Custom Labels for Homemade Foods

Chef’s medallions

I’ve always had a major thing for stationery. When I was a child, I would spend a large portion of my allowance at the neighborhood stationery shop, which my family refered to as ta papeterie chérie, and to this day I go weak in the knee for smooth-paged notebooks and well-designed greeting cards. And stickers. Oh, stickers.

So when the good people at Felix Doolittle got in touch and offered to send me samples of their personalized labels, I found it hard to resist.

Oval kitchen labels

Felix Doolittle is a small Massachusetts company that specializes in “extraordinary illustrated papers,” whimsically designed by Hong Kong-born artist Felix Fu. They use premium materials and print, cut, and package everything by hand. Indeed, the quality and attention to detail were evident when I opened each of the incredibly neatly packed boxes.

I am quite smitten with my labels, and I thought I’d share them with you in plenty of time before the holidays. It seems to me that these would make a one-of-a-kind gift for the cooks you love, or you could order your own personalized labels to adorn the homemade edible gifts you’ll be giving out this year.

{Keep reading for a promotion code!}

Word play stickers

Because this is high-quality, handmade stationery, it is not cheap, but I asked for, and was given, a promotion code that C&Z readers can use if they’re interested in placing an order. Enter the code CZSAVES20 and you’ll get 20% off anything in the online store, from now until December 1st.

Note: I accepted the samples with no obligation to write about them, and aside from these (admittedly generous) samples, I won’t receive compensation of any kind for this post. I simply decided to share because I like the company’s style and philosophy, and I am sincerely impressed with the labels they sent.


  • Annabel (Mrs Redboots)

    You probably won’t want to publish this comment – you certainly don’t need to – but your normally excellent English has let you down in two places on this entry – it’s “stationery”, not “stationary” (that is the adjective that describes something that is not moving), and it’s “remuneration” not “retribution”.

    Et si je croyais faire autant peu d’erreurs quand j’écris en francais que vous ne faites en anglais, je serais bien contente!

  • Wynne

    How gorgeous! Very tempting.

    P.S. You mean “stationery”–I wouldn’t mention it except that you’re so good about telling us about the specifics of French.

  • Mary

    The labels are a form of “stationery.” Misspelling very common (though unusual for you). Also, “retribution” means “punishment;” I think you mean remuneration or compensation.

    Thanks for info on these attractive products.

  • Thank you, Annabel, Wynne, and Mary, for pointing these out — much appreciated! I’ve corrected the post.

  • These are really lovely. Even more beautiful stationery items on their website! Want.

  • oooh they’re gorgeous. I might actually get some labels for my best-friend who loves to make limoncello. xx

    • I’m not surprised you would like these, Fanny. :) They have really pretty lemon illustrations, so that would make a really special gift indeed.

  • Lacey

    Since the labels looked so lovely in your post and there was a promo code, I just ordered the Chef’s Medallions and Ex Libris Medallions. Thanks for the post!

  • How very pretty. I just spent half an hour looking at labels and bookmarks and bookplates…

  • Those are beautiful! What a great idea!

  • Griffin

    Oh I am so glad it’s not just me! I go weak at the knees too at a stationary stationery catalogue! I buy blocks of copier paper to write on and to do origami experiments on…I love inks and pens and notebooks… and yes, a beautifully designed sticker gets to me too…sigh!

  • Ai

    I love Felix Doodlittle and I thank you for the promo code!! They do look lovely and are perfect for your kitchen :) Love your blog!

  • Steph

    I am a native English speaker, but a very poor speller. I remember that the stationery I love has an ‘e’ for envelope in there :)

  • Beautiful labels. I agree they would make a great gift for a cook. I usually tape a simple white paper to my food gifts. This would be lovelier.

  • Labels look lovely, great designs.

  • Carolina

    They are wonderful. If you still have a place in your list. I candidate! :-)
    Greetings from Vienna!! Did you try the pumpkin seed oil? Kindest regards,

  • Hi Clotilde,

    It was lovely to discover you and your wonderful blog via Barbara.
    The personalized labels are beautiful and would just set off a jar or package.
    Many thanks for telling us about them and will go and check out the site.

    Happy weekend

  • This is right up my alley. You’re in France, right? Which means they must deliver to France. Gorgeous.

  • What beautiful labels and such a nice gift from them. Perfect for the holidays.

  • g.

    so, so lovely clotilde! i, too, have such a thing for stationary!

  • Brilliant! They are lovely. I can’t wait to order some. I have two large lidded square baskets full of stationary. It’ll last me a lifetime, but I enjoy writing a thank you note so much on lovely paper. Funnily enough, I’ve found my favorite “La Petite Presse” stationery, by Graphique, at TJMaxx (an overstock store in the U.S.). I’m going to be in Boston next weekend. I’ll look up where the label store is located.

    Thanks for passing on a good idea.

  • Exquisite, but, alas, too pricey for the volume of canning here. I go through cases of jars. I would love to find good, reasonably priced vintage style canning labels somewhere. I’ve been looking for several years. Any suggestions?

  • I share your love of stationary. I have to exercise restraint whenever I am near any sort of stationary shop not to buy up the entire store. And even so I still have managed to collect a number of journals which to this day remain unused.

    But these labels are absolutely charming! I love them. Thanks for sharing :)

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