Happiness (A Recipe)


On a Sunday afternoon, after a copious lunch, wait for your next-door neighbor Patricia to knock on your window with a wooden spoon. Agree to come over to their place for coffee. From the special chocolate cabinet in your kitchen (surely you must have one) grab what’s left of the excellent dark chocolate with fragments of roasted cocoa beans that your friend Marie-Laure brought you last time she came for dinner. Walk next door in your socks. Leave Maxence and Stéphan to chat about Mac OS-X and guitar tuners in the living room, while you watch Patricia brew coffee on their espresso machine. When asked, opt for the designer coffee cups. Bring the four cups to the table on a metal tray. Take a cup, break a square of the chocolate, sit down, relax. Have a bite of chocolate, then a sip of coffee. Repeat.

Congratulations, you have now attained the blissful state known as Happiness.

  • Céline

    Puisque personne n’a encore fait de commentaires sur cette ‘recette’ là, je me lance…

    Je la trouve très très bien écrite et je suis impressionnée par la facon dont tu arrives à rendre l’ambiance par petites touches… C’est presque poétique !

    Ma recette préférée jusqu’ici…


  • Merci pour ce commentaire ma Céline, je suis ravie que tu sois touchée par ce petit texte, je l’aime beaucoup aussi…

  • i love this recipe!!! :)

  • Catsudon – Thank you! Glad you like it, it’s one of my favorites too! :)

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