Our Smelly Travelling Companions


Try spending eight hours in a car on a sunny day, with a tray of twenty cabécous in the backseat. It’s an interesting exercise in willpower and determination to bring home the magic. Not the most orthodox way to age fresh cheese for consumption at their optimal stage of ripeness, but it certainly works!

Ah, what one woudn’t do, for the love of cabécous!

  • This is one region which I have not yet visited, and very much look forward to it. What a wonderful sample you have given to us! Thankyou for your colourful descriptions!

  • C’est seulement pour ta consommation perso tout ça ?!

  • Alisa

    so many questions…..
    once you get the babes home, where do you keep them? How do you keep them? (maybe same answer) How long can they be kept? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Hande

    Oh, my husband and I did 2 years ago exactly the same thing! We bought the cheese directly at the farm in the morning and drove right back to Munich….. The next day we ate everything up with some dear friends, so they had a feeling of our trip as well. And we didn’t have only cabecous;-)

  • catherine

    Je ne savais pas le cabecou.
    L’information de ta part m’a conduit a l’ etudier.
    Le cabecou est le petit fromage typique du sud-ouest de la France(Je ne sais pas exactement que sud-ouest s’indique a quel region.)
    Mais c’est sur que le cabecou est le plus declicieux quand est fodnat sur une tranche de pani grille, cremeux sur un plateauu de fromage ou frais accompagne de rondelles tomates arrosees de l’hule d’olive et parfumees de feuilles de basilic.
    Ummmm, je veux gouter ca !

  • Maryanne

    I was 10 seconds from getting my own on Saturday as a group of friends were invited to a winery tasting. There the friendliest cheesemonger had a set of twin cabecous to sell and a friend bought them right out from under my nose!! And she didn’t share…Next time I’ll taste the roquefort later!

  • josie

    Well. For a superb cheese… I think I’d do it, too. Maybe.

  • Erin

    I love cheese, all shapes, sizes, scents and textures. I am happy to live twenty minutes away from a little farm that sells farm fresh chevre! It is wonderful this time of year to eat with all the crisp apples! I am hungry.

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