Ceci n’est pas un Macaron

Ceci n'est pas un Macaron

This is Pierre Hermé’s Marron et Thé Vert Matcha macaron.

This is a delicate confection of chestnut almond meringue and fresh chestnut cream and voluptuous green tea cream.

This is a true delight, to the eye and to the palate.

This is my Valentine’s Day gift to you.

Joyeuse St-Valentin!

  • Oh my, oh my, oh my. It looks so very, very Japanese, that combination of chestnut and green tea. Oh, and almonds! Oh my! *thud* *gets up again* Looks absolutely wonderful.

  • Oh my. The only reason I am not tea-green with envy is that I have been on a bit of a sugar high myself and am also going to be making a batch of raspberry truffles today. Merci bien!

    I very much enjoyed your article about great Valentine’s food in Paris. The portable picnic sounded fabulous. Since I can cook, I have always preferred to stay in, away from the madding crowds, on V-Day myself.

  • Robert Crouse


    I recommended your satisfyingly charming weblog to an e-friend saying there was nothing nicer I could think of to share with her for Valentine’s Day. Re: today’s offering and greeting, you are quite right (of course), that is not a macaroon – it is a wonder! I am matcha tea-green with envy for anyone with access to such a treat. Do you keep a professional photographer hidden in your kitchen broom closet? I much admire the clarity and warmth of your fotos. Thank you for your daily diligence and ongoing generosity. I fully intend to “stay tuned”. And to you, Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Matcha is one of my favorite flavors, and I am always looking for recipes that incorporate it! Those macaron make my mouth water. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Amy


    So I have to know, who makes the BEST macaron is Paris? Sadly I have not been able to sample every single macaron there is to be had–much as I would like to. So far my favorite has to be the ones from Ladurée. Their web site is cool too.

    But are Pierre Hermé’s better? Not having tried them I can’t judge. Do report back!



  • Nattie – Indeed, the theme of Pierre Hermé’s winter collection was Kawaii, hence the Japanese ingredients!

    Charlotte – So glad you liked the Valentine’s Day article : I was very enthusiastic about the picnic thing too!

    Robert – All your lovely compliments are very *very* appreciated. About the pics, taking them is one of my great pleasures, so I’m thrilled you like them!

    Mariko – Oh I wish I could share the recipe for these, but something tells me it’s probably a secret! :)

    Amy – This is a very difficult question you’re asking here! :) The Ladurée macarons are great too. Their flavors are more classical than Hermé’s, though, so both are of interest…

  • This looks absolutely wonderful Clotilde! I love the idea of chestnut and green tea together – must try that some day. I must also visit Paris and buy out Pierre Herme’s shop!!

  • serena


    have been reading your blog for a couple of months now & love it! i’ve just only got back from paris & had the most wonderful time – although the one regret i have is not having had hit pierre herme’s shop for his macarons – i did have lots of other goodies, though, including hevin’s chocolate & macarons, so all is good :) the fact that paris is only a short flight away (i live in the UK) makes me wonder why i don’t do it more often!

    keep writing, & cooking, & eating!

  • Angela – Buying out the PH store is as excellent an idea as I have ever heard! Between the two of us, maybe we can negociate something! :)

    Serena – So glad you enjoy C&Z! I’ve never had Hévin’s macarons, but I’m sure they were delicious. And not having visited Hermé’s store just gives you an excellent reason to come back!

  • j

    mmm. yum. i’m speechless.

  • sip

    i’ve tried Pierre Hermé’s macaron in japan last year and there’re great! would love to have a PH shop in Hong Kong soon! (yes, i live in HK).

  • pim


    What a lovely present! I could just about taste it again from looking at your picture. Pierre Hermé’s macarons are truly wonderful, well, perhaps except the macaron aux truffes blanches that I had last November. That one was just odd. Very truffle-ish, and truly odd.

    Lovely blog too, by the way. :-)


  • sip

    hi clotilde

    it’s me again! can’t help jumping in again! although i don’t know a thing about cooking, i think your site is fabulous! (i love eating though!!)

    i so much like the taste of macarons, and would really really like them to be introduced into Hong Kong! can you refer this message to your friend’s friend (the one who works at Pierre Hermé) and see if they have plans to open a branch in HK. thanx!

    also, would love to know how much it costs for a macaron in paris?

    if i open a macaron cafe in HK, would u be my chef? ;P

  • Pim – Actually, I had the hazelnut and white truffle macaron the other day, and although it is stranger than most flavors, I still liked it very much. Glad you like the blog, I’m enjoying yours too!

    Sip – I’ll try to find out if Pierre Hermé has plans to overcome HK too! A good quality macaron is roughly 1 euro. You can get cheaper ones of course, but I think it’s worth the cost! :)

  • sip

    thanx clotilde. i remember the macaron i tried in tokyo is roughly 1.5 euro. would love to try the french ones of course!

    my dream is to open a cafe and provide a warm and cozy place for friends to gather together. (just like yours, rite?) but since it costs much to open a cafe, my initial thought is to have a small snack/cake shop. then i “bumped into” the macaron in tokyo and then i thought may be it’s worthwhile to give it a try! the capital costs would not be that high, and the shop doesn’t need to be big. the colorful macarons would surely attract the customers, especially the girls! pls give me some advice. and u’re welcome to send mails to my email address too. thanx clotilde!

  • Gabrielle

    Clotilde, how could you do this?? Looking at that perfect macaron with a bite out of it and knowing I can’t bite into one for months yet is sheer torture!

    Lost in dreams of green-tea and chestnut macarons,

  • Sip – I think it’s a very cool idea to open a macaron parlor in Hong Kong! :) Of course, I am not super familiar with the market there, so don’t take my word for it! If you have specific questions though, feel free to email me with them. One thing to note is that Pierre Hermé’s press agent has told me that in Tokyo, the store is more focused on the chocolates than the pastries, but I don’t know the reason (market vs. cost?).

    Gabrielle – Oooh I knew this was a sweet and sour gift, I’m sorry! :)

  • sip

    dear clotilde

    thanx for your advice. would love to tell u more about my plan… will send u email later when i’ve got time to tidy up my thoughts and jot down my ideas. i’ve thought about learning to make macaron myself….but seems quite hard to do so in the short span of time. don’t know where i can find someone who knows how to make macaron here in hk!

    would love it if u can come to teach me some day! :) may be u can consider a trip to hk and can show u around the place. (don’t worry, i’m a girl and am a good person! *_*)

  • Kristi

    Hi Clotide,

    That macaron picture is killing me.
    How can I get my hands on a recipe for macarons? I am in the US and they don’t have anything comparable to the macarons is Paris. I know Laduree had a recipe available a while ago on their newsletter, but I think I might have erased it!!

    I was in Paris a year ago..and since then I dream of only macarons. I am not a good cook, but practice makes perfect. It will be the only way to taste one again!

    My boyfriend thinks my obsession is strange. :-)

    Any tips?

  • Kristi – I’ve never attempted to make macarons myself so I can’t recommend a recipe, but my fellow blogger Angela over at A Spoonful Of Sugar has successfully made macarons au chocolat after a recipe by Pierre Hermé (http://www.aspoonfulofsugar.net/blog/chocolate/index.html#entry33) so you may want to take a look at her entry!

  • Svanbjorg

    Dear all, I urgently need to find a recipe for a cream which would go well with a red/rose macarone, with berries and butter cream. I tried a italian butter cream and added berries to the cream and that didn´t go very well :-) (probably due to the berrie´s acidity). Any advice and recipe regarding how to add flavor to the macaron would be extremly well received. Best regards, Svanbjorg.

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