January Favorites

Green Tea Granola with Chestnuts, photography by Chika

A few of my favorite finds and reads for January:

~ Green tea granola with chestnuts? Yes, please!

~ What do London Underground stops taste like?

~ A gorgeous photo-report on how the Japanese make dried persimmons.

~ My friend Shauna over at Gluten-Free Girl names her favorite cookbooks for 2013.

~ Pay by the hour at L’Anticafé, a co-working space in Paris. Would you go?

~ Scientists create a map of human emotions.

~ The best and worst errors and corrections for 2013.

~ Adorable teabag cookies for the tea lovers around you.

~ The Paris by Mouth team selects their favorite new restaurants for 2013.

~ A new food coop opens in Paris’ Goutte d’Or neighborhood.

~ 100 verbs to liven up your recipe writing.

~ The nerdiest food articles of 2013.

~ The twenty-one habits supremely happy people cultivate. How many have you adopted?

  • dr_bombay

    how funny – i just made hoshigaki around new year’s for the first time. it was very interesting, and the result was pretty tasty. i’m looking forward to doing it again next year.

    • Lovely, do you have a tree? What technique did you use?

      • dr_bombay

        haha – i wish! no, they were on sale at my food co-op, and i had been reading about hoshigaki, so i decided to try it with 3 of them. it was a bit of a leap of faith because i was worried about them getting moldy, but they didn’t at all. they just slowly dried out, and with the massaging and flattening by hand, every day or so, they just turned out really well. it took about 3 weeks total. i used this Instructable for how to do it: http://www.instructables.com/id/HoshiGaki/?ALLSTEPS

        • Of course they would have an Instructable for that. :) Love it! And how do you like the flavour? I love persimmons but have never tried one dried.

          • dr_bombay

            the flavor is sweet, but not nearly as sweet as i was expecting. i wasn’t able to get the white sugar coating on the outside of mine (like they show in that Instructable), but i think that’s because i live in a dry climate. but i really like the taste. i’ve been slowly slicing them up and putting them in my oatmeal. : )

          • I need to lay my hand on these. So curious to try them! I’ll ask at Issé Worshop in Paris, they have a pretty sharp selection of Japanese products.

  • Kahlie

    Thanks for sharing! I love The French Market cookbook & have mentioned it on my blog http://www.marriedtofrench.com !

    • I’m so glad to hear it, Kahlie, thanks so much for featuring the book on your blog.

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