Chocolate Orange Bread

Pain Chocolat Orange

[Chocolate Orange Bread]

I bought this loaf of bread at the BoulangEpicier the other day. I’ve mentioned that store before, and it continues to be a favorite of mine : whenever I’m in the area I make sure to stop there, to buy some bread or grab one of their pricy but mind-blowing sandwiches.

I have also adroitly albeit heavily hinted at my neighbor Patricia, who works close by, that it was really perfectly okay to surprise me with a little something from Be every now and then. This has already won me a loaf of fig bread, one of a life-altering walnut bread, a little visitandine (a financier-like almond cake, named after the nuns who belong to the order of Visitation Ste-Marie), and a chocolate chip cookie. Good yield, no? Fine neighbor, too!

Back to the chocolate orange bread : I was, as is my habit, studying the list of “pains spéciaux“, looking at the loaves behind the counter to make out which was which, and more importantly, trying to decide what to choose, all the while dodging the other impatient and stuffy customers : upscale store + posh neighborhood = snotty patrons.

I spotted this bread and asked the salesgirl about it : she explained that it was a loaf of baguette-like bread, with dark chocolate chips and little pieces of orange rind inside. Why hadn’t anyone had this luminous idea before? Why wasn’t this a staple in every boulangerie? Why had that lady stepped on my toe, twice, without batting an eyelash? Why was her poodle’s haircut more elaborate than mine? I bought myself a loaf of chocolate orange bread to spite her.

The next morning, I simply cut a couple of slices from the loaf, toasted them, and ate them warm, as is, without any spread, to fully enjoy the texture of the bread and its nuggets of flavor.

This, I daresay, is what they serve for breakfast in heaven.

  • Oh I could hardly take my eyes off the pic – that’s gorgeous. I wouldn’t even mind those stuck-up regulars crowding in the store, only if I could go buy some bread there right now!

  • Alisa

    There are SO many questions in the naked city!!!

  • What a wonderful neighbor!! (but what a lucky girl she is to be living next to YOU!!)

  • Curiously enough, last week I tested a recipe for a Sweet Ricotta Tart that had, as part of its filling, chopped bits of bittersweet chocolate and candied orange rind! If your bread is breakfast… then this sweet cheesecake is dessert! Now I’m really hungry!

  • I’m such a fan of breads baked with various tasty treats inside. There’s a wonderful bakery in Freestone, CA – the Wildflower Bakery – that has two loves which I constantly lust after. Their Fugas is baked fill of smoked gouda and green onions. Their Egyptian loaf has cocnut, dried apricots, and loads of cinnamon and honey. I just wish I was better at baking such things myself!

  • i sooooo love the combination of chocolate and orange. and in bread….mmmmm!

  • Yum! I used to work near a bakery that sold chocolate-orange brioche. A similar sort of idea, by the sound of your description. When work was going slowly I’d often take a break and walk to the bakery for yummy, yummy brioche.

  • surely you mean breakfast, lunch, AND dinner in heaven…

    i’ll have to try to make this some day.

  • your review makes the picture even more appealing! i want some now

  • Mia

    I’ll be on the lookout for one of these beauties when I’m in Paris this weekend. It will be something tasty to look forward to on the long, night-train ride back to Germany.

  • All – I’m delighted the pic and review stirred up your enthusiasm — on difficult mornings, this is really the kind of bread that makes me get up!

    Bluepoppy – Yes, the four of us (she, her boyfriend Stéphan, Maxence and I) all consider ourselves very lucky to live next door to one another!

    Donna – I’d love to have a look at that recipe! Are you going to blog about it?

    Redbeard – Those “pain spéciaux” sound incredible, what original pairings!

    Kitschenette – I adore the combo as well. Have you seen my recipe for “petits palmiers chocorange”? ( )

    Katie – Yes, that brioche sounds similar, I would sneak out of work to buy it too!

    Mia – Oh yes, you should definitely try to get to a Kayser boulangerie while you’re in town!

  • colette

    hello i love your web page….i would like to have the recipe of chocolat orange bread if possible thank-you very much dated may25 2004 …..

  • Erin

    Ahh this reminds me of a tour of Europe that I went on a few years ago, we spent one beautiful day in Avignon and right before it was time to leave I hopped into a bakery and this exact bread caught my eye, it was delectable! I would love to have the recipe. The bread and chocolate reminded me of chocolate chip bagels, but the orange rind made it unique and wonderful!

  • This is a great idea. I may have to try this, thanks for the post.

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