February Favorites

Baguette Table
“Baguette table” by Studio Rygalik, photography by Nick Albert.

A few of my favorite finds and reads for February:

~ Can you eat well and vegetarian? asks Lucile Escourrou in Le Figaro Madame (in French).

~ Pulled sugar? No, frost flowers!

~ The Dijon library has a digitized collection of 9000+ menus dating back to 1810.

~ How to ask for help (and get an answer).

~ An example of the weekly menus served at my son’s daycare center.

~ An inspiring chocolate shavings/ricotta/honey/maldon salt pizza in this story.

~ Lovely little lies.

~ A sourdough hotel in Stockholm.

~ Horse beef lasagna, a recipe (in French).

~ No more wasted stale bread with this baguette table.

~ 37 people who are worse at cooking than you.

~ A new delivery service that gets cakes and chocolates from some of the best Paris artisans to your door.

~ Lost in the sea of food boxes, wine boxes, and everything-under-the-sun boxes? Toutes les box posts descriptions and reviews (in French).

~ Microscopic pictures of food by photographer Caren Alpert.

What about you, any recent find you’d like to share ?

  • The menu collection is incredible. I had no idea this existed–it’s so inspiring!

  • So many amazing things, how do you do it? And does your baby really eat all those sophisticated things on the menu at his daycare centre? My friend’s (Anglo-French) baby was not allowed beef until he was about three – something to do with allergies – and there they are with roast beef and chicken legs and all sorts…

    And I wish you wouldn’t link to those lists like ’37 people’ as I spend far too long looking at all the other lists they link to.

    The microscopic photos of foodstuffs were also fabulous!

    • These lists can be real time sinks, I know. :)

  • I like that my gas station bbq joint does mail order. Oklahoma Joe’s in Kansas City. I also saw in your newsletter you’re using Michel Thomas to learn Japanese. He’s the best. We have all of his learn to speak French CD’s and even my daughters are doing well with it. Prepping for our upcoming trip to Paris!I appreciated the menu at your son’s daycare. I am firmly committed to raising children with a sophisticated palate! Thanks for the great post!

  • Oh, your son’s daycare menu list brings back such sweet memories. I used to have a similar menu plan for my kids when they were babies/toddlers. Used to “devise ” it on the week end, shop for it and cook in advance where possible. It helped make sure they were eating some sort of balanced diet, no more “oh my god, what I am going to cook tonight!” panic session. And importantly for my son who suffered from food allergies, I could easily track the offending food if needed.
    That was 15 years ago in Australia and I suspect the daycare centre director thought I was bordering on obsessive-compulsive back then. But the system worked, the kids eat nearly everything and we did identify the food allergen and the kids !
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Marla Helseth

    Boy, I wish I could see that digitized menu list in English! It sounds fascinating.

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