Happy Birthday Chocolate & Zucchini!

Happy Birthday Chocolate & Zucchini!

“- Bonjour madame la boulangère! I would like to buy a cake for my blog.
– What a lucky blog! Is this a special occasion?
– Why yes, it is my blog’s first birthday!
– My my my, how time flies! I remember your blog from when it was just a wee little baby blog, with just a handful of posts — and now it’s one year-old already?
– Yes, I am very proud, and I think it would very much like to celebrate with a cake. Something small something chocolate, something pretty something yummy! What can you suggest?
– Well, we have this chocolate and caramel cake, we have this chocolate and praline cake, we have this chocolate and green tea cake, and we have this chocolate and chocolate cake.
– Oh, they are all so very pretty and look so very yummy, it’s hard to choose… what is your favorite?
– I think I like the chocolate and chocolate best.
– That sounds like a good choice by all standards, we’ll have one of these!”

And so, we put the little cake on a plate. And lit a candle. And sang a birthday song. And blew the candle. And drank a little wine. And ate the little cake. Happy Birthday Chocolate & Zucchini!

And thank you all, dear readers, whether you’re a long-time visitor, newly on board, or just passing by — thanks for reading what I have to say, thanks for your comments and support. Chocolate & Zucchini is a fabulous adventure for me, but it would, of course, be nothing without you.

And since no birthday is quite complete without a birthday gift, I have decided to open forums on Chocolate & Zucchini! I receive the visit of so many interesting people (yes, that would be you) with so many interests in common, I thought it would be a good idea to give you a place to meet, chat and share all the wonderful things you have to say! So go ahead, take a little tour, make yourself comfortable, ask questions, give advice, discuss recipes, cookbooks, restaurants, tips, techniques, ideas, inspirations!

But wait, there’s more! No birthday is quite complete without a party either, so I am also throwing a Chocolate & Zucchini Birthday Party! Mark your calendars : the party will be on Monday, October the 18th, and it will be hosted by my chef-friend Nicolas Vagnon at his restaurant La Table de Lucullus. You are all warmly invited to come, and I will be positively delighted to meet you.

Here are the details : participation will be 30€ per guest (payable when you’re there), and that will get you dinner and wine, selected and prepared by Nicolas and yours truly. If you would like to come, let me start by doing a little happy dance, and then ask you to please email me before the 8th of October with your name, phone number, and the number of people who will be coming with you!

  • And again …
    Happy Birthday C&Z !
    Our life would not be the same without the joy of reading you everyday.
    Forum and party ! great news.
    Have both of you a wonderful day.

  • Beate

    Happy Blog-Birthday!

    Greetings from Frankfurt.

  • happy birthday! i am quite a big big fan of chocolate & zucchinni. too bad i live far away, i would love to be in that party at la table de loucullus! i wish i could go…i will be waiting your news about the party and the menu.
    lots of greetings!

  • m

    Happy blog birthday!

  • Happy birthday, C&Z! Sorry I will not arrive in Paris until three days after your anniversary dinner, but I will be there in spirit!

  • Keep it going, Clotilde: your blog is so… good (yum), my feedreader can’t do without it (c’est très gourmand, mon feedreader). And I’m sure the forums will be a great success too. joyeux anniversaire!

  • Un très joyeux anniversaire à l’un des meilleurs carnets Web culinaires! Bravo :)

  • i have choreographed a special birthday interpretive dance for c & z. i will perform it next time i see you, bit, let’s just say it involves lots of chiffon scarves, armfuls of rose petals and spectacular leaps and turns that would make nureyev jealous (if her were alive). the finale is when, grasping a magnificent bouquet of fragrant casablanca lilies and a tasteful selection of your favorite chocolates, i leap across the room to end in a low and regal bow at your feet. you may then join me in a dance, if you wish.

    happy birthday c & z! and congratulations clotilde on your first anniversary as the proprietress of this grand establishment.

  • Frankenstein

    Happy blog anniversary!

    That celebratory dinner sounds scrumptious; I’m almost temped to fly over just for the evening…

  • Joan

    ah sweet celebrations! on Friday, strawberries will be part of my c ‘n z birthday feast..to share with my father, and friend Sheelagh who has been a great influence on me..especially in the food journey :-)…my celebration will be by the ocean at Umina Beach..just north of Sydney..I’m wondering if there are Sydney c ‘n z readers ‘out there’ !! Clotilde, congratulations and merci!

  • Matilda

    Happy birthday, C+Z! Here’s to more of Clothilde’s wonderful food adventures!

  • happy birthday to C&Z! you’ve grown bigger so fast that’s amazing… it’s my favorite time of the day to see what a new thing you have in here. Thanks for keeping such a great piece of art, Clotilde!

    You should have seen how excited I was about the idea of birthday party, and how disappointed I am to know that I am not in Paris so soon. But you guys have a wonderful time!

  • Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear C&Z
    Happy birthday to you!

    and many happy returns!

  • E.

    Happy Birthday, Chocolate and Zucchini! Thanks for making me drool many times!

  • Happy Birthday and never ever stop blogging!

  • Happy Birthday Chocolate & Zucchini!

    I’m sorry I can’t be there for the celebration — not just for the food and fun, but to see the interpretive dance!

    Seriously, congratulations on creating such a wonderful web site and resource.

  • emdb

    Joyeux(se?) anniversaire!

    Happy birthday! I will have to find a reason to have my employer fly me to Paris, hmm . . . Thank you so much for such a lovely blog, and keep on blogging!


  • Peter

    hi ho hi ho there you go ho ho, a happy anniversary-hey- ho (and no, it would not sound better if I sang it in real life ;-) )

  • I haven’t commented in a while, but I’m still reading your site voraciously. Congratulations on your first wonderful year!

  • Shen Ri Kuai Le! (Happy Birthday in Mandarin)

    It’s a great joy everyday to log on to the computer just to read your food blog. Thank you for all the inspiration, yummy pictures, and awesome writing.

    Here’s to more wonderful C&Z posts!


  • stacey

    Happy Birthday C&Z! I have enjoyed reading your blog so much, and I’m happy you are celebrating it with such joy!

  • stacey

    Happy Birthday C&Z! I have enjoyed reading your blog so much, and I’m happy you are celebrating it with such joy!

  • Rainey

    Chapeau, clotilde, et bonne anniversaire à Chocolate & Zucchini!

    Je baladerai tout de suite à votre nouveau forum. J’espère que j’y peux pratiquer mon français et rencontre votre publique intéressante.

  • Fae

    Bonne (blog) anniversaire! May we have many more years of wonderful posts to read!

  • Tanti auguri a te!
    Tanti auguri a te!
    Tanti auguri Cioccolata e Zucchine!
    Tanti auguri a teee!!

    many many greetings from Italy!

  • Reading your blog is the best part of my day, or atleast, one of the best!

    Happy Birthday!

  • Joyeux anniversaire! 1 ans sur Internet, c’est 4 ans dans la vie “réelle”: bientôt l’âge de raison…

  • Sarah

    ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!
    ¡A la bio, a la bau, a la bim bom ba!
    ¡Chocolate y calabaza, ra ra ra!

    Here’s to many, many, more wonderful and delicious posts!

    Sincerest wishes from a longtime reader and lurker!

  • Happy birthday C & Z! It’s my birthday, too, but you have a much fancier cake than I have. =( I am, however, going to Boston tonight, and will be having dessert at Finale (http://www.finaledesserts.com/ ), so maybe I’ll find something that beautiful there. Best wishes!!

    PS: the chocolate & green tea cake sounds intriguing! I’ll look for one next time I’m in Paris. =)

  • Can’t imagine a day without checking your site! Felicitations! Partner and I will spend most of the next 3 weeks in Perigord and Paris!!! But we fly out on Oct. 18th. Drat. Oh well, the nice thing about being home again will be having a chance to catch up on several wonderful C&Z postings.

  • hengrumay


    Happeee Birthdayeee C&Z!
    so tempted to fly over to celebrate… :C)

    thank you for the wonderful read, recipes and inspirations!

  • Pim

    Happy birthday little C&Z.

    Tatie Pimmie baked you a cake.


  • Pim

    Oh and forgot to say, and she’s going to be at your b-day party too. Yay!

    will bring balloons.


  • Alisa

    Wowwy, wow, wow, wow! Joyeuse Anniversaire! This blog, and all that has come with it and from it, has been such a force in aiding my transition from guest, to habitant, of Paris. I am grateful, daily.
    Will try so hard to be there on the 18th.

  • happy birthday :) this is such a fabulous blog. I love reading it.

  • Happy birthday C&Z! Here’s to another fabulous year :)

  • Bon anniversaire Clothilde and Chocolate & Zucchini! You are an inspiration and a joy! Here is to many, many more! A big hug to you from jetlagged (just returned from Paris late last night) moi. :-D

  • Sher

    Well, happy birthday little blog!!! I read you every morning and it wouldn’t be a good day without my cup of coffee and Chocolate & Zucchini. I wish I could join the party in Paris. Sob! Maybe those of us who can’t attend should have a party of our own in your honor that day!


  • Your sister

    Joyeux anniversaire, C&Z!
    How time flies! I remember the day when you told me you were starting a blog (- a what ?!) and would I like to go and have a look, as though it were yesterday…
    I did go and have a look and was so impressed by my gifted little sister !
    And of course, a year later, being back in Paris, I will not miss the birthday party, and will be delighted to meet some of your readers…

  • julia

    Bonne anniversaire!

    I’ve enjoyed visting your blog many many times over this past year, and I am looking forward to many more delicious years…

    Best wishes from Indiana, USA

  • Congratulations Clotilde! You have a wonderful blog… very interesting and beautifully written. Here’s to many more successes in the coming year!

  • Felicia Piscitelli

    Bonne anniversaire!

    Your blog is very enjoyable–tempting recipes and great pictures. I’ve been reading it only for a month or so, but have become a fan! Please keep up the good work.

    Felicitations (had to use this word!)

    Felicia from Texas, USA

  • savina

    your party really tempts me to a little trip to Paris from Turin. I’m celebrating you anyway these days by often trying your ever-interesting recipies. TANTI BLOGAUGURI!!

  • savina

    AND I love the way people from all over gather around your blog, the way you somehow make the whole world feel at home, around a French-but-not necessarily cooking stove…

  • Nia

    Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Chocolatnzukini blog! :) Happy Birthday to You!

    Wishing the Chocolate and Zucchini blog many more years to come. Thanks to Clotilde for a year of great posts.

  • Sending some bright and cheery wishes from the sunny little island of Singapore!

    Happy Birthday!

  • Michele

    you should have had a chocolate and zucchini cake, non? tres a propos.

  • just more well wishes to you and your blog!

  • happy bday cz & congrats clotilde :)

  • Happy happy b-day – I hope you had a fun day and your mom let you go out and shake that French derriere! Still, and always will, love that blog of yours!

  • Joyeux Anniversaire, Chocolate & Zucchini!

    It’s been a wonderful year and I wish you many, many more.

  • christoph

    Happy Birthday C&Z, thank you for the possibility to meet some really nice people and for the many inspirations I recieved through your blog.
    Chapeau Clotilde
    Cheers Christoph

  • Ana

    Happy birthday C&Z.
    And many, many more will come.
    Best wishes Clotilde!

  • Ford

    Many Happy Returns C&Z.

    Surely one of the best reasons for developing the WWW.

  • sifi

    Chronia polla!

    [Greek multipurpose purpose salutation: lit: “many years (to you)”]

  • chronia polla from me, too! thanks so much for all your time and effort, clotilde.

  • millie

    many happy returns from Canada – je suis desole that I cannot join the party, but I trust you will post many photos for the rest of us!

  • Your papounet

    Joyeux anniversaire, petit blog qui est devenu si grand en si peu de temps… And may it grow even bigger, larger, wider! I don’t think it can get any better, it seems perfect to me as it is now. But having said that, I’m sure you’ll come up with new ideas, new themes, new jokes… Thanks for having given birth to this great baby.

  • Mam’

    Bon anniversaire, Bloggy ! and long life to you : you are so wonderful and your creator is so clever and inventive !

  • Marta

    Happy Birthday C&Z and congratulations! You have a wonderful blog and it is an inspiration and model for others in the blogspere.

    Marta from Washington State (USA)

  • asha

    C&Z: many, many happy returns to the best blog on the planet!
    A huge thank you, Clotilde, from Philadelphia.

  • Nassim

    Bon anniv’ C&Z!

    Je te l’avais jamais dit mon petit Cézède mais tu as les joues de ta maman et les oreilles de ton papa.

    J’ai remarqué que ces derniers temps tu avais bien grossi, ta maman prend donc très bien soin de toi et je m’inquiète donc pas pour ton avenir.

    Sois sage et ne change pas!

    Ton oncle Nass’

  • Katherine

    Happy birthday! I love this blog, it’s such a treat to read and I wish I was in Paris to come and celebrate.

  • catherine

    Happy birthday, chocolate and zucchini
    By chance, I found this blog. It seemed to me that I was very lucky.
    What my first work is after coming to my office is to see this blog. I read what clotild wrote the day before.
    It’s so amazing and it makes me very happy.
    Although I’m living far from france, I can remember those days where I stayed in Paris and french cuisine.
    Thank you for your enthusiam
    I recommend you a hazelnut cake or yogurt cake which are mostly fresh and not much sweety.

    Drink a toast to clotild and all visitors for 1st anniversary of Chocolate and Zucchini blog !

    From Catherine who is heartily celebrating

  • duskangel

    Happy birthday!! This is really great. I get to brush up on my french and meet new people too. Wish I could be in Paris for the party. Has been a dream of mine for a long time.

  • cpr

    Joyeux Anniversaire baby blog. You know a lot of big words for just being a baby. Be sure to tell ta mere Clotilde that she’s done a very good job raising you! :) We can’t wait to see what you will grow up to be like. Sorry to miss your party in Paris. But if a satellite party is cooking in San Francisco, please let me know. ttfn! cpr

  • Happy Birthday for my favourite blog…. wish i could be at the party… enjoy!

  • Funny that your chef-friend has almost the same name as me. Not too many of those. Congrats on your site’s birthday. I’ve enjoyed it for a while and it was one of the reasons I started my own food blog.

  • RJay

    Bon anniversaire Chocolate & Zucchini et mes félicitations à toi, Clotilde!! Your wonderful baby blog has given me much inspiration. Reading it is one of the joys of my day. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  • Birthday greetings to you and your blog from the Philippines!

  • Anne

    Happy Birthday
    Herzlichen Glueckwuench zum Geburtstag
    Hjertelig tillykke med dagen

    And please…….. MANY MORE.


  • Ann

    Happy birthday C&Z! And thank *you* Clotilde, for making such an entertaining and inspiring blog. Also thanks for creating the forums.

    My Sunday brunch was one of these little eggs & toasted english muffin spread with mushroom butter. Yum!

    brighidsdaughter on the forum

  • I am belated – was away for a long weekend – but happy birthday, C&Z! Why, that must mean Pepper of the Earth is about to be one year old as well. Time flies when you’re eating well!

    On behalf of Pepper of the Earth, I remain – Linus

  • Happy birthday from Texas! Hope y’all have a great time on the 18th; C&Z is my favorite food blog. And thanks for the forums.

  • denis balent

    never stop blogging – happy birthday from london….

    denis – and good luck!

  • Dear all – Many many thanks for all those extra kind wishes, they really made my (and my blog’s) day!

  • serena

    hi clotilde,

    coming to this party a bit late, but life has been manic since i’ve got back into london – so better late than never i suppose? happy birthday to C&Z! (by the way, i am trying to arrange a trip to paris to coincide with the salon du chocolat this year!)


  • Joy

    Dang, I haven’t checkin for a couple of weeks and now I’ve missed the big birthday party. Bonne Anniversaire! I’d love to be a part of any future potlucks, and the like!

    Paris 14eme

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