Three Very Good Things: Color-Coded Sandwiches, Persimmons, and Gianduja Sablés

{This is part of a new series in which I share three delicious things from the past week. Please feel free to tell me about your own 3VGT in the comments below, or to post them on your blog.}

My three very good things for the week are as follows:

~ Color-coded sandwiches from Gontran Cherrier’s bakery. I’ve already told you about Gontran, who’s both a talented baker and a friend of ours, and who runs a wonderful bakery in my neighborhood.

Every time Maxence and I go, we have to restrain ourselves and pick up just a few of the items that are calling our names, but we can never resist the sandwiches, assembled on house-made black (squid ink), green (arugula juice) or red (paprika) buns, and garnished with super fresh and cleverly combined ingredients. We eat them perched on stools by the tall windows before we go off and run the rest of our errands.

~ My first persimmon of the season. Although I only discovered persimmons in my early twenties — thanks to the loveliest of coworkers in California — I am absolutely enamored with them and their intensely aromatic, bright orange, slippery flesh. They’ve just started to appear on produce stalls in Paris, and we ate our first over the weekend. (You do know to make a wish whenever you eat a fruit for the first time in the season, right?)

~ Gianduja sablés from La Pâtisserie des Rêves. Thanks to Louise, who runs the excellent blog Raids Pâtisseries, I am now hopelessly hooked on these crisp butter cookies, topped with a layer of soft hazelnut and chocolate paste, and thinly coated with bittersweet chocolate.

  • Firstly, black bread doesn’t sound very appetizing! Definitely something I’ve never seen before, but I’d be interested in tasting it. I don’t think I’ve tried persimmons, either, so I guess I better try them before my early twenties slip away, huh? And those sables sound magnificent. Anything combining hazelnut and chocolate is guaranteed to be sinfully delicious. Throw in butter, and well, I’d probably die and go to heaven…where I’d live in a house made of Gianduja sables.

  • Wow I’m very honored to be mentioned !

    One thing I found both very good and interesting this week was a dessert at Septime restaurant in Paris: sweet pumpkin purée with a fudge sauce

  • I have never heard of buns dyed with squid ink. Does it make them taste any different?

    • I think if you were to taste the bun on its own, you might pick up a flavor, but as a sandwich, the other flavors are dominant.

  • Karen in Concord, MA

    When we lived in Fresno California, persimmons grew with abundance and were readily available. Many bakers found ways to use their extra ripe fruit by making persimmon cookies. If you Google this, you will find a number of recipes for this spice cookie that has pureed persimmon flesh in the batter. I’ve only seen them in central California but I remember them well.

  • Those sandwiches are very interesting!

  • Liz Thomas

    Persimmons are in very much in season here at the moment. Must go and buy a couple.

    Another of my “very good things” this week was discovering lotus seeds at the local village veggie shop. I simmered them in chicken stock and they were delicious. Didn’t buy enough of them though and they are all sold out now.


  • Tia

    I’ve had black bread and it is wonderful! I love “Color Coded Sandwiches!” :-)

  • the black bread does indeed look a little scary, but I’m intrigued..
    As for your first commenter not having tried Persimmons’, frankly I’m amazed. Maybe, Becky, you would know they as Caci or Sharon Fruit? Otherwise, get yourself out there and get one!
    I love the 3VGT idea! We’ll write a post on it shortly. Right now we’re on an extended stay in India so mine aren’t very representative of us at the minute, but I would say; Lassi, Samosa, and Papaya’s..

  • Love the new series! I’m curious about the black bread, though. How does it taste? I’ve always been leery of squid ink, as I find it usually imparts either no flavor or an unpleasantly fishy taste. The latter is a problem for obvious reasons, the former because it seems to veer into gimmick-for-gimmick’s sake territory. What fillings go on a black sandwich?

    • This one is garnished with smoked fish. It works really well! I see what you mean about the gimmick factor, but in this instance it really doesn’t bother me: the different colors just make the array of sandwiches very pretty to look at, but are natural-looking enough that they don’t seem weird (think neon-colored macarons… :/).

  • I like persimmons now but my first experience of one was not good. Unsuspecting I took a bite and my mouth and tongue went very dry. They really do need to be very ripe!
    I have planted a persimmons tree in the garden but no fruit yet.

  • 1. Last week I got a pullman type pan, after flirting with it for years. I am in love, made my first bread today, recipe from King Arthur blog, so I include the link for you.

    2. Brazil nut toffee. Something I never thought would be so delicious! Made a small batch to be part of a banana blondie from Dan Lepard’s new book, and wish I had made a quadruple batch. Recipe here.

    I will definitely blog on it in the near future

    3. No link, no website, but just sharing my third very delicious thing of last week, a sashimi lunch with a friend. So helthy, so light, and soooo delicious!

  • christiana

    Those sables do sound delicious!
    Made my first yoghurt cake from your book this week Clotilde.Yummy!
    Next time I am going to use honey as a sweetener as I love honey in baking..
    I also made my own vanilla extract with rum and split vanilla beans which shall be ready in a few months, am looking forward to that..

  • I first tried squid ink bread from the Taiwanese chain 85 degrees but glad to see it is getting more widespread. The colour is the only dramatic part, it actually doesn’t have a very strong taste. I think the Paprika would be lovely too but not sure about the Arugula given I don’t enjoy that in its fresh state! :D

  • Meg

    Love the new series! I’m in there often but have never tried the Gianduja sablés – thanks for the recommendation.

    Can’t wait for next week’s installment :)

  • The Color-Coded sandwiches look interesting – I’d try the one with the squid ink buns.

  • Good to know there is another good pattiserie in my arrondisment (patisserie des reves). But could anyone match Boulangerie Kaiser on Duroc? I live for their brownies and financiers

  • Persimmons are tricky! I love them in the fall but you definitely have to get them at the peak of ripeness or they’re just weird.

    The black bread does look a bit scary, haha, but sounds interesting, I haven’t tried squid ink buns before.

  • I’m always up for trying new things. That sandwich is defiantly on my hit list. Persimmons are my favourite. We get to enjoy them around the winter Holidays. One secret my mother taught me when it came to ripening the persimmons was to place an apple in the box with the persimmons. The will ripen quick!

    My 3VGT are nothing special, but appease my hunger.
    1. Fresh dates stuffed with goat cheese.
    2. Dried figs stuffed with crushed almonds
    3. Explosive berry smoothie.

    • Thanks for sharing the tip and your 3VGT!

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