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Tarte Pomme Pistache

[Apple Pistachio Tart]

Ever since I laid my hands on a can of pistachio paste for the Bar à Veloutés, I have been looking for ways to use the precious stuff and make the most of it. So far I have made crème brûlée à la pistache (adding a little to my regular crème brûlée recipe), pistachio cookies and chocolate pistachio cake, all of which I was very happy with. I have also donated some to a couple of friends, but it looks as if I’ve hardly made a dent in my supply. Apparently, what I have purchased is not your average can at all but is, in fact, The Magic Bottomless Can of Pistachio Paste. Would you believe my luck.

Every time I have a baking opportunity, the Magic Can makes an appearance, with a hopeful stance and a tilt of the lid. However much I love pistachio and however successful these previous forays have been, I cannot become the All-Pistachio Baker you see, so I don’t always indulge it. But when Maxence’s aunt and uncle came to dinner recently I did, and made this apple and pistachio tart. The Magic Bottomless Can went off in a wild happy dance, causing quite a stir on its refrigerator shelf of residence.

This tart uses my favorite tart crust recipe (a priceless gift from my mom), with one third of the butter replaced with pistachio paste. This resulted in a beautifully green dough, which unfortunately turned golden brown outside upon baking, but still remained slightly green inside. The crust turned out crispy and deliciously flavorful, and went beautifully with the soft layer of apples and cream, and the sprinkle of sugar and chopped pistachios.

Mini Cookbook of French Tarts

The overall effect was rather striking and the tart was much appreciated by my enthusiastic taste-testers. I will most definitely make this again, the only thing I will do differently is up the butter content in the dough to make it a tad more crumbly, as it turned out a little too crispy in my opinion (the recipe below includes that modification).

PS If this teaches us one lesson, it is this: pistachio paste is rather pricey, true, but a little goes a long, long, and I mean long way. Find a few friends, siblings or coworkers, and share the can and the expense with them!

Tarte Pomme Pistache

– 170 g (1 1/3 C) flour
– 85 g (1/3 C) unrefined cane sugar (substitute regular sugar)
– 75 g (1/4 C + 2 Tbsp) salted butter, at room temperature
– 35 g (3 Tbsp) pistachio paste
– a dash of milk
– 4 apples
– 1/3 C crème fraîche (substitute sour cream)
– 1/4 C chopped pistachios, unsalted
– 2 Tbsp cassonade brune (substitute brown sugar)

(Serves 6 to 8.)

Preheat the oven to 200°C (360°F).

In a medium mixing-bowl, combine the sugar, butter and pistachio paste with a fork. Add in the flour, and keep mixing with the fork. When the dough becomes a coarse sand, add in a dash of milk, and knead the dough with your hands until it starts to come together.

Pour this mixture evenly into a 25-cm (10-inch) tart pan (nonstick or buttered), and press the dough down to pack it and cover the surface the pan, forming a little rim all around. (This is an easier alternative to rolling out the dough into a circle.) Prick all over with a fork, and put into the oven to bake for 12 to 15 minutes, until slightly golden.

Wash, peel and cut the apples in thin slices. Arrange those slices as evenly as you can over the crust. Put into the oven to bake for about 30 minutes, until the apple slices have softened and browned.

Take the pan out of the oven (leave it on) and drop the crème fraîche in spoonfuls on top. Sprinkle on the cassonade (or brown sugar) and the pistachios. Return into the oven for another 15 minutes. Remove from the oven and transfer to a rack to cool completely.

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  • Hi Clotilde,

    Pistachio in the tart crust! It’d be almost impossible for home bakers to make, unless you have the Magic Bottomless Can of Pistachio Paste, when pistachio products are so expensive

    I might steal that idea and use ground pistachio in crust…

  • Rainey

    How creative! I am in awe of your imagination.

  • Alisa

    What a fabulous idea! I would love to see a photo of this amazing can of paste! Is she/he as shy as the potato brush?
    I found extract of pistachio at my sunday marche. Bought it, and am now wondering how to use it.

  • kim

    My mom used to make an awesome pistachio pudding, if I remember correctly (however, my mom is one of those people blessed with the ability to make everything awesomely… alas, I seemed to miss out on that gene). This sounds great, too.

    And a bit off-topic, but I’m curious to know what you think of this whole “Oui Chef!” reality tv series thing. I’ve watched the last couple weeks myself, although most of the time I just find myself wondering where this guy got the idea that hiring juvenile deliquents was a good idea heh.

  • Steph

    Hello Clotilde,

    Speaking of pistachio paste, I bought some this Christmas and tried to make your gâteau surprise chocolat-pistache a few weeks ago. Well, the result was very different from yours – and quite disappointing :)

    You wanted two clean layers and got a marbled cake? Well, I wanted a marbled cake and I got two super-clean layers!
    Pistachio paste gave your cake a lovely green hue once cut? My cake was a lovely (dull?) beige hue! I still don’t understand where I failed…. any ideas?

  • stephanie

    did ur recipes include the upped butter content in the crust (hence the extra 2 tbs in the recipe?)

    if not how much would u add?

    thanks for always supplying my mornings with beautiful pictures and wonderful food!

  • Barbara

    I have never seen pistachio paste in this part of the world. I might try Chika’s gound pistachio in my next pastry crust.

  • Wow. I love nut tarts. That is a beautiful tart and beautiful recipe.

  • Emily

    Hi Clothide,
    The tarte looks quite tempting and I would like to try making one myself. Where in Paris did you find your pistachio paste (pâte de pistache)? maybe la grand épicerie de Paris or un marché (Aligre)?
    Random Pistachio Story: I just tried pistachio oil for the first time last week, a Patricia Wells recipe: a broccoli, avocado salad with pistachio oil dressing, an interesting and tasty combo.
    Merci bien.

  • Emily – My pistachio paste comes from G.Detou, the wonderful baking supply store on the rue Tiquetonne!

  • beverly weiss

    new to your site; tried printing out several recipes….lines “slipped” and unable to read… computer?
    from Fort Worth, Texas, USA

  • Lizzy

    I know this is past due but — I just now discovered your site. This recipe in particular reminds me of one I usta do at impromptu dinner gatherings, where I’d roll out a pastry crust, roll a thin sheet of the pistachio (or almond) paste, put the paste on the pastry & fill with fruit, cook on pizza stone. Easier than pie and so freaking good. Creme fraiche, though, that’s a wholly new heavenly dimension I never would have imagined. I look forward to trying your crust method!

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