Launching My Podcast!

Change ma vie : Outils pour l'esprit

Today is a big day for me, and I can feel the excitement coursing from my head to my toes: I am launching a podcast!

I’m full of surprises, so it’s in French, it is called Change ma vie : Outils pour l’esprit, and it is a fresh and modern take on personal development, managing your mind, and feeling amazing.

This is a side project that I will be running in addition to Chocolate & Zucchini, and I’m telling you about it because I suspect that if you follow me here, it’s also for my mindset and my approach to life, so this is an opportunity to continue the conversation on those topics. But if you don’t speak French and/or this stuff is not your jam, not to worry: we will continue to talk about food around here.

If, on the other hand, you’ve been looking to add more French language into your life, what better way than to listen to me speak French, on a weekly basis, about this other passion of mine? Who knows, you may actually change your life in the process.

So head over to iTunes (or your favorite podcasting app) and subscribe to listen to the first three episodes available today. And if you like what you hear, please leave a review! It is the best way to support this project, and I will be most grateful.

You can also visit to sign up for the newsletter — you’ll also get a free sign-on bonus — and share with any French-loving friend wanting to expand their mind and feel better.

Thank you!

  • yay this is so exciting! i’ve lost the majority of the french language tidbits i picked up even though it’s only been 4 years since my last class (but haven’t been using it…. at all), but this sounds like such a good way to start getting back into the swing of things.

  • Lilia (aka framboise et rose)

    Felicitations! Truly an important day for you. Been following you for years and been enjoying a lot of your recipes. Il est tres important pour moi de pratiquer mon Francais.

  • i am SO excited for this!! not only am i obsessed with podcasts lately, but i also was a french major in college (but completely forgot everything), and have been dying to get back into it!!

  • SarasInParis

    Congratulations, Clotilde! I hope your new venture is fantastically successful. I have not really “gotten into” podcasts, but I hope to listen to yours to help improve my French. Best of luck!

  • Emily Wilson

    Bonjour Clothilde,
    I love your new podcast! I’ve actually already listened to all three episodes twice. Once at home alone while cooking and once with my hubby in the car on the way for a weekend in the Perche where my parents have a b&b. Both my husband and I were really impressed with your clarity, empathy and joyful tone. It’s also wonderful how you have taken these huge and amazingly important topics and put them in extremely palatable and enjoyable bite size chunks. Franchement bravo!!! I’m a Californian living and working in Paris. This year I’ve been teaching a theatre class once a week at a junior high school in Pantin. The subject I chose to work on with them is the fabulous world of emotions. I’m going to send the podcast to their teachers. It’s completely on topic and could be a huge help to them. Merci et encore bravo!

  • Alexandra Shytsman

    So cool! I’m always looking for new podcasts to help upkeep my French. Can’t wait to listen!

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