A Sandwich for Dessert

Le Club-sandwich Framboise et Crème de Gianduja

[A Sandwich for Dessert]

“Un Sandwich pour le Dessert” is a project I worked on for Fraîch’Attitude, a Parisian gallery that specializes in Eat Art. Eat Art is an offshoot of ephemeral art that uses food as its primary material: some of the exhibitions are actually edible and are meant to disappear into the visitors’ stomachs, to be recreated the next day.

The gallery just opened a new exhibition yesterday around the theme Picnic, and a couple of months ago I was asked to submit something (“anything! you decide!”) for the exhibition’s catalog, which also serves as a cahier de style — a reflection of current trends and inspirations.

I decided to create visual recipes for four simple dessert sandwiches, easy to make and easy to pack, for a colorful picnic on a nearby patch of grass or on the floorboards of your living-room. (Click on the names to view the recipe.)

Le Club-sandwich Framboise et Crème de Gianduja: sandwich bread + gianduioso (or nutella) + raspberries = raspberry and gianduioso club-sandwich.

Le Sandwich Petit Beurre à la Fraise: strawberries + petit suisse + butter cookies = strawberry cookie sandwich.

Le Petit Pain Amandes et Mirabelles: plums cooked with a little sugar + toasted almonds + a mini loaf of bread = plum and almond mini-bread.

La Brioche Figue et Citron: lemon curd + a pretty brioche + figs = fig and lemon brioche.

  • merveilleux! and the perfect inspiration for summer! (i’m especially enthralled by the “club sandwich”… must try that.)

    belated felicitations to your papounet as well… how very proud you must be!

  • michael

    now i’m going to have to suffer until fresh figs come into season so i can make that mouthwatering brioche concoction!! formidable, clotilde!

  • kenhuocj

    congratulations on the finest Fine Food Blog – have been enjoying your love and passion for good eating on the www ! ! !

  • Lee Anne

    These look heavenly! I wonder if I can find nutella here in the states. Can’t say I have ever had that before. Oh my…you are so inspiring!

  • Kelley

    Lee Anne, I’m responding to your question about Nutella. I first ate it on fresh oranges in London and became obssessed with its chocolatey, nutty creaminess. I found that most large grocery stores in America also carry it. You can learn more about it here:


    Yummy desserts, Clotilde. As always I admire your creativity and look forward to trying your recipes.

  • Yummy! All look delicious, my mouth is watering. What a charming idea Clotilde!

  • Clotilde, those sandwiches look trop bon! I especially love the brioche figue et citron…I have a jar of homemade lemon curd in my refrigerator and *must* seek out some fresh figs at the market today. Merci pour une excellente idee.

  • These sound really fun and delicious. Great idea–much more interesting that the typical box of cookies on a picnic!

  • lee anne,
    if u can’t find nutella, mix some thick chocolate syrup with peanutbutter. close enough. =D or add some melted dark chocolate to peanut butter. Mmmm…..

  • Becca

    I love this post … wonderful, creative ideas about sandwiches which are so easy to make but usually so boring here in the States!

  • wow, clotilde
    It’s amazing ! I want to compliment your creativity for the food. Of course, I won’t omit your passion.

  • As always, your photography & presentation are as charming as your novel & witty approach to food. Très, très fraîche, indeed! ;>

  • josie

    oh yum! these will be picknick highlights this summer…

  • Everything looks so pretty and delicious! Hope you don’t get hate mail from the Swiss over your use of ‘petit suisse’ ;-).

  • tres jolie

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