Super Simple Nutella Ice Cream Recipe

Nutella Ice Cream

My sister’s husband has a passion for Nutella. When Ferrero put out a 40th-anniversary Nutella jar* of woolly mammoth** proportions, Christian bought one and actually spooned his way through it. Not in one sitting, admittedly, but still.

I love my brother-in-law dearly, so when he and my sister came to dinner a few weeks ago, I thought I’d treat them to Nutella ice cream for dessert. I considered going the classic ice cream route, starting with a custard base to which I’d add Nutella, but I was feeling under the weather and this was more work than I wanted to tackle.

Instead, I used a much easier, much more straightforward formula: equal weights of Nutella and evaporated milk (lait concentré non sucré), combined and churned into the creamiest, most indulgent concoction ever to emerge from my ice cream machine.

Nutella and evaporated milk churned together into the creamiest, most indulgent concoction ever to emerge from my ice cream machine.

This first attempt at Nutella ice cream was wildly successful (and I do mean “I would marry you if I hadn’t already married your sister” successful) yet two problems remained: 1- although the French version of Nutella contains no transfats, it still leaves much to be desired on the nutritional front, and 2- the one-to-one ratio resulted in an ice cream that was, in my opinion, sweeter than strictly necessary.

It took little brainjuice to figure out a solution: replace the Nutella with an all-natural, organic equivalent, and use less of it.

Nutella Ice Cream From Just Two Ingredients!

My organic store stocks several brands and variaties of chocolate hazelnut spread, involving different proportions of hazelnuts and chocolate. After studying the labels for a while, I set my heart on Jean Hervé‘s Chocolade, for three reasons: I’m already addicted to his stone-ground nut butters, a portion of the company’s sales is donated to a charity that builds schools in Madagascar, and the guy has a ponytail.

Mini Cookbook of French Tarts

As the obligatory spoon test revealed***, this Not-ella is less sweet than its world-renowned cousin, and less eerily smooth, too. It would be unfair to describe the texture as grainy — it is not — but the tongue senses and aknowledges that real hazelnuts have given their lives for the cause.

And I’m happy to report that, when enrolled in this Nutella ice cream project of mine, La Chocolade performed to the complete satisfaction of all who had a chance to taste it before the tub mysteriously emptied. The ice cream was most often paired with the best sablés in the galaxy (I’m serious): Poilâne’s punition cookies, which now come in an adorable spoon shape to serve with coffee, or, for a limited time only and until the Saint-Valentin crap finally boils over, in a heart shape.


* I believe this collector’s item weighed in at 5 kilos (~11 pounds).
** Did you know woolly mammoths had a flap of hairy skin over their anus to keep out the cold? Can you think of a more endearing feature? or a more appropriate topic to discuss with your V-Day date?
*** The spoon test should be conducted as follows: take spoonful, place on tongue, close mouth, draw spoon out, close eyes, swish, chew, swallow.

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Super Simple Nutella Ice Cream Recipe

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Makes about 750 ml (3/4 quart).

Super Simple Nutella Ice Cream Recipe


  • 350 grams (= 12 1/3 ounces = 1 1/2 cups = 360 ml) store-bought chocolate hazelnut spread, preferably all-natural and organic
  • 410 grams (= 14 1/2 ounces = 1 1/2 cups + 1 tablespoon = 380 ml) unsweetened evaporated milk (see note; in French, lait concentré non sucré; I used reduced fat)


  1. Pre-freeze the bowl of your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Combine the chocolate hazelnut spread and the evaporated milk in a medium mixing bowl, and stir with a whisk until they become one, voluptuous and smooth. Depending on the texture of the spread you're using, this may take a few minutes; don't get discouraged. (To speed things up, you may use a blender/stick blender/stand mixer, or gently heat the evaporated milk beforehand.)
  3. Cover and refrigerate until well chilled. Whisk again and churn in your ice cream maker.
  4. If you don't have an ice cream maker, you can still make this recipe on a day when you're home most of the time.
  5. Prepare the mixture in the morning and chill for two hours. Pour into a freezer-safe container and place in the freezer. Every hour or so, remove the container from the freezer, draw the sides in with a fork (the ice cream will set on the sides first), stir vigorously, and return to the freezer. Your ice cream will be ready by dinnertime (see note).


  • I had originally written the recipe to call for "unsweetened condensed milk", which is technically correct -- the use of "condensed" and "evaporated" for canned milk vary from country to country -- but led to confusion for US readers, as you'll see in the comments below. I've edited it to read "unsweetened evaporated milk" so it would be clearer for all.
  • The only problem with the no-ice-cream-maker method -- besides requiring a little elbow grease -- is that the ice cream becomes quite solid the next day. Just take it out of the freezer for 15 minutes to soften before you scoop some out.
  • This is my kind of ice cream! I’ll have to check my Whole Foods for a Nutella substitute.


  • I made challah that called for Nutella filling (post here), but lacking Nutella made my own substitute by mixing together melted chocolate and almond butter. Came out great! That might work in this recipe, too. One more step, but handy in a pinch.

    Now I do have Nutella, though, so I’ll be trying your version first. Thanks!

  • Rachel

    I am sadly still ice cream maker-less – but you’ve just renewed my desire to make my own ‘not-ella’ (my nearest health food shop doesn’t have it, but they do sell hazelnut butter, which is a good start)…

  • A recipe with 2 ingredients in equal proportion – how simple and what an amazing idea! I adore Nutella and really hadn’t even realized there are organic, no-trans fat varieties out there. Thanks for all of this fabulousness; I’m going to go put my ice cream bowl in the freezer!

  • Wow, you just missed World Nutella Day by a week! But what a great recipe! Yum…

  • I was really taken by the idea of Nutella ice cream, right up to the gem about the butt-flap. What a marvellous revelation, I have to go look that up now!

  • Sarah

    Wow, and with my husband’s birthday only a week away (he’s another Nutella fiend). Perfect timing!

  • Elise

    Sounds dangerous! I have just finished in hidding the pot of Green & Black’s organic hazelnut chocolate spread we bought for pancake day, a good excuse now to buy another jar!

  • Mar

    Mmmm… I might not find a Nutella substitute (never seen it in health shops around here), but methinks I could try the same recipe with evaporated milk instead of the condensed one…

  • Maxime

    Merci Clotilde pour le fou-rire que m’a cause ton commentaire sur les derrieres moustachus des mammouts “poilus”. Ca m’a fait du bien !
    Une avide lectrice de San Francisco avec un nom comme les garcons.

  • I’ve been resisting buying an ice cream maker, but honestly…this might push me over the edge. It sounds incredible!

  • What if one wanted to still use the Nuttella but use something other than condensed milk? Wouldn’t it be less sweet (although still fatty, but who cares? Curvy women have higher IQs than super-skinny ones, according to some recent research.) if one used whipping cream instead of condensed milk?

  • I’m drooling. I’m going to break out my hand-crank machine and just might squish the ice cream results between two crisp peanut butter cookies.

  • Doris

    How wonderful! Ironically, just the other day my young brother was asking about making some ice cream out of Nutella while he prepared a snack from the stout jar. I don’t have an ice cream maker yet…but now I may have to change my mind. ^_^

  • Liz

    This sounds gorgeous! Despite the frigid and dreary weather outside, I am now desperately craving ice cream.

  • Marcia

    I have never heard of unsweetened condensed milk here in Atlanta, GA, USA. I will check Whole Foods and an ethnic market.

    I have never used Nutella except to eat with a spoon. I will also look for some of the organic because I love hazelnuts. I have a small ice cream freezer that has never been taken out of the box since buying it 5 years ago. What a wonderful first time use–and many more too.

  • That looks wonderful…it almost looks like it crosses the border between ice cream and…something else…perhaps a rich frosting? It’s a path I would bravely be willing to go down.

  • swan

    I am so happy I have some mammoth-info to talk about over dinner tonight…LOL…



  • Mmmm…as Sara wrote, you missed World Nutella Day, but I’m still going to put a link to this recipe in the comment section for future visitors. YUM!

  • Sara and Bleeding Espresso – I hadn’t realized there was a Word Nutella Day! I’ll try to remember that for next year.

    Mar – Evaporated milk and condensed milk are (more or less) one and the same. The use of one term over the other to mean “canned milk” seems — at least in part — regional. Just make sure you use unsweetened.

    Rita – Note that this recipe used unsweetened condensed milk. So replacing it with whipping cream would not make the ice cream less sweet, but it could make it richer, depending on the type of whipping cream you use.

    Marcia – Unsweetened condensed milk sometimes goes by the name “evaporated milk”, and you should be able to find it in any grocery store in the US. Happy ice cream making!

  • You are hilarious! Looks like a great recipe, I am a total Nutella head (well the organic equivalent anyway), and am so making this for guests this weekend.

  • David

    Ohmigod Clotilde–that is so simple. I am no longer afraid of my ice cream maker which has not seen light of day for about 10 years. But the piece of trivia regarding the wooly mammoths specialized appendage is egually delicious! Perhaps we Canadians will some day evolve one of our own.

  • I am so glad you replaced the nutella with a different spread Clotilde. The ingredients have always made me a bit squeamish. This looks like a deliciously simple recipe and thank you for the woolly mammoth fact too!

  • Oh, how I had room in my tiny NY kitchen for an ice cream maker–this sounds amazing!

  • jo

    That sounds marvelous. I can’t wait to try it. But what I really want to know…is there a photo of this gigantor tub of Nutella?

  • Karen

    I love Nutella. I substitute Nutella for peanut butter in the classic cookie recipe. It makes a nice, soft cookie. I also add it to oatmeal and dried cherries for a fabulous breakfast. If you have to eat oatmeal, why not make it tasty?

  • As it happens, I just ordered an ice cream maker today; I can’t wait to try this recipe! I have been working a lot with Nutella too, most recently as a component in cheesecake.

  • M Jose

    Thanks for the recipe. I have a calçotada on Sunday (calçotada is a Catalan barbecue where calçots, a type of spring onion, are the main course) and I plan to contribute with your ice-cream.

  • I’ll have to pass this on to my brother, a fellow nutella lover. Now to find a locally accessible version of your Not-ella butter. Maybe I’ll make my own.

  • drea

    I nearly choked on my water reading your ‘woolly mammoth anus flap’ comment!

    I find Le Pain Quotidien’s hazelnut spread is much less sickeningly sweet. I’m still miffed that US Nutella has traces of trans fat. I did find that Buon Italia in NYC sells the Italian trans-fat free version — for nearly twice the $$.

  • sally

    why doesn’t your French version have the ‘anus’ comment?

  • What a great idea! I adore Nutella. I recently made a semifreddo using it and I loved it. I will be making this ice cream very soon.

  • Oliverde

    Clearly I am exceedingly ignorant since I had no idea, (absolutely NONE!!) that woolly mammoth were so well designed…;-) Very endearing indeed.

    Was feeling sad about my lack of ice-cream maker, but since it involved nutella, I can get over my woe. Now if you’d said lychee….I’d be inconsolable…

    PS: I’ve been lurking for a long time, but your woolly mammoth comments were just too charming to resist poking my keyboard for.

  • I bet the nutella icecream was sublime…if I had an icecream machine this would be one of the top choices :)

  • This reminds me a little of the chocolate coconut sorbet I made all summer long. It’s so simple – coconut milk and melted chocolate (from David Lebovitz’ book). And the texture stays good from the coconut milk. Now, what about coconut milk and “nutella”…
    my next experiment!

  • Jo – There’s a picture here.

    M Jose – Thanks for telling us about the calçotada — I’ve recently heard about this sort of celebration, but didn’t know the name. Hope your friends enjoy the ice cream.

    Sally – You are quite the sleuth! The reason is simple: in French, there is no direct equivalent of the expression “of mammoth proportions”, woolly or otherwise, so I had no context in which to make the comment.

    And if you read closely, you’ll see that the reverse happens often, too — I make a joke in French that couldn’t be made in English.

  • Fliss

    This recipe sounds absolutely delicious! Unfortunately I am without an ice cream maker. Would it be possible to make without? Thanks

  • Fliss – Yes! It is possible to make it without an ice cream maker — I’ve added a note after the recipe.

  • Sounds marvelous! I have to try it!!

  • Wow – I’ll have to try this – it sounds fabulous, and simple to boot.

  • Esther

    Hi Clotilde,
    I have made nutella ice cream in the past, from a recipe given by Nigella Lawson in Forever Summer. Soooo delicious BUT the mixture was quite solid before it went into the ice cream maker, especially after chilling in the fridge overnight and nearly roke my ice cream maker motor. Did you have the same problem or was your mixture quite soft? I’ll definitely try yours sometime soon!

  • Libby

    Goodness, I need to make that ice cream. I love Nutella with a passion.

    Quick question Clotilde: I have never seen unsweetened condensed milk but here in the US evaporated milk has quite a different consistency than that of sweetened condensed milk. The latter is very thick and evaporated milk is almost watery. Is it because of the sugar? Or is the unsweetened version thick as well? Does it matter?

  • gabrielle


    I believe unsweetened condensed milk = evaporated milk; sweetened condensed milk is indeed thick and syrupy and would foil Clotilde’s “not-too-sweet” efforts.

  • Pam

    I had no idea you could make ice-cream with condensed milk. IThis recipe has motivated me to bring out my dusty ice-cream maker. This recipe sounds so yummy.

  • Your posts are simply the best, Clotilde! Thanks for the chuckles!:)In Finnish we actually have an expression equivalent of “mammoth proportions”, we say “mammuttimainen”. The ice cream looks lovely. I don’t own an ice cream machine, but I think I just might have to try and make some ice cream sans machine.

  • Mar

    That is definitely being added to my list of ice creams to make.
    I used to eat Nutella all the time a couple of years ago.

    And I learned something new about woolly mammoths today too.

  • Sounds good… But I can’t go past the sorbet Chocolat Noir; that is incredible. I’ve made that twice now, and your mango one. For my next trick I actually want to make a wine-flavoured sorbet, with champagne or a dessert wine. Do you have any tips on sorbets with thinner mixes? And alcohol?

  • onefern

    Hi Clotilde,

    Could I check when you mentioned lait concentre and translated it as ‘evaporated milk’, do you really mean evaporated milk, which is liquidy and not sweet, or condensed milk, which is viscous and sweet (thus concentre) Thanks!

  • To clarify the condensed/evaporated milk question once and for all: what is called for in this recipe is unsweetened evaporated milk, which is simply canned milk, not sweetened. It is a little thicker than regular milk, but less thick than sweetened condensed milk.

  • I don’t have an ice cream maker…yet I’m willing to try…whatever it costs me! :D


    *My hubby loves nutella so much!*

  • OMG! Nutella and ice cream together!! MMMmmmm.

  • Thank you for the correction dear Clotilde. Evaporated milk it is then. I bought a can of EM many months ago and I had been wanting to use it. I do believe I may need to buy myself an ice-cream maker and try this out.

    Oh, I wanted to tell you that this weekend I ran into a most interesting book: Greg Patent’s “An Odyssey of Baking.” And it comes with a DVD too. I am just smitten with Patent’s writing style and his stories and recipes are absolutely delicious.

  • Peter

    I made the Nutella with an equal amount of the specified unsweetened evaporated milk. It’s unbelievably rich (what’s your sister look like successful?). However, it never really froze, not even over night. Now, I understand this is ice CREAM but I wondered if it might freeze better with 2% evaporated milk. Délicieux!

  • OH my goodness… this looks incredible! Well worth buying an ice cream maker for :)

    If anyone wants to see the mega jar of Nutella, I received one from an Italian friend as a gift – I put it alongside a “normal” jar for scale.

    Have a fabulous time in Oz, Clotilde!

  • nutella is one of my favorite foods, and one of my favorite ice cream flavors. it’s a bit cold for ice cream just now, but i might have the haul the machine out of hibernation for this (after all, it’s warm indoors!).

  • Michele

    Goodness — I’m so flummoxed by your wooly mammoth trivia, I’m afraid I can’t seem to remember what the rest of the post was about! :)

  • I’ve been making my own “Hazelnut-chocolate-spread” fresh.

    I buy plain nut butter, Hazelnut, walnut, almond or mixed nuts. I put 2 tablespoons of nutbutter into a glass pinch bowl (tiny glass bowl) and add about 1 tablespoon chocolate chips with it (add more chocolate if you’d wish to live dangerously) microwave for 35 seconds (we have a very lowpower one, so test this out first). The chocolate chips will still look whole, but a stirring it with a spoon blends the nutbutter and the chocolate chips.

    If you use organic nutbutter and fair trade organic chocolate chips, you can’t go wrong. If you feel decadent, add a little bit of sugar. I never make more than a couple of table spoons, because if it’s around, it’ll go straight to my hips. I put what’s left into the fridge and gobble it up by the spoonfull.

    I found the combination with walnut butter, chocolate chips, a tiny bit of cinnamon, a bit of fresh vanilla beans scrapped out and some honey just oh so delectable.

  • Oh, what a divine combination! My ice cream maker will definitely be coming out of hibernation for this one! The mammoth bottom makes me think of a wooly mammoth with baby pyjamas on-the kind with the backside flap-hilarious! Thanks for a great post, have a wonderful trip!

  • Nutella ice cream. Well..I think I just might fall off my chair. It looks so good. Great job here :)

  • Haha – “If I hadn’t already married your sister, I’d marry you” successful – too funny! It was pretty nice of you to make it just for him!

  • this looks amazing, i cant wait to give it a whirl

  • marie

    My 9 year old son may think he has died and gone to Heaven. I’m definitely going to give it a try.


  • 62 posts so far and NOT ONE PERSON TRIED THIS! most of you say “if I had an icecream machine”.
    I too was one of you until my sister-in-law gave me a machine 4 years ago. The lesson I learned: DON’T WAIT. Buy the machine, it is worth the money, the real thing with the freezing element.
    I did this yesterday and yes, it sets up faster than the egg based recipe I modified from Under the Tuscan Sun (hazelnut gelato), so you have to watch it and listen for the machine when it starts groaning. A photo with egg-free chocolate banana bread is available on my website, the last recipe. Don’t worry Clotilde, I am just an amateur, no competition.
    My conclusion: good but very rich. Be careful with portion size. Thanks, Clotilde, I also bought your book to support your talent.

  • lucolia

    Fairmarket didnt have any organic version, but I added some ground toasted hazelnuts to the mix as well and it was delicious.

  • Oh my goodness! In the past year I have become a big fan of Nutella. I really don’t understand why it isn’t more popular here in the States…or perhaps, it is growing in popularity?

    Nevertheless, this recipe, and the description, has left me calculating just how much Nutella and evaporated milk I have in the cupboard right now….yum!


  • oh my! it looks so tempting.

  • Oh, j’adore le Chocolade! C’est si bon! I wish they sold it here (in New York). So much better than nutella which they put corn syrup in over here yuck!

  • Jennifer

    I read this recipe and then went to the store and they happened to be having a sale on Nutella. Surely a sign. I have made two batches of this now and it is truly delicious. I did it once with whole EM and once with skim EM, just because that was what I had on hand. Not much difference between the two although the whole milk was a tiny bit richer, but not enough to make a difference. So either type of milk will work. I use the little Cuisinart ice cream maker and ran it for a 1/2 hour and it set up just fine.

    This could be the easiest ice cream recipe on the planet. Thank you, Clotilde!

  • This sounds absolutely divine…now to find a version of nutella that doesn’t have hazelnuts in it, being allergic to hazelnuts really is a crying shame :(

  • Christina

    I did make the Nutella Ice Cream. I used American Nutella and American evaporated milk. And, an ice cream maker.
    The first night it didn’t really freeze so I had to use it as a sauce over some other ice cream. We did get rave reviews. 24 hours later it was harder. My son said it was like gelato. The whole concoction was delicious though. And it’s all gone now.

  • That sounds fabulous! Would love to try something like this soon…

  • I made this this weekend and served it over David Lebovitz’s butterscotch pecan cookie cups. That was maybe a bit of overkill as it was really, really rich, but no one complained. :-)

    I did have the same problem a couple others have mentioned though that it didn’t ever really get hard. I let it churn for a long, long time, and then left it in the freezer all day, but it was still pretty soupy. But delicious nonetheless!

  • Lélène


    I would like to try and make this nutella ice cream. Unfortunately I don’t have any ice cream machine! Is is possible to do it without one?

    Thanks for your answer,

    Lélène (from Lorient)

  • Lélène – Yes, it is! Check the paragraph in the recipe that begins with “If you don’t have an ice cream maker”…

  • Lélène

    Forget my question. Reading through the comments I found it.

  • BobiE

    Hola Clotilde, Nutella Ice Cream… it will be a wonderful treat here in Mexico during our hot and humid summer. After reading all these posts, I am assuming that everyone has an “electric” ice cream maker. I have the old crank kind, but I am going to try this for sure – assuming I can get a bit of cranking help from friends who are invited to enjoy this chocolaty treat. My husband is not a fan of Nutella, but he does have a pony tail, does that count?? Now that we have cleared up the evaporated milk vs condensed milk, because canned milk is not condensed here either, I will be using “evaporated”.
    And about that wooly mammoth, I too nearly fell off my computer chair reading your comment – it was so totally out of the blue!
    You are truly the most freshing Newsletter I receive, I love you dearheart, and patiently wait for more. Travel safe, BobiE

  • This sounds like a wonderful ice cream recipe-simple, rich and creamy! And who is eating Nutella ice cream for nutrition anyway?

  • I tried the recipe yesterday. It turned out amazing, although, like you said, using original Nutella did made it a little too sweet for my liking. Still, I’m so pleased with my first attempt. Props to you on my blog!

  • Sara

    I made this yesterday, using SWEETENED condensed milk (as per the recipe — I didn’t read all of the notes/comments until now), and well — I won’t make that mistake again. WAY too sweet. MUCH too rich. This might be a good recipe for very sparing use with something else (making very small ice cream sandwiches, perhaps?), but more than a tablespoon of this made my teeth ache, and coated my mouth with a sludgy film.

    I’d be curious to know how using UNSWEETENED evaporated milk might change those results (certainly it would cut the sweetness), but given the extremely thick and almost greasy consistency of the mixture before loading it into the ice cream maker (there’s no ‘pouring’ it — it’s more dough than batter — it was very nearly too much for my poor Cuisinart to handle), I have to conclude that other recipes I’ve used in the past, which include fresh milk and eggs to cut the hazelnut spread would make a lighter, creamier result.

    This doesn’t FEEL like icecream. It feels (and tastes) like nutella that’s been kept in the icebox.

  • Sara – I’m sorry you didn’t get good results, but I feel compelled to note that both the text and recipe call specifically for unsweetened, and always have. The only confusion at one point was regarding the term “evaporated” or “condensed”, the use of which differs depending on the country where you buy it. But “unsweetened” was always specified, because that distinction can obviously make or break the recipe.

    I hope you will consider giving it another shot in the future using unsweetened evaporated milk, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed — the result will be much *much* less sweet, and the mixture will pour easily into your ice cream machine, as this unsweetened type of canned milk is quite thin.

  • Sara

    Thanks Clotilde — I see the “UN” in the recipe now, and apologize if I came off a bit strident in my original comment (probably my frustration at not being able to enjoy a jar of nutella in ice cream form!).

    I’ve tossed my original batch and plan to try the REAL recipe tonight!

  • I made this last night, and it was WONDERFUL! Super easy, and super delicious. This will definitely be my “go-to” easy ice cream recipe. I think my amounts of milk & Nutella were slightly off from the recipe, as the milk and Nutella each only came in one size at my grocery store, but it worked out fine. I used 2% evaporated milk, and the result was still unbelievably rich.

    Thank you!

  • Marc Allen

    I’m “catering” an underwear party my wife is throwing this weekend and had decided to serve wine, cheese, savory tarts and a dessert after the presentation. Insofar as my wife complains that I “go to far” when cooking for these events, your simple Nutella recipe is perfect choice. I get to show off for all our girl friends (who think my wife is the luckiest woman in the WORLD because her husband does all of the cooking), without raising my lucky lady’s ire over missing too much work by playing all day in the kitchen.
    Now, if I can think of a tasteful way of working the butt-flap thingie into the conversation…

  • Oulala, merci pour cette recette epatante,et salivante ! Enfin un bon pretexte pour devorer en toute impunite du Nutella… !

    Bises gourmandes des Marquises

  • Interesting…ive never had Nutella ice cream before…will have to try this, looks so good!!

  • Em

    This great recipe is sheer genius! Thanks!

    I must say I was the tiniest bit disappointed at how little iced Nutella tastes like Nutella. I used the original Nutella, still, no one I gave it to try could guess what it was made of! Not one! It was all “um, cocoa, some sort of nuts, I have no idea…”

    I made it without an ice cream maker, it took around 12-14 hours (definitely not ready by dinner time!) On the plus side, it’s still perfectly creamy two days later. My temperature must be set just right. Yay!

  • Michele

    Thank you for this divine recipe. I made it with my children yesterday (we had just gotten an ice cream machine and were looking for a recipe). We used the Whole Foods brand nutella which has no trans fats and quite good (if still a bit sweet). The recipe was easy/fun to make and set up perfectly. The kids think they are in heaven (and so do I!)

  • Kelley

    I just got an ice cream maker for my birthday and I can’t wait to try this recipe. Thank you so much!

  • Judy

    I’m SO OLD that I remember a time,(ie 1950s) before the advent of supermarkets here in Oz, when one couldn’t buy icecream readily in the shops and icecream makers hadn’t been invented. My mum always made our own icecream- with condensed milk and various flavourings.

    It was all beaten up till very fluffy with an ancient Sunbeam Mixmaster, then put (in a flat metal dish/tray) into the little freezer compartment at the top of the fridge until there was a 1 inch rim of frozen crystals around the edge. Then it was taken out and rebeaten,& refrozen; after another freeze it was rebeaten and then finally frozen for the last time. It took a day or so, and was creamier if an additional beating/refreezing process was included. The idea was to ensure that the crystals in the mixture were as small as possible. As you say, it needs to be removed from the fridge a little while before serving, to soften slightly.

    So an icecream maker is definitely not necessary, only a little bit of patience! HAVE A GO EVERYONE!

  • Hi Clotilde,
    Haven’t been here in forever. Thanks so much for this recipe. I’ll be making this for my wife for Mother’s day (from my daughter).

  • Mary Burnett

    Tried this recipe last night – it’s outstanding!

  • Angie

    I made this recipe for the fist time yesterday, and as if it wasn’t decadent enough I decided to add a small package of chopped roasted hazelnuts to the mix. While the ice cream was setting up in the freezer I made a basic coconut sponge cake.

    While the cake was still warm from the oven, I spooned the ice cream over the cake slices. It was a slice of heaven and one of the best things I have ever eaten – YUM.

  • Clotilde:

    Thanks for the great recipe! We did the original version tonight and it came out great. Check out our blog if you want to see photos. Thanks again!

  • Kelly

    Wait… it says unsweetened evaporated milk a.k.a unsweetened condensed milk, but… those aren’t the same thing! They aren’t exchangeable in this recipe, are they?

  • Kelly – What is called for in this recipe is unsweetened evaporated milk, which is simply canned milk, not sweetened. It is a little thicker than regular milk, but less thick than sweetened condensed milk.

  • Anne

    Bonjour Clotilde!
    J’aimerais bien t’ecrire en francais, mais je ne trouves pas les accents sur mon ordinateur! Anyhow, “hello” from Toronto, Canada. My goodness! Your writing is superb! I’m so curious to know if you grew up in a “bilingual” family that spoke both English and French in equal measure. You write beautifully; it’s a joy (and a laugh!) to read your thoughts on life and food.
    Here in Canada, there is definitely a difference between condensed and evaporated milk, as a lot of your readers have already mentioned. We don’t have an “unsweetened evaporated milk” product in Toronto. Here, condensed milk is always “sweetened,” and evaporated milk is the unsweetened equivalent. So an “unsweetened evaporated milk” is the same thing as saying “Clotilde, Clotilde”! From the sounds of things, I’ll try your delicious-sounding sorbet with the “homogenized” (the Canadian word) or “full fat” (the American term)evaporated milk. That might make it freeze better; I think the “skim” evaporated milk–our term for “reduced fat”–might make the sorbet runnier (and taste like a sublime chocolate soup!)
    Also, I think the Nutella is very different here, too. It’s really sweet here, and I’ve discovered Organic Green & Black’s at my health food store. It’s delicious! (It’s made in England.) Although it’s difficult to find, I really recommend it. My sons are, sadly, typical North American boys, in that they love all things sweet. But they’ve discovered the difference quality makes; the choice between Nutella and Green & Black’s is clear to them!
    I was going to the health food store, today, anyhow; now I will pick up some red quinoa and pine nuts for the “Salade de Quinoa Rouge…” and some Green & Black’s for the sorbet. Merci pour tous!

  • This is too tempting to not try it. Thank you for the recipe!

    The anniversary jar was huge. Really huge. I have posted a photo of it to flickr’s Nutella Alternatives group.

  • Wow this sounds super easy and totally decadent! Thanks for the lead and I am going to definitely try it. And most importantly the WoolyMammoth fact is one to never forget!

  • I know you posted this a long time ago but in case you read old comments, we made this recipe yesterday. I was looking for a low-fat method of making ice cream so I used fat-free unsweetened evaporated milk with chocolate peanut butter (rather than Nutella).
    We found the chocolate peanut butter at our local Whole Foods and it has less fat than Nutella (probably because of the fat content of peanuts versus hazelnuts). The ice cream was gorgeous — in 30 minutes it was smooth and silky and tasted just like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. It was a tad too peanut buttery for me but my husband could have eaten the whole batch in one sitting. I am going to try a bunch of variations on this and will let you know how they go.

  • sherri

    Try Nutella Pizza. I know it sounds gross but I tried it at a local pizza place a while ago and it was really good. I used to eat nutella as a child, but like most people grew out of it.
    However this (disgusting as it might sound) is definatly worth a go. (Particularly for a die-hard nutella lover.)
    I haven’t tried making it myself yet, but from what I could see, it was just nutella on a pizza base cooked the normal way. (At the resturant it would have been wood fired on a pizza tile, which might have given it an extra edge to home cooked) – but still likely to be something that makes your brother-in-law swoon by the sounds of it.

  • ashby

    Very, very late, but made this last night and it was stellar. Almost like frozen pudding…sososo good.

  • Nick Soodek

    You’re probably tired of this thread by now, but please excuse one more comment/question. I made this recipe yesterday, and it is delicious, but very heavy. Virtually no air was incorporated into the mixture. I used an electric ice-cream maker that requires ice and salt and has a larger canister that my Cuisinart. I always get well processed ice cream from that machine, but this didn’t expand at all.

    Do you have any ideas on what I might do to lighten the mixture next timee?

    Thank you for an entertaining and educational website.

    • If you find the mixture is too thick to process correctly, perhaps you could replace part of the evaporated milk with regular milk, to make the consistency a bit thinner. Hope that helps!

  • Tony

    Merci Clotilde, I just want to say that i think your recipes are great! I tried this nutella ice cream this week but it wouldn’t freeze! It just got really thick so we used it as a nutella sauce or vanilla frozen yogurt. Any thoughts?

    • A couple of people have reported that it took some time to freeze, and I suspect it comes from the varying fat contents of the chocolate hazelnut spread and the evaporated milk used. Next time, maybe you can try with lower fat evaporated milk, or even substitute a little milk for part of the evaporated milk?

  • Andrew

    I made this twice so far. The first time I made it, I used about 330g Nutella (not an organic version, just the one by Ferrero), 370g evaporated milk (unsweetened), and 40g 2% milk. It was too sweet, but it was still amazingly delicious. I just gave this recipe another go today. I mixed 300g Nutella (same kind by Ferrero), 370g evaporated milk (unsweetened), and 90g whole milk. This tasted so much better! Very creamy and rich, but nowhere near as sweet as my previous version. The sweetness was perfect. I agree with Clotilde that making this ice cream with regular Nutella will make it cloyingly sweet, but if you’re looking to save a bit of money, you can try out the second ratio of ingredients that I posted in this comment. Nutella can be bought at Costco if you’re in the States – $8 for 2 huge jars. This is far cheaper than the $5 that my local Whole Foods charges for the (superior) chocolate-hazelnut spread.

    U.S. readers, have you guys found a 14.5 oz can of evaporated milk anywhere? I think in the States, they usually sell evaporated milk in 14 oz cans. This is why I added some whole milk – to make up for the deficit.

    Clotilde, thank you so, so much for this recipe! I actually prefer this version to many frozen custard versions because it’s easier, tastes better, and leaves much less cleanup.

    • Thanks so much for reporting back and sharing your results, Andrew!

  • Adelaida

    Clotilde, I love your blog! I will try this recipe with dulce de leche… Can’t be bad!
    Greetings from Chile!

  • Marigo

    Hey, Clotilde

    I made this recently – awesome! The changes though, were that I used a homemade chocolate/hazelnut spread (using the caramel base recipe here), a BIT of sweetened condensed milk and an egg yolk, then ran the mixture through the blender to smooth it out before chilling it in the fridge.

    It tastes brilliant! :D

  • Brisa

    I really wondered if this would actually work (I do a lot of cumbersome custards for ice cream). So, I tried it and I was amazed. I under churned it slightly and added roasted crushed hazelnuts. I have an awesome Gianduja Gelato in my freezer now. Soooo easy.

    • So happy to hear it, Brisa, thanks for reporting back!

  • Brisa

    Hey Clotilde,

    I have an idea for an experiment: replace Nutella with Speculoos spread. I will report back once I am able to try it.

    • That sounds like a fabulous idea, Brisa, do report back!

  • Brisa

    Hi again,

    So, I tried modifying your Super Simple Nutella Ice Cream and making it into a Speculoos Ice Cream. It worked like a CHARM. Here were the proportions:

    12 oz speculoos spread, smooth (not chunky)
    12 oz evaporated milk
    2.5 oz heavy cream

    Step 1: Beat the speculoos spread with mixer til fluffy
    Step 2: Add evaporated milk/cream and whisk until well-incorporated
    Step 3: Chill in fridge for 1 hour
    Step 4: Churn
    Step 5: Pack into container, cover with parchment paper
    Step 6: Freeze overnight.

    Everyone who has tried it has loved it!

    • I’m so pleased, Brisa, and thank you so much for sharing the proportions and process!

  • Vidya Ramachandran

    I finally, finally tried this. I used run of the mill Nutella, which gave it an amazing consistency, super smooth, and way softer and more scoopable than any egg-free ice creams I’ve made in the past. It was, however, crazy sweet. I’m not sure I can track down a Nutella substitute in these parts but I might attempt to make my own.

  • Chirag Dua

    Very Very Yummy and Delicious to Have this Nutella Ice Cream, I tried Nutella on New Year

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