July Favorites

Beehive Honey Squares
Beehive honey squares by Lucy Kuhn.

A few of my favorite finds and reads for July:

~ Intrigued by this zucchini hummus and this lentil granola.

~ “If we lived in 1913” is a series broadcast daily (in French) on France Inter radio, in which historian Antoine Prost talks about daily life in France one hundred years ago. I was particularly interested in this one: “If we lived in 1913, we would eat mostly bread.”

~ Finally all is revealed, and I am tickled to know that long-time fellow blogger Josh Friedland was behind Ruth Bourdain all this time.

~ Fun to play with: 60 Years of French First Names.

~ Who could resist buying these honey squares?

~ An incredible edible Rubik’s Cube by Cédric Grolet, the new pastry chef at Le Meurice.

~ New online addiction: The Geoguessr.

~ Want to know the truth behind the friendly-faced producers displayed on French supermarket products (in French)?

~ The BBC’s Food Programme, one of my favorite food podcasts (see full list here), had this fascinating episode on tree-to-bar chocolatier Mott Green (who died tragically a few weeks ago).

~ In the mood for some ice cream?

~ Depressing: a new EU regulation bans the sale of heritage seeds.

~ How French chefs are glamorizing tofu (in French).

~ Fool Magazine asks chefs and food writers, Who’s the world’s most underrated chef?

~ 35 beautiful recipe book designs.

  • Reading of your blog is always a pleasure. Some of your July favorites is really attracting.

  • Thank you for recommending the “Si nous vivions en 1913” podcast – I spent a very happy hour catching up with it earlier this evening.

    And that courgette “hummus” is simply delicious – I have just served it as a sauce with fish and vegetables, and I think I could very happily use it instead of mayonnaise; I wonder whether my daughter, who normally dislikes courgettes, would like it (my grandson is still at the age of saying “I don’t like that; I’ve never had it!”).

    • So glad you enjoyed the podcast and had good success with the courgette hummus, Annabel!

  • Great list! I’m both happy and sad we now know who Ruth Bourdain is :)

    • I know exactly what you mean! :)

  • “If we lived in 1913” link “disponible jusqu’au 17/04/2016 07h52” … well that’s, eh, very precise :)

    • France Inter is nothing if not precise. :)

  • cool, I love this thing with French first names. je m’appelle Emmanuelle et et je suis née en 1966!

    • Looks like you caught the movement on the rise!

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