Custom Labels for Homemade Foods

Chef’s medallions

I’ve always had a major thing for stationery. When I was a child, I would spend a large portion of my allowance at the neighborhood stationery shop, which my family refered to as ta papeterie chérie, and to this day I go weak in the knee for smooth-paged notebooks and well-designed greeting cards. And stickers. Oh, stickers.

So when the good people at Felix Doolittle got in touch and offered to send me samples of their personalized labels, I found it hard to resist.

Oval kitchen labels

Felix Doolittle is a small Massachusetts company that specializes in “extraordinary illustrated papers,” whimsically designed by Hong Kong-born artist Felix Fu. They use premium materials and print, cut, and package everything by hand. Indeed, the quality and attention to detail were evident when I opened each of the incredibly neatly packed boxes.

I am quite smitten with my labels, and I thought I’d share them with you in plenty of time before the holidays. It seems to me that these would make a one-of-a-kind gift for the cooks you love, or you could order your own personalized labels to adorn the homemade edible gifts you’ll be giving out this year.

{Keep reading for a promotion code!}

Word play stickers

Because this is high-quality, handmade stationery, it is not cheap, but I asked for, and was given, a promotion code that C&Z readers can use if they’re interested in placing an order. Enter the code CZSAVES20 and you’ll get 20% off anything in the online store, from now until December 1st.

Note: I accepted the samples with no obligation to write about them, and aside from these (admittedly generous) samples, I won’t receive compensation of any kind for this post. I simply decided to share because I like the company’s style and philosophy, and I am sincerely impressed with the labels they sent.


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