a fabulous pair of fashionable shoes? Just something for all of us (me included ) to think about. We all like to think of ourselves as generous to those less fortunate but if it means giving up our indulgences I doubt many of us would be so kind.

  • God Bless the ‘Menu For Hope’ campaign.. a worthy cause indeed!

  • Yea, that really great… kind

  • Joan

    for the Pims and the Clotildes of the world I am truly grateful…we all make up the fabric of the planet… and I am enjoying to the max the fabric of P ‘n C! :-) ~ creative care…

  • Hillary Davis

    thank you clotilde, i wouldn’t have known about it otherwise and am going to post it on my blog as well and try to think up a good gift to donate!

  • Because it was a little late in coming, I wanted to let everyone know that Chronicle Books has made a wonderful cookbook and recipe card deck donation for the raffle. People can read more about it here

    Thanks Clotilde!

  • Great work!

  • Great work!

  • Great work!

  • Nice site!

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