Rose Bakery

Rose Bakery is a small bakery-cum-restaurant run by a French-British couple on rue des Martyrs, a few blocks from where we live. I love this place and find myself going as often as I possibly can, on my own or with friends.

A low semicircular wrought iron door opens onto a long and narrow room. Historically, this used to be a chartil, where produce merchants stored the wooden carts they sold their fruit and vegetable out of. The walls are painted white, with a large abstract painting covering the furthest wall. The floor is bare concrete and the tabletops are mat metal. The staff — all young foreigners — wears white aprons, the food is served in polished earthenware plates, and the combination of all this gives off a quietly chic vibe.

Rose Bakery

They’re open in the daytime only, and at lunch serve a small rotating selection of dishes. Immediately on the right when you enter is a large takeout counter, which allows you to see what’s on offer that day.

My favorite thing to order is the assiette de légumes (pictured at top), which allows you to sample the different salads they’ve made that day, all of them superbly flavorful. But they also make square vegetable tarts and pizzette, plus a small handful of other dishes — typically a soup, a risotto (pictured below), a dish of seared tofu, and maybe some kedgeree (a Scottish dish of rice and fish), or bangers and mash. This is served with Poujauran bread on little wooden cutting boards, a pat of butter, and bottles of filtered water.

Rose Bakery

On the sweet side, they make truly excellent anglo baked goods: scones, shortbread, cookies, brownies, cheesecake, carrot cake, date cake, fruitcake, lemon cake, and a flourless orange cake I just had to try and emulate. Outside of meal hours, these can be enjoyed with a cup of tea from their selection, or a freshly squeezed juice.

They also sell an array of British products (chocolate bars, powdered bouillon, oat crackers, cereal…), British cheeses from Neal’s Yard Dairy (stilton, cheddar, wigmore…), and organic vegetables.

Rose Bakery

Rose Bakery
46 rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris
M° Notre-Dame-de-Lorette
01 42 82 12 80

Rose Bakery has opened a few more locations in Paris; all offer much the same dishes and desserts as the original location on rue des Martyrs. They also have locations in London, Seoul, and Tokyo.

Rose Bakery
30 rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris
M° Filles-du-Calvaire
01 49 96 54 01

Rose Bakery @ La Maison Rouge
10 Boulevard de la Bastille, 75012 Paris
M° Quai de la Rapée
01 46 28 21 14

Rose Bakery @ Le Bon Marché
24 rue de Sèvres, 75006 Paris
M° Sèvres-Babylone

  • hiropy

    this shop is so cute
    i want to go !!
    i have known just name
    i live in japan
    so it’s so diffecult to go there
    thank you for nice imformation about it

  • VS Brodie

    i’m a caterer in paris and am looking for someone who bakes american style wedding cakes.Does anyone know someone?

  • Rose Bakery is a great place to go for weekend (American-style) brunch, for lunch with friends, or for coffee, tiger-strong, in the mornings. The atmosphere is laid back and minimalist, which lets the food speak for itself.
    I’ve been going for close to a year, and I know a lot of the servers and former chefs. I can say in all sincerity and without prejudice, though, that it’s a wonderful eatery.
    The tarts are addictive, and the carrot cake is to die for. Konrad once made a tomato risotto with rucola and parmesan which I still dream about.
    My favorite thing, though? In the lemony carrot crudites du comptoir salad, the pumpkin seeds. What an inventive touch.

  • Tristan

    For the update…:Reading Rose bakery christmas cake recipe in the new issue of Elle à table, I remembered C&Z review and decided to give it a try while taking a walk int the 9th quarter (where I also ran into “Chez Haynes” which, I must confess, I would never have thought to go but for your review). There I decided to go for the carrot cake with a tea, and it ended up to be one of this perfect moment which gives you back the energy your boss worked hard to make you lose during the week… hmm priceless!

  • Kara

    My husband just bought for me “Breakfast, Lunch, TEA” the book from Rose’s Bakery. I just read through it and feel as if I’ve been there! It looks fabulous and I’m going to try some of the recipes. Kara

  • Diane

    Rose Bakery is my favourite place to eat in all of Paris. I go atleast once a week. I have so many favourites. The vegetable tarts (the pastry is perfection), ALL of the salads, carrot cake!!, date slice and anzac biscuits. The coffee and tea is really good aswell. I bought their book, so far I’ve only made the carrot cake….almost as good as the real thing and the best carrot cake recipe I’ve ever tried! Love Rose Bakery!!!!

  • willkean

    I Should go and try one of this days this so famous Rose Bakery!

  • Gillian Pires

    I am going to Paris next week and I can’t wait to visit Rose Bakery. The owner is a personal friend of mine – we have known each other for a very long time – so this makes it all the more exciting. I will be giving a report back when I get home.

  • How good it is to know I’m not alone making English goodies for the French!!

  • Lizzie

    Their scone recipe is my new favorite. I threw in some dried Michigan cherries from my aunt… perfect texture, and the butter shines through (for some reason most scone recipes mask that beautiful butter taste behind too much sugar or overpowering wet ingredients.

  • Hayley

    Hi Cotilde and everyone else!

    I am visiting Paris for a few days and will be there Sat. July 30th, Sun. July 31st and on Sat. Aug.6th. Do you know if Rose Bakery will be open? Thanks!

  • Lorna


    Found this post while looking for info on Rose Bakery’s vegetable tarts, which I would love to try to reproduce. I have the book, so I know she has them made in France, but I can’t tell the size of the square. Is it a 3″ tart? or a 4″ i would love to mess with the idea for my grandchildren’s lunchboxes, but I can’t imagine how they stuff and blind bake the shells. Perhaps the tart pan is just a hollow frame sitting on a baking sheet? Any help you can offer?

    • I would say the tarts are about 4″, and they are baked in frames they had custom-made (I believe I got that info in the book). Happy baking!

  • Hello, Very nice I can read Rose Bakery here.In Oct 2013 I went to Paris where the most inspired me is Rose Bakery. I live in Shanghai, China. This city is more and more international where so many foreigners live and work here, which means they need a good western lifestyle in China. I really want to import Rose Bakery to Shanghai. I trust it must be welcomed by local ppls and foreigners. But unforetunately I cant reach Rose Bakery. I m now finding way to make my idea come true. BTW some bakery stores opened succesfully or are still growing in Shanghai. But you know Shanghai is a very big market. So who would talk about this business or give me any suggestions. I will appreciate it very much!!! Hanve a good day!!!Willa Geng(Mr)

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